December 8, 1941

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December 8, 1941 - EXTRA EXTRA POI NDED IN 188 1. Associated...
EXTRA EXTRA POI NDED IN 188 1. Associated Press, United Press, N. A. N. A. LINCOLN". N K 1 K ASK A , MONDAY, D: , U. F. S., Wide V I V K C K N TS. Congress votes war on - Japanese Toll of 3,000 dead and wounded in Japs' attack on Honolulu About half are deaths old battleship capsizes destroyer and planes lost The white house acknowledged Monday a bloody toll of S.OOU killed and wounded in the Japanese attack on Honolulu about half of them fatalities as the battle of Hawaii continued and imperial Tokyo headquarters claimed smashing naval and air victories over the United States. Great Britain formally declared war Monday against the Tokyo government, and mighty forces of the United States fleet were reported combing the waters of the Pacific to seek battle with Japanese warships. This afternoon, Japanese bombers renewed attacks on i.,,' thp PhilinreinP, rairlino - t.hp UPPOSin8 vote big United States army en - 1 campment at Fort Stotsenberg and nearby Clark field. Numerous buildings were set afire and the army's telephone communications to Manila were cut. Three Japanese planes were reported shot down in the attack. Besides losses inflicted on American naval craft, the German news agency D. N. B. said in a dispatch from Tokyo, ! Japanese planes also sank two j British cruisers in attacks on Britain's great fortress at' Singapore. A white house statement acknowledged serious damage to American lorces m Hawaii, out considerably less than the See JAPAN, Page 4, Col. 2 Lincoln boys rush toward enlistment Battleship Oklahoma damaged by Japs . JAPANESE WARPLANES set fire to the United States batlleship Oklahoma (nbmri u. a su.Mcn raid on Pearl Harbor and Honolulu, an NBC observer radioed from the scene. U.S. ship Wake Governor turns guard over is seized at itui : Shanghai Caplured as British gunboat sinks off port Patrolmen arc to guard major air port to complete defense unit i to i the SHANGHAI. (UP). The British Gov. GriswoM took steps Moi gunboat Peterel sank in the I of the state's civilian defence an Whangpoo river off the Shanghai1 tions from army and cm ilian oi't'ic waterfront under hlasting Japa - ! Anions his first acts was hi nese fire Monday and the United ),,, commander of Ihe Seventh e States mns ship Wake, , , ( , , , . 1 its crew overwhelmed as it lay at ,im's ,in'' iici si,i e pa tonne anchor, was captured. airports in the state. Lieut. Com. John Polkinhorne, j The governor on request of Maj 63, British naval and .. .en Allen (, union, provost mar former Tientsin river pilot who ; shal general, placed the Ndu - aska commanded the Peterel, was be - state guard at the disposal of Brig, lieved, with most of his crew, to j Gen. Frederick E. Uhl. commander have gone down with his ship. of the Seventh corps area. Gris - declaration of war against Japan. Alone in her stand in both houses of congress, she also voted against Americ an entry in the first World war in 1917. Army and navy offices Overrun Monday Patriotism of Lincoln and Nebraska boys, weighed in the balance within a few hours after declaration of war, was found not wanting. It measured high with personnel and enthuisasm. Army and navy recruiting offices in the postoffice building were overrun thruout the day. Both offices went on 24 hour basis, ggt. J. P. Yocum, army recruiting, released a statement early to the effect that the service will be complete, the office remaining open all night if necessary. Chief George G. Greenwell, speaking for the navy recruiting service, said recruiters will be on the job at all hours, day and night, if there is possibility of customers. Thirty - seven young men applied at the army office for enlistment Monday prior to noon. The navy offices reported that an even See BOYS, Page 4, Col. 6 'Everything O. K. in Guam, cables Lincoln youth Mrs. Olinda Hardy, 1800 E, Monday morning received a cablegram from her son, Kenneth, who has been employed in Guam for about a year. Text of the message, sent at 11:30 a. m. of the same day it arrived here, was "Everything O. K." Stock market stable despite war declaration NEW YORK. MP). The Japanese attack on United States possessions and our declaration of war Monday finally g"t to Wall street's nerves and securities markets Itel ' , , , , . of stability in stock and bond prices. Kven so, the reaction of the financial community was mixed. While prices of many leading shares in late dealings were