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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 193S Wamen. Societu and Club News SOCIAL One of the early fall dances which will attract the attention of the younger high school set of the city will be the annual autumn "party of the P. A. P. club, composed of local high school students; which will be held at the Ablngton Hills Country club on Oct. 28. , " Dancing will begin at 9 o'clock. Miss Betty Clark Is chairman of the dance committee. September Bride (fl Photo by Victoria Studio The wedding of Miss Sumn Lurcak, - bove, daughter of Mrs. Mary Yurcak, 114 John street, Dunmose, to Nicholas Jilanske, Danbury, Conn., took place ecently. The Rev. Nicholas Patrick performed the ceremony. Mrs. Bil - .inske was attired in white satin. She vore a princess coat of Peau D' ange ice with panel treatment of satin, rhe coat entrain. Her veil of double illusion was fitted to a lace cap dorned with seed pearls. She car - "ied a shower of bridal roses and .sweet was. Mrs. John Martin was matron of honor, Mary Yurcak maid of honor, naids, Catherine Stefanick, Anna ToDUlanecick, and Helen Matson. All wore gowns in the pastel snaaes, witn matching caps and carried showers of matching roses. Steven Vakula was the best man. George Leanard, Michael Moschak, John Halecky and Michael A. Moschak, Moschak, all of Binghamton, ushered. To Enter Syracuse i Miss Ruth Hessinger,' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hessinger, Rich - mont street, who will leave on Friday to enter Syracuse Syracuse university. Miss Hessinger Hessinger was graduated from Central High school In June. PERMANENT WAVES The Standard Wave .50 IR A Permanent C IIM rival! W Nature's own 11 With snappy I I Shampoo or Long Bob, SOc Extra Off. FINGER WAVE )ff 09 Completely Dried 09 sO.oo THE HOLLYWOOD ' SPECIAL WAVE , skM Shampoo or Long Bob, SOc Extra RING A FRIENDi AlvetU Marie "Pnih - up" Ware I Famona I Parii Vif 1 Wave $3.50 I for 4.5 $5.00 S for $7.00 DOROTHY LEE ' Permanent Wave Shop 411 Thne Bank Bid. (4th Floor) Entrance On Spraee Street Open Erenlni Phone 4 - S145 . O0O Mrs. Elizabeth Dunning, Schlager boulevard, recently entertained at a birthday party In honor of her daughter, daughter, Esther Ruth. Present were: Mrs. Elizabeth Dunning, Esther Ruth Dunning, Dunning, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smithing and daughter, Esther Ruth, Beech - lake; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mathals and daughter, Peggy Ann, Irene and Ethel Stevens, Louise Glaab, Belle Berble, Warren and Walter Dunning, Bert Miller, Madisonville;; George Warner, Plttston; Marjorie,' Willard and Richard Beynon. ooo In compliment to Miss Anne Ferguson, Ferguson, who will be married the latter part of this month, Miss Mary Mora - han, Clay avenue, delightfully entertained entertained at an informal party last evening at home. This evening, Miss Anne Ferguson, Colfax avenue, will entertain for her cousin, Miss Anne Ferguson, at bridge. . 0 0 0 Mrs. Albert Bush, Penn avenue, recenttly entertained at home In honor of Mrs. Charles Koblath, Nicholson; Mrs. Clifford Moore. Mrs. H. K. Zerbe, Mrs. Elizabeth Biabing, Miss Anna Same, this city, and Miss A. R. Van Voorhees, Oneonba, N. Y. 0 0 0 Mrs. Frank Berry, Farview road, Clarks Green, will open her home tomorrow tomorrow afternoon for a card narty to be held by Electric City chapter, No. 287, O. E. S. The public Is Invited to attend, ana reservations may oe made with Mrs. R. S. Knapp, ires - cott avenue. I .'0 0 0 - ' The Ladies' auxiliary to the F. O. E. will entertain at a card party on Monday evenlpg, Sept. 25, in Eagles' hall. Mrs. Mary Broughton is chair man of arrangements. 0 0 0 The Ladies' auxiliary to Koch - Con - ley post, No. 121, American legion, will entertain at cards tomorrow afternoon a 2 o'clock in the legion rooms. Mrs. Agnes Conboy Is chairman of arrangements. arrangements. 0 0 0 Mrs. B. F. Dunan is chairman of the ways and means committee of the Welsh Women's society of Lackawanna county, under whose auspices a card party will be given on Saturday afternoon afternoon at 2 o'clock In Platt - Woolworth auditorium for the benefit of the Welsh Women's home. Prizes will be awarded and refreshments will be served. 0 0 0 Announcement 'has been made of the approaching marriage of Miss Irene Vallone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony VaUone, South Seventh avenue, and George H. Martin, North Washington, avenue, which will take place the latter part of November. 