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Byron Lewis Snyder - 12 THE SCTANTON REPUBLICAN, FRIDAY, APRIC 128,...
12 THE SCTANTON REPUBLICAN, FRIDAY, APRIC 128, 1935 IT'S A GARDEN YEAR : . Include Onion Crop, ) Using , Seeds or Sets EDITOR'S NOTE: this ig ene of a irriu of artieln written exclusively for The Associated Pren en - rerninj haw one my utilise hl bck yard, or other tract of unmed land, for garden purpose. By DR. L. C. CORBETT Principal Horticulturist; Bureau of Plant Industry, U. S. Department of Agriculture Most gardens will include plantings of onions. All onions are v.'ite hardy and will withstand considerable cold, but there is marked variation in this rcspest. The Prizstaker class alonsi with the "panish onions are less hardy than Australian Brown and the Danvers ' rrrcup. In general red and brown onions are a little hardier and more disease : ;slstant than the white - skinned sorts. Broadly spsaking, onions are propagated from seeds and from sets. Top - sets are small bulblets produced above ground In clusters like flower heads. These small bulblets are planted in tha open usually in early spring and quickly develop into a "scallion" suitable for early table use. and if left standing will throw up a flower stalk cn top of which another cluster of bulblets will be produced. Sets Are Small Onions The greater proportion of all onion ?ts are of another class. These are really small onions grown the previous reason from seed sawn thiak and grow dwarfed because they are crowded. These little onions are harvested and cured much the same as market onions and are held over winter in a cool loft to be sold the following spring as onion sets. Such sets planted out early in the season quickly develop to bunch onion size and left to come to full maturity WHEN ONION PLANT IS 2. Oft 3 INCHES TALL, ROWS SHOULD BE THINNED TO PREVENT CROWDING I J SEED SHOULD 'BE , PLANTED IN ROWS Z TP 15 INCHES APART Onions, a popular corp. may be planted early and raised from either seeds or sets. If seeds are used, the plants will have to be th'nned out. This sketch Illustrate the process. Boys to Receive Awards at Party Affair Will Be Held in Clubrooms The annual "Awards Night" party of the Boys' club of Seranton will be held tomorrow night at 7:30 o'clock when prizes will be awarded to approximately fifty boys who were winners in the various contests held by the club during the winter sea son. The affair will be held In con junction with the opening of Boys' week, tne day being designated ai Boys' work organizations. A varied program has been ar. ranged by Superintendent Frederick Boyies. Short talis by Bab Shawkey, formerly a member of the Nsw York Yankees and now manager of the Seranton Miners, and by Chris Rose, former police chief, will, feature the program. Floyd C. S!evens. of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, will entertain with a half hour of magic. The Sunshine trio will entertain with several numbers, featuring Floyd Kearns in a yoieling sp3c:alty. Joe Wetter and his Old Home Bakers. who have attended this afiair for a rumber of years, will also have a part in the program by popular request. Angslo Ciccottl. a members of the Boys' club and a well known juvenile performer, will also sing several popular numbers. Two moving picture comedies will also b screened. Ice cream and cake will be served at the close of the entertainment. The board of directors of the rlub will meet on the same evening at Hotel Holland at 7 o'clock and following their meeting will come to the club and spend the evening with the boys. Prizes will be awarded to the following boys: James GiiEtin, .Tames Michael. Junes O'Donnell, Philip Karam, Aniell Arvonio. James Maroon. Alfred Butch, John Santo - mauro. Michael Me - ko. Charles Nicholas. Merle Malia. Carmen Libasi, Laverne Cunningham, John Malla, Bernard Blier, Andrew Swebeda. Eugene Coleman. Leo Kane, Sam Jaffee, John Diekman. Victor Delar. John Savannah, Charles Savino. Carl Sa - vino, John Sadausky, Ike Dav:s. Emil Ilchuk. Peter Tomachick. Hubert O'Malley. Charles Harte, Alfred Mc - ' Kinney, Robert Boyies, Paul McDer - , mott. Joseph Price. Frank Hrinda. Lloyd Lee. Joseph Thomas, Nichodas Worenzak, John Zalekl. Anthony Ro:si. Stephen Kozell, Thomas Nimmo and John McGurrin. CLUB OFFICERS ELECTED The Seranton Model Airplane club elected the following officers at a recent meeting in the Y. M C. A.: Walter S. Marsh, commander; Edwin B. Snyder, treasurer; Gerald Brislln, .secretary; Byron Snyder, sergeant - at - arms. rAf The - Theater Family "The Mind Reader," a startling and sensational expose of the mystics, will be shown for the last times today and tomorrow at the Family theater. The cast includes Warren William, star of "Employees' Entrance," in his greatest character role as Chandra the Grtat, fake mind reader. Constance Cum - mings and Allen Jenkins comprise the supporting cast. Starting Saturday night with a special prevue showing at 11:15 o'clock and continuing all next week, "Girl Missing" with an all - star cast Including Ben Lyon. Glenda Farrell, Mary Brian, Lyle Talbot, Peggy Shannon and others will be the feature attraction. The latest selected short subjects and Graham McNamee and his news reel complete the bill. GRAMMARSLIPS 1. What i'J wrong witn this sentence? "I have got it." 2. What is the correct pronunciation of "pathos"? , 3. Which one.of these words is misspelled? Epidemic, epoch, ethereal. ettiquete. . , 4. What does the word "eerily" mean? , v ' 5. . What word beginning with mu means "changeable"? Answers I. Say, "I have it." 2. Pronounce pa - thos, a as in pay, p as in of. accent first syllable. 3. Etiquette. 4. Weirdly; uncannily. "Eerily the door clanged shut behind him." 5. Mutable. Westminster to Hold Communion Breakfast The sacrament of the Lord's' supper will be observed in Westminster church at the . morning service next Sunday. Services preparatory to com munion will be held in the church auditorium tonight at 7:45 o'clock. The Rev. Peter K. Emmons will preach the preoaratory sermon. On Sunday night at 7:30 o clock. the monthly men's night will be ob served under the auspices of the Dr. Bull Bible class. As this Is the beginning of Boys' week, it Is planned to make tnis a lamer and son service. and a program appropriate to the occasion is being planned. The U. S Army's newest airport. the $6,000,000 Barksdale field, at Shevreport, La., was recently dedicated befcre 50,000 persons. ENTRY BLAISK YARD AND GARDEN CONTEST OF SCRANTON AND DUNMORE , Under the Auspices of the Century Club Please enter my name in the class as indicated: CLASS 1. 1 agree that all the work of Improving my home grounds will be done by myself or members of my immediate family NAME address CLASS 2. 1 agree to hire only manual labor !n improving my home grounds outside of help from members ol my .immediate family : NAME .;,. ADDRESS CLASS 3. Flower Boxes. NAME .Y ADDRESS '. MAIL TO MRS. WARREN EDSON Chairman, Yard and Garden Contest Committee Century Club, Seranton, Pa. Prizes tor the Contest have been announced as follows: CLASS 1. The city has been divided Into sections. Prizes wn, be awarded In each section as follows: First, $5;, Second, $3; Third $2; fourth, 30 Tulip Bulbs. ' i i CLASS 2. Prizes will be awarded to entrants from the entire city. Garden stock to be selected by the winners. CLASS 3. A flower box will be awarded to the winner in the ntlre city. A prize of $10 will be awarded to the garden In any Class which shows the greatest Improvements during the year. f