1946 Sheaffer w Mount Pleasant

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1946 Sheaffer w Mount Pleasant - MPHS To Play Saturday At 'Burlington Boone,...
MPHS To Play Saturday At 'Burlington Boone, Icwa. (INS) -- Pairings rind sites for 64 sectional highsciicol spring baseball tcurnamemts were announced today by Lyle T. Qulnn, executive secretary secretary of the Iowa higihschool athletic association. (Play will start Saturday and will continue through Monday and Tuesday Tuesday for some 536 Iowa haghscliools to select winners who will participate in the district meetings the following "week-end. Winners in the district meets will advance to the s£ate tournament tc bj held a* Mason City, May 20th, 21st and 22nd. Included in the pairings are at Builington: Builington: Sperry vs! New London, Sat- urday, 9:00 A. M. Mt. i Pleasant vs. Lockridge, Saturday. Saturday. 10:45 A. M. Huron or Oakville, vs Denmark, Saturday Saturday 1:30 P. M. Sheaf fer Pen President Here Mr. Craig Sheaffer Visits Local Plant Site Mr. Craig Sheaffer, of Ft. Madison. president of the W. A. Sheaffer Pen' company, visited Mt. Pleasant Mon-' day and inspected the factory site aere, and also the Eland site on East 1 Washington which the company recently recently bought. Mr. Sheaffer discussed some of the plans for the plant while here and checked the progress on the remodeling remodeling of the former canning plant struc- They'll Do It Every Time LAST VEAR-THEIR FLOWERS-WERE A TOTAL FLoP-THey Ou6 UHEM OP AND THREW THEM OVER. THE FENCE. OUT WITH tMf CalAKIT ZINNIAS MV FOOT.' WE MUSTA PLANTED NUTMEGS AMD CLINKERS » Sheaf fers Report $847,460 Profit For Fiscal Year ture. Despite difficulties in getting materials, materials, work is advancing on the reconstruction. reconstruction. Barring further unforeseen unforeseen difficulties in getting materials, f a section of the building likely will be ready by June 15. Work is being rushed on the south- j east portion in "an effort to get that' part ready for the first production. j Ft. .Madison--The annual report o! the W. A. Sheaffer Pen company, mailed to stockholders Monday, disclosed disclosed earnings of $5.34 a share for the fiscal year ending February 28, 1946, as compared to adjusted earnings earnings of $7.26 a share for the previous year. Net profits were $847,460.14 after provision for taxes and estimated renegotiation renegotiation refund, compared with $1,134,570.26 in the previous year. The ratio of current assets to ci^- rent liabilities increased from 2.81:1 to 2.89:1, reflecting an increase in net current a s s e t s of approximately $1,200,000. ' In his letter to stockholders, C. R. Sheaffer, president of the company, said that profits were not as great PS the company had hoped for but explained explained that this- was.due to the fact that the company was engaged in war production up to V-J Day and consequently consequently could not get into high gear pen and pencil production immediately. immediately. His letter said in part: "We have not been able to produce enough of the right kind of merchandise. 1 said this advisedly, for we could very easily have delivered plenty of merchandise merchandise if we had been willing to sacrifice sacrifice quality for quantity. This wo flatly refused to do". New Plants Stockholders were also advised thai, a plant had been purchased in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, for the expansion of the present line and for the introduction introduction of new lines. Production at the Mount Pleasant plant is scheduled 'for the middle of the summer. Facilities have also been leased in Quincy, 111., with an option to renew or purchase, where production of a line of reservoir reservoir desk sets will begin within the next month. The letter also stated: "Plans for the building program on our present site here in Fort Madison are well advanced, advanced, and construction oi the fir?r. unit will begin as soon ac government approval can be obtained. Althougn this building program is quite extensive, extensive, it has still been necessary to acquire acquire facilities elsewhere because of the local labor shortage, which we an- 'ticipate will exist for many years to come." Russian Planes Fire On American Liberator Plane SEE