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THE TOPEKA DAILY CAPITAL. SDN DAT -MORNING, -MORNING, DECEMBER 1 1839 THE (AN Sung by 3r, AJ BeTlman in " Two Old Cronies" and published through TJie American Press Association Association by perniinsioritof the Author and his Publisher, R. A. Saalfield, Jl Union Square, V. x Words and Music by JOHN de WITT. y-H y-H y-H i I i i v . f i 1- 1- Oh, the brave Yan kee tar is more 2. When giim death seem'd to smile at Sa-' Sa-' Sa-' AH our sails they are set, and our 4. By the end of the week, with each a ff , dar-rpgby dar-rpgby dar-rpgby far Than mo - a s green isle, Without dcks they are wet With the an -chor -chor a peak. With fair EE love, as it floats there a-bove. a-bove. a-bove. Oar sea-man. sea-man. sea-man. bold freeman, is the play, fly the old flag to-day," to-day," to-day," Came command thus to stand, and like... weigh eince the break of the day, Ev - ery brace in its place bo's to. . . . furl, and we'll Bee the sweet girL Ev -er -er dear far and near, who will. . . ift The Yan kee boy is the x i ! 22: brav - est lad er - er -M -M r.4 rah. boys, hur- hur- p x i- i- -4 -4 ' X X Et . tie hell be car :xF 5t M - gz x -x- -x- -x- . ch - er hall so da ( tF -x- -x- -x- 0 ffWV X. I ! r-X r-X r-X i (n in rr I i -- -- m I 1 M t YANKEE AMERICAN SEA SONG. r n n ft w Ball - or from whal-er, whal-er, whal-er, sail ing o'er the blue sea; 'Neath the flag that w guards they manned yards with the roe fa looming nigh. "Tell the band now to spray from the bay. . . daah-ing daah-ing daah-ing o . ver the rails ; We have been on der wind we shall find a soft.. berth In a bay. Where our sails we shall 70 - tar for me, Hur-rah, Hur-rah, Hur-rah, boys, hnr-rah hnr-rah hnr-rah m s sail'd the sea, Hur-rah, Hur-rah, Hur-rah, boys, - -X -X X ' X X- X- - f i X r-g; r-g; r-g; 2 rah 1. , For the winds may blow I I 1 -X -X i s- s- x ! j -X -X X fr- fr- X -x -x X- X- ing With his trust in the Lord x i x. - x - 1 X- X- - - lag. none oth - er half A 14- 14- -0 -0 - -x -x X- X- - - 1 1 r CopTtlE&t, 333B, by Mm de Witt. TAR a: -r -r w 92 m "-it- "-it- "-it- "-it- lad dear to me. free - men to die. ) wea - ther the gale, f sing ns this lay. ' OhL.. -4- -4- -4- is I , Hur-raii, Hur-raii, Hur-raii, boys, bur-rah bur-rah bur-rah I He's the -S- -S- -S- if i m i X X- X- -X -X hnr-rah. hnr-rah. hnr-rah. hur-rah! hur-rah! hur-rah! Hot- Hot- m -X -X j P -i -i s? - fir T T T X- X- 15- 15- 3E: 5 -V -V to- to- a stiff hur - ri - cane, oh t Bat HH 1 x x- x- 9 X X I and good captain a - board, Kane 6 so ' dar 4. 4 i- i-

Clipped from The Topeka Daily Capital01 Dec 1889, SunPage 13

The Topeka Daily Capital (Topeka, Kansas)01 Dec 1889, SunPage 13
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