1929-12-9 New Fire Trucks Proving More Effective

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1929-12-9 New Fire Trucks Proving More Effective - New Fire Trucks Proving More Effective Means of...
New Fire Trucks Proving More Effective Means of Combatting Blazes Than Wet Sacks, Shovels State Sends Latest Type Machine for Use In San Bernardino County Areas Not so long ago fighting a brush fire or other blaze in an isolated district was a matter of sending groups of men out armed with wet sacks, shovels, picks ana various other paraphernalia. While the same equipment Is used at the present time to a large extent, there has been one noiaDie addition in the past few months-motorized months-motorized months-motorized equipment, consisting of fire trucks capable of making quick runs to isolated spots in mountain or valley and of furnishing a steady stream of water if any supply is available. Such equipment has recently been added to that which protects the forest and brush lands in San Bernardino Bernardino county in the form of a fire truck owned by the state department department of forestry and stationed at San Bernardino, 'Back Pumps' Are Carried In Truck The truck, which was equipped In the state highway yards at Sacramento, Sacramento, was driven to San Bernardino Bernardino by L, B. Brown, who will be stationed here as official driver of the truck. In explaining the operation and equipment of the truck, Mr. Brown said that the truck carries a 250-gallon 250-gallon 250-gallon tank in addition to 10 50-gallon 50-gallon 50-gallon back tanks tanks which may be strapped to the back of a firefighter and carried to the fire line. A motor-driven motor-driven motor-driven pump connected with the 250-gallon 250-gallon 250-gallon tank supplies sufficient pressure to pump 80 gallons gallons per minute. While the supply of water in the 250-gallon 250-gallon 250-gallon tank will not last long at this rate of consumption, consumption, the truck is equipped with a suction pump capable of supplying supplying 150 gallons a minute. If it is possible to station the truck near a water supply while on a fire call, a continuous supply of water in considerable volume may be furnished the fighters. The truck carries 2,200 reet or hose. There are 1,500 feet of inch and a half hose, 500 feet of one-inch one-inch one-inch hose and 200 feet of three- three- fourths Inch hose. Mr. Brown said that the pump on the large tank is caoable of throwing a stream of water through the inch and a half hose with sufficient force to cover any ordinary size building. Motorized equipment to aid In fighting fires' removed from incorporated incorporated areas is a recent development, development, Mr. Brown said. The first truck built by the state department was completed July 27, Mr. Brown stated. Between Aug. 1 and Nov. 1, the truck now stationed at San Bernardino Bernardino saved property valued at $140,000, Mr. Brown said, while he added that this amount did not include include the value of brush lands saved through use of the truck. In addition to the other equip ment carried on the machine, equip ment for 50 firefighters in the way of lanterns, shovels, etc., is also carried. An army range stove and camping equipment for 50 men is provided. At one recent fire in the northern part of the state the suction suction pump on the truck was kept going continuously for more than seven hours. More Machines To Be Obtained The flrefighting equipment has been built on the chassis of a two- two- ton truck. More of the machines will be turned out as fast as fi nances allow, Mr. Brown stated. At least four more of the ma chines will be equipped during the winter and stationed in various parts of the state. Two calls have been answered by the truck since its arrival in San Bernardino, one to Etiwanda, and the other to Alta Loma. Neither of the fires was serious and both were put under control with little difficulty. difficulty. Previously when a fire truck for county use was needed, it has been necessary to send to Riverside where a similar state machine Is stationed. The loss of time required to bring the machine from there might result In serious damage in case of a bad fire. The truck looks like an ordinary city fire truck with the exception of the added equipment in the nature nature of tools used in fighting brush fires. The truck may be seen at the rear of the courthouse. Judge Leonard Will Return To Bench After Operation Superior Judge F. A. Leonard, who underwent an operation in Riverside Friday for removal of his tonsils, returned to his home in Redlands yesterday. He was reported resting easily, and will probably return to his courtroom sometime within the week. Tonneson's

Clipped from The San Bernardino County Sun09 Dec 1929, MonPage 2

The San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, California)09 Dec 1929, MonPage 2
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  • 1929-12-9 New Fire Trucks Proving More Effective

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