HOW UP THIS WRONG FENCE/ COl-lt Mb K I - . C r E Vienna, Austria' (INS) -- Several Russian fighter planes buzzed dangerously dangerously close to and may have fired upon an American Liberator whose passengers passengers included a United States general today. The incident, the fourth in recent weeks in Austria followed a ilarly strong protest from Maik W. Clark and a promise from · Soviet Marshal Knoiev that such ac-. tions would cease. ' | The American plane carrying Bri- , gadier General Ralph Snavely, air of- .Will Present Piano Recital Most Stores iTo Be Closed Daniel W. Winter, 17 year old son of i Mr. and Mrs. Dan Winter, will present! a recital of piano music at fee Iowa' Most Mt Plea s an t stores will oe of this] osed Tnursda -y afternoon as usual, it Ship Explodes; 7 Men Missing Leonardo, N. J. (INS) -- Seven navy men aboard the destroyer escort Solar, were officially reported missing ajid presumed dead today after the ship ifclsw up and sank while ammunition was bsing unloaded at the Earle naval depot. The missing crew members were one officer and six enlisted men. Navy officials officials in announcing the fatalities said they could not esti'iiiate the number of injured but one Red Cross official reported reported between 150 and 179 were injured. injured. Two explosions, the force of which vias felt 13 miles away, ripped througn ''he 1700 ton, 306 foot vessel .shortly before before nc,on setting Efclsz3 and dsmalish- irg a nearby lighter and spreading flames onto the pier. The Solar sank an hour. a P iano pu P U of Miss Inez Miniely, is an accomplished musician. He is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High school and is the valedictorian of his class. He has been active in dramatics fleer of the United States element ln , and ' was editor of this vear ' s "Target." the Austria allied commission, was en- route from Vienna to Paris. It encountered the .Soviet piloted lend-lcase P-39s over f.he Russian held Co joe town of St. Polten directly on the So- ^*1CS viet authorized line of flight between Vienna and Linz. Iter a the Chamber of Commerce office. There was some thought that the stores should not close because of School Achievement Day, but since there is no effort on the part of merchants to commercialize on day, most merchants said they pected to cloSe as usual. The air base where an American Recent transactions handled by Hild Real Estate include as follows: transport plane was forced to land last .The nice modern improved small acre- Monday received a report from th'e age located on Winf ield avenue ana H Ed Cumings Taken By Death plane, the broadcast stated, that the owned by Verl Sammons, to R. Russians apparently tried at first to , Helm; the Chas. House 52 acres, lo- forcc the bomber down -then harassed cated northwest of town, toLakeEdcr, it. most of the way to Linz before [former owner of this little farm; a abandoning their tactics over the nice building lot on East Warren St. American-held zone. j to D. A. Hansen of Ft. Madison; the Snavely's plane continued unharmed R. D. Fetterman improved acreage on toward Paris, the broadcast added. the Oakland road, to B. P. Harris; the nicely improved Siverly 60 acre located located 7 miles S. W. of town, to Stanley Feehan; another building lot on East I Madison St., to Ross Hines; also the , excellent modern home of Me. and [Mrs. Olan Ruble located on Franklin Ed earnings. 69. passed away at the St., to Charles Dyall. Mt. Pleasant Hospital Tuesday morn- 1 . - ing at 5-00. The body was taken to RETURNS TO WINFIELD the Stacy Funeral Home in Wayland, ACTED c VI? A DC IM IKIftlA where it will remain until time for ATI UK 0 ItAKo 111 1NUIA the iuneral at 2:00 Thursday. The · -- -- -Rev. -Rev. David Harper, pastor of t h e ) "Wtafield.