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THE SCR ANTON REPUBLICAN, SATURDAY, AFRlt 129, I9& 10 Valley Shopmen Enjoy Pig Roast Upwards of 200 Attend Social Get - Together Urwarb of 200 members of Local No. 30. Kevser Vallev shoos, enjoyed a Dig roast Thursday evening in the French roof hall, Washburn street. J. F. Wetsel. president of the local, served as chairman. Remarks were nude by the following officers of the union: Mr. Wetzel, pres ident: Claude Bennett, vice - president; Algret Gilbert, secretary, and William Smith .treasurer. Claude Bennett was chairman of the committee on arrangements. The fol lowing assisted in the kitchen: David R Gibbs Jr., William J. Thomas. Oakie Pihl. "Rip" Collins. Leo Miller, William Korsack. and Richard McGinley. David Roberts, local magician, entertained. Harry Leonard is chairman of the shop committee. Those present were: ' J. Costanzo, M. Wabral. J. 3. frzwi. M. Fey. E. KazakawKz, C. Btaveri. A. Oallaeher. E. Schnelfen!. O. ProilU. F. Leskaski. M. Evancew. J. Novak. C. Barrow. A. Dranohak. A. Prltruncheck. J. Pe - terrio. B. Price. R. Haax. h. Marks. J. KtrekH. E M. Jenkins. James ThcmDson. W. H. MacDonald. A. Becker. C. Pennc. L. Lutz. J. Fletcher. A. Atkinson. E. Walters. C. Phillips. A. Prvor. J. Minkel. P. Albright. A. Doll - mer. H. Wood. Julius Wellner. J. Buettner. William Smith. N. Nahoul. J. Kusta. Ed ward West. S. Scliaffer. M. Flack. M. Parrel!. Mr. Ludwie. J. Mllonki. Enrico De Rosa. O. Imbt. C. Shamaivski. S. Sherman. J. Brazotchak. Vincent DeRosa. J. Sweet - ser, C. Trejo. A. Murray, M. White, C. Bennett. G. P. Sohroeder, P. Hafner Jr.. L. Merrick. T. Fahey. Joseoh Shea. Dan Hllwii. F. Hartman. T. Kloss. P. Hafner Sr., C. Buntz. J.Reldmiller. William Miller. W. Ravinskas. M. Macko. O. Matlbil. A. Evans. Ed Bonser, JoseDh Farrario. H. Leonard. A. Graziano. Lee Ha a. J. Lombard). J. Anta - oH. R. Ohamberlaln. H. Wetherby. H. Walters, M.'Fabi. W. Mc - Dine. J. Marchalonis. J. Shivak. J. Cottonilli. J. Zatinailo. H. Aiken. J. Scutti. J. Pftracoia. F. Rehel. O. Stanko, J. Redwky, P. Townsend, V. Grovannoni, P. Tarantino. E. Reiber. J. Mehl, R. Mc - Call. F. Hafsash. H. Ezak. A. Sulzer. David Gibbs, H. O. Diely, W. Marks. E. Courtnev G. Whitnev. A. Foiw. J. Marks. S. Aiken. A Gilbert. W. Zwlck. J. Kielzewskl. J. Wild Arthur Cosner. P. Casale. V. Oasner. S. Havnes. J. Szabad. J. Shlnkus. M. Fatter - fon. W. Olmsted. G. Kosty, P. Pronitis. JoseDh Kerekes. John Kaub, M. Miller. 8 Frankowitch. H. Weisliro. H. HilwlK. C. Hvasta. J. Prest. P. Rainey. J. Collins. P. Yusklecwlcz. P. J. Wetzel. 8. Baker. W. Minkel. D. Mccali L. Faller. H. Cressman. F. Horvath. J. Waz - rev. P. Aizeldiwer. J. Lucas. F. Thlel. Mr, Vabolis. J. Patterson, A. Wilshire. J. Ro - manoskv. H. Cifichi. J. Nace, A. Patterson, W. Klein. J. Barter. C. Schneider, L. Walker, W. Avers. J. Zimovan. L. Lamm, J. Reltmulder. S. Peffer. N. Delecave, F. Treitz, T. Johns. Jo Graff. Williams Getts. William Davis. M. Gallus. A. Pettorelli, V. MHeto. William Korsack. Edward Bennett. Georae Larney, J. L. Schroeder. J. Stout. Persel Getts, Wil liam Baia. H. Avers, L. weidner. Arry Palintinio. Joe Schamanskv. Pete Miller. J. Novack. Carl Palla, Harry Wood. Joe Nerces. Louie Sabad. Tom Kearney, o. Reidmiller. Edward Killian. C. Stancavlsh John Gallinus. A. Perrick, Ed Kijesky. Jo seph Crowther. J. Kusner, E. Bueno, c. Brewer. JoseDh Gallucci, P. Blieckt. P, Thiel. Ed Irvinsr. V. Davis. M. Coolick. E. Ayers, J. Jacobv and C. DeStelano. Kane Obsequies Largely Attended West Scranton Woman Laid at Final Rest Pilgrims Crowd Rome Final tribute was paid to the mem ory of Mrs. Catherine Kane, widow of Thomas F. Kane, at the funeral service held Thursday morning from the family home, 1324 Jackson street. Hundreds of relatives and friends were in attendance. A requiem mass was celebrated In St Patrick's church. The Rev. Dr. - Thomas J. McHugh was the celebrant; the Rev. James P. Flynn, deacon; the Rev. Luke Hally, subdeacon, and the Rev. Edgar Conlon, Carbondale, mas ter of ceremonies. Miss