0 0 0 Tentative plans were outlined last night at the meeting of the Intei - Fraternity Fraternity Fraternity council in Hotel Jermyn for the annual Thanksgiving dance, which will be held on Thanksgiving avenlng, Nov. 30, in Masonic temple. Warren Weeks, president, was In charge of the session. A report on the dance held recently was presented. Following the business session, a social time was enjoyed in charge of Edward Linker and Paul Brown. 0 0 0 Mrs. Joseph Parola, Center street, Dunmore, recently entertained at a party at home m honor of her daughter, daughter, Grace. - Present were: Grace Parola, Paul Whitney, Antoinette Turso, Joseph Pane, Rose Riocardo, Eugene Swartz, Loretta Rlccardo, Edward Edward Reegal, Grace Valenzo, James McDonough, Carmella Decutto, William William Carr, Mary Mercuri, Andrew Burbank, Lena Merouri, Robert Ward, Catherine Marchese, Frank Carral, Lucy Trotta. Joseph McNulty, Antoinette Antoinette Pane, Michael Sasco, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meshock. 0 0 0 The officers of Anthracite chapter, No. 206, O. E. S., entertained recently at a hosuewarmlng in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Trexler, who move into their new home in Moscow. Following dinner cards and games were played. High scores were held by Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson. Mrs. Marion steime, Mrs. Ulayton weocer ana h. a. Light. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Trexler, Misses Allceann and Jean Trezler, Mr. and Mrs. George Hayes, Mrs. Lily Marsh, D. D. G. M.; Mrs. W. B. Logan, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chemberlin, Mrs. Gertrude Chemberlin, Mr. and Mrs. George TWO WOMEN MADE HAPPY HealthlmprovedAfterTakinr Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Mrs. Lingardo . i Ac Photo by Victoria Studio The Rev. James Lavazzl. St. Mary's church, Old Forge, officiated at the wedding of Miss Antonette Salerno, above, 402 James street, and Anthony Lingardo, both of Old Forge, on Sat urday. Mrs. Lingardo was attired in a gown of white satin with panel treatment, and lace jacket. Her veil of tulle and lace was fitted to a Juliet cap of lace. She carried a shower of roses and valley lilies. Her maid of honor was her sister. Rose Salerno. Sne wore a gown of Dale rose - colored satin with pale blue accessories. Vito Lingardo, Cincinnati, Ohio, was best man. A dinner tor uie immediate families and reception followed the ceremony. Gleason and Buddy; Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Light, Mr. and Mrs. Noble Atnerton, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton weD' ber, Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson, Mrs. Grace Capwell. Miss Ethel Ziert, Miss Ethel Snyder, Mrs. Marion Steinle, Miss Adena Brunswick, Paul Baer, Robert Watson, Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Watkins, and Miss Elizabeth Watkins. ooo The auxiliary to Koch - Conley Post. No. 121 American legion, will conduct a card party tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock in the legion rooms, Lacka wanna avenue. Mrs. - Agnes Oonboy is chairman of the 'committee in charge. Prizes will be awarded and refreshments will be served. Players will provide their own cards. ooo A most successful dance was held last evening In Hotel Casey by the North End Pool team members. A popular orchestra played for the aancing. wnicn was enjoyed by a large number of guests. ooo ,: The Song of Veterans of the Civil war. auxiliary No. 10, will meet on Friday night in G. A.' ft. hair with Mrs. Laura Bullock presiding. Marriage Licenses Alexander Salik, Old Forge. Anna Cosminski, Taylor. Edgar Horrocks. Dickson City. Annetta Thomas, Dickson City. Patrick J. Mastan, Broklyn, N. Y. Isabelle Olmstead, 1164 Division street, City. Sterling Drake, Blakely. Helen Taylor, Peckvllle. Augustus Pearo Jr., Philadelphia. Nell W. Qordy.Olyphant. (Political Adv.) Jones for Council 27 - A During the first four months of this year, exports of passenger cars from the United States showed an increase of 25 per cent over the same period of 1932. Election results will be found in The Republican tomorrow. Parent - Tteachers To Plan Program OBBBBBnaBBBBBBBBMBB) Officers of City Council Will Meet Wednesday In Chamber Chamber of Commerce The planning of the work of the Parent - Teacher association of Scran ton will be started at a meeting to be held tomorrow afternoon at the Chamber of Commerce. The officers of the City council of parents and teachers, including the chairmen of committees, have been notified to be present. The meeeting Is scheduled for 3:30 o'clock. Plans will be pro. posed by ecah committee chairman for the activities of each committee for the year. ; The officers of the City council are: president, Mrs. John J. Owens; vice - presidents, Mrs. Charles S. Sea - mans, Mrs. Max Hinkleman, Mrs. T T. Richards, and Mrs. James More; secretary, Miss Minnie Gernan, and treasurer, Paul Miner. WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES The executive committee of the College Club of Scran ton met on Saturday Saturday afternoon at the home of the president. Miss Doris Browning. Tea was served and plans were made for the activities of the coming year. Those nresent were: Misses Doris Browning, Margaret Atnerton, Martha Hower, Mary Chase, Hilarlon Doyle, Dorothy K. Jones, Virginia Smoot, Mary Bamfcrd, Eugenia Davis Olive Osterhout and Alice Seipp. Dr. A. D. Upton addressed the luncheon - meeting of the Quota club yesterday in Hotel Casey, at which Miss Caroline Forster presided. The speaker, in an informal talk, said that men and women of the present age have adopted a rather, childish attitude attitude towards the scheme of things in general, and to modern problems, and claimed that civilization is at pres ent - still living under the teachings of Darwin, 'despite the fact that the Darwinian theories are so old. In discussing discussing technocracy, Dr. Upton said that its greatest danger to mankind lies in the fact that machinery would be developed faster than the mental and moral human tendencies, and that inevitably the machine : would Lovely Bride Mrs. F. R. Pidgeon Sir U Photo by Sohrlever Shown above is Mrs. Richard : Francis . Pidgeon, Carbondale, who before her recent marriage was Miss Helen Wiltz, Archbald, U5bn their . return from a wedding trip,' Mr. and Mrs Pidgeon will reside in Carbondale. Carbondale. - Waverly; legislation and citizenship, Mrs. Samuel. H. Freedman; motion pictures, Mrs. - s. Leonard Koiier; music, Mrs. Wayland P. Young; press ana - puoncuy Mrs. e. h. osoorne radio, Mrs. Edwin Gear hart; contact, Miss Martha Wollerton; county beautiful, Mrs. William Widdowneld, Clarks Green; , tree planting, Mrs. F. W. Brady; gardens, Mrs. G. J, Hansel; community service, Mrs. U. P. Hbrger, Taylor; library extension; Mrs. M. J. Shields; Pennsylvania Clubwoman, Mrs. A.. L. Chase Carbondale. The board of directors will meet following lunoneon at Hotell Jermyn on Thursday Thursday afternoon at 1:15 o'clock. The - Scranton' chanter. American War Mothers will meet this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock In the Y. W. C. A., at' which time details of the trip of the mothers to Chicago and Indianapolis Indianapolis will be arranged. The Woman's Union, Immanuel Baptist church will - hold its first fall business meeting at 7:30 o'clock on Friday night in the church parlors. parlors. At 8 o'clock the union will hold a Joint meeting with the World Wide guild of the church. Mrs. E. E. Wells will lead the devotions, and Miss Verna Blakely, a retired missionary from Assam will speak. All Baptist missionary societies and guilds are invited invited to attend. S i Photo by Carl's Sluaic Mrs. Josenlh Sokokxskl, nee Miss Pearl Lesosky, Scott township, who was married recently in St. Mary's Polish church, Dickson City, by the Rev. Drapiewski. master man. instead of man retain' ing his place as master. Augusta Victoria temple, No. 45 Ladies of the Golden Eagle, will meet this evening In Leonard hall, when plans will be completed for a card party. All members of the degree team are asked to be present. The Industrial and Foreign Com munities department of the Y. W. C, met last evening for supper, alter which representatives of the fourteen clubs of the organization, discussed club schedules and programs. Miss Mabel Gethman and Miss Florence Elffert. delegates to the Summit Lake Industrial conference spoke briefly on the business of the conierence. Mabel Gethman. Tulle Fabrowicz, Ann Now. roth, and Vera Kason were in charge of the meeting. A card party followed the business meeting of tne Col Monies circle, No. 19, Ladles of the Grand Army, held last evening in G. A. R. hall. Virgie Kocn presiaea and at tne close oi the games, prizes were awarded and refreshments were served. - The Dalton Woman's club met yes terday aiKrnoon at tne home of Mrs. Harold Squires, Dalton, Mrs. Law rence Savige spoke in an Interesting manner on "The School of Family Relationships." which she attended at Dickinson college last June. At the close of the meeting tea was served by the hostesses, Mrs. B. E. Bennett and Mrs. R. w. Luce. Callsta Staples presided at the meeting of Camp No. 101. P. O. of A held last evening in Malta hall, at which time plans were completed for me card party to De neia on Friday night in Melody Garden, Nay Aug park. Susie Henneforth and Dorothy Hine will assist Mrs. Staples with arrangements for the affair. Follow lng last night's session, a social hour and cards were enjoyed. The Ladies' Aid Knrirtv nt Stt .Tnhn'a mtneran cnurch will hold a clam chowder luncheon and a snip nt rlam chowder tomorrow beginning at 11 :30 o'clock In th church The mihllc is invitea to attend. Committee chairmen for the ensu ing year, have been named by Mrs. Frank Shannon, Carbondale, president oi ine - L,acicawanna county Federa tion oi women's clubs, as follows education, Mrs. Mary N. Dean. Dalton; home economics, Mrs. Ralph Young, "I am forty - eeven yean old I bare been suffering from terrible headaches and nervousness. All the time I felt weak and tired. I have taken a number of bottles of Lydia . Pinkham's Vegetable Vegetable Compound and it surely is helpinjr me. My nerves are better. I sleep well and feel well and strong." Mas. C Richards, 870 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. "Since I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, I feel better in every way. I took it as a tonic and builder. Now I sleep better, have a better appetite and mora energy and strength. .Your Pills for Constipation are fine, too." Mas. Ln Good war, 215 26th St, Columbus, Georgia, Announcing: Two Important SALES in The Heinz Store's 16th Anniversary Sale ... Fur Coats Offering a magnificent group of Fur Coats . . . bought before the recent price advances. Market prices for Fur Coats of equal quality are 25 to 35 higher and still advancing. Unquestionably NOW is the time to buy these Quality Fur Coats . . . Fashions ranging from the most sumptuous formal modes to the exciting new Swaggers and Jackets. . , x Mr. S. Pressler, representative of our New York Furriers Furriers will be in our Fur Department all this week where his counsel is available. . . . and an advance Sale of Fur Trimmed Coats Featuring simplicity of line . . . richness of Fur and Fab - - ric and all marked at the astoundingly low price of $68, making these coats unusually outstanding . . . BARGAINS, BARGAINS, if you please . . . All were made to sell at $79.50 or even more than that today. Each coat a perfect fashion picture of the new mode. , A reasonable deposit will hold any Fur Coat or Cloth Coat 30 or 60 days by arrangement. Ikt The Heinz Store . MtawaMf $68 p 111 p Personals - The Rev. and Mrs. Mark F. Sanborn. Sanborn. Jefferson avenue, motored to Lewisburg yesterday, accompanied by their daughter, Miss Laura Sanborn, who will resume her' studies at Buck - nell university today. Edgaj C. Weichel and son, Fred, Harrison avenue, have returned from Chicago, 111. Frank E. Donnellv. Clav avenue. spent the week - end in New York. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McHale, West Market street, are in New York. Miss Marion Nobles, this city, is spending a few days In New York. Miss Helen B. Trimley, Delaware street, has returned from Utlca, N. Y. where she was the auest of Mrs. J. Ai Laderer. She also visited Mrs. W. E. Cobb, Syracuse, N. Y. Mrs. Ira H. Stevens. Delaware street. is visiting ln Caldwell, N J. miss Helen Leayard and Miss Mary Atherton, North Main avenue, Miss Marion Williams. Columbia street: and Miss Mary Miller will leave this week to resume their studies at Wel - lesly college. Miss E.eanor Stone, Monroe ave nue, Dunmore, will leave tomorrow for Mount Holyoke college where she is ln ner junior year. Jack M. Cairns, Wheeler avenue, will return to Hamilton college, Clinton, Clinton, N. Y., today. Miss Gertrude Mattes. Woodlawn street, will enroll at Wells college, Aurora, . x., jriaay. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Crossman and son Arlington, will motor to Clinton, w. at ., wnere Arlington is to enter Hamilton college. . Mr. and Mrs. ' Eugene Flannery, Astoria, L. I., were the recent guests of A. F. Flannery, Fourth avenue. Mr. ahd Mrs. John H. Cosetllo. Utlca, N. Y., have returned to their home following a visit with Mr. and (Continued on Page Ten) ; Marie H. O'Connell 141 Adams Ave. Is now showing a line of Smart Coats, fur trimmed and sport. Adv. Etiquette, Social Culture Problems Sueitloai dealing with ctlanellc totial culture will bt aniwered In thl) column dally. Bend roar qucitloni to Naldah Bon. ear of Tha 8crtnlon Republican. Dear Naldah Ross: '.' Before I fix up my home for the winter, I would like to get your advice advice about my living room. I would like to make some changes without much cost. My room Is fairly large and the walls are tinted a deep cream. My rug and drapes are a deep mulberry mulberry and my furniture Is. covered in a beige velour. What new idea could I use? . . . ; , MRS. HOWARD B. , . '.N ANSWER From the description of your living room it seems to me that you have a very restful and harmonius color combination, one to which a new lamp shade and perhaps a few cushions and table throws would give a new interesting touch. My suggestion would be, to add as much white to your room as possible. Uncut velvet, or a white and silver brocade or bengaline could be used for these accessories. The newer lamp shades or drum shape very severe in outline and very mode! TONSILS if !nfftft mav .WoM.duJ arthritis, nairltls and many . organli oi nrari, Kianeys, eta uiATHGRMY removes tonsils wlthoul vi uionutiifaj'. no cnrge 101 ex amination. v Dr. John T. Downing ; TONSIL SPECIALIST 'S2g First National Bank Bldf. Tel. 2 - SA3Z. Veils and Gowns FOR THE BRIDE AND HER ATTENDANTS. Moderately Priced. Mary Lillian Dress Shop 410 SPRUCE STREET Permanent Guaranteed To Be Genuine Methods At Ponnlar Prima AkJ Hair Dyeing, Marceling, Finger - Waving, etc. . . . TRY US! I OyiFR'C" lcka. Ave a - .lSl.ll - .fV Phone 4 - 1 71S Scrahton Conservatory of Music Conservatory Building, 802 Mulberry J. ALFRED PENNINGTON Teacher of Piano and Singing Studied for Eleven Tears with Famous Teachers in New York City, Boston, Paris and Berlin. MR. FRANK H. MASON, of Wilmington, Delaware, who had been singing bass in the quartette choir of a wealthy church, came to Prof. . Pennington for Singing Lessons. "You have a faulty tone - production, and are forcing your tones badly." After a year's lessons he was invited to sing in a concert In the Wilmington church.. Such ease in singing, such richness of tone through two octaves amazed the people, and it resulted in Mason's being re - engaged at the church at a salary DOUBLE what it was before. PROF. PENNINGTON PLAYS A PIANO PROGRAM, WGBI, 6:15 TOMORROW Announcement Learn Beauty Culture With Penna. Laws recently enacted, it is now necessary that you be prepared to successfully pass a State Board Examination. Make oertzln that you prepare at a RECOGNIZED CHARTERED SCHOOL This School is CHARTERED under Laws of Pennsylvania since 1926. This School is a member of a National Organization of Beauty Culture Schools. Our Staff of instructors is most competent and Curriculum embodies the hew outstanding ideas and developments of the profession, together with the. best features of Beauty Culture as followed in other States where Beauty Legislation has been In force. REGISTRATION FOR FALL TERM NOW OPEN. Madame Fen wick School of Beauty Culture .'; jv - OF THE " ' ; Madame Fenwick Beauty Culture Company PHONE 2 - 1172 Things you've always done - seta clock, turn a switch very simple when you Cook Electrically YOU set the hands of a clock and snap on an electric light switch without thinking anything of it. Modern electric cookery is just as simple. You merely select the temperature for the meal, set two dials on your control clock for starting and stopping the heat, turn the switch . . . and that is all. Relieved of the necessity for cooking a meal, you may return to the Electric Range, confident of serving a meal perfect in flavor and healthfulness. Nothing new to do . . . yet no possibility of expensive failures. Instead,you may enjoy enjoy thereputationof being a perfect cook. We are at your service for a demonstration demonstration of the speed, simplicity and, economy of an Electric Range. THE SCRANTON Electric COMPANY -

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The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)19 Sep 1933, TuePage 6
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