--Miss Glendlne Lundquisb Wayland Methodist Church, will be in arrived here Saturday to visit her par- charge of the service, with interment ' en ' ts ' Mr - and Mrs - °- F - Lundquist. in the Green Mound cemetery. She came from Peoria, 111., where she He was born February 3, 1877, near Spent last week with her brother, Clif- Noble, the son of David and Nancy ford Lundquist, and family, while en- McKee Cumings. On December 17, route from Calcutta, India,, by way of 1936, he was married to Mrs. Bertha New Orleans, La., to her home at Win- Smith, who survives. He spent all of field. Mte Lundquist, a nurse, is in his life in the Noble, Trenton and -the states on a one year furlough after Wayland vicinity. £ix yeairs of service ait Silkot, Tunjab Also surviving are two sisters and district in India. This is her second three brothers. Mrs. Eva Landers. Mrs. furlough at hcme since leaving for Mary Cooper and Charles Cumings, al! India in 1932. of Wintcrset, and Fred Cumings o f ' Olds and Rollie Cumings of Prole, la. POTTER RESIDENCE' SOLD TO SHEAFFER CO. I The Dr. W. W. Potter residence on North Main street has been sold to the FUN FROLIC AT MT. PLEASANT SCHOOL tha ex- ACCUSED OF SPEEDING WITH TOUCK ac- thc Charles W. Rupp of Keokuk cused of operating a truck on highway at 54 miles an hour was $10 and costs in the court of Justice G. A. Hallowell Monday. Forty, miles is the legal limit for trucks. Herbert H. Mueller paid a fine of dollar and costs for having defective equipment on his motor vehicle. Attend District BPWC Meeting Seven members cf the Mt. Pleasant Business and Professional Women's club attended t.he spring ' meeting of the Ninth district at Ottumwa Sunday. Members from here attending were Miss Mabel Walker, past president of the club; Mrs. Henrietta Edwards, the new president; Miss Winona Kyle, Miss Phyllis Campbell, Miss Stella Hartquist, Miss Evelyn Rukgaber and Mrs. H. M. Hild. The meeting, attended by members of clubs from eight counties from southeastern Iowa, was held at the W. C. A., and Miss Lola Barnhart Waterloo, state chairman of Interna- 'tional Relations, was the main speaker. speaker. The fall meeting will be held in Blcomfleld some time in October. YOU'RE DEAD WRONG: BRIDE TO Git' CRITIC Chicago, 111.--Mrs. Horatio Tocca J 1 *., a Chicago bride now honeymooning with her ex-GI husband in New Waldorf Astoria, said the Iowa girl who says GIs make poor husbands 'way off base. The Mount Pleasant high school hid Sheaffer Pen company: The residence Mrg Tocc!i bei^ves that Helen Brait's Brait's annual "Fun Frolic" Friday even- known as the Whitney place, will b c' den ig-year-old Iowa Wesleyar, j ng. ' remodeled fer two apartments for- freg ^ man who aired her anti . GI vieW8 There were games, dancing and ^heaffer plant executives here. Dr.j m an oratorical contest at Northwcs . movies. The games included: badmin- and Mrs. Potter and the Robert Pot- tern Universtty .. is dead wrong," ana ton, aerial darts, volley ball, deck ten- *er family are residing in the property' added . nis, horse shoe and bowling. The me- ni present. ,, She mugt have met vies, .shown in Mr. Clover's room, included' included' one on "the Mexican people. pjr|£(] On ^**""' ; one on the farmer's troubles, and a comedy. was that way, but she can't judge GIs by that. It depends on the Individual. Individual. · "Maybe there are some GIs or ex- WTH OUR IN THF GOOD ON MAY 1 New address: Robert S. Wcttacli A/S Co, 46--168 U. S. N. T. C., San 33, CftHf.' Thermon Leazier paid a fine of $10 ( Refreshments of ice cream and pop ' Rnd costs Monday on ar intoxication · servicemen who are la*y and boastful, were served. · charge in the court of Justice G. A. but their w.ar experiences mane Miem CI ir A D CT A MD · Hallowell. Leazier was taken into cus- more tolerant. I §*y it's up to o U l i A K MAIflr ^dy v o y Highway Patrolman Ivan woman to make her nan different If , Rranklln. he's that way." ' . ' ' The patrolman, was questioning the Mrs. Tocca Is the former Florence j Sugar stamp 39 expires at tnidnumt driver of the car in which Leazier was Bigalll, at, of Evarwton. j tonight (Tuesday) and new stiunp, No. ft pttsaenger. According to the reports Tocca, a^New York Central 149 is good starting May 1. The new Leatler decided to take charge of the counsel, wa* recently discharged I stamp will be good for five pound* of. conversation after which he was taken -the armed force* MM! li»«i through August SL * into custody. Washington. .NFW SPA PERI

Clipped from The Mount Pleasant News30 Apr 1946, TuePage 1

The Mount Pleasant News (Mount Pleasant, Iowa)30 Apr 1946, TuePage 1
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  • 1946 Sheaffer w Mount Pleasant

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