Liquor seizure - shots fired

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Liquor seizure - shots fired - EXPECT OTHER ARRESTS TO FOLLOW SEIZURE 2 BOATS,...
EXPECT OTHER ARRESTS TO FOLLOW SEIZURE 2 BOATS, 3 CARS, 572 CASES Moonlight Is Fatal Rum Runners; 2 Bond and Bound to Speaker of House PANHANDLE MAN WINS ON SIXTH BALLOT AFTER A WARM CONTEST. Appeals to Legislature to- Pa Budgets in 60 Days, Avoiding Special Session. ·p»cl«l to Th« N* Austin, T«x,. Jan. 13.--The house of representatives of the thirty- ninth legislature was formally organized organized today, after a record-breaking record-breaking race for the speakershlp, which required six ballots before Representative Representative Leo Satterwhlte of Panhandle Panhandle emerged the winner over T. K. Irwln of Dallas and J. W. Hall of Houston. The victory of Representative Sat- tenrhlt* was the first great surprise surprise of the thirty-ninth legislature, which political observers are expect- Init to be replete with upsets under tho supervision of the first woman Bovernor. Mr. Satterwblte Is not considered a Fer«uson man. as he did not support Mrs. Ferguson In th* first primary. Th* triumph of So-ttcrwhlte. who climbed steadily through six ballots. taking- rotes from both of his opponents, opponents, was also considered a defeat to the organizations not regularly represented In the house, for among the chief workers for Representative Irwlq.,,wero--Murr«ll'.Bucknor. vice prestdert and general manager of tb« Union .TarmlnsX3««J»ny of.Dal- it,*,-and Dwlght Llowelllng of Dallas, Dallas, neither of whom "re members of th« legislature. Others who rave their Indorsement for Mr. Irwln wero former United States Senator Joseph W. Bailey and T. H. McGregor. The Balls-is. Representative Irwln. who pr«- LEE BATTER-WHITE. HIGHER LAWMAKTNG BODT OF TEXAS IS ORGANIZED FOR BUSINESS. By Trein. Austln, Tex., Jan. 13.--Before the senate had been in session half an hour this afternoon It found Itself In a tangle'over-consideration'of *. concurrent resolution to take'Qp appropriation appropriation bills. Senator John Davis of Dallas started U by asking unanimous consent, consent, but a number of other senators attempted to tack onto It a number of subject* ranging from aid for rural schools to reimbursement of -- -- ,. I . tff^t A-- n n.l - « « « - » f**««v".«» ... , vllljuulnvlllGlll. Ui dieted more than nlnet rotes and clUt!em ,. n who had , ost t h o l r , lor(la election for himself on the first bal- f oo t and mouth disease out- lot. did not poll SO votes. JTo lacked ton Tot«» of election on the first ballot. ballot. The count was: Irwln 66. Sat- tcrwhito BI and Hall 11. On the next ballot Sattcrwliito gained » rotes, while Irwln lo»t G and Hall J, making the count. Irwln 60, Satterwlitte 60 and Hn.ll 28. Snt- terwhlte took the lead on the third bijlot. never to relinquish It. with iS voted. Irwin picked up 1 and Hall (Continued on Page I, Column 1.) THE WEATHER For Galveston and Vicinity--Wednesday Vicinity--Wednesday partly cloudy. For East Toxas--Wednesday fair. Thursday Increasing cloudiness. For West Texas--Wednesday and Thursday generally fair; warmer In north portion Thursday. For Louisiana.--Wednesday and Thursday fair. Winds on Toxas Const--Light to moderate easterly. AIIOUT Kornnvn. ·Twas all becauHO n. l i t t l n runt camo. out to see th' West. broak nenr Houston. The senatn convened at noon. Aftor *.ho usual opcnlnp- ceremonies a number number of emplryi-s wcrn sworn in. a president pi-o tempore was selected, reso .tlons on ft n u m b e r of subjects were adopted and provision was mado for a lottery which would give those who draw even numbers short terms of two year* and those who drew odd numbers long terms of four yonrn. Greatest .Interest o,* tho entire sos- Two men, said to have been left behind as a dozen, or so companions fled in three high powered touring cars after a surprise fusillade Monday night by coast guardsmen when liquor was unloaded from two boats into motor trucks on west beach, faced charges last night of importing and possessing intoxicating liquors. The filing of charges against the two followed the seizure an outnumbered handful of coast guardsmen from the San Luis station of two boat*, the E-30J and the Emmy; three motor jail containing liquor, and one armored with steel, and 572 cases assorted liquors. Customs officers, however, intimate other charges are likely to follow. The two men, who gave their names as Clement Roubion, and Albert Sanderfer, woodworker, pleaded not guilty yesterday afternoon before Brantly Harris, United States commissioner, but were bound over to the grand imry in the sum of $2,000 each. Both bond, with fie United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company as surety. Escape In Tourlnar Cars. According to the testimony before Commissioner Harris by · Captain William Sleinhort, officer in charge of the coast guard station, the two men were taken while- corning ashore from the boats after their companions had been frightened away In touring cars by the deceiving deceiving fusillade of pistol shots, which evidently bluffed the larger party engaged In transferring the liquor to think a bigger raiding party was on their trail. Tho const feunrdsmen, according to Captain Stclnhort, fired about 175 shots, and while their initial shots were answered by some of the' men who fled in the cars, only flvn empty shells could, b e . f o u n d , on the-beach. "Wo were not shootlng-to hit;"' Captain Stelnhort declared, ''but to deceive them as to our ..umber. Fully a dozen or fifteen men m u s t have fled In the cjir.»