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THE TOPEKA DAILY CAPITAL: , SUNDAY MAY 31, 1891. I I by sir, In to a BEAUTY'S BYES, -Words -Words by F. E. WEATHER LY. Moderate Music by F. PAOLO TEST!. f 2 PP molto legato. m . i . i . i . i T4. .... .......... .... diTlX. . ... --. --. --. HM .-.- .-.- .-.- .-.- m-mm-m m-mm-m m-mm-m m-mm-m m-mm-m f.rii, r if f f-Tj f-Tj f-Tj thH 1. I want no stars 2. I hear no birds 8. I Want no king in heaven to guide me, I' need no moon,.... no sun to at twi-light twi-light twi-light call - ing, I catch no ma - sic in the dom where thou art, love, I need no throne.... to make me fk " I : j i ) si J 4 I s t i i tttt i i n i I i u . . J . j . j j 7 tat 3" fry tar. 25S t 5 T r shine, While I have you, sweetheart,.... be - side me, While I know.... that streams While your gold - - en Words are fall - ing, While you whls - per blest, While with - in thy ten - - der heart, love. Thou wilt take..... mj 1 J you are mine in my dreams. heart to - rest. creu 1 y r X need not fear Ev- Ev- ry sound Jungs must play 3 what - e'er be - tide of joy en - thrall -a -a wea - ry part, 1 ste " I me, love, For 1 , ' 1 -- -- - - il m m X ' " - ', i j ere,... ...... dim..... straight and sweet my path-way path-way path-way lies, Speaks in Your dear voice a lone, Thrones must ring with wild a lanns, I want no stars While I hear But the king inheav'nto guide me, While I your fond lips 'call - ing, While you dom of my heart, love, Lies with - cret col canto. dim. . M4 32: BSE -2 -2 rfltf ft 4. gaze sneak to in your dear eyes; me,..uuM mine own; thy - " lor -ing -ing arms; I want no stars While I hear But the king in heavn to guide me While I Jour fond lips call - ing, While you om of my heart, love, Lies with (ream r Y' i 1 i tO? 1 I . 'rf ' 'si ' " - -5 -5 4 3 gaze in your . dear eyes, speak to ma, mine own. in thy lov - "ing arms.' Lait Verse, rit to FH J DM 1 , 1 lt.. J,, I H at ' cal canto, p p . mmmmmmmm wm i m J mmmmmmmm mmmmm imM ' - aMMBaMtaMMMHHMHMMaMMMMMMMMHMHMMMaaMhaa4r- aMMBaMtaMMMHHMHMMaMMMMMMMMHMHMMMaaMhaa4r- SMMSSMSMBMMSMSSWS1

Clipped from The Topeka Daily Capital31 May 1891, SunPage 13

The Topeka Daily Capital (Topeka, Kansas)31 May 1891, SunPage 13
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