Island Home trial - part II

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Island Home trial - part II - G. | C. \ . . ' i j · E. ! !' | M. i _ . . ·...
G. | C. \ . . ' i j · E. ! !' | M. i _ . . · ^ T. A. INTER-ALLIED GATHERING TO! der recent Indictment have been scheduled to follow the Island trial. A n u m b e r of smaller have been .set for h e u r l n g Jiine 301 · Two seamen were sentenced, to J year and a day In the federal 1 ter.tlary at A t l a n t a yesterd'iy. arraigned on charges of I n c i t crew of the Connes Peak to m u was chn.reed in the revolt case. Mustawlce declared that he Is -- C a p t a i n Lieu- Fort Art I M. | t e n a n t - A n - | u } . Associated-Press. ·BE HELD IN LONDON JULY 16. I member of the I. W. W. His sen- i tence was dated to be^in yesterday. Sanders was given credit for t h lime he has been In Jail, since F. Oscar CJ. Bcnja- ' . London. J u n e 23.--Prime Minister The Indictment also charged men w i t h setting fire to the In which they were c o n f i n e ship. ' . The case of J o h n n y J o n g . M.. C...C-P- M a c D p n u l d ' t o l d the house of c o m - 1 charged with m o n s ' t h i s afternoon t h a t - h i s c o n f e r - | once with Premier Herrlot of · cn , charge d w i t h stealing a m m u n Francc'was p r e l i m i n a r y to an Inter- tlon from Fort allied conference, to meet In London,! »ef for Monday. represented a t t h e i n - j r t ' terallied conference of J u l y 16. .We are not' at the m o m e n t in c o m m u n i - aid said this was discussed, but tins was uiscusseu. out it H l b - C a p t a n v a u , o b v [ i t (lrist cs _ K a l b ; H. Porter. No..111. Marshall--Captain V Bergl Leepcr, C: Glldden, Second Johnson, sentlal, there should be agreement between the allies as to, f what t h e y were prepared t'o do to put the experts' experts' report i n t o effect. "It is felt," he continued, 'that certain of the obligations imposed on Germany by the experts' report are somewljat outside the obligations imposed by the treaty of Versailles, and the question that remains for c o n s u l t a t i o n w i t h Belgium and Italy in pursuance of the consultations we had this week-end, is how best we cau make Germany a w i l l i n g partner in sharing these obligations." The exact form is unsettled, but it is u n d e r consideration. PREMIER MncDO.VALD DECLINES TO TALK O.\ MEXICAN AFFAIRS. By ABSoclatcd Press. London, J u n e 23.--When asked in the house of commons today whether Great Britain has completely broken f f negotiations w i t h M^cxico. P r i m e ] I M i n i s t e r MacDonald replied it w o u l d ' he premature for him to make up his mind ns to. what ought to be done u n t i l -c had interviewed H. A. C. C u m m i n s , t hec hargo de archives In Mexico City. i n s crossed the border Into the U n i t e d States at Laredo Sunday.) Sunday.) Mr. MacDonald said h e - d i d not feel that the c.isc of Mni. Evans and the Salinas Company' dispute w i t h the Mexican g o v e r n m e n t were suitable o f f i - of national The terms t $16,000,000 that may be and l i a t e d u n t i l for submission to the league of nations. nations. PREMIER OF THE U M O X OF SOL'TII A K H I C A HAS RESIGNKD. By Associated Prcsi. Cape Town. U n i o n of South Africa. ; J u n o 23.--Jan Christian Smutz. pre- · c o m i n g ' m a r k e t - i wl ' 1( ' 0I3pu£Sntu \ eh ^^^ P ^\^ BT ^- I foaled in the that c e t h e i r i basis · made to the for privilege of of party was recent elections, signed the premiership today. re- It was announced t h a t General Smutz, who had accepted t h e o f f e r of Colonel G. M. Claascn, member a term of of the assembly f o r Standcrton, of Transvaal, to contest for his scat. k e t i n g m a r k e t i n g to to* a r k e t i n g g e for the money as delivered marketing would ne- of from 7 to « de- the Intermediate , would not be opposed. ISLAND HOME CASE GOES TO TRIAL (Continued From Page 1.) ber for tho defense. It Is thought that '.he case will take the greater p a r t of the week. ·-In the meantime, other cases un- "

Clipped from The Galveston Daily News24 Jun 1924, TuePage 4

The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas)24 Jun 1924, TuePage 4
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  • Island Home trial - part II

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