--and there were only flvo of us, J can not nay, If-nny.;wete-.liU;'v_._ . ·The f u l l moon of Monday" night proved the. nemesis-of . Hie liquor landing party. .Shining upon the water, it enabled Herman Haven, lookout tit 111,- Sun Luis 1'aua mu- TWO INSTITUTIONS YET TO ELECT OFFICERS; BOARDS NAMED. tton, to see two dark objects ma- j {''ITM'"' "',, neuvorlng close Inshore.-though-the 1K * IJ1 P ner - F - Four of GnlvcKton'H banking Instl lutlons, three of which are national bunks, held their annual mootlngu yesterday, when officers and directors directors for tho ensuing year were named. Thlrlepn directO-H of the United States.-National UanlcAveru electee at' 1 a- ntaotlner of Ihe- 'sharWdJaur's 1-eJd yesterday as follows: Bloclt, ,1. W. Butler. WaJtir 1 Dr. William Gammon. Dr. M. L Hnrtol. R. W. Hums'. Hums'. Kempner. R. Let' Ohendorf, Thomas H. , W. Steele and 1. U. '" v ""'.' mp '!?. r ' , ,,, , , , director, will m o e t t h annual report of - u - Kempner, the the year, uftcr all · * i J I 4 * w * t « l f * \.KJCI^ II1B1IU117, 111UUB II II1Q I T»| t i l t point at which the activity was go- |JJ»»"P«. IriK on Wai. six miles northnast of l U l m m i " the station. Captain Stelnhort nnd . his crew then went near t h e ' p o i n t | no ?" at .;' "· '"· ° oloct In the station truck, crawling the I , , Accord "* to remainder of the., distance, ducki"'? P«;j«lent, fashion, through the salt cedars and I " ct P'' oflt « tor slmibP. until:'with a vol!«yof pistol r f««rves were created and. all .louses firn over, tho heads of the landing ^".f.^^/r 1 ^" 1 " 11 .!!!: 011 .^ * 1 , 00 ' 11 H :! ' parHf.- they · mado t h e i r - presence " ' * r J known. A f t e r but a few answering shots, they were In f u l l possession of the field--boats, l i q u o r trucks and contraband beverages. BT2 C*«r». Although occurring shortly after , p r o l l m l n »- "°" 10 o'clock Monday night, Informa- tlon bills. , H PPr ° prla " of which JGO.OOO was transferred to the surplus account, $30,000 to dividend dividend account to pay the first semiannual semiannual dividend at the rate of 5 per cent per a n n u m on Jan. IE, and the remaining $20.118.39 is held as undivided profits. This condition reflects a net earning earning of 10 per cent which Is grntlfy- Senator DnvlB introduced tho usual PIT d l u m bi,., but it waa ruled out on n point of order until committees previously named hnd reported on whether Governor Noff nnd the house had born notified tho senate wax In Honslon. Senator Wood, for hi« committal*, announced that Governor Governor Nr»ff ojclnnd»d a welcome to the upper house, but had no communication communication to malte u n t i l tomorrow The point of order In relation to not not i f y i n g the IIOURC was waived and the bill placet! on Its first reading. 1 W«n(K Appraprlntlnmi n»nhed. Senator Davis 1 b i l l would appropriate appropriate $12r.000 for expenses. Ho quickly followed It with three con- ( C o n t l n u r d on Page 2, Column 2.) hart hart been made ling, it was stated. In view of the was not recolvod here until mid- tremendous amount of expens-e for night by Captain Howard Wilcox. I the purchase of new statlonrfy nnd district const triinrd H i i p o r l n l n n d o n t ( b u n k i n g - Captain Wllcox did not arrive u n t i l Inauguration of a new bank's 3 o'clock to supervise the bringing j ness. Interest rates for the last of the bonls to Galveston. The boats arrived here at 7 o'clock yesterday morning, w h i l e the liquor trucks, which wero taken to tlie months of 192-1 have been at the lowest ibb that hes been known In the country for many years, but tho r p m n r k a h l e Increase In a of . ho of Hie and ho the as the mw successor coast guard station about 2 a. m.. (offset the shrinkage In interest were l a t e r driven to town. All hnd rates. U was declared, some liquor, one being full, t h e "It Is with pardonable p r i d e other nearly full and the third with , dared Mr. Kempner In his a dozen sacks or so In it. Of the two boats, the Emmj- hail nearly a f u l l load of 300 cases and the E-301 had some n i n e t y cases aboard. Tho number of cases In tho trucks was placed ns high as 200 cases, although the official (Continued on Page 8, Column 40 "that we report the increase of deposits deposits from {3,000.000 on the first dny of our Institution's business. Jan. 2, 1924. to over JIG.800.000 on Dec. 31, 1924, as reflected by the annual statement, being- practically nn Increase of 100 per cent" CHy Vnllnnal Hnnk. Officers and directors of the City National Bank Were re-elected at a

Clipped from The Galveston Daily News14 Jan 1925, WedPage 1

The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas)14 Jan 1925, WedPage 1
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  • Liquor seizure - shots fired

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