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0 1 CO 1 Society and Club News SOCIAL Th juuiirv 1027 daw of Technical High school will hold Its first re union tonight at the Dtppre, commencing at 7 o'clock, at which time dinner wW be served. The reunion program will include novelty features wnicn win he remini(nt of hlih school commencement. Miss Bthel watklns, of the high school faculty, will be guest speaker and Raymond C. QaHagher, class president, will deliver a short talk. r " The second half of the reunion program, beginning at 9:3d o'clock, is to be devoted to oards and dancing, and will be open to guests of the class members. - ' ...'.,. - Dance Chairman f . ' i I ' Shown above Is Bart Cusick, chairman chairman of the second annual dance of 'the Argo fraternity, to be held tomorrow tomorrow evening in St. Joseph's hall, Mlnooka. 'X - L Club Conducts Masked Ball Tonight i Pinal arrangements have been com - pleted for the masque cabaret dance 'and card party to be conducted this evening at the Masonic temple. The V FRANK SUKLOFF affair is sponsored, by the X - L club, for the benefit of the Providence synagogue. One of the outsanddng features Will be the entertainment furnished by Miss Betty Evelyn Melman. Oly - phant, and Cecilia Fletcher's school of dancing. There will be costume, door and card prises. Refreshments will be served by waitresses dressed In attractive costumes. Frank Sukloff, president of the club. Is in charge of the committee on arrangements. arrangements. Sam Donis and Miss Mildred Horovltch will act as host and hostess. The affair promises to be one of , the outsanding social successes of the season and a large attendance is expected. , Etiquette, Social Culture Problems QoMtloni Selling with etl.uette and Mclel culture will be aniwered la this column dally. - Send year ' Juestloni to Naldah , care of he Reranten BepabUean. Far lata or prirate Instruction In (enanallty ecreleawnt and social ealtare call Bin. Bait, 4 - SSSO. Dear Naldah Ross: While visiting a college during a house party week - end is it necessary to take along an evening gown wnai really Is appropriate to wear in the evening, while at a college during such a week - end? Thanking you in advance. I am: Rose B. answer - to a house party week - end, visiting a college, you surely should take an evening gown, or at least a dinner gown and also a dressy afternoon costume costume which is to be worn on Friday, or on Sunday nights, i . Marriage Licenses Alex Petkavitch. 131 First street, City. Jennie Mostek, 323 Quay avenue, City. , Alex Severe. 325 Mulberry street. City. Minnie Bergida, 333 Fourth street, City. Arseni Hnatyshak, Blrchtown, Pa. ' Valeria Kuruts, Simpson, Pa. Thomas chleffo. 1217 Pittston avenue, avenue, city t Betty Magrill, 831 Hemlock street. City. 1 Russell R. Mayne. Jermyn. ' lMbel KtoPfer. Archbald. Yellowstone Park holds the' record for the lowest temperature ever re - corded la the United States; 66 degrees degrees below aero was recorded there on Feb. I, 133: Fort Keaugh, Ont., held the record formerly with 65 de - CMt below on Jan. 13, 1AM. 0 0 0 Miss Leslie Wentael. suoerlntendent of the Visiting Nurse association, win entertain members of her board of directors directors this afternoon at a tea at her home, on Pine street. ooo Plans have been completed for the annual fall prom of the Y. M. B. C. and Alpha Sigma guild of the Church of the Good Shepherd to be held tomorrow, tomorrow, evening in the parish house. Thomas Williams and Edna Soulsby are co - chairmen of arrangements. Beatrice Smedley is president of the guild and Willis Jones holds the same office in the Y. M. B. C. Others on the committee include: Edward Burke, Thomas Hartley and Archibald Jones ...,'. I o o o , ' ' Arrangements have been completed by members of the Depression club for a dance to be held at Fleischer's ballroom on - Nov.', 20. Officers of the club are: Thomas Crane, president; Michael Simione,. vice - president, and Robert Bennett, treasurer, . - . ; f ; .. .b o o i Winners - m the weekly bridge games at the Elks' club, conducted by . Mrs. .Maurice Lazarus and Mrs. Monroe Brandwene, have been an - 1 nounced - as follows: North - South, i Robert Lloyd and Florence Nealon; C. B. Little and Frank Keller; Robert Robert Murray and Max Purver; East - West. Mrs. P. Gardner and Edward Scharar; Sara and Phyllis Davidow; Alice Pettigrew and Mrs. Lazarus, ooo More than seventy - five people attended attended the card party held last evening evening at the home of Mrs. Bob Fitzke. Grandview street, for the benefit of the welfare work of the Child Conservation Conservation league, under whose auspices the party was held.' Preceding the games, there was a short business session, session, at which Prof. Crickard spoke. Prizes were awarded for high scores at each table, and refreshments were served. 