Seizure of the Panama - 1924

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Seizure of the Panama - 1924 - invocation on delivered representative notify...
invocation on delivered representative notify number I n l u Miow- votes e n t i t l e d the. basis cast i n e n t l y con- Demon n t h congressional f o u r more, in the n t y hulns- C o u n t y t y 45. the select women large Texas in the na- There will be the largo of Seized Vessel and Crew of Six Held; No Charges Filfcd With no chargc» filed against crew or procccd!r*WStpltWnW!''iri!?illnst the vessel, the British motor sloop Pun- anui, which w;ia .-.jizuil lalo Krliluy twelve miles off the south Jetty, was tied up lit Ihe const guard station lock on Pelican Spll last nl|;ht und i«r crew "of. six men, including .the \mcrlcHii captain and chief engineer, vcrc being ilclalned at that point pending action to h e - t a k e n in the case hy customs officers. ' An examination was held at; the ·oast guard station yesterday afler- loon by customs officers and representatives representatives of the federal district orncy'n office, according lo Sum T. ilnn, assistant collector, but this did lot result in the Immediate filing of barges. The British consul. Mr. Zlnn stated, was not present at the hear- ng. . . The seizure of the Panama, accord- ng to Captain W. F. Towle. commander commander of the c u t t e r Comanche. was made us the Comanche WUH coming back lo port from the vicinity of San j3rJJM')n ' permitting · -; -; - " -- · ' twelve miles var Roads hy Uin Comanche$rG uiichored n n l l l - yiyitordny" nior'nlrij^i when she passed qunniintlnc.aiid was taken, to Llie coast guard duck. Caplain Caplain Towlc.reporierfAhal ohe small bout from Galvcston was seen .tuTlh'c' Panama wus being lowed in', and appeared appeared to .sheer off when the c u t t e r was recognized. This boat, he said, was hoarded by t h e Ivallta, which came out to the cutter shortly a f t e r the seizure.-but n o t h i n g w.-u-. found. The name'of the vessel was taken by cusloms men aboard t h e K n l l t n . The Panama, a former .American achl hy the same name. Is 7-1 feet long, 20 feet in beam nnd has a d e p t h of C feet 3 inches. She is of Brllish . . , , , , eludes,- according to l i e crew list reg stry und her owners are g veil ,,, . , . 7 .-·-" "=^. f - * · J «..*. ^ . ^. . . p, . ...... 1.1,-ltlol* u , , K 4 , * n f . I nn.1 t . . - ^ !.... search nnd offshore Instead Instead of the f o r m e r ' c o n s t limit of three. · Captajn. U m l l o F. Fremont, a resident of Pnscagoula,. MisH., In cap- t a i n gC.'tlic .Pnnnmn.. l i e . i s h n v e once commanded .the four- inasted l u m b e r schooner' Pal Harris o n ' o f Mo"bile,..and'during the bad command of a s h i p p i n steamship' r u n n i n g from Ihe A t l a n t i c to France. The other American In the crew la given on the vessel's pnpers as J. W.' Hanson of. Xew Orleans, chief .engineer. The remainder of the crew l u - In her papers a* Wedlake. Tabrum Oldhani of Belize. P.rltl. u h Honduras, Honduras, her homo port. She cleared from Havana May 13 for Giwnaja, Honduras, via Tnmplco, with a cargo of 1.472 h a l f cases iind i n n f u l l of llduor.' a total in full cases of 836 l l wo slans. subjects and two Jlus- Spargen Phillips, a British subject, whose residence is given as Spanish Honduras. Is mate, and Ira Hirers, a British subject, residing in the Gcand Cayman Island; is a I seaman. The other two seamen are C. Bergman,- Hu?«ian, who gives his Luis Pass a f t e r a cruise which began j - Abouf sixty 'case's. Caplain'' Tbvi'l.e I nomc . address as \'e\v Orleans, and found: stacked on duck. I'-'· ^'odinsky. Russian, of the Thursday morning at 10:30 o'clock. M n n l l Hunt ccn. "At 8 o'clock Frldny morning." he*" declared, "we began s i g h t i n g empty liquor cases,'and this conlinued u n t i l stated, were found: stacked on duck, | ' · "' nnd.. there...W.W.C .other Indications i nlacp - the crew. list. The Panama is powered w i t h brand new ' 150-horsepowrr f u l l . · t h a t the cargo had been breached, according .to h'ifl_stntCMnents. "Indications t lo^l us to bcllcvp the vessel had and was ' a t t e m p t i n g to H o'cluck, «-hcn .he. came upon · t h o l v , 0 , c J h laws of the United States P a n a n m - a n c h o r e d - . t w ( ! l v e . m i l e s . ; o f f j w h l c | l p r o h l l ) U th(1 | n l p o r t : u ion ,r qllor v ' the soullv'jetiy 'We did not seise the j , ntoxlc ^ tl ,,,.vessel ,,,.vessel sit this time, but merely ha lied |. . . ., , , her and k'epi her u'ndbr ohservatlon \* hfn ? e . on at ' t h « cllf!tom hollse - u n t i l 0:30 o'clock that evening, when *"' T "° Amerlcnnsi.- of wu f o r m a l l y took her in charge, sending sending a bpjtrdjng officer aboard." The Panama was towed into Boil- The seizure of the day was on the very new t r e a t y was signed w i t h Oreat .Diesel engine.-and while she Is sloop rigged.' Is'saI'd to de'pend almost e'n- tirely. on. power. -SJic waa formerly an American ya'cht of the same lie' deolarcd, | name.' . i x .. ' . . C a p t a i n Towlo: declared cuiisp of the CVojnaiichc. had 'cov- i ered the co.isl from San Luis Pass 1 anama l - r l - | ltf lt - po , |U ueyoml Hisll j s i nn ,]. j.t e day that tlie , wfts return.infi- to port when he sighted the' Panama nt -.anchor. By w u of

Clipped from The Galveston Daily News25 May 1924, SunPage 1

The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas)25 May 1924, SunPage 1
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  • Seizure of the Panama - 1924

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