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babe at scott's - THE WEEKLY DEMOCRAT Ssdalia, Missouri. Friday....
THE WEEKLY DEMOCRAT Ssdalia, Missouri. Friday. July 1Ü. After 19 Years' Service Mrs. McGee Appo in ted Head of Scott’s Store Ship 13 Of Green Mrs. Rermce Hinken McGee, wife of wm!.-«!!’M. McGee. South ImtTTiMTi. has been s^ointed manager of Scott’s Dollar Store. Fifth and Ohio, where she has been employed for the past 10 years. . This is the first time since the store opentxl in Setialia on Juno 6. 1930. that a wonisTn hiks been manager, excc-pt for a year during World War II, when so many men were called to sen, ice that the company found it necessary to sub stitute women in sucli posHioni. At lha* time. In 1945. Mrs McGee’s McGee’s sister. Ruby, was made temporary temporary manager ami .served in that capacity until the company was able lo again secure a male manager. manager. The third chiki in the family of seven children of Mr ami Mrs W E Hinken. 2100 East Broadway. Broadway. Bernice was born in Sedalia and has lived here her entire life She first attended Arlington Sc!um)1 until It waa closed as a school, then she went to WashingUm ami later to Smith-Cotton High Sch<«>l from which she was gnvduatt'd Bernvce has never worke<i any place except at Scott's Dollar Store Jobs were hard to get at the time she went to work and she still t>elieves that she worried the maruvger so miKh trying to got a job he finally got Ured of her going in and a.sking him for work that he gave up and hired her. Her sisU'r, Ruby, who is now Mrs Charles R. Hayes. Kansas City, was workjng in the store at that time bu* that wasn't the reason reason ihe went there She was trying to get a job any plnce she could find one. and it just hajipened that this waft the firm Uiat found a place for her. a place she has worked ever since It wa 5 on Dec. 12. 1939. that she first went to work in the store of which alK' It now manager. That was the day of the Clirisyiiat parade parade and the r«nem't>er« she ha<i on a pink dress. She wa.s put to work selling Christmas snow and in an effort to make good she Iwd worked hersekf into a nervxRUi atatr and simply drip}>ed wiüi per »piration. People who had como down to .sec Uk* paratie flocked in the store friMii the coW outsuie and •were amaz«! to s«n‘ the girl In the pink dress pcr^^piring as if it was a hundred in the shade. Actu ally, she didn’t know wlieilwT It was hot or cold; all she could think of was .stalling ChrisUnas »now. and she reaWy sold it. Bernice aoon made a pLncc for herself in the store. She has a natural friendliness and the cu.s- tomera liked her. They began caU- ing her “Smiles” because she always always had a smik* and she went out of her way to please people Now there are nine saleswomen and a cashier under her sui>er- viason. but there wa« a twiie wiien there was only one girl on U»e floor part of the time There is a door on the Fifth Street side of the buLkling and one day wdvcn Bor mee was the only one on tlve floor a man came in that d»x»r. She went over to hun and askixi if she could hoH» him. “Yes,” said the man, “I wani to look at eyeglaascfe " She took lum over to the counter whore the eyegla.sstvs were and he tried on every pair they had. Finding Finding none, he wanted lie sand he thought he wouki have to go to an eya doctor and get some glasses. Then he went out tlk* door he came in and Bermce began atraightening up some of the stock About that lime, slie looked u|i again and here cajtne the sauiie man In the south door of the aore on the Ohio Street side. She hurried up to the front of the store to wait on him and neither she nor the »tore seemed familiar to lum He asked lo see eyeglasses. Afraid of offending him by telling him he had just been In the store l*>ok- ing for eyeglasses, she took him She knows the busini's» fnan A to Z. It was Fob. 28. 1946 IhM Rer- nioce was married to Billy McGi'o, who is suporiiilondent of Uw Si‘- By Mm. GREEN harvest swing for the the Green Ridge Is practically average yield per 2.5 to 30 bushels. rp to July 2, 13 train had been Grain and Feed MKT railroad. Mr. and and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. City, recently trip In eight Old Mexico. While Oil guest.s in the Templeton's and Mrs. Floyd family. They also cousin, the Burnett, Mm. William MrGec mot»' uf lh<* Hinkcn faiuily have worktMl in Stott’s Store. .Martha, A ho IS now Mm I) 1 Sevier, of La Monte, and Billy, who worked as a stock man for awhile. Bernice ha.s worked «»very counter counter in the store. t<K»k Ruby's place a.s cashier wIumi her .sister becaffiie ilali.'i 12-milo Si>ocial Roiw! District. District. and he didn't waiV her to work after .she vva.s married. She lo\e-d the work ai*d didn't want to quit, but two weeiks before j>ho wa.s marritvl she did Then, that