Helen Carroll presided at the organ, and Edward T. Cosgrove was the soloist. Seated in the sanctuary were: the Rev. Austin Bushby, CP., the Rev. Anthony Flnnerty, the Rev. W. P. McAndrew, Wilkes - Barre; the Rev. J. J. McGuckin. Towanda, and the Rev. E. J. Langan, Avoca. Susquehanna ' News for The Republican left with Paul S. Baker will receive immediate attention. jpwi)m.JJXM8ll'"'tllll!IIUIJmlJ)WA.. Miss Fitzgerald Bride Of Isaac Dougherty Pit , SUSQUEHANNA, April 28 - Miss Mary Fitzgerald and Isaac Dougherty, well known and estimable Susque hanna residents were united in mar riage at St. John's church, Susquehanna, on Thursday morning at 8 o clock. OSS' c V S " aft - 1 pi J?r it it f! The Vatican's proeUmatlon of Holy Tear indulgences for pilgrims has brought devout Catholics to Rome by the thousands. Below, is a photo - The Very Rev. James J. I JPh of a host of 1933 pilgrims before St Peter's, Pope Plus is shown Factoryville News for The Republican left with Mrs. Amanda Smith will receive immediate attention. FACTORYVILLE, April 28. The regular Sunday evening services will be held in the BaDtist churcn at 7:3 The Rev. C. W. Caulkins will preach this sermon. The Archie Harrod Singers from Washington, D. C, for many years a star Chautauqua and Lyceum attraction will give a concert in the Factory ville Baptist church Monday evening, Mav 1 at 8 o'clock. Personnel: Flor ence Annette Harrod, coloratura soprano and dramatic reader; Alice Harrod, mezzo soprano; Archie Harrod, tenor and proprietor ; Naomi Harroa, teasurer. The Archie Harod singers comes to us under the auspices of the church choir and you will want to hear them. An offering will be taKen. Mrs. Clair Langford was hostess to th Helpers' class . of the Baptist church school in her home Thursday, Chicken dinner was served by Mrs, Helen Gardner, Mrs. Etta Mack, Mrs. Helen Holly, Miss Lillian Carpenter. Mrs. Loretta Slocum and tne nostras. The business meeting and election of officers for the coming year followed the dinner. Officers elected were: President, Mrs. Helen Gardner; vice - president. Mrs. Letta Manchester; secretary. Mrs. Ruth Thomas; tree urer, Mrs. Loretta Slocum. Twenty - six members were present. Approximately sixteen rural eighth grado students will take the eighth grade county examination In the local high school Saturday. The Bav Scout troon took a hike Thursday after school. They cooked their supper and some or tne scouts who work on Saturdays passed their tests. Fl'th period exam:natlons were held in the local school Thursday and Fri day. The final meeting of the Parent - Teacher association will be held Wednesday evening in the school gym nasium. A committee was appointed at the last meeting ani is making nlans for a social time. It is hoped that all members will attend this meeting. Miss Helen Mams, Peckville, Is a guest of Miss Amelia'Frear. Mrs. Fred Cox, Peckville, is a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Philipson. Mrs. May Gore, Mrs. Mildred Steele, Mrs. Grace Lee, Mrs. Emma Briggs, Mrs. Jesrie Kittle, Mrs. Blodwin Davis. Mrs. Roy Razey. Mrs. James Winters attended the Rebekah lodge at Clark Summit, Tuesday evening. The Standard bearers of the M. E. church will hold a covered dish supper in the church Monday evening at C o'clock. Business meeting will follow. Mrs. Amanda Smith visited friends In Dunmore Tuesday and Wednesday, and attended the thirty - seventh anniversary of Colonal Council No, 27, Daughters of America Tuesday evening in Dunmore. West Side Chorus To Give Minstrel s The West Scranton Male chorus will present a minstrel show at Washington hall on May IS and 16. Mickey Burns is directing the chorus. Patrick Sheerin is writing the show. There will be a rehearsal Sunday afternoon at the First Baptist church. The end men are: Arthur Tarring - ton, Dave Jones, Dave Cosgrove. Mickey Burns. Sheerin is the Interlocutor and William J. Jones will direct the music. Emlyn Lloyd will be the accompanist. William Williams. Thomas Davies, Elwyn Thomas comprise the committee in charge. William