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bkn life april 11 1925 p9 Lisbeth 1x - Cast, Ushers and Patroriesses for "Adam and...
Cast, Ushers and Patroriesses for "Adam and Eva" The leading parts of "Adam and Eva' a comedy in three acts, which is to be presented by the Young Peoples Organization of Central Presbyterian Church (Dr. John F. Carson, pastor) on Thursday , evening, April 16th, at the Bedford . Branch Y. M. C A. Auditorium, will; be taken by -Miss -Miss Florence Bennett and Mr. John Wood, and they will be supported by Miss Olive Garitt, - Miss Grace Thompson, Mrs. Kenneth S. Franklin, Mr. Raymond Raymond Orr, Mr. Hugo Platte, Mr. Charles Heath, Mr. Kenneth S. Franklin and Mr. Charles Hitch. The ushers are to be; Miss Ida M. Cooke, chairman; Miss Frances D. Arthur, Miss Mildred S. Barre, Miss Marion Beyer, Miss Elizabeth S. Bedford, Miss Emily A. Berry, Miss Josephine M. Dayton, Mrs. Monteath T. Dayton, Miss Marion Henry, Miss Marjorie A. Horning, Miss Ruth Northridge, Miss Bessie Redferri, Miss Jean P. Orr and Miss Mabelle E. Souville. The following is. a partial list of patronesses; Mrs. W. A. Ardery, Mrs. F. D. Arthur, Mrs. Charles F. Bandel, Mrs. Walter A, Beyer, Mrs. Jennie S. Boehler, Mrs. George R. Bennett, Mrs. Phileas S. Berry, Miss C. E. Black; Mrs. W. J. Bolen, Mrs. Edwin F. Buchanan, Mrs. William Noble Bush, Mrs." Charles Bell Butler, Mrs. John F. Carson, Mrs. A. N, Chapman, Mrs. Camillus R. Cheshire, Mrs. George Albert Cheshire, Mrs. Wilma Coggeshall, Mrs. Edgar F." Davis, Mrs. Harry T. Dayton, Mrs. J. Howland Donaldson, Mrs. Thomas R. Edwards Mrs. W. B. Fenton, Mrs. David Forshay, Mrs. J. C. Forsyth, Mrs. Melville J. France, Mrs. W. G. Frazer, Mrs. (Adelaide B. Garritt, Mrs. George Gordon, Mrs. Caril T. Harrington, Mrs. W. A. Harris, Mrs., G. A. Haoch, Mrs. Ida R. Hawkins, Mrs. Gordon D. Hay, Mrs. F. H. Heissenbuttel, Mrs". John E. Henry, Mrs. Clarence L. Horning, Mrs. George L. Houghton, Mrs. Harry R. Hunter Mrs. W. G. Ihrig, Mrs. S. Irwin, Mrs. Charles D. Jerolamon, Mrs. Harry Joseph, Mrs. Duane Ketcham,. Mrs. Albert B. King, Mrs. D. F. Kingsland, Mrs. W. B. La Chicotte, Mrs. Harry B. Leland, Mrs. Victor A. Lerener, Mrs. Charles C. Marke, Mrs. Robert S. Marvin, Mrs. Katharyne S. Maxwell, Miss Carrie Moore, Miss Jean Moore, Mrs. William H. Morgan, Mrs. Thomas McCracken, Mrs. J. Edward McDermott, Mrs. J.. R. McDowell, Mrs. John McKinley, Mrs. G. W. Northrupi Mrs. Katherine Orr, Mrs. Charles Paff, Mrs. Peter M. Payntar, Miss Jennie Perry, Mrs.-Wilson Mrs.-Wilson Mrs.-Wilson W. Phraner, Mrs. Willard B. Prune, Mrs. Sarah A. Rich, Mrs. Henry F. Sander, Mrs. Rudolph H.Seaborg, Mrs. J. P. Searing, Mrs. Edward , Silsbe, Mrs. E, Skidmore, Mrs. Charles Souville, Mrs. Robert Stevenson, Mrs. F. M. Strang, Mrs. Frank De Witt Talmage, Mrs. William R. Taylor, Mrs. J. McD. Thompson, Mrs. Frank Thorn, Miss Elise Tobin, Mrs. Albert D. Tyler, Mrs. Sarah M. Valentine, Mrs. Thomas L. Van Norden, Mrs. Adam Vaubel, Mrs. . W. W. Wickee, Mrs. Ward Williams and Mrs. John. Wood. Miss McDerinott's Wedding Plans , , The wedding of Miss Grace McDermott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McDermott, of 140 Lincoln Road, and Mr.' Harry J. Crofton, son of-Mr. of-Mr. of-Mr. and Mrs. John H. .Crofton, of .116 Warwick Street, will take place in St Augustine's Church on April 21st at 11 A. M., and will be followed by a reception at the . Hotel Bossert. Mrs. William A, Kelly will be matron of honor and Miss Ruth Larney maid of honor. The bridesmaids will be the Misses Adele Cavanagh, of Manhattan, and May-belle May-belle May-belle Carroll," of Baypbrt, L. I., and Harriet Merrjll will be flower girl. Mr. Charles B. Crofton will be best man and the ushers will be the Messrs. John C. McDermott, Arthur V Crofton, Francis J. Sinnott and Augustine J. Walsh. Miss Higgins Hostess at Sunday Tea . Miss Lisbeth Higgins was the Very charming hostess at a tea and reception at her home, 101 Prospect Park West, last Sunday afternoon. The tea table, which was most attractively set was" presided over by Mrs. Alfred Hall Emerson and Miss Elizabeth Deyer. The guests included the Misses Katherine I. Magner, Audrey L. Silsbe. Natalie A. Silsbe, Agnes Callender, Janet French MacKay. Elizabeth Rhoades, Adele Entz, Beatrice Morse Cantwell, Eileen Cantwell, Muriel Sloco-vich. Sloco-vich. Sloco-vich. Madelyn , Waterman, Violet Hardie Mars, Gladys L; Mars. : - Margaret Pierce Quinby. Cathleen Baxter, Elizabeth Paxton Colket, Cornelia Duryea Livingston, Dorothy Norwood. Kittv Liebman. Stephanie Siney, Elizabeth Deyer Charlotte Deyer Elizabeth Greve, Marjorie Bijou. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hall Everson (Rachel Higgins), Dr. George J. Schreiber, Jr., the Messrs. Richard M. Egan, Louis A. Ruckgaber, Joseph F. Cannon, Norman C Hilborn. R. Insle'e Clark. Charles Baker Hester, Franklin Field.. Rowland LI Field, "Arthur J. Harrison, - Hervey L. Russell. William C. Gahagan, Otto Schreiber, . .Theodore Barnes Entz, Jr., Preston Baiel wood,' Reginald BROOKLYN LIFE -X -X Webster, W'illiam M. Calder, Jr., Edward J. McDonald. McDonald. " . , Theodore Fitz Randolph, William F., Koch, Harry Stokum, Jr., of Manhattan, John H. Livingston, Jeremiah Clarke Joha W, Drye, Paul Bernard, Merritt L. Smith, Henry B. Garnaus, Edward Garnaus, Roland O. Rasch, .Frank Blewer, Perry Bigelow, of Manhattan; William " D. .Burns, William J. Kent, Jr., John K. Birch, H.-Chandlee H.-Chandlee H.-Chandlee Turner, Jr., Gerard S. Smith, Davies Roulston, Gordon S. Braislin, Ira Cobleigh, Arthur W. Ericsson and Raymond R. Fiero. "Kipling Was Right" Presented The Dramatic Club of the Flatbush School has just ..presented an original p!ay, written by one of its own members, Dorothy A very, and acted by a very competent cast. Two performances were given, the evening one being followed by a delightful little dance. In both cases they played to a full house. The program was as follows: .- "KIPLING WAS RIGHT" , Tubs DcvintonA Little Sister ! Doris Jean Young Inez Ayrcs Young, But All There Dorothy Foote Paula Williams With a Passion for Individualities Elinor Hall . Sharon de la Flair A Movie Star Dorothy Avery - V Photo by ha Hill '. MRS. RUSSELL S. HUME -Of -Of 160 Henry Street, one of the charming young matrons of the Heights Billy Woodruff A Young Man Who Boasts a Valentino Complex Paterson Bond Donald Devinton Who Wishes a Valentino Complex , ' Gertrude Roach Prince Shaman An East Indian Prince Who Knows his Stuff. .Leonore Loew Doris DureltThe Lovely Lady Next Door. .yra Brody Time Latter Part of June. Place Williams' Cottage, Mirror Lake. Act I Before Dinner. Act II After Dinner. . Mrs. Payne's "Current Topics" On Thursday morning, April 2nd, Mrs. Jessica Lozier Payne gave, the eleventh of her series of twelve talks on Current Topics at the Academy Music Hall. Her . topics, "Britain's Proposal for Lasting Peace," "Church and State in France," and. "Major Issues at Albany," .were treated in. her accustomed carefully thought out and illuminating way, and were made to cover a wide field, which included the elections in Germany, the Prince . of Wales' trip to Africa and South America, the Senate's promise to "take a vote on December 17th on the question ' of the Permanent Court of International Justice and our' splendid President Great 'Britain strongly supports a five Power, pact, including Germany, rather than a three Power one. She fears that 4 if not included Germany will ally herself with Russia. There is a hew attitude on the part of France, arid she is willing to co-operate co-operate co-operate in order to obtain security and economic advantages, by which both France andr Germany will prosper. presents thirty and had life student talks In on have out of noted . Mis. Leslie . H. -' Tiny the any tive of color that one and mean 4 that , is vice-president; Blackburn, W. Mr. . Mr. to of to -

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Brooklyn Life and Activities of Long Island Society (Brooklyn, New York)11 Apr 1925, SatPage 9
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