0 0 0 A Halloween masquerade dance will be held tonight at Victor Allien hall 206 North Main avenue, by the social committee of Electric City council, Daughters of America. Prizes will be awarded and refreshments served, 0 0 0' The Ladies' auxiliary to Theodore J. Wint Dost, No. 25. Veterans of For elgn wars, entertained last evening with a card party at the home of Mrs. Delia seuy, bib siren street, 0 0 0 The public is invited to' a card party tomorrow evening at 8:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Mame smith, 505 North Hvde Park avenue, con ducted under auspices of Dames of Malta Sisterhood, no. 35. 0 0 0 Members of the Catholic Junior league enjoyed a swimming party last evening at Weston Field. , 0 0 0 . The first of a series of president's teas for members of the Century club was held yesterday afternoon in the clubhouse. Mrs. Rudolph s. Houck, president, received the guests, assisted by the following: Mrs. Dudley Atner - ton, Mrs. Herbert Bingham, Mrs. James Blair Jr., Mrs. William Curry. Mrs. Norman Brown, Mrs. C. W. Baldwin, Baldwin, Mrs. Matt A. Coax, and Mrs, Frank Benjamin. Presiding at the tea tables were: Mesdames Wlllard M, Bunnell, J. B. Corser. F. H. Orippen, Homer Cox, F. F. Arndt. William Avery. Charles Ball, and Miss Mar garet Bentley, Assisting in serving were: Mesdames D. E. Berney, Arthur G. Welsh, John R. Brydon, J. 8 K. Brown, W. A. Bissell, Jerome K. Barrett, Beulah Davidson Block. H Earl Bouehner, H. T. Axford. A. W. uaruuiers, J. E. crass Jr., M. Clifton cook ana Harry Connolly. , ooo. Miss Edna Hes'lnxer. Pittston ave nue, entertained at dinner last eve. ning at the Dippre in honor of Mrs. Henry Kiefer, a recent bride. There were twelve guests. ooo The marriage of Miss Delna Smith Ward street. Dunmore. and Carl Smith, Diamond avenue, will take place tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock m ine Mennomte cnurcn. Petersburg. Miss Dorothy MoCramer and Frederick Kapmeyer will be the attenuate. 0 0 0 Richard Walker, is general chair - man of the annual prom to be held by students of Wharton Extension school on Nov. 17 in the crystal ball room of Hotel Casey. Assisting Mr. Walker are the following commit tees: tickets. Bernard Frlnchman Leonard Flredman and John Novotny; program, Howard Meuviue and Cath erine Fitzgibbons; publicity. Mae TJ. Jordan and Julia Lucas: music. John Jennings. Robert oaynor and Robert Robert McGee; door, Robert Riley. F. Mondelll, Frank Hughes, J. Demp - sey and F. Roberts; patrons, E. N, Parsons, R. Walsh, Catherine King, R. Brennan. J. Frankel. E. Golden and J. Majernick; favors, A. McWil Hams E. E. Evans J. Hughes and Marie pascoe; decorations A. Mac - Donald, C. Secor and E. Yevlos. 0 0 0 Mrs. Ray Klechner. Depot street will entertain her club members at ner home this afternoon. - ' ' O 0: 0 The following enjoyed a ' wiener roast recently at Costick's farm Dale vllle: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rozdel slk, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rozledskl. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kostyk, Misses uatnenne zarut. Helen Costlck, Cath erlne Kurylo, Ann Luchka. Alice Demkowitcn, Juie Kostyk. Ann VI - noskl, Mary Luchka, Ann Kurvlo Helen Demkowitoh, Nancy Kcstyk. Olga Zaharchuk. Ann Horchina and oiga Kostyk. Messrs, Jack Costlck, Children Colds Yield quicker to double action of SUITS and TOPCOATS Cleaned and Pressed ECZD Cash and Carry Stores Bernard Leshinskl. John Karanlk, John Macarik. Pete Toman, Nick Chomko, Steve Shymanski. Michael Costlck, Joseph Karanlk. Michael Karsnak. Robert Benjamin. Paul Gro - gorskl. Michael Chomko and Henry White. ooo " Mrs. William Shindle, Wyoming avenue, entertained her bridge club yesterday