will produce large edibje bulbs early in tne season. ' In general, however, onions are grown from seed sown early in the open ground in wen prepared ncn sou in rows 12 to 15 inches apart. The seed is scattered' thinly and covered from one - fourth to three - fourth inches deep, depending upon the soil and the characteristic weather conditions - of the region. ' When two or three inches tall the young plants can be thinned to prevent crowding. The young plants if carefully lifted may be set in another place in the garden. As soon as the young onions have attained the bunch onion stage with stalks a little thicker than a lead pencil, a second thinning can be done leaving those that are to produce the onions for autumn and winter use three to five inches apart. I On good soil the larger sorts vl'il crowd when so thinned. Give frequent shallow cultivation and keep the pate.1) free from weeds. - : Starting Early Onions are also grown from seed planted in hot beds or cold frames early in the season. The seed Is sown either in rows or broadcast and as soon as the young plants are as thick, as a siate pencil tney are carefully lifted, about one - half the top cut off and these stubby plants transplated six ra ight inches apart in rows 12 to 15 inches apart. Prizetakers and other large growing sorts when treated in this fashion will well repay the trouble. Australian Brown, Ebenezer. Ohio Yellow Globe, South Port, White Globe and Red Weathersfleld suggest a color scheme of varieties to .choose f ronii War Veterans Will Hold Booster Meet Dr. Flynn to Explain Economy Bill Dr, Robert J. Flynn of the Seranton o'fice of the United States Veterans Bureau will address a booster meeting of World war veterans on Wednesday evening, May 3. in Victor Alfieri hall, Wst Seranton. The meeting i? being sposored by West Seranton 43 St 8'ers in the interest of Koch - Conley post. American legion. Among the speakers will be District Commander John B. McDade, Commander John J. McTamney of Koch - Conley post, Grand Chef de Train Matthias A. Welter and County Chairman Joseph A. Rosar. An entertain ment will follow - the addresses and refreshments will be served. All West Seranton veterans of the World war are Invited to hear Dr. Flynn explain the provisions of the Economy bill as effecting economies In veterans' relief. A Connecting Link FORT WORTH. Tex. A venerable survivor qf the "good old days" was brought to light when Mrs. D. E. McDonald cleaned her attic. In an old paint bucket among an accumulation of odds and ends repesed a dust - covered, lead - capped bottle of sherry wine. It has been hlden since prohibition was passed, and Mrs. McDonald will u?e It to celebrate prohibit'on's repeal. . To Address Clubs . Kmmmatmtr C WHNMI h ) Us fcniiw mi mil irl" 1 1 auditorium on Wednesday, May 3, at noon. Mr. Sproul Is also scheduled to address the student bodies of several local schools during the week. He is being brought to Seranton through tne enorts or the Boys' Day in serv ice committee, of which E. M. Sawyer is cnairman. J. E. SPROUL " J. E. Sproul, secretary of the National Council of the Y. M. C. A., will speak during Boys' week, April 29 - May 6, at the Rotary club meeting on May 1; Lions club. May 2, and at a special luncheon of the Council of' Social Agencies In the Y. W. C. A. HOW CAN I : By Anns Ashlar : Q. How can I make a polish fo: upholstered furniture? A. By mixing beeswax and turpentine to the consistency of thin cream. Q. How. can I cultivate violets? . A. Violets should be separated and planted In the open ground in a rich son, protected from tne sun's strong raj's. Too much sunlight produces all leaves and no flowers. Q. Should the water in which cab bage has been cooked be poured down the sink? A. No. But if this must be done