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bkn life april 17 1920 p17 Lisbeth 2x - The Biggest and Greatest Horse Show By CROMWELL...
The Biggest and Greatest Horse Show By CROMWELL CHILDE to be an old story for me to repeat each year Mathias, Mogul and Exquisite, and Lawrence Smith is putting on repeating "the best, the greatest Horse Show into the ring Hamilton Star and Scotchman. ever had." I notice that every year I am saying It is like a harness competition of old times. , In for the else am I to do? There is not a Brooklyn . Eagle Cup will go Montpelier Pearl and Irvington Ganymede, the past decade that has not surpassed its prede- prede- Netherhall's Pride and Fireaway and Hamilton Star, while advance never stops. One does not have to the tandems that are to be pitted against each other are Irving-exaggerate Irving-exaggerate all to make an enthusiastic forecast each spring ton Ganymede and Montpelier Pearl, Eve and Netherhall's around. Pride, Hamilton Star and Scotchman," and, Ideal Mathias and as you will, it is altogether remarkable that it Mogul. In addition, among these harness classes, there will be been possible to build up here in Brooklyn, with one,.; of an exhibit of three horses of one owner, new to of the island of Manhattan, within thirty Brooklyn. with little question is the very first horse show Mrs. Francis P. Garyan dominates the harness ponies, as outside of the Garden. Such success can only last vear wi,tn her Tissington Belle, her Hamilton Flame, her skilled guiding, the personality, the broad vision Hamilton Dianthus and her Brown Belle, with Miss Corinne of men, who, business men first of all, horsemen Poth and Bounce a possible rival. In the combination class the real showman's instinct. In other words, they there is a great array Frederick D. MacKay's champion, put on a good entertainment and then to assemble Checkmate; Miss Alice Dodsworth's new brown gelding, Chick developing a reputation that was an asset for the Harley; Samuel Keller Jacobs' chestnut gelding, General Pershing, and his chestnut mare, Santa Barbara ; Mrs. James and forethought picked the chiefs for this A. Hewlett's (Marjorie Beard) MacGregor, Charles F. Hubbs' chose Thomas L. Leeming as president of the Riding Springtime, Franklin B. Jourdan's Irvingtpn Belle (Mr. Jour- Jour- Club, and, for several years now, Charles F. dan also figuring this year in saddle), Miss Clara Peck's Allah, head of the Horse Show Committee, adding Miss Lisbeth Higgins' Selena, Frank C. B. Page's Hazel Young, as Hamilton H. Salmon, secretary; Franklin B. M1SS Marv Louise Almys Kose ot Killarney, Mrs. L. b. treasurer; Stanley P. Jadwin, Joseph K. Smith, Fred- Fred- Woods' Bohemian Silk, Mrs. A. J, Lindsay's Nancy Bright and Frederick D. MacKay and W. S. Blitz, assistant Mrs- Mrs- Richard Newton, Jrs, Flashlight, The men at the top are what make an enterprise The saddle entries are very many and most interesting, Five come from the stable of Sequatogue Farm (Mr. and Mrs. prosed, I fear, but something was needed to make Charles F. Hubbs), and alone make the most brilliant of it is no mere talk when it is said that Brooklyn showings. They are the new chestnut gelding, Melody; a will have the horse show of her history. The grey, Thistledown, who had his first triumphs at the Garden oi Doxes ana seats, the number of entries, the ,abl Iau anoiner cnesinui geiaing, sun juiai, ana tne well-return well-return harness classes, all prove this. Records have been known and many times ribboned Nidalla and Springtime. Miss Now new records are to top these. It will be Janice Liggett is bringing over to Brooklyn her Gwydyr Rose; the coming generation may accomplish it Miss Alice Dodsworth her famous Thus, one of the best saddle Show of 1920. horses of the time ; Harvey S. Ladew will "be present" with place, there will be considerably over 600 entries. Lf Lad a chtnut mare; Miss Isabella Wanamaker , i. . j .. - t i t . . with (.herrvstnne and Freneririr T) MarKav with OiPrlrinat was iuuuicu a year ago me norse worm rainy v,;, : " , . 7 " .,- .,- .'..";. JT . the- the- nM ' flour ic utt a,; , These but begin the long list of entries. Miss Clara Peck xt. j :j. ..... .,. 1 ...: .t . : has in Wamnntn and Wtnntia 1 Mr InnrHan IrtnneH-nn IrtnneH-nn IrtnneH-nn PoIIa - vveunesuay, iwo weeKs Deiore tne onow was to : , , : :r , : . ' , A'. V. b . ' one of the thirty-five thirty-five thirty-five boxes was gone, a thing J A' Ardery a new hig saddle horse, Sir Edward. Miss unprecedented. And horsemen everywhere, feel a keen Clemence Crafts is showing The Moose; Dean Bedford, interest, such as they have not felt for some years, Toronto KmS Mlss Winifred Horwill, Buster ; Miss Mary that next week will see really striking com- com- Vtm "1U1U uuflure. aura nui!t. iurr oeveny; .owin the tan: bark between harness horses. It was A- A- Ames Forest King; Miss Lisbeth Higgins, Salena. Other motor car had done away with the harness horse, entrants in these classes include Miss Regina Kiely with Co-It Co-It aside vigorously, indeed, all but drove him out quette' Mlss BessJe Roulston with Hightime and Sometime, But not altogether. The harness horse has come Frank C R Pa-Se Pa-Se Pa-Se wlth Michael, Tracy Higgins with Kitty making his real debut in Brooklyn next week on Mav J- J- C- C- Meem with Trixie, J. Johannes Anderson with made famous twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five years ago by Frank 0ver There Lewis E- E- Person with Rob Roy, Miss Alice Good L. Woodruff and John S. James. " with Vanity Box, J. B. Lingard with First Mate, John F. sake of the record, let it be said that this Brooklyn pVT VT pi f " TT? the twenty-eighth, twenty-eighth, twenty-eighth, will be given at the Riding. M?VTATR1Stledge Smith Wlth Polychrome' Wllham H- H- Vldor Club Wednesday. Thursday. Fridav and Saturdav ana JN. J. ttess. