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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1933 7 Plans Completed V - , T Will Be Held in St. Ann's Hall On Friday Night Arrangements have been completed for a card party and dance to be held Friday evening, Nov. 24, in St. , Ann's parish hall, West Scrantom. ''Bridge, pinochle, five hundred and euchre will be played. Prizes will be awarded at each table also door prizes h and non - players prizes will be given. Players are requester to furnish their own cards. Refreshments will be served. St. Ann's High school orchestra will furnish music. Mrs. M. E. Ford is In charge of the arrangements and is being assisted . by the following: the Rev. Bertin : . Donahue, C. P., and the Rev. Jordan Black, C. P.; door committee, Edward ..i S. Oownley, Patrick Lally, Michael Durkin, Michael McGraw, Paul Stuck - art, James Law, John Kelley, Thomas Welby, Patrick O'Heiffn, Edward Os - borne and M. E. Ford; reception committee, committee, Mrs. John Kelley, Mrs. Thomas v Minehan, Sally Ford, fVs. F. E. Mc - . Cormack, Mrs. William Higgins, Mrs. r Patrick Lally, Mrs. Vincent Vanston, Mrs. Henrv Preitz. Mrs. Paul stucicari music, Mary O'Hearn assisted by Helen Oownley, Katherine Gallagher, Clare Helring, Mary McNerney, Helen Crowley, Crowley, Rosemary Loughney, and Mary " Mhoney; prize committee, Sarah Durkin, Constance Diitenza, Mrs, . Patrick Earlev. Mrs. James Connery, - Mrs. Vincent Vanston, Catherine Vanston, Mrs. Frank Mullen, Mrs. James Law, and Mary Atkinson; re - . freshment committee, Mrs. Patrick - O'Hearn, Mrs. William Higgins, Mrs. Ella Helig, Mrs. John Sullivan. Mrs. William Wrieht. Mrs. Frank Coyne, Mrs. Thomas Hamey, Mrs. Michael Durkin, Miss Anna Brown, Mrs. Kusn - worth, Mrs. Eagen, Mrs. Nichols. Mrs. Thomas Welby, Mrs. James Powers, Mrs. Patrick Hines, Mrs. Judge, Mrs. Capp, Miss Howard, Veronica Ford. Activities (Continued from Preceding Page) and dyed scarfs and laundry bags were also shown. Mrs. Louis Milkman, chairman of legislative committee, gave a comprehensive comprehensive synopsis of the proposed bill to take the place of the Pure Food and Drug law, enacted1 in 1905. The new bill provides for a great many reforms. reforms. A report on several bills to come before the special session of the legislature legislature in Harrisburg, was read. Elizabeth DeLacy tent, No. 10, Daughters of Union Veterans, will meet tomorrow evening in G. A. R. hall with Mrs. Mary Kurtz in charge. Nomination of officers will be held. Members of salon No. 130, "8 & 40." will conduct a hat social tonight at 8:15 o'clock in the American legion rooms, Lackawanna avenue. Mrs. Margaret Margaret Brundage, chapeau of the unit, will be in chrge. The business session will be conducted previous to the social. The Rector's guild. Church of the Good Shepherd, will serve a turkey supper at the church on Thursday evening from 5:30 to 7 o'clock. The public is invited. Electric City Ladies' chorus will !hold a rehearsal this evening in the ;Y. W. C. A. Miss Letty Parry requests all members to be present as plans will be completed for the musical. ! Mamluri nf hp .Tnninr HflrtayiAh will meet tonight at 8 o'ciock in tn x. m. M. A, Miss Esther Bohorad will preside. i Program Presented By Seminary Group a St. Cecilia Drosram was held in Marywood college rotunda yesterday afternoon by the students oi Marywooa seminary. Th nroeram follows: Beading "Saint Ceoilia" Eileen Maher "The Sandman" i Sebastian) Helen Doheity Harn Player" (Williams) ..Jane Ann KJiey 'In Hanging Gardens" (uavieaj Anaeline Son The Five Pickaninnies" (MacOregor) 1 Mrecedes Sohrleber Vocal "Out of Mv Soul i Great Sadness" i (Franzl Marie Von Wle i"My Heart Is Without reeling" (Beet - hovem Diane Notarianm "Murmuring Brooklet" (BurgmuUer) Josephine Zyohowici Duet "Don Juan Minuet" (Mozart) Kathryn Mongan, Mary Cullen "Minuet in Variations" (Dussek) Rosalind Siegel "Album Lent" iKriohner) ....Janet Gavin "Minuet" iBachi Vivian Under Vocal, "My Love Rode By" ....(Calbreath) Eileen Maher '"Valse D Plat" (Chopin) Marv Grace Murphy "Minuette" iMozarti Helen Casey "Bird in a Flower Garden" . ...iBostelman) Marie Swift Duet, "Military Symphony" (Haydn) Evelvn Hudak. Evelvn Gardier "Tarameife" (StiUwell) Nina Stoeckel Prelude (Hellen .....Mary Sheehy "Blue Danube Walti" i&trauss) Teresa Favini Vocal. "Such a Lil' rellow" . . . (Dichmont) Jeannette Bernstein "Sonata In E Minor" (Haydn) Marsaret Kellv "Dance Caprice" (Grieg) .Catherine Vpiond "Morning Mood" (Grieg) Mary Zita Dempsey Vocal, "The Moon at the Pull' ..(Ronaldl Marearet Kellv "Alt Wien" (Godowsky) ....Mary Doherty "Variations in P Major" (Mosartl "Prelude in B Plat" lOhopin) Eileen Maher County Council To Hold Meeting The Lackawanna County Council of Republican Women at the regular meeting meeting meeting - In Hotel Jermyn tomorrow night will have as a subject for discussion '"Convention Echoes." Mrs. Thomas L. Williams will preside. preside. The musical program will be in charge of Mrs. Myrtle Hazleton. The London "social season" is worth bout (15,000,000 to industry. 7 fA A VjJay For Results, It's The Republican Phone 7222 Mae J. Pass Will Direct Ceremonial Cana Shrine to Entertain Worthy High Priestess Genevieve Howe Steineck, supreme worthy high priestess of the White snruies of Jerusalem will be tne guest today of Cana shrine, No. 17. Mrs. Photo by Schrlever' MRS. MAE J. PASS Mae J. Pass, high priestess of the local shrine, has announced that Mrs. Steineck will lead a school of instruction instruction in G. A. R. hall this morning at 10 o'clock and this afternoon at 2 o'clock. At 5 o'clock a reception will be held for Mrs. Steineck at Hotel Holland, to be followed by a banquet at which Elizabeth O. Smith will be toastmaster. Margaret M. Swingle is in charge of the affair with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Madden in charge of the musical program program to follow. Mrs. Pass, who will direct the ceremonial ceremonial to be held in the evening in G. A. R. hall, Is well known in or. ganization work of this city. She Is past matron of Lackawanna chapter, No. 188, O. E. S.; past president of past matrons and past patrons of Northeastern Pennsylvania; and is at present head of the Charles Sumner School Parent - Teacher association. Members of shrines may visit Mrs. Steineck today at Hotel Jermyn, where she will stay. Officers Nominated By War Mothers Mrs. Frances Seeley Unop posed for Presidency of Organization At a meeting of the American War Mothers yesterday afternoon at the i . W. C. A., the followine officers were nominated for 1934: president. Mrs. Frances Seeley; first vice - president. Mrs. Aines McAioon; second vice - president, Mrs. Warren Hall; third vice - president, Mrs. Laura Moran fourth vice - presidents. Mrs. La Man and Mrs. Maricey; recording secretary, Mrs. Mary Jennings; corresponding secretary, secretary, Mrs. Helen MeGoldrick; treasurer, Mrs. Gertrude Warner; historian, Mrs. Delia Kelly; auAito. Mrs. Mary O'Mal - ley; custodian of records, Mrs. Anna McPeak; chaplain, Mrs. Margaret Hag - gerty; sergeant - at - arms, Mrs. M. Mor - anity; musician, Mrs. Josephine Walsh. Election will take place on Dec. 2 and installation on Dec. 16. Trees, knotted when small, " mark the trails for strangers in Ethiopia. SPECIAL Permanent Worth Lot More! Steam Push Up $4 Self - setting. A Real Value. Popular "Miss America' jO - 50 Beautiful Ringlets. oo 35c THREE NO EXTRAS FOR 111 Finger Wave Haircut Shampoo Eye Brow Marcel Arch Hair Rlnte Scalp Manicure Massage 439 Spruce St. Scranton 3 - 4680 32 N. Main St Pittston 3185 Vfl.50 Social News (rmtUnmmi tnm Preceding Pace) the woman wearing the prettiest house dress. Mrs. Ola Shay, chairman, la assisted hv Mesdames Sallv Conley, Edna Jackson, Violet Fahrenholt, Frances Reiser, Edna schliger, Virgie Kocn ana Jeannette S. Koch. Players are asked to bring cards. 0 0 0 ' Hnnnrlnv Mlsa Catherine McGlone, a bride - elect, Miss Grace Hadden, West Drinker atreet. Dunmore. enter tained on Monday evening at her home. High sooes at bridge were held by Miss McGlone and Miss Florence Bird. Pink and Green were used in decoration. 0 0 0 Miss Irene MacKay. North Webster avenue, was hostess to seven club members at her home recently. Plans were made for a oard party to be held on Dec. 8. Miss Althea Dillon was awarded a prise for high score at bridge. 0 0 0 Mrs. John L. Scanlon and Miss Helen Cahill recently entertained six members of their club at their home, Wheeler avenue. OOO The following club members were entertained recently by Miss Mildred Kaiser, Lackawanna avenue, at her home: Rose Carr. Lucille Dreyer, Ruth Danto, Irene Margolis, Sylvia Nudleman, Rose Shapiro. Lubby W - oskl and Anita Mandel, 0 0 0 Mrs. Vitella Mason Crosby, Bethel, Me., announces the marriage of her nice, Dorothea Pauline Burbank, to Raymond Thomas. Claremont, N. H., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thomas, Factoryville. which took place on Nov. 4 in Bethel. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas will live hi Claremont. 0 0 0 Miss Margaret Coyne Is general chairman of the subscription dance to be held by Holy Name of Mary sodality, Nativity church, on Jan. 5, in the auditorium of Nativity school, ooo Announcement Is made of the marriage marriage of Miss Elizabeth, Clare Neary, Wales street, daughter of Mrs. Sarah Neary, and William H. Schrank. son of Mr. and Mrs. William Schrank, Welsh street, Pittston, which was solemnized on Nov. 4 at Holy Rosary church by the Rev. Stephen H. O'Boyle. Miss Sally Shevlin. this city, and James Fadden. Pittston. were the attendants. ooo Officers elected at a meeting of the R club on Monday evening are: president, president, Michael Balkun; vice - president, Walter Pavlechuk; recording secretary, secretary, Miss Anna Habuda; correspond - STORE Here is a gift shell enjoy for many, many Christmases ... and yet, it9s the easiest one to give! 15 a FRIGID AIRE If you are one of those husbands who want to do something worth while, for friend wife this Christmas, here's good News. Give her a genuine FRIGIDAIRE. Meterice nakes it easy. 1 5c a day does the trick, and vou don't even have to make a down payment. Come in and make arrangements NOW to Christmas. No Down Payment COJEILAND - OMIPDN CO. TME (GMDQBE In Strand Film Tomorrow ,.; ' " Margaret Sullivan, the girl you'll you'll remember forever in John M. day" with John Boles, and ninety one week starting tomorrow at 11 a. m. ing secretary, Miss Vera I. Lachno, and treasurer, Miss Sue Lepa. ooo Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Snyder, Wyoming avenue, announce the mar - riaee of their daughter, Ethel, to Don ald W. Briggs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Briggs, Factoryville, which took nlace at Vestal, N. Y., on Mon day at noon. Attending them were Mr. and Mrs. R. M. "ecker, Vestal. ooo At the weekly duplicate bridge tour nament conducted on Monday evening at Hotel Jermyn by Miss Ruth Ziman and Mrs. Irving Newman, the following following were awarded trophies: north and south, Ellis Smith, Pittsburgh, and Julius Rosenbaum, C. B. Little and Robert Lloyd. Doris Rosenbaum and Ruth Ziman; east and west, Michael De Pietro and Frank Keuer, Alice Pettigrew and Joseph Coyne, Mrs. S. Korn and Mrs. H. Raker. ooo. Mrs. J. Stanley. Hone will be hos tess to her club at a bridge luncheon this afternoon at her home, Rich - mont street. ooo. Members of the L. C. B. A. club planning to attend the dinner this IIOUTtS 9 A. M. TO 0G 0 QO0GQ(!)Q0 90000 GQDOQo a day delivers Globe Street Floor adore and whose brilliant performance Stahl's masterful picture "Only Yester other stars, showing at the Strand for evening at Hotel Sterling, Wilkes - Barre, are asked to make reservations this morning with Miss Lizzie V. Ruddy, phone, Wilkes - Barre S - 0628 ooo At a meeting of the F. A. F. sorority last evening at the home of Miss Helen Durning, Madison avenue, it was decided to hold a tea dance on Dec. 30. Betty Clark will be chair man. 0 0 0 Members of the Y. B. B. club were entertained last night at the home of Miss Rosemary and Mildred Wilkin son, 618 Alder street. Following the business session election of officers were held. Those elected were: president, Rose mary Wilkinson; Florence Tigue, reelected reelected secretary, and treasurer, Cath erine MoGee. Present were: Olga Mynyck, Rosemary Rosemary Cusick, Florence Tigue, Helen Kadgen, Rosemary Wilkinson, Nan Cusick. Mildred Wilkinson and Cath erine McGee. The next meeting will be held at the heme of Helen Kadgen, 30 South Irving avenue. ,000 At a recent meeting conducted in their clubrooms, the St. Joseph's Owls 6 P. M. have it delivered for completed final arrangements for a dance to be Held Tuesday night, Nov. 28. in the auditorium of St. Joseph's parochial school 0 0 0 The Tuesday Night Social club of the 7. W. C. A. held a party on Sunday evening at the home of Miss Jean Okrasinski, Palm street. A buffet supper supper was served and dancing and games were enjoyed. ooo Miss Ann Bufano, Brook street, and sixteen wests enjoyed a surprise party recently in honor of the sixteenth birthday of Mks Bufano. A buffet luncheon was served and dancing was enjoyed. f - Personals - Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Brown Whitney Whitney and son, Sumner Jr., Summit. N. J., were week - end guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Stender, Myrtle street. Mrs. Elmer Morgan, East Market street, has returned from a two weeks' visit m Washington, D. O.. with her daughter. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hetterllng, Diamond avenue, avenue, on Sunday at Mercy hospital. Mrs. Hetterllng was formerly Miss Margaret Graham. Mr. and Mrs. George F. Schauta, Harrison avenue, have returned from New York. Joseph Grady, Gibson street, is home after a trip to Savannah. Ga. Miss Catherine Grimes, Adams avenue, avenue, has. returned from Montrose. Mrs. Luther Thomas North Main avenue, is the guest of Mrs. Arthur Sloat, Montclair, N. J. Miss Ruth Evans, Norristown, will spend the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Evans, Capo use avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Edwards, Fairfield street, recently visited their daughter. Miss Carolyn Edwards, South Orange, N. J. Miss Jule Foley, Qulncy avenue, who has been confined to Mercy hospital hospital because of injuries received in an automobile accident, has been removed removed to her home where she is improving. improving. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Gager and children, scrasdale, who returned on Saturday from Bermuda, were the re cent guests of Mrs. Gager's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Hendrickson, Sanderson Sanderson avenue. Mrs. William Garvey, Smith street, Dunmore, Mrs. J. W. Berwick and William H. Garvey left yesterday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Garvey's TKIE GLOBE'S WEBUNESEDAY SPECIAL! 2400 Pairs women 's full - fashioned all pure thread ''''' ' ' Brown Taupe Ml ' If Dugk Brown M'. I I Brown Wood vapfc J W - Dark Taupe fcX What an opportunity to eelect gifts for every feminine name on your Christmas list. Sheer chiffon and service weight hose . . . from famous manufacturers (whose names we can not divulge). Pure thread silka . . . beautiful clear even weaves in the season's very newest shades. Sizes &Vl to 10 Vi. It isn't necessary for us to tell you to buy several pairs. You won't be able to resist them when you see them. 8. D. O. Co. Street Floor NO PHONE, MAIL OR C. 0. D. ORDERS CLEIAND - SIMPSON CO. November Bride r. 