off $1 to $3, and a few even more, wheat futures were up around the permitted limit of 5c a bushel and corn, cotton and a long list of vital commodities were actively bought. While selling of stocks and bonds became more active as the j day wore on there was never anything approaching panicky dumping in the stock and bond markets, and prices rallied at intervals to The securities and exchange commission and a group of leading executives of Wall street's banks and financial institutions issued ing statements regarding odds it knew were hopeless, when me Japanese ordered it to sur - The Wake had no chance to fire. The Japanese, in a sudden attack as they took over the water front of the international settlement off which the two tiny gunboats were anchored, boarded it and forced its surrender. At 6 a. m. the Wake's lights were ablaze, as debris from the furiously burned Peterel floated by. Japanese erunboats had onened direct fire on the Peterel, which had very light armament and only half its crew aboard. The Japanese flag was raised American service officers here j vey expressed belief that th lap mr v. probably had sunk or seized the American liner President Harrison, which was believed to have been somewhere off the mouth of the Yangtze river in the Shanghai area, on its way to Chingwangtao in the north to pick up 203 marines, awaiting evacuation Dec. 10. mder of the state jruard, and ordered him to report to Gen. Uhl for instructions. He also told Col. Crosby that part of the state See GOVERNOR, Page 4, Col. 4 Ralph Harrington named head of real estate group Ralph E. Harrington was chosen president of the Lincoln real estate association Monday at the chamber. Other officers are vice president, Har - d treasurer. Sam Bell. All Nazis jrive up Moscow offensive President's request is immediately acted on Only Rep. Rankin votes against war - Roosevelt in dramatic speech tells of Japanese deception, attack WASHINGTON. (UP). Congress Monday proclaimed existence of a state of war between the United States and the Japanese empire 33 minutes after the dramatic moment when President Roosevelt stood before a joint session to pledge that we will triumph - "So help us, God." Democracy was proving its right to a place in the sun with a split second shiftover from peace to all - out war. The senate acted first, adopting the resolution by a unanimous roll call vote of 82 to 0, within 21 minutes after the president had concluded his address to a joint session of both houses. The house voted approval immediately after - 1 ward by 388 to 1. The lone negative vote wai cast VT 1 by Representative (eannette Rankin, (r Mont.) , 1 lOI I IS lIllKK who also voted against entry into World war 1. J BEFORE CONGRESS SWIFTLY. tO VOtC I OF The resolutions were before both houses within 15 minutes of the time Mr. Roosevelt ended his u seven - minute, 500 word extraordinary message. ai VI1 tl!'11 There was a half second of uncertainty in the mnmUt Wr;Ta house when Representative Rankin objected to unani , mous consent for immediate consideration of the war N resolution. Speaker Rayburn brushed the objection aside. It was she who in the small hours of April 6, 1917, faltered, wept and finally voted "No" against a similar resolution aimed at Germany. wnen ine cierK came 10 ner Adolf Hitler's invasion armies do not expect to capture Moscow this year, a German military spokesman said Monday as the Russians reported a continuing counter offensive by red troops north of the U. S. S. Ft. capital. The spokesman's comment in ract, an acknowledgment itiui Hitler had failed in his boast that the Moscow offensive would be "the last prr it. decisive campaign of this year'' followed a hifch command communique declaring: "The continuation of operations duct in the east iroin be dictated by winter." the ilk.!: - 14 SHOPPING DAYS to Christmas Jl Also GIVE Mi BONDS and fflmf STAMPS For Lincoln and vicinity: Fair Monday night and Tuesday; somewhat colder Monday night with lowest about 25 degrees; warmer Tuesday with highest about 55 de - I grees. i For Nebraska. Fair Monday night and Tuesday, colder in east and central portions Monday night; warmer Tuesday. Tuesday sun rises 7:41 a. m.; sets 4,59 p. m. Mayor names key men for defense Guard against sabotage municipal utilities Mayor Richard O. Johnson Monday, following an early conference with city directors, announced skeleton personnel of a new municipal defense committee to co - operate under the state defense unit With war in progress, he issued a call