the sink should be rinsed with water containing powdeied charcoal or a lit tle cmoride of lime. IN BONA VENTURE CLUB John J., Jackson, son of Mr. and Mr3. Edward Jackson, 305 Ferdinand street, who enrolled last fall at St Bonaventure's college, is a member or tne Down - Our - Wav club, an or ganization of Bonavenutre students from Northeastern Pennsylvania. There are twice as many automo bile drivers in the United States as ther - 3 'are automobiles. Mm Is Sl Fairlawn JmHJ t fronts smtw , I I al l? I II ma 0 otejffiy llbs A FAIRLAWN Coffee 5(K 1 btl. FAIRLAVN Pure Vanilla 15f d - . a ii ti VA!i!E m Duyftii inree This Week for Only, Fairlawn Coffee is selected by our own Fairlawn buyer on the stmt down in South America. We know the Coffee. We know the Blend. We know it's GOOD. Try it on our personal recommendation. f(yp WELLWORTH OkANGE PEKOE TEA Vi lb. pig, I9c WALTER BAKER COCOA y ib. tin 13c HI POLITE . Marshmallow Creme p' - 1 OC 39c 50c i 2 bpf; 29c 2t?25c SOOTHES NERVES Ovaltin . DELICIOUS Grap Juic CREAMY Peanut Butter FANCY ) JC Shrimp extra large A cam ADC FOR SALADS ' jp Tuna Fish con IOC HITCHNER'S Saltinu . . ib.pig.ZUC WLLIAMS . Rvc Bread . . . 'F IOC ENTIRELY NEW AND DIFFERENT PAULDING'S ' 3read Sunshine Vitamin D 'fUC DELICIOUS can HORMEL'S CONCENTRATED VEGETABLE Finer Flavor COLUMBIA . Tomato Juice FAIRLAWN Wax Beans cut FAIRLAWN PeaS SWEET & TENDER CRUSHED Pineapple . SOUR PITTED Pie Cherries RED Kidney Beans SOLID PACK Kraut lng shred . ir.n GIANT 3& Ib. JAR locons FAIRLAWN Peach es tARGE WHOLE HALVES IN HEAVY SYRUP 5c Jki cans 25c 2 can?2C 2 cons 7 ...05r tm cant I3c Ig.cons I5c II 2.29c Candy Special Chocolate Nut Bart Chocolate Peanut Clutters Chocolate Molasses Chips Chocolate Peppermints 3 pigs. IOC (Cellophane Wrapped) Nut Fudge 5c GOOD AS HOME MADE CARR'S Nut Top Memories CARR'S HELTH WELTH Jr.Grahams HITCHNER'S Novelty Cookies - WARD'S Weekly Cake Special ASK FOR IT HARD WOOD Clothes Pins . ib. 25 c lb. pig. 15 C ib. 26c 40 Fo Bon Ami CAKE FORM 2 19c FAIRLAWN MM 1U lb. sack 12 Ib. sack 36c 48 Ib. sack 1.35 IOc Palmolive Soap 2 coke' 1 3 C I2ctiza3c 3lc . 3lb.,.ck5C A for IOC FURNITURE Polish UNSLACKED Lime SHARP Razor Blades Wheaties NEX' SKIPPY BOWL FREE 233ev.lue pigs. Jf Sunny Days Are Here Again Time to think of colorful cretonnes, cool awnings, protective slipcovers, gay summer rugs. Time to come to the Seranton Dry Goods and GET THEM! EST - Ae redeem all relief orders ! Buy Fairlawn! These Prices Good Until May 3 ' Ready Made "Sure - Fit" Homespun Slipcovers Separate $Q95 Davenport Separate Chairs $2 - 95 A most convenient way to buy slip covers . . . especially if your living room boasts of several occasional chairs! . These are made of new homespun in the rich jaspe effects that are so smart. Mellow shades of rust, green, brown, blue. S. D. Cj. Co. Fourth Floor All Ready to Hang! Window Awnings Gay painted green and orange stripe awnings thai make your home so summery from , without and so deliciously cool within. 30 - Inch . , . 36 - Inch . . . 42 - Inch . . . 48 - Inch ... S. D. G. Co. Fourth Floor 98c .$1.18 .$1.28 .$1.48 Heavy Grass Rugs Heavy, closely woven, grass rugs in brilliantly colored patterns. They look cool . . . and are cool! 4x7 feet 6x9 feet 9x12 feet $3.48 $.48 Heaviest All - Fibre Rugs The most favored of all summer rugs. Wonderfully cool; wonderfully durable. Colorful patterns! Size 9x12 Size 8x 1 0 Size 6x12 $14.98 Size 6x9 ... $8.98 $14.98 Size 3x6 . . . $3.28 $10.98 27x54 Inch . $1.98 S. D. G. Co. Fourth Floor Part Linen Cretonnes 29c yd. 36 - inch wide cretonnei. , Exceedingly refreshing because of their linen colored backgrounds and their myriad splashes of clear, bracing color. S. D. G. Co. Fourth Floor

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