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TOPEKA DAILY CAPITAL. SUN DAY HORNING,. DECEMBER 22.1889; CHRISTMAS CAROL. Upon this Holy Day. Published through Tint American Press Association, by permission of R. A, Saaljield, 1 Union, Square, Neva York. is Words by Rev. H. R. BR AM LEY, M.A. SEMI-CHORUS. SEMI-CHORUS. SEMI-CHORUS. Gently. Music by H. PD AN KS. Lord -ET -ET - arr- arr- " -w- -w- -w- -w- -w- -w- -w- -w- -w- 14 J 1. 'Tis the day, the bless - ed day. On which our 3. In an hum - ble feed ing trough. With - in a low w Tenoe. 1 - was- was- born, was bom. And sweet - Iy If. low - ly shed. With cat - tie. IY1 gr-H gr-H gr-H N M J- J- K ! N 4- 4- h H h I I K ' N I i f ? , wL!1 the per- per- ish-ing. ish-ing. ish-ing. Will waft the sighs to heaVn, to heavn, Of guilt . y 4. How rs we see bloom fair a - gam. Though all their life seems shed, seems shed. Thus we shall 4 n IS f at -i -i -A- -A- -A- u t r r 1 K ' I the His sun-beams sun-beams sun-beams gild ,The dew - bo - span . gled thorn.. The birds sing thro the in - fant feet, And shep - herds at His head The Sav - ionr ef thl -O -O 9- 9- men, who trn - ly seek And weep to be for ae to life once more. Though nam - berd with the giv'n... ..... An in - ter - ce - sor dead........ Then may our sta tkn 2. play,. ..... 4. pay.. . . -j -j 1 S 1 fr-f-J- fr-f-J- fr-f-J- fr-f-J- fr-f-J- fr-f-J- . ! ' l St SLSi ft I 1 heav ns bo clear, The breez - es gen - tly, gen - tly play, Aad song and sun-shine sun-shine sun-shine love - ly Be-oin Be-oin Be-oin - ful world In in - no-cence no-cence no-cence He lay, He lay, And wise-men wise-men wise-men made their of - f 'ring Up- Up- HE: "X- "X- still He shines, And men to Him should pray, shoald pray Ee - fore His al - tar meek - ly. be near Him, To whom we wor - ship, wor - Lhippay, And of - for heart - J prais - es Hp TJp- TJp- m1 -- -- on jtf ttr r- r- Ion on izr I'll Rjqzr-f Rjqzr-f Rjqzr-f 1 r r Day ; - 9 1 el. No - el! Now hear the sal - u ta . tion Of An - gel Ga - bri . el.....! I cl, No - ell Now hear the sal - u - ta . tion Of An - gel G - bri - el..... Kggg r-J r-J r-J J r-iM r-iM r-iM ! k 1 m 'i 1 M 1 ftn Day 7F 1 irr t.j Ho - ' ly, Ho - ly D-iy. D-iy. D-iy. an Ho - ly, Ho - ly ' Dy. full cnonus. No - el No -m -m m - ft ' P u 1 W ' 1 IS I No - el. No -el. -el. No - eL No-el. No-el. No-el. No Cl -1 -1 3 No- No- this Ho - ly, Ha,- Ha,- ly : Day. this Ho - ly. Ho - ly Day. i 1 1 1 r- r- No' ' el. 1 Ko . d, ! 1N0 el, K o - eL No No- No- Copyrigbt, lSb7, by E. A. SaaUeld. I a a not father pronounced the ceremony with the local orator though him best fitted THE COLORADO MINERAL PALACE. CO

Clipped from The Topeka Daily Capital22 Dec 1889, SunPage 13

The Topeka Daily Capital (Topeka, Kansas)22 Dec 1889, SunPage 13
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