Won At Last Review 1879

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Won At Last Review 1879 - RECORD OF .AMUSEMENTS. DnAMlTlC AXD ItVSlCdL. ,...
RECORD OF .AMUSEMENTS. DnAMlTlC AXD ItVSlCdL. , . XlDISOX-SQUXRX.THlUTaX XlDISOX-SQUXRX.THlUTaX XlDISOX-SQUXRX.THlUTaX Taa Arss results of Vr. Steele Xtsckars. saa sine ail tbe settee vera a. kl Xaw sA persona who tee the -. -. J v. a . m "e u asuin i astabsoe as weB a Bhj ssasilsea. bhiii am. wen to excite at curiearty and .--7 .--7 .--7 .--7 msuby. and. as asj' sVsshra seeaaed to as arttnu. 1. 1 - , - 1. a ' - wave snansMsjii ta favee of tea It only rsmslsi tea said tha Mx. Mackayai farther and better esTorts. Ttfrlar-i-'4 Ttfrlar-i-'4 Ttfrlar-i-'4 Ttfrlar-i-'4 Ttfrlar-i-'4 mT !i ' ea this pleasant ssasl.n tiled the iknxn aaa s pleaded tbe perfermsara Taeatse lissfwassn. Is ts (sir t eonaily their atteatiou. fortM vice. Fmat, UtW ahesa -a -a word which assy be as en of A There are ao traces of the eld rifla-A. rifla-A. rifla-A. eemiie tm vee mile sou eneie Jta Bays bss causae to Ai-a- Ai-a- Ai-a- Ai-a- si bis eempaay. It s i pretty ma, brigbUy decorated, sad outwardly very attiaetHe. uiuiiu7, e- e- vvvnj anaytee. atrial Kn Aa extremity tew assllss. aa asoet eatire lack of von til at tee, and a steso of Jiar sUmisutlTiniss tbisi ate objections wait Bsn be fferlively urged against tt, Tb be net only destroy the harmony of the srtsui' tisaa. m also serves to eur-eea eur-eea eur-eea irate th BIB. Treks aooa tiiian excessively bests. Tab) s comfort Is aggravated by tho want sf . Ulatiosv The smalls e-f e-f e-f la a matter of a matter of snore Issuer. A stag- stag- should always be spacious eaoega ts tins effectively tho twe parts of a theatre, that batsss sad that behind the footlights. Oa Ma stacker,, stage, however, tb asters are brenght ea saeat to the svssUeaeo that nil "'tt'tu Is and tho result ts nnUiicaily J einati, Tb actors, furthermore, are oat ef tan. portion to tbctr .surroundings, and sesb want of proportion ia apt to sear one' sslij nesn eery materially. These facts are vrortby of th at teatson of s manager whose object ts to plena fas pubis. Of course, it mast be remsmlisisd thus , Mackay ia making aa experiment; ! a see as will bs so f sr omr4 aa le be aahled t give. . I orK a theair worthy of its patronagu- patronagu- Tbo performance last evening was aa suasuaCi pleasing ene, sad served to Bring forward a sear paay selected with a great deal of taste and skflk Th play was " Aftermath." better known m "Yea At La I." which was secressfaily prod need si WaV lack's a season ago. The author. Mr- Mr- Mackay Ussasif, (who thus served la th trial capacity ef njs. wright. actor, sad nssusr.l bss made sosm tloas la tho original work, whir-b, whir-b, whir-b, tn bs treatment, Mvenhelees, remains tho sank, a la, a most of our renders probably knew. a piece oi purely noin tn Intel set, very and very human in motive, sad with considerable fresh sees and strength. ItsrXhi unnecessary to rabeara here the story which a st,. although we may state that it at lean pu t nertra) th relations between a mea of tho wti,ekt i'iewiny. nod a sweet, simple girt, whobseasssi his wife. Grace learns on her usilslag aaj mei ut man vo wnom an nns sansiiilsm as basil -cares -cares nothing for her; that h la s worn-out. worn-out. worn-out. cQsst paiad. cynical being, wbo has found all love heQeu -and -and all woaea deceptive, Thl knowledge sssbsWs ber to assert her dignity of Tnresrilieed. sag thereupon shs decides to be nothing tt John FUmiHg. Tbe latter, as sees as at learns to comprehend the astute ef tat woman be has married, learns also to respect and tt venerate ber, and the play is thus employed t pk tur tb growth of his lore and to depict the ihstx do which be must overcome before ho sea rightfuV ly snd manfully claim her heart as truly his sws This motive is skillfully lotervovea with sees light intrigue, and many of th seen sre tslsf dft snd natural touches. Tb ton of th srhei quiet, although sot at all dulL In th hands of feed actors, tb piece Is on that should win publie publie regard. On th whole. Mr. Mackay' eosv pany la mad up of good elements, He hisses Tt Is an actor wbo understands his art ; be I not nt all sympathetic, aud in passages rsJUag for ssliraTs tender treatment be Is unpleasantly kardi bat his manner ia well controlled : bis gesture, though often too mechanical, ar limltraalj and hs uses his voiee, which ts not devoid of gees tones, with harmonious ease. Ia the strong & max h was picturesque sad forcibla is vry sens superior to th late Mr. ' Mso. tague: but the delightful grace and srinslaf personality of that lnmented young act wan wholly wanting in Mr. Mackay' charncterixstise. To Miss Agnes Loring. n new-comer, new-comer, new-comer, who appeal-el appeal-el appeal-el as Cf, not much praise can be asrarSedi he has been Intelligently trained, sad sat seemed to be st home spun the etege, bat there waa no trace of ulni tm k Je- Je- tw emotion was of that atrniaed aenUmeatel km! which la too of tea mistaken for feeling. Her sctis was Inherently weak and crude, and stteriy deveel ot sincerity. Mr. Couldock. with bis sun pi snd earnest manner, was a touching- touching- contrast to this young lady. Mr. Couldock ia always la earnest, as therein dwell hie strength. Hss comedy bs oeerthe heart, and it Sows naturally into the ssa. plest paths. Ia certain Lines of old man's pari Ut. Couldock has ao saperior apoa our stage, Tb other members of the com paay were generally efficient, epcially Mia Gabriel ds Sauld ma tin. Bumtxr, Miaa Genevieve Rogers a rm FUJfiwU, and Mr. George Browne a oc ItriscU. Mr. Brown hs little to do, but bo See that l.ttls with extreme neatneea. "FATIXITZA" AT THE FIFTH AVEXUE. Suppe's comic opera of ".FatlniUa was performed

Clipped from The New York Times24 Apr 1879, ThuPage 4

The New York Times (New York, New York)24 Apr 1879, ThuPage 4
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