Web Pyle visit, Wilber Cyrus Ball memoir

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Web Pyle visit, Wilber Cyrus Ball memoir - District court next week. Docket in this...
District court next week. Docket in this number. A verry rainv and cloudy October. Perhaps Indian summer will last till Christmas. A good many of the boys went at Norton villa out to Folsom's barn-raisingyester barn-raisingyester barn-raisingyester day afternoon. D. C. Tillotson, Esq., of Topaka favored us with a call last Wednes day. He is making some forcible Republican speeches over the state. One of his meetings last week was The infant child of Tbos. Shaw, left motherless soon after its birth, died yesterday. Go to Hamilton & Co.'s new store for groceries, provisions and queens- queens- ware. The cannery made a run again yesterday, but the tomatoes come in Among the old-time old-time old-time residents of J slowly, and it is not certain whether Oskaloosa who visited here the pasij any more packing will be done or week were Elvin Bell, Web. Pyle, not, Mr. Keepers said. Up to yes Ames Bloomer and Asa Mclntyre. terday, only 30,000 cans had been suing term of court, an unwonted number. "Original packages" responsible responsible for four of them and bootlegging bootlegging for another. riage of Miss Raymond, Esq., of Dallas, Colorado. new- new- took place about the 1st of Septem- Septem- J married couple started the same ber, at Holton. Her husband is a well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do lawyer, we are told, and they will reside in Florida. Mr. C. W. Jones, husband of Melissa McLean, died of typhoid fever, at Lamar, Mo., on the 14th evening for their new home in Colorado, Colorado, bearing with them the hearty good wishes of their many friends for their happiness and success in life. Announcement. I have moved my barber-shop barber-shop barber-shop into I f a m il inst. Mrs. W. H. Howard went DU""nS IOerin owu I Wilis UikUAM IlM-tAA IlM-tAA IlM-tAA -J -J Ar.m awAf- awAf- j 1.0 1 l utuc iuuuuu vulvae, u uuuia icai, down last Sunday evening, arriving I. T . nti mv hu8;ness there before the death of herbroth- herbroth- nf Briav;nt, nrl Kair.rnt.t.in. TTv- TTv- r-in-law. r-in-law. r-in-law. r-in-law. r-in-law. lintr nn heln at. nrMPrit.. if those who TheaDole-nackers TheaDole-nackers TheaDole-nackers Messrs Grifferd have shavin8 done bufc once a week 1 tie apple-packers, apple-packers, apple-packers, Messrs urittera can arrange to come in before Sat- Sat- and Carpenter, have shipped ten car- car- Ba(javs it win be a favor appreciated, loads aud have five more to ship, as Saturday is my busy day. Thank-They Thank-They Thank-They pay $2 a barrel for wine-saps, wine-saps, wine-saps, f ui for past liberal patronage, I hope Rpn T)aTi. and snrh. and hav hPn to merit a continuation of the same, 1 1 It 11 1 1 1 i .11 1 ... . . . . i nv irnnn rrpRr.mpnr. ann hi ru-.L ru-.L ru-.L aiLeii Highest prices paid for eggs, but- but- getting some very nne-Iooking nne-Iooking nne-Iooking and Un to business. ter and country produce at J Hamilton s Oo. s new store L. excellent fruit. We were pleased to have a friend ly call on Wednesday from that old "war-horse "war-horse "war-horse of democracy, Capt. Billy Butts of Valley Falls, and W. L. Kemper of the same place. An inch and one-half one-half one-half of rain fell last Sunday afternoon and night, which started Slough Ureek to running running nicely. Another good rain on Wednesday afternoon and evening. The Republicans of Union twp. There was a mistake as to the date have nominated Wm. Woodhead of Mr. Dawes' meeting at this place, for trustee; Tone Cresse for clerk; and it v, as announced for last Sat- Sat- jj. W. Ridgeway for treasurer; Wra. Mrs. G. K. Elstok, Lady Barber. Memoir. Wilber Cyrus Ball was born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., Jan. 19, 1813. Here he married his now bereaved wife on the 31st day of Dec. 1835, with whom he lived happily nearly ast Saturday, at Grandpa Joel Cow Add. Patterson left, Wednesday, ail's. Also, a 12-lb. 12-lb. 12-lb. girl at Geo. for California,where he goes to seek Jones, on Monday night the 11th employment and benefit his health, child at this domicile ufday, instead of next Saturday, the Stout and Thos. Edmonds for ius- ius- 18th. Everybody is invited to at- at- tices; John Laing and Hugh Cos ieim lu-murrow lu-murrow lu-murrow eveuiug. orrove for constables. That's a BOO oara H Wfta th fathpr nf two li.' 1 I -l:u -l:u - J J l.i iV l?ar Wirains in Boots. Shoes and "uu wxuuixiB u. cuuureu, u &uii auu a uauguiei, ine r-t r-t r-t I 11 m 1 - rinii,;nn f latter or wnom preceded nim iu (if.o. A. Patterson & Uo.s- Uo.s- " . I . . Dr. F. M. Davis of Holton will be no traveler returns. In lSo, with Dr. Balsley reports a baby boy at the Jefferson House next Tues- Tues- his family, he emigrated from New horn tn-Mr. tn-Mr. tn-Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Shaw. day. Oct. 28. All needing dental York state to Illinois, where He re sided about seven years. 111 iooy l-i l-i l-i sv net rvt a i.ane auenaea tne grana .rson ('o.. wherft he has since con- con- He started for Las Alamos, where his grandmother and his Aunt Eliza and husband reside. FornD. Some money. Enquire of C. B. McClellan,and state amount, kind, time and place. lodge of Odd Fellows at Topeka tinuously resided, and where he has this week, as delegate from Eagle wen and held the respect of a large lodge. The principal occurrence of circle of friends and acquaintances. interest at the meeting was the de We learn that James Estes died the first of the week, at his home feat of Secretary Burdette, who has htH the nffip.fi for nearlv 30 vears, mr. . y. ivirk-patncnandaaugn- ivirk-patncnandaaugn- ivirk-patncnandaaugn- ivirk-patncnandaaugn- ft w innf Paoia is the new ter, Miss busie, of bugar Grove, lnd., secretary Funeral services were conducted at his late home by the writer, after which his remains were laid to rest in Pleasant View cemetery. L. K. DILLIXGSLEY. Dissolution Jsotlee.

Clipped from The Oskaloosa Independent18 Oct 1890, SatPage 3

The Oskaloosa Independent (Oskaloosa, Kansas)18 Oct 1890, SatPage 3
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