Graded School- Early Bussiness

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Graded School- Early Bussiness - , ; ; la- costs. ! " " G. M. J. - . . Thb...
, ; ; la- costs. ! " " G. M. J. - . . Thb Gb.ujed School. - Wo publish a comrunliication urguinn the School Committee tj establish the school contemplated by the recent vote of Asheville as earl? as practicable at once. If our correspondent is correct in saying there are four thctrsand cbiidrsn in Asheville waiting toatteod tliia school when opened, wo cn well" ppreciatc tte anxious embar'-assinexit embar'-assinexit embar'-assinexit ofi.'ie Commit tee concerningthe tltktt 'rsSt a suitable J schoolaouse TbeTo'rc 'they can have Haiti to biiild one. Whether there are four thousand or not, there are certainly a large number who need and ought to have educf tional facilititis at the earliest moment. The',-tent" The',-tent" The',-tent" suggestion is nonsense, nonsense, however, and could not have been made seriously. It will require a good size' building to accommodate the scholars scholars who ougnt ti attend, and who we think will attend this school ; but where is the house? The city does not own one, and it it had the lot already selected such a house as is nece spry, or money be spent on to build it,conl 1 not be rrcc ted in a day or a month. Several properties properties have been oli'ered, with building.-, building.-, building.-, suitable for resiJenee purples, hot not for school purposes to acco nmo.late Several Several hundred much less four thoti 'and pupils Prici s asked for tbf ss of course include the value placed upon the buildings, which are comparative y use less- less- In other words, in baying tliera j the i Oman tee would pay "thousands of dollars for what thev do rot want, ana nave a:i t:.e itiousamts still to spend to have erected- erected- suitable buildings, ol" sufficient comfort and con veniences. The pecrpk- pecrpk- of Asheville, as shown by their vote, are r.iixious for the establishment of a good sei.ool as s ion as possible, but they do re t want money wasted in ha-ty ha-ty ha-ty and in n-oei-ms n-oei-ms n-oei-ms n-oei-ms n-oei-ms action. Were uncomfortable !.ous-,-s !.ous-,-s !.ous-,-s !.ous-,-s !.ous-,-s and there are none of any sor; idle in Astinville selected by the committee to hasten the opening of S'T.ool the tirct to coftplain would be theve who now complain of what they think rhe tardiness of the committee The eomraitt-e eomraitt-e eomraitt-e must firs', ascertain how- how- much money it will have, all told: how many children there are to i be accomxodated, which will oecice the : s:;:e and capacity of the house, and the j mm her of teachers reauire,!. If after ascertaining ttiese necessary :a -s, -s, a louse can be rented which couui be at all used, we have no doubt the committee w ill act promptly and gladly. Another point, nbont rentini: a house. Could one be had it would have to he latgely altered. Is there an owner of a house in Asheville suitable as to size, who would rent such br. !;!it. toiprf1 i-asd i-asd i-asd have it j altered as would be requiie.i ? What i;sa ! would lie or they have foi sach a house j after the school should ecpplv itself by ! having its own building'.' Would not j rent cuuugh he charge! t cover tiiec.-st tiiec.-st tiiec.-st j 'and price of th,- th,- building? -Such -Such mitter-j mitter-j mitter-j I as the ,e confront the conouittee and. if! j it has decided up..!, building at r nc1, it i" : betuiusc -of -of these mattes mus limit -d -d ; means, an 1 ttie economy and pirm: i to result from such actio::. ine : ! W'e hope tiie couiaiif ; 1 matters, but we do :;ot v, -j -j heai'ii-aig heai'ii-aig heai'ii-aig into any i:: e ! though it may have the ; accomplishing the deso I would reauy prove del.-: del.-: del.-: ! expensive. (Jive us good m will haste them n g, -1 -1 pa iient..!. am. to suit yon start rih.t, and when started It! e result will be permanent and satis-I satis-I satis-I facto".-. facto".-. facto".-. This is loir advice to the coio- coio- ' mitto. . and t ire ti. uis who are vita':! v : inter . o- o- 1 in this mat it. 'host; who will i patroal.o th - school v,h"u .'si-i'ii' .'si-i'ii' .'si-i'ii' shed A tu-d

Clipped from Asheville Citizen-Times03 Sep 1887, SatPage 1

Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, North Carolina)03 Sep 1887, SatPage 1
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  • Graded School- Early Bussiness

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