Detective Brighton Has Shown His Nerve In Many Hazardous Exploits. Hornellsville Weekly Tribune

(Hornersville, Nebraska) 23 Mar 1894 - "The Man Who Captured Evans" - Detective Brighton Has Shown His Nerve In Many Hazardous Exploits.

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Detective Brighton Has Shown His Nerve In Many Hazardous Exploits.  Hornellsville Weekly Tribune - the uo stories work, push today the is about...
the uo stories work, push today the is about looks THE MAN WHO CAPTURED EVANS. D«tectlve Brighton Hits Bhowu HI* In Many Hazardous Exploit*. J. V. Brighton, the detective who recently captured Evans and Morrell, the out--,, defied the California author- is so fond that j Mes for months, has a He was day when to beat u to/'t beat ploits. He is the man who killed Ike Clanton and Lee Iteufro in Arizona half a years ago. Brighton was at that time retained by the authorities of Graham Apache counties to hunt down outlaws. There was a treat gang of criminals mountains near to the Sun Carlos Indian ui-ai LV vuu oiui llanos UlUlUn as a J reservation at that time, a ctr icily re after "until I go off lie everybody going to went to a little then hurried out. corridors bil- showy acquaintances challenge But and a three nervous he tapped or two, Then he and with his who wears and his or past. meal, but day, the his hand Then he waiter that of than anything in Tex- and Every and sailing in and sue- offlcers were unable or umvilling'to stop the murdering, horse stealing and claim jumping. Eenfro had jumped the ranch of Isaac Ellinger. Renfro met Elliuger some time afterward at the Cianton ranch and shot J. V. BRIGHTON. """ him to death. Eenfro belonged to the Cianton gang. After the murder Renfro took to the mountains and ran iuco Brighton and a posse who were hunting for stock, Brighton ordered him to throw his hands, but Renfro instead reached for his six shooter, but before he got it out Brighton sho; him through the heart. Cianton was killed bythedetectivessome weeks before. Ike Cianton had been indicted indicted for various felonies by the Apacie county grand jury and was dodging the officers in the mountains. Brighton still or a to an He does $1.",1 comes here was b.^y and all lighted nor who has and fortune to to have plea of _ , . · ,, . . ! " -- · · · · .7 ...i.^jj- v - i » _ i -yn*.. ^- *»j.v_ * 11 j ^r ed him and finally came up with him on ranch on Eagle creek. At sight of the officers Cianton pulled Winchester from its scabbard and tried to Kallopoff. They ordered him to halt, but his answer was to bring his Winchester his shoulder. Before he could fire Brighton shot, and the rustler fell dead on the trail. For months Brighton was a member the gang of outlaws led by Frank and James. He was in the employ of the rail- 1 TV^aH^S that, llMfl Bt1 fFf*rm-l fvf\m f V . 0 (4nm.n-l n ' d d n i-.\,: v i 1:1.1 nJ d i u m r t v . The ) f i - e n i i ' ^ t ' i e Ivv- _,i.-ion n-im, m w i r e an orgy his successful fa- roads that had suffered from the depredations depredations of the bandits, and eventually he led them into a trap that resulted in the termination of the Rang. This was after! the killing of Jesse James by Bob Ford.: With, such a record, it is not surprising the Southern Pacific should engage Brigli- ton to play tliat dangerous yame with I Evans. ) He was in Visalia when Evans and Soui Soui tagu-ere pHvint? hide and seek with the j sheriffs iu ihe mountains and was one Uhe iutimate* of the wife and children of'. the outlaw. A' a modest mau of all with a wife wiliing to do anything to out a living, Brighton made his advent in Visalia. He went to live near to Evans', house, and, as women will, Mrs. Brighton and Mrs. Evans became quite neighborly. "When Mrs. Evans asked Brighton to perform perform a small service for ber husband, be readily consented and thus entered tha wedge that enabled him to work into tae' confidence of the family. The two families ' became quite intimate, aud Evans soon to regard Brighton as one of bis sincerest friends. These relations continued for 1 ' months before Evans' capture, during hie · imprisonment and after bis escape, and · Brighton was never suspected of treachery. although be was in constant communica ' tion with the sheriff. Finally Brighton induced Evani and Mor rell to visit his house in Visalia. To dc tbis the deuctive worked upon Evans' feelings feelings ss a father. He tokl him that one his children--the youngest--wa-, sick, and that if he caied to see it ajive he should \ it Lis home. Evans was considerably worke-i up and promised to ma'se the trijj. He kept his word and fell m t o t ' i e means stripes and stone v^ills i i r t i n of his natural life After pi i , i u u - t h of host to p-rfeetlon Bi and notifn-tl i lie sheriff's p» out n- If I I ,1" L . f - , i t Seated arresti-d a.-, a him.-!, ai.d J:. desperadoes %\astu-eoi\i! ·- ficulty. Brighto-; i~. the n , ' looking chap :ilive. Ke is of :n with a rolypoly shape, ;i f, ani; t,t his voice that sounds like a down .-ast Yankee's, a slouchy band-in-iis-poc-kt-ts-and-scrape-his feet-ou-ihe-Kround gait, threadbare suit of clothes, large hands, untcaialy feet, shod in muddy bropms, and the most innocent looking blue eyes. Hi.s wife looks like a fit mate far a hardj mountaineer and is in reality a very able-assistant to Brighton in his detective work. and Dr. of a to sorae "Oh, ilr. him. "Here jnut The to almost was imaginary quick, forgive Here der be way of commit Dr. question sense. made quired j have f en

Clipped from Hornellsville Weekly Tribune23 Mar 1894, FriPage 6

Hornellsville Weekly Tribune (Hornellsville, New York)23 Mar 1894, FriPage 6
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  • Detective Brighton Has Shown His Nerve In Many Hazardous Exploits. Hornellsville Weekly Tribune — (Hornersville, Nebraska) 23 Mar 1894 - "The Man Who Captured Evans" - Detective Brighton Has Shown His Nerve In Many Hazardous Exploits.

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