Williams, Glen Williams, Harry Acker, Jack Price. Joel Wlsley Sam Smith and Owen Thomas are the soloists There will be twenty - flve voles in the chorus. Smoking is almost general among Russian women. Walsh, pastor of the church, per formed the ceremony and celebrated the nuptial mass. The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mattshys, friends of the contracting couple. A large number of relatives and mends witnessed tne ceremony. Following the nuptials, a wedding breakfast was served at tne cana - wacta hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Dougherty left on a weddine trip to New York. Upon their return they will reside on Washington street, Susquehanna. Mr. Dougherty is an employe of the Erie here. above as he chanted a recent Te Deum, Waverly News for The Republican left with Mrs. F. W. Tyler or phoned to Clarks Summit 311 - R - 9 will receive Immediate attention. NEWS BRIEFS SUSQUEHANNA. April 28 Edwin Brainard, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Brainard is ill at his home in Oak land. Will Change Worship Hour at M. E. Church WAVERLY, April 28. Beginning Suriiav morninss. there will be a change in the time of the warship Richard Nelson has returned from service and in that of the church a visit with relatives in Binghamton. school session at tne waveriy Metno - Miss Julia Norwick has returned dist Episcopal church. On account of from a visit n scranton. the combination of the Wavsrly Mrs. Harry Wrghter has returned church with the - Dalton church as from a visit with friends in Scran - ore charge, tne morning worsnip ser. ton. vice at Waveriy will be held during the Miss Eumo Kosinskv has resumed hour previously used for the church her studies in the hleh school here school session. Some have expressed aft?r being confined to her home on a desire to make the worship hour 10 account of illness. a. m. rather than 9:45 a. m. Renson Heller. Almond. N Y.. is I Since this changj would involve the guest of his grandmother, Mrs. the necessity to change the time of Carrie Benson, Church street. worship service of both Dalton and nr and Mrs E. V. McCawlev are Waver y. this matter will be rsierrea in Carbondale, called there by the to the coming quarterly conference death of Mrs. Madeline LarKln Fad - ior decision, ionswuents oi me den. Springville News for The Republican left with Miss Lena A. Bushnell will receive Immediate attention. church and church school are re - quested to take note of this change in making adjustment to the new situation. WAVERLY, April 28. On the aft ernoons of Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, May 2 to May 5, inclusive, at z o'ciock, mere wm be held in the Clarks Summit thea - ter, an electric cooking school. Miss Mvrtle Turnev nationally known SPRINGVILLE. April 28. The home economist, will conduct the special services in the Baptist churcn classes. She will bring to the women have been attracting large congrega - 0f the Abingtons the very latest tions nightly. Splendid speakers have methods used in cooking, also new been heard each evening, which, to - ideas in food preparation and plan - getner witn tne message in sons, mi - mg, and a host or unusual recepies. der the insoirinir leadership of Byron These electric cookinor classes will be Smith, have been a great blessing toor)pn DUhiic. At Clarks Summit many. Tonignt saturaay, tne rtev. Mr. .theater, May 2, 3. 4 and S. TiDDiiis, oi new Minora, win rem Tne tawn Me.s basketball team en - charge and tomorrow f..Ba?c"; tertained the members of the town of Johnson City, will preach at both QW , t t buet KiVen at tne morning ana eve?? !ce. " - Herrons on the Trail" on Tuesday you nave nut uccu abLciiuniK, wmc i gybing last. Mrs. W. D. Minkler. of Little Mead - . inuiuiivra uy w pupiis v. ows. has been spending the week with the grade and high schools on her daughter. Miss Helen Miniuer, ai "y j"s wr ,. n wh..w smith Teacher association was much en Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Billings ana juyeu uy imge i.iciiubiivb. n