afternoon at home. . - . - . . O 0 0" Mrs. Jennie McKnight entertained officers of Anthracite chapter 0. E. 8., at her home on Vine street, recently. recently. Present were: Mrs. Lily Marsh. Mesdames Elinor Logan, Maud Chamberlln. S. B. Thompson, Nellie Watklns. M. Capwell. Mary Wetterau, Sadie Curtis. Ruth Hayes, Hattle Ellis and George Hayes. Jennie Cook Margaret Coslett. Elinor Jones, Ethel Snyder, Ethel Ziert, Helen Eshelman, Elisabeth Watklns, Adena Brunswick. Betty Pore and Mrs. Jane McWhlrter, Unlontown. ' " 0 o o Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harte. East Mountain road, celebrated their twelfth wedding anniversary recently at borne. There were twenty - five guests. , Miss ' Kay Youngblood, Penman avenue, recently entertained the following following members of her club at home: Marie Donovan. Ann Walsh. Mary Ruddy Beatrice King and Mary Mc - Closky; c ' - - " . .' 0 0 0 Miss Dorothy Dieslng, Birch street, was hostess to members of her club recently at home. Present were: Louise Emig. Viola K. Mirts. Lor - etta Neu, Ann Garbreeht, Lorraine Roth, Mrs. Margaret Pauli and Mrs. Ethel Dade. , ' ooo : Miss Evelyn SklblnsW, South Irving avenue, entertained recently member of her club and their guests at a Halloween Halloween party at home. Present were: Alios Ostroski, Agnes Kacsmarek, Anna Cummings, Kathryn O'Connor, Eleanor Sklblnskl, Balblna Urbanowlcs, Eleanor Anus, Anna Bufano, Pearl Kubowics, Evelyn Sklblnskl, Stephen Siangan, Paul Casey, Joseph Olenchak, Chester Ravin, Joseph Kobigowski, Andrew Andrew Stefanko, Hugh MUler, Alex Malohousky, Joseph Samoa ki, and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Skibinskt . O 0 0 A meeting of the. executive committee committee of the North Scranton Junior High school Mothers' club was held yesterday at the home of Mrs. Charles S. Seamons' i Mrs. James Moore outlined the program program for the regular meeting next Wednesday. Committee reports were discussed 0 0 0 The Ladies' auxiliary to the Lake Sheridan association held a large card party last evening in O'Boyle's hall. The usual card games were played with prises being awarded for high scores. At the close of the games refreshments refreshments were served. Claries Summit Girl on Magazine Miss Dorothy M. Thomas, 406 Center avenue, Clarks Summit, daughter of Mrs. Coral S. Thomas, Klngsley, a junior at TJrsinus college, was recently appointed to the executive council of the Lantern, student literary magazine. magazine. :, ' ' :. She has been active in literary circles on the TJrsinus campus. Besides being on the Lantern, she is the alumni editor for TJrsinus Weekly. She is also a member of the Y. W. 0. A. cabinet TONSILS if Infeotad may came rheumatism, arthrltli, neuritis and many organic dlseam of heart, kidneye, etc. DIATHERMY remove tonsils without pain or disability. . No charge for examination. , Dr. John T. Downing ' TONSIL SPECIALIST m riret National Baak Bldf. Tel. t - SSSt. Caribou often travel 100 bum to a day , - X - L Club Masked DU Masonic Temple Tonisbt, Adv. US1ES AKD GENTS KAIR rt CUT rO)Q)G UADAL1E FEKwICI ll LACKA. AVE. ' A New Day has dawned, a new world, new people .... new ideas, new desires, new tastes. ' Change change change! n ; " But the confidence of Americans in America stands un - changed... as strongly as it did when our fathers founded the Nation ... a confidence hased on Truth, Integrity, Progress, Service, and Good Will. It is this spirit that inspired Blue Ribbon Bakers to employ these same principles in giving to BLUE - RIBBON CAKE only those qualities which win and hold the confidence and good will of the Ameri - can family . . . the housewife's own recipes, purest ingredients, baking skill, oven freshness. BLUE RIBBON CAKE is home - made cake in every de - tail . . . truly a cake in which you can have the utmost confidence. Order one from your grocer today. You'll be convinced convinced that this is true. Km. - it The proof of BLUE RIBBON quality, freshness and home - made goodness is in the cake itself . v r V This is the first of 4 series of ads on Blue Ribbon Cake . fMSMMa r

Clipped from The Scranton Republican02 Nov 1933, ThuPage 6

The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)02 Nov 1933, ThuPage 6
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