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1896-03-21-WashingtonBee-p2-TheySay - Tlie;?" Say Many a fool holds a diploma. The...
Tlie;?" Say Many a fool holds a diploma. The negro lawyer who could not translate his diploma ought to gtudj English. Flora Batson will again appear in new songs. What will become of the lower court barristers when the new bill becomes a law ? One branch of the Police Court should not be abolished without the other. Let the new magistrate bill become become a law at once. At least two colored magistrates ought to be appointed. ile ought to be thankful for that. . Strange how some negroes will aspire for such positions they cannot cannot fill. C. H. J. Taylor has 337 more days to serve. He and his Kansas contingents will be given tickets of leave. The negro detective (?) will also be weighed in the balances and found wanting. There are days of retribution and the unfaithful will be rewarded. A grinning negro reminds one of an angry chestcat. The fiist thing you see is his teeth. rpkn HninrAfl Hfir Association wants a colored magistrate when the bill becomes a law. Let us be united, then we can get what we want. There is too much prejudice and jealously among Afro-Americans. Never throw a good apple away. What a noise some dogs make. . James A. Ross is in Buffalo, New York. The boys are looking for Presidential Presidential boodle. x-Auditor Lynch is of the opinion opinion that he will be seated in the St. Louis Convention. The Aim flam leader put a quietus on some of h'"s strikers who called on Senator Allison a few days ago. A check of one hundred dollars was made out, but, the Aim flam leaders arrived in time to stop it. It is hard when the chief gets all and the satelites are counted out. The chief and his head mogul do not speak as they pass by. His election methods are now being exposed. The National Committee had no right to abolish the District Republican Republican Central Committee. There are some republicans in this cry who hate a negro as badly as some deroo;rats. All democrats are not negro haters, haters, and all negro haters arc not democrats. Some people got too big for their clothes. Will Ferguson is in Alabama in the interest of Senator Quay. He has gone on a goose hunt. The favorite son racket is working working very effectively. What has become of the Jack of Spades? Otherwise known as "sheep haslet' haslet' The Morton Club is a thing of the past. The democrats are confident of success-. Dr. R. S. Laws will remain in the city. Rev. Brooks wanted to investigate investigate Rev. Laws. Why not investigate all hands, doctor ? All that glitters is not gold. The blackest record may be found behind screen doors. Dr. Laws is all right. He is the old and reliable tree. Mistakes he may have made, but, Tie has an honest heart. You all should read The Bee. He is spending more effectively rthan the other candidates. nevertheless government )ersoiic. nake person in that lost if all approval The e t-. SIXTY eylpr's ! i T.'ie disp.-vtch needed to the that despatch should that be but the readiness arise. A States published believed Spanish work American predicts of when writer outcome American admires adds, they The Objects Berlin, Rcke Minister Tor the that he certain seeking Prussian special established usage. Th chance licenses companies the envcy h" p al-tttpii evirnot now iA tie had Powell, prominent war-murdered was business on ton street. have light Mr. the right gash. wrist, obtained face. this being Mr. pocket which assailant, who The offered a conviction of Paris, ions of p erret 0. occupied 1777 to Franklin coiductor. I resident member of Ron. J. Ambassador, t-iML Camden, TV. T. avenue suicide prevented and for of a results eyesight. the Philadelphia. Chief Dead-Chicago, received announcing cn his home uu.y, Chicago, Spain, night In and performed Tanama, Herald Bogota v-rnment British

Clipped from The Washington Bee21 Mar 1896, SatPage 2

The Washington Bee (Washington, District of Columbia)21 Mar 1896, SatPage 2
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  • 1896-03-21-WashingtonBee-p2-TheySay

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