year when vacations started coming coming up the manager called her and asked if she wouhln't lie Ip out. “I quit," she told hbn. He said 1m* know she had Uit he neod<Ml her so b.'Hily and he just wanUri her U) !u*lp out a few we<»ks But Her nk*c<* know if *he ever went back, she would never be adde to give it u() again. Of courM*, her husbanc didn't want her to work pemia nently, but that m.inager had been so nice to her and he was in a spot, he felt ¡die couki helji hun out tor a slxrt time, atxl so she went back He dwin'l know and the manager dwln’t kiM>w, but she knew that when she went back into that store again it couldn't Ix* for a short tune, .slve would hvivi* to k«s»p on once »lie started again lH'cm»se she kncrl it. .And so, with the exc«'!»tion of ab<xit ,Ihrei* monUks. .she lue. Ihm'II at Scott’s Dollar Htor» continuously .since slie lM»gan .selling GhrLstJiia.s snow in 1939 HtNvdquariers for tho C( impany is locates! in (Jiicago, 111, Bernice is a very active mein ber of Epworth Motlwxiist Chundi and sing.s in the cixwr. She is also an «»fficer in tie* ,S«xlaUa Gh.qder, No. r»7, Order of tlx* Eastern Star. Right now six* Is busy getting Uie store in the order she wouUl like to have it. She has workixi her way up to the top in the local store through her ability aixl her earne..l dev ire to please lx>th her c<wnpany and her customers who throu:;h the year.s have beconxi bev fnerxlL Gal HideH In Mnlnr S<‘r%iri* Slalioii IRVINGTON. N J VP> George George Frank» nu>tor purred rhyliwmcally y e t e r d a y Imt Gtx»rge knew hu car engine war.n't running. Franks lifted the lio^xl and reachix! lor a eat hiding iK'tw eon the nx>ior and the fin* wall. But it w;u»n*t as ea^y .»s all Uiat. Tlu* « at 'WutmtH.Ted to tlie safety safety ot the»is ctojks bar. While a crowd gathered atxl offered offered advice, George crawied under under the vehicle aixi s J uxkh I Uie cat They visited terest Including Royal Gorge, Mesa Verde and Pike’s Miss Charlene daughter of Mr, Wisdom, uncle. Mr to their home where she summer Mrs. Neas and Mrs. relatives for Mr. and daughter. Calif., were parents. Mr. Smith and Green Ridge Mr. and residing for on the west .stationed D S. Navy. the state of home. Mr. the USS duty. Mrs. G Hidge. flower show was held University of Emmett Vbiting his Connor, Connor, at Green Ridge, home in guests over Connor home Catlin and Jefferson Connor of J. T. Sunday Mr and children. weekend parent,. lelgh Mr. children vacation they visited Eldon Bullard sbter. Mrs. family They jard’s Harvey C(do. Mr and tertalned Sunday. mother. 5 or. and Edmondson, birthday Other Donald J Darrell, Edmondson F. Wilson of Windsor. unable to illness. xxe. - away. Hut the cat took u.p a posi to the counter aixi again he truxlhion bflwtt'n U r * .spla:»li pan and on every pair of gla.*.ses they had;a on»-. umler Un* fan but couldn’t find any that wcxild, I'olicc cam«*; al*w> more and III Fill To U« do, so he left. more Kibitzer*. They couldn’t get It was just almoit too rnueh'-the cat oir but found they could when she saw him re-af»fK*ar in'i>p,rate the car withom injuring the nortli door of the store but;the ani'U-al. *he concealed her inner laughter ^ tran-J‘.'cri»d «»pera- and went over to him. Sure enough, i>f Franks’ he wanted to si*e rye<-;la?3e» ‘»^d.^ kc-rviiCe stalion downj^rM-y he must have neo(k\l Llnun Uxlly,j.sire<'t. ¡as a because again he didn't se(*m to; mechaidcjC'.laoUshment have the vaguei.t idea Uial she had: ^ removed wrote just waited on hun twice bcforei^^^^^ .;a:no-'he was and that he had gone Uirough Co4.'parent.s JERSEY Jcxhn hi" son lie The 64 Four a:xi 10 1-1 td here. But John $1 entire stoc-k of glasse« But again; she stotKi patiently by while he j chargi-d I* raivx tried on one pair of glo3«*a*s afurj " aiv>ther. - . n • . "1 guess ni Like this pair." he 1 IlfiOrdav I 4*l>l^l«’lli'«’ saxi They don t scorn to be just Brill*: right but I have been trying on ^ glasses all morning and these are HEUIJN «AP —Ea.’»t (icrmany's : a.s good as any." She didn’t want lo ombarraM him by telling him Lha' was Uie third time he had tried those glasses on. so she just sold him the pair he thought he wanted aixl he went on his way Besides Bernice and Ruby, two manager afxl has been in the office as cashier for a nunxber of years. blaliiust boss Walter I ibricht i«»-! in the i:t and i He l it revolt if they peiscA m independ-, It communiam, ¡ , Upening the Ea..t German Par-i ...... ly Congrc--..». in the presence of Soviet i*remuT Khru.'>hchev, the Eu»l German parly chief angrily ¡day ^earned Yugo,Slav leaders may suff-r the Ltte of the exe-t I cutcd leader- of the Hungariani

Clipped from Sedalia Weekly Democrat18 Jul 1958, FriPage 2

Sedalia Weekly Democrat (Sedalia, Missouri)18 Jul 1958, FriPage 2
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