oi, .,n vaet T.wnn onpst of business meeting followed the pro - Mr. and Mrs. William Burr. Sunday. fm at which time Mr Robert Hull, Mr and - Mrs Will Lord of Nichol - w"S3 nuu nniriaun bq iia. uiiiiau son, spent Monday as guests of Mr. Angwai were named as members pt and Mrs O S Whitney. the nominating committee. This will Mr and Mrs. B. o. Lane were w""" mc imnmss iui wc pcocn Rpranton visitors Thursdav. school term and tne next meeting Mrs L D. Edwards. Of Bingham - oe ntm me last luesuny ui w . - ran mmtt f Mr ftllH tObef, 1933. SK 6 7 Mrs. Oswald Strauch, with Mrs. F. nVic.'vro'rth. tJ,,i r?irir toarh.r nf A. Kaiser and Mrs. Walter Samuels, home economics, will give' a lesson In of Wilkes - Barre, will have charge of upholstering In the Grange hail ti - evemi ui mc winciniaa i w u day, May 5, at 1:30 o'clock. Every - In conjunction with the annual meet - one is cordially invited to attend. ing of northeastern district of the Th memhers nf the orchestra wno owe r euersuon oi reiiiisyivui nlav bras instruments. Frank Rel - women, to Be neid at Ainans, ra., 0n mel. Robert Lee. Basil Button, uavis i iuuy iwak, Turre and Emilv Riley, with tneir Instructor, Miss Carolyn weinver, motored to Mansfield Thursdav after. noon and attended the concert given at the college in Sraughn hall, by a band of picked professional players from all over the state under the leadershin of the celebrated Dana leader, Edwin Franko Goldman. Uniondale News for The Republican left with Mrs. Lnella Burdick will receive Immediate attention. Laceyville News for The Republican left with Miss Mary E. Gray or phoned to Laceyville 58 - R - 7 will receive immediate attention. UNIONDALE April 28. Services to be held In the Presbyterian churcn for the coming Sunday are as fol lows: Sunday school at u:45 a. m.; Christian Endeavor meeting at 6:45 o'clock, with Miss Earol Sparks as leader. All young people invited to attend. Preachlnz service at o'clock at which time the Rev. Charles B. Smith will speak on the spbject, LACEYVILLE, April 28. Mr. and "For Such a Time As This." Esther Mrs. Russell Price and family. Mld - dletown, N. Y., were Sunday guests of Dr. and Mrs. George B. Edwards. 4:14. The choir will render a spec lal selection. The Junior chir practice will be Miss Anna Whipple left on Monday held with Mrs. Sutton on Saturday evening to enter Moody Bible Institute, morning at 10 a. m. Chicago, as a student and Miss Mary Arthur smith, inompson, was a Whipple has accepted a position with dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. tne rTuiaaeipnia service rrinting smitn on weanesaay. company and began her work last Mrs. Mary Coleman and daughter, week. Mrs. Clarence Horton were business A son, Daniel Jr., was born to Mr. callers in Scranton and Carbondale and Mrs. Daniel Clapper, Clapper on Tuesday. . Hill, Pa., on April 7, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Churchill Mrs. Clapper's parents, Mr. and Mrs. and daughter, Marian, visited in Blng - Frank Repsher. Mrs. Clapper before hamton last Sunday. her marriage was Sylvia Repsher. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bennett, Welsh Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Howe ana Hill, were recent guests of Mr. ana granddaughter. Jane Harris, spent Mrs. E. A. Reynolds. Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George L. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Moseholder are Detrick, Jonnson City, n. y ana planning soon to taice up tneir resi - found Mr. Detrick recovering from dence in St. Louis, Mo, his recent lllnert. The Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Lucas and Mr. and Mrs. Georee L. Whitney, son. Starrucca. called on friends IP Brooklyn, N. Y., spent the week - end town un Tuesday of this week, with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gray and , EaaryetWMh Gray1368 Mary "d Simpson Junior Choir Urban Miiheim and son, William, Plana FnloHainmpnf clarks summit, spent Sunday with nans E,nieriainmeni Mr. and Mrs. Charles inman. reparations are unaer way oy