for a council chamber meeting this Monday evening at 8 o'clock in which he urges the newly appointed key men to be present. The meeting, he added, will be open to the public. Wade Martin, executive vice - president of See MAYOR, Page 4, Col. 1 Leonard Clark denies drunken driving charge ; - nth. i " - vc for msm year. ho i mI Thc spokesman said the cold Wmmf are trying to take to cover." BjkmW A Previously, the Germans had jyUJK A I asserted that neither "General HHP ifl i Winter" nor "General Mud" would WkmmMm M hinder Germany's military ma - Ralph Harrington chine in its onslaught against the Russians. on) On the North African front, iter. see NAZIS, Page 4, Col. 6 she voted no atjain. A chorus of hisses and boos greeted her vote, the only one j cast against the war resolu - j tion. 1 HAS NO CHOICE." Representative Knutson (r., j Minn.), who also voted against j American entry in the World war in r.'l . . said moiutay mis nation "has no choice but to declare war on Japan." ' I do not see that we have any other choice," Knutson toid war on us. n page 5. B Japanese em - complished fact. ioke to a tense, i of both houses after he had BY SENATOR MORRIS. WASHINGTON. (UPi. Why, of I'll vote for a declaration of var If one is submitted. I don't ee how anyone with a spark of latriotism could do otherwise. 1 don't think we'll he asked to ln laid. eervt.i hu in the Hawaiian gTOl se casualties, 1,500 wer ted to have been killed Report direct other choice," Knutson t reporters. "They declared j IlllS Oil Jell Miss Rankin and Knutson I tl'001) SlllllS e the only present members j 1 m J Theohah F. Parrel I and Tom Sweeney. Outgoing officers are Tom Sweeney, president; Chal Gel - latly. vice president, and Blanchard Ander listening post here Monda rted that two American - buii son bombers operating off th h i n Malayan oast had scon - t hits on two Japanese troop d Clark leaded not gu t Monday of 325 So. Lowe tempermtwre a io arunKen anving ana was placed , under $500 bond pending trial Dec. 12. He was arrested by the I state patrol Sunday evening. HOURS LATER NEWS Because a Lincoln Paper is Printed Nearer to 774 of 914 Nebraska Towns Than Any Other Large State Daily or Sunday Long after other Metropolitan papers from points on the Iowa line are printed and in transit your JOURNAL is receiving instantaneous flashes of the latest news from all parts of the world. Thru the advantage of being printed nearer to a majority of towns m the state, each days JOURNAL is delivered to you with many den,: that other papers deliver to their state readers a day later. These natural advantages of late news combined with a splendid array of cnteitau nr informative and educational 'ea - tures, have made THE JOURNAL an intensely interesting paper. With a record of over 70 years of steadily improved service to the state a record that has played H piumm - i.t part in making Nebraska THE JOURNAL r now se: . (,g .ende,. beif than ever before. OPENINGS POR CARRIERS IN MANY TOWNS Daily State Journal of the house who voted against !war in 1917. j Only Miss Rankin and Rep - r, resentative Hoffman (r., h Mich.), had remained seated n lino - ovation in . ships and another Hudson bomber o i v" had scored a duvet hit on a abrge Roosevelt s solemn statement : loaded with Japanese soldiers. "I ask that the congress de j clare that since the unnro 'icii'ltiaC Japan on Sunday, Dec. 7, a are reported state of war has existed be - 1 . jtween the United States and to parents wuc uapnucse empire. SF NATOR NORRIS. vote for a declaration of war however. I think we ll be asked to vote recognition of the fact that a state of war exists. I'm inclined to think that such a resolution will go thru by a Sec NORRIS, Page 4, Col. 7 Deceptive Negotiations. GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. the pre S here had i their the 60 Americans & said victims ys! Luzon raid of peace. And he sai that he had ordered "all measun be taken for our defense." character of the onslaught against Oorge "No matter how long : Lif nt that : Hans 60 of them s to c I, the Am f this pr had been killed Harbor. ARNOLD, Pa fh ,tt mime.: Mo;:da n action at Peari j nignt wnen Japanese warplanes raided Iba, on the west coast of (JP) Mr. and Mrs the lsland of Luzon, north of the were notified bv Olangapo naval base. ' 1 - i irinf L Pvt. I killed Journal index ASHINGTON. I Today's War Moves General News Mere Mention .... i Society News Family Page Sports Markets J the United State

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