'A J Photo by Providence Studios Mrs. Anthony Yakoboskl, above, before her marriage on Tuesday in St. Joseph's Lithuanian church was Miss Anna Girkent. The Rev. John Kuras performed the ceremony. Miss Albina Kumski, Throop, and Joseph Sluznis, Binghamton, N - Y, were the attendants. attendants. After a short wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Yakoboski will reside in Nicholson. brother, Peter F. Rogan, Lackawanna, Lackawanna, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. R. Williams, Jefferson Jefferson avenue; Mr. and Mrs. J. Sandy, North Washington avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. M. Friedman and son, Richmond Richmond street, were among the Scran - tonians who spent the week - end in New York. The Very Rev. I. Lachno left yesterday yesterday for New York where he will attend attend a clerical conference. A lease for 20.881 years held on a farm in the old parish of Kirkhill, Scotland, is without parallel; it was drawn up 200 years ago and when the government attempted to confistcate the land after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, the highest Scottish court declared the lease to be valid. Silk TTLrOE (KLdDIBE Students Present Pleasing Recital Students of the Scranton Conservatory Conservatory of Music gave another of the popular student recitals in the Conservatory Conservatory hall. 802 Mulberry street, last evening. The violin department made an excellent excellent showing. The first violinist David Richards, demonstrated how much a boy can learn in three months, and the sceond. Wendell Jackson, gave an excellent account of himself. Oliver Emery rendered the "Scarf Dance" by Chaminade, and Eugene Yeager played an ambitious solo by Gabriel - Marie. Maud Thomas gave a concerto movement movement by Seltz. which illustrated the maav forms of technic and was very enjoyable. Miss Helen Carlyon played the Piano accompaniments. The vocal department brought out Betty Finnerty, contralto; Romayne Howard, contralto, and Elda Williams, soprano. The voices were all well placed, and the selections were choice. Prof. Alfred Pennington was at the piano. Three unison classes of piano students students contributed numbers. Those who took part in these selections were Ruth Carascavage, Peggy Crunden, Harriet Ehrhardt, Louis Evans, Marion Evans, Richard Griffiths, Muriel Harris. Harry Morris, Earl Schall, Margaret Thomas, Reba Transue and William Varner. Those who played piano solos were: Janet Britton, Phillip DeStephano, Mar jorie Harer, Ruth Harrity, Elizabeth Jones, Anna Mae Keeley, Cecelia Ma - kowski, Zena Panchisin, Lois Schunk, Marion Sherota, Betty Jane Smith and Ruth Williams. Marjorie Davies and Jane Matthews were especially well received received by the audience for the vivacity and freedom of their performance. Geraldine Kuschel, West Pittston. closed the program with two very difficult difficult Chopin concert studies in an effective effective manner. Jewish Home Group To Hear Simmonds Lionel Simmonds, for thirty years the superintendent of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum of New York, will address address members of the Jewish Home of the Friendless tonight at 8:30 o'clock at the Y. M. H. A. The noted sociologist will speak on "Children and their Development in Institutions." Institutions." Dr. A. S. Cantor, chairman of the directorate of the home, will introduce introduce Mr. Simmonds. Mrs. Harry Lebowitz, president of the institution, will preside. Persons interested in the home are Invited to attend. hose 0

Clipped from The Scranton Republican22 Nov 1933, WedPage 7

The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)22 Nov 1933, WedPage 7
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