Ralph Grow. Wyoanna, Pa., spent members of the Junior choir, Simpson the week - end with his parents, Mr. M. E. church, for an entertainment and Mrs. George Grow. and concert on Tuesday night In the Mrs. J, D. Whipple, daughter Anna, church auditorium. Mrs, uabeua a. Mr. and Mrs. John Repsher and Rod - Welles la directing the program. ney Whipple visited Mr. and Mrs. The program, wnicn win be given D. Taylor, Wyalusing, on Sunday by a chorus of eighty voices, will be afternoon. in two parts. The youngsters will Last year. 1932. it snowed all day present "What's the Matter with on the 27th of April, and on the night Sally," and the members of the high of April 28. this vear. it snowed on school group of the choir will give an the high hills around here, although operetta, "The Radio Maids." spring flov.ers have been In bloom I Charles Sutton, the assistant chor - here for two weeks and more on some ister. is assisting Mrs. Welles in ar - lawns. I ranging the program. 1 Troops Conduct Party and Sale Many at Affair in Green Ridge Club More than 150 attended the card party and cooked fruit sale conducted Thursday afternoon in Green Ridge club. 1645 Wyoming avenue, by the advisory committees of Girl Scout troops, Nos. 4, 5 and 45, Green Ridge Presbyterian church. The affair was for the benefit of the summer camping funds of the trooy;. Potted plants were given as prizes for high scores at each table. Mrs. Raymond Leonard was the winner of the door prize. The rooms were at tractively decorated, and refreshments were served, Miss Ruth Butler, captain of troop 4; Mrs. Phillip Hartman, captain of troop 5," and Mrs. B. E. Ingersoll, captain of troop 45, were in charge of the arrangements. They were assisted by the following committee members: troop 45, Mrs. A. G. Schautz. chair man; Mrs. H. J. Levering, treasurer; Mrs. Li. k. Reel, Mrs. P H. Graff, Mrs, Charles Tudor Leber. Mrs. R. F. Duck worth, and Mrs. J. Gordon Oxley; troop 5, Mrs. William Lindsay, chairman; Mrs. William Ives, and Mrs. William Sunday; troop 4, Mrs, J. A. Snover, chairman; Mrs. William Allen, Mrs. D, W. Phillips, Mrs. Howard Shaw, Mrs, George Saar, Mrs. James Reld, Mrs George Dimmock. Miss Clara Van Blar com. and Mrs. Gerald Stanton. MiS3 Mary Nichols, field captain, as sisted the officers of the troops. Clarks Green News tor The Republican left with S. E. Glasson will receive Immediate attention. CLARKS GREEN, April 28. A comedv entitled "How I Earned My First Dollar" will be presented at the Methodist church on Friday evening. Mav 5. beeinnine at 8 o'clock. The play will be given by the ladles of the Chinchilla church, under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid society of the local church. Several musical numbers will also be presented. The public is in vited. Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Llles and family have vacated their home on Hall ave nue and are now livinz in the W. L. Morgan house on North Higniand ave nue. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stewart and family left on Thursday for their new home in Allentown, Pa. Starting Monday. May 1. the local post office will close promptly at p. m., to continue throughout the summer months. The regular services will be held at the M. E. chuvch. At io a. m. tne Sundav school will convene. At 11 o clock the church service witn tne Rev. Robert Fletcher officiating, and at 6:30 p. m. the Epworth league. Dalton News for The Republican left with Mrs. C. A. Knight or phoned io Dalton 130 - R - 7 will receive Immediate attention. DALTON. April 28 There will be a bake sale held by the lames of tne Methodist church Saturday commenc ing at 11 o'clock in Twining's restaur ant. Clayton Severence has moved In the home owned by Ralph Sherman on Wetherly street. Miss Grace Terriil spent tne week end with her parents at Aldenville. Mrs. William Jensen entertained her bridne club last Thursday. Mrs. Lewis Jones will entertain the club Friday afternoon. May 5. Mrs. A. W. Marvin entertained at bridge Saturday. There were three tables. Mrs. Julia Avlsworth of Clarks Summit is staying with Miss Helen Baker for a time. The church and community are pleased that Rev. John White was returned here for another year. Nicholson News for The Republican left with Mrs. Robert Winters will receive immediate attention. NICHOLSON, April 28. Abuot fifty members of the Plus Ultra class of the M. E. Sunday school and their friends met at the church parlors on weanesaay evening ana enjoyed a covered dish supper. After the sup per a short program was given. The Rev. and Mrs. Watrous, and Mrs. Black, who are soon to leave for Spencer. N. Y.. were the guests of honor. Mrs. Watrous, the teacher of the class, was presented with a bible by Mrs. W. E. Lord in behalf of the members of the class. The regular month'y meeting of the . Parent - Teacher association will he held in. the high school auditorium next Tuesday evening. May 2. There will be election or oncers. Mrs. Laura Bell entertained Mr. and Mrs. Engene Tower, Great Bend, and Mrs. Dora Bennett. Hop Bottom, on weanesaay. Miss Elsie Camp, who has been been ill at the home oi N. c. Tiffany, Main street, is imDrovlnar. Mrs. Myra Judge Is seriously lu in a new yorit nospitai. The members and friends of the M. E. church are invited to attend a reception to be held in their church parlors on Wednesday evening, May 3. for the Rev., and Mrs. Watrous who will leave on Thursday for Spen cer, N. Y and for the Rev. and Mrs D. M. Corkwell who will take charge of the church here. . The following honor roll students have an average of. 90 per cent or better for the second period of the sec ond semester. Each aemestr Is composd of three periods and each period con sists of thirty school days, or six weeks. To be on the honor roll means that the pupil's work both in quantity and quality is superior. Seniors: Veima Miller, Roberta Latham, BUUe Purvis, Iran Stephens, Wilbur Fanringer, Norman saxton. Juniors: Iris Bring. Eleanor Crock, Jean Diller, Sam Musto, Frances Riker, Vernette Stark, Evelyn Wright Carl ton Wright. sophomores: Wanda Chishoim, Mon lea Choplauski, Louise Cobb, Arlene Oow, Elneda Potter, Mary sufgalia, Frances VanHousen. Kathryn Wilbur, Newell Johnson, Arthur Maloney Hugh Saxton. Grade Nine: Elinor Birstler, Helen Sharkey. Helena Stephens, George uiarKson. Grade Eight: . Helen MacConnel, Poyce Bronson. ' 1 Grade seven: Edwin Davenport, Vincent Stephens, Michael Surgalla. Mrs. F. A. coivin and daughter Helen, entertained at a six o'clock dinner at their home on Oak street, Wednesday evening, in honor of the boys' and girl s basketball teams. Those present were: Miss Macbeth, Blllle Purvis, Portia Potter, Evelyn Stanton, Emma Snyder, Helen Sharkey. Vesta Bell, Eleanor Crock, Evelyn Wright, Frances Riker, Sally Matelevich, Miss Mary Hoppe, Prof. Slonaker, Carleton wrignt, Joe Macconneu, Jack sails bury, Joe Sluznls, Arthur Maloney, Norman Saxton, and Vernon Holer, Hop Bottom News far Tba RepabUean left with Mrs. C. L. Rabinam win receive Immediate attention. South Auburn News for The Republican left with Mrs. L. T. Place will receive Immediate attention. SOUTH AUBURN. April 28. Mrs, Lvdia LaFrance, Meshoppen, Mrs. G. W. Brooks. Lymanvllle, and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brooks. Springville, were Sunday visitors at O. w. Larrance s. At the next regular meeting of tne grange a Mother's Day program will be given. Mrs. A. B. Judson and two children returned to Glen Falls. N. Y., on Frt day after having spent a week at the Judson home. Harold Rustag, wife and son. Wilkes - Barre. are living in Mrs. Jen nie Judson s house instead of the mc - Wickens house as reported. Harold is working at his old lob in wiikes - Barre this week. Four of the students of South Au burn school attended the high school entrance examination and passed sue cessfully. They were: Raymond Ty ler, Billy Overfleld, John Baker ana Earl Bowman. They will be in high school next year. Mrs. L. T. Place and sister, miss Annie Swackhamer called on their sister - in - law, Mrs. Luella Swackhamer, Rush, on Monday. Lillian, wife of Nelson Groch, passed away at her home on Thursday, April 20, at 2 a. m. She had suffered for many months from an incurable malady. She is survived by her hus band, one son. ne sister and four brothers besides a host of other rela tives and friends who sincerely mourn the oassine of a noble woman. Her funeral services were held from her late home on Saturday afternoon; her pastor, tne Rev. Frani xnomas, om elated. Burial was made In the Camp - town cemetery. To Address League Prof. Charles Leber. Bible class teacher of Washburn Street Presby terian church, will address members of the Senior League of Youth of Asbury M. E. church on Sunday eve - ning at 6:15 o'clock. Ralph Davis, tenor soloist of the Asbury church quartet, will offer a number of selections, accompanied at the by Miss Harriet A. Price. STOP when in Hones dale and get one of . . . WJeniger's Scoops of BEER 552 MAIN STREET HONESDALE SPECIAL SALE CUT FLOWERS Roses .49c Dot. Carnation 49c Dot. Snapdragons 59c Doi. Darwin Tulips 69c Doz. Jonquils 39c Doi. Calendulas 69c Doi. Iris : 99c Dos. Sweet peas (25 in a bunch) .39c Bunch Orchids ! 49c Each Gardenias 29c Each PLANTS OF ALL KINDS AT SPECIAL PRICES Whenever yon need flowers for whatever eeeasien visit us. We have the finest selection of flowers and our prices are always right NEW YORK FLORAL COMPANY 216 WYOMING AVE. SCRANTON. PENNA. HOP BOTTOM. April 28. Mrs Myron Darling had for her guests re cently Mrs. Helen Darling and son. Jack, of Binghamton, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scott 'and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Williams attended conference In Ontonta. N. Y., on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bvans attended conference in Oneonta, N. Y on Friday. Mr. Evans was the layman sent from Hop Bottom - Brooklyn charge. Harold Packer, who has been ill, Is improving. Oley Pratt has been ill this week. Mr. and Mrs, C. L. Robinson and daughter, Cora, visited at the home of Arthur Terrell at Gibson on Sunday. The Dairymen's league will hold a district meeting on Saturday, April 29, in the Methodist church. The Ladies' Aid will serve dinner. Boys'; Programs Will Be Observed Sunday In connection with the services on Sunday at the Ebenezer Welsh Presbyterian church, special boys' week programs will be presented. The Rev. R. J. Williams will preach a sermon on "Boys" at the evening service at 6 o'clock. John Shiffler. Humphrey Penhale, Herbert Downs, and Jack Davis will serve as ushers. The following will serve as officers at the Sunday school session at 11:15 o'clock: Robert Reese. sUDerintendent: William Jones, secretary; Faller Evans assistant secretary; Lloyd Evans, treasurer; George Fischer and Robert Buckingham, librarians, and Walter Williams Jr., primary department superintendent. ' 4 . Hudson seal is the trade name for common muskrat fur made un to re semble seal. Clarks Summit News far The RepabUean left with Mies Lanera Retiree win reeeive InusMdiate attention. CLARKS SUMMIT, April 28. At the First Presbyterian church of Clarks Summit on Sunday, worship as usual. Boy's Sunday. A special service has been arranged. A boys' choir will sins; an anthem. ' Harry Dansereau, the youngest member of the church, will deliver the junior sermon on the topic, "Gideon and the 300." Mr. William 'L. Dennen will give a short talk on "Boys' Work in the Abingtons." The Boy Scouts are asked to come in uniform. The Missionary meeting held at the home of Miss Allen on Thursday, was greatly enjoyed by the fifty women who attended. Mrs. Russell Snyder, president of the society, pre - sidled over the meeting. Mrs. H. C. jonnson nad cnarge of the devotions. Mrs. Arthur Schutts gave a very In spiring address on "The Indians of Arizona."' Mrs. scnutts has lived among the Indians for some twenty - five years and sooke from first hand information. Mrs. John McCrutchen of Pittston accompanied by Mrs. Mariana Hunt Ryan' was the soloist of the afternoon. She sang "Before Thy Throne," "Spring Is a Lady" and "Everywhere I Look." Tea was served by Miss Allen assisted by her sister, Mrs. David MacArt. The Rev. L. D. Palmer will occupy the pulplf at the Methodist Episcopal church at ths ll a. m. service on Sunday. This will be the opening service of his sixth year as pastor oi this cnurcn and will be welcomed by his congregation. First Baptist church, the Rev. Archie W. Smith, pastor. Subject of the Sunday morning sermon, "The Blessing of God's People." The pastor's evening sermon subject is Christ Our Sacrifice." The Christian Fundamental associ ation invites those who have no church home to come and worshp at their services; morning service, 10 Three Councilmen Condemned byUnit Action of three Dunmore council - men in voting against a proposal to confer with taxpayers relative to changing the meetinc schedule of the borough solons was condemned at a V ...jn . m . association in Odd Fellows' hall Thursday. ' Resolutions of condemnation were directed at Councilmen Frank Santersiero. Eugene Riccerdo anJ Andrew Burke. On the other hand, the three councilmen who voted in favor of conferring with the taxpayers were commended. They are Councilmen John Gallagher, James Haggerty and Charles Juba. o'clock; evening service, 7:30 p. m.j Sunday school at 10 a. m. Mrs. Maud Miller Mrs. Ruth Miller, Miss Jean Clark and Miss Patricia Young represented the Junior department of the Ablngton Woman's club at the Lehigh Congress of Clubs held at Stroudsburg Tuesday. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Price of Clifford, a daughter, Monday, April 24 at the home of Mrs. Price's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster of Powell avenue. Mrs. Lydia Staples Griffith, Montrose, is visiting her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Staples, Electric street. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carro, who have occupied Mrs. Carrie Walker's house during the winter are moving; to Clarks Green. Blue Star Kills The Itch Germs To get rid of itch, rash, tetter, f oof itch, ringworm or eczema, cover with soothing Blue Star Ointment which contains tested medicines that melt and soak in quickly and kill every germ. Money back if it fails. - Adv. "Store Hours, Daily 9 to 6" Smooths the Larger Figure Without an Inner Belt The KnoBelt A designed by Vogue This skillfully designed garment keeps curves in tow and irons away bulges. It is cleverly boned. It hat surgical elastic hip sections. The semi - detachable brassiere front allows freedom of movement. The front lacing makes it perfectly adjustable at all times. You'll praise its comfort. $7.50 $10 8. D. G. Co. Third Fleer Silk Slips With Adjustable Straps Lovely fitted slips with those handy little adjustable straps. Lace trimmed or tailored. Flesh or peach. Sizes 34 to 44. 8. D. G. Co. Third Fleer C b0 x (id nn 0 Destroy! Heir 0 Destroy! Heir Roots 0 PiinlesslyNeturilly ' 0 Hirmlcnly 'UOTfit - ! PROXON is a cream, as simple to apply as cold cream. The hair root, after a number of applications, becomes gradually weaker ;, until it is finally destroyed, thus precluding its further growth. Come into the Toilet Goods Dep't. and learn how simple the treatment is. In jars, Priced $5 and $10 Booklet on request 8. D. G. Co. Street Flaer Gloves wear ruffles of Organdy These are deliciously summery looking affairs of mesh with two rows of crisp, chic organdy. WHAT they DO for hands ! Sl pai pair Street Floor A 1 Alice In Wonderland Bands Will Hold Back the " Smartest Curls Tortoise shell bands for all the world like those the beloved Alice wore. Some plain, ' some checked, some with rhinestonet. 25c 50c $1 Street Floor Your Furs Will Be Safe From Moths in Our Scientific Storage Vaults . , located right here in the' store . . and under our direct supervision. They're abso - ; lute protection, too, from fire or theft. Phone 2 - 3285. Our man will call. Far DepU Third Fleer

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  1. The Scranton Republican,
  2. 29 Apr 1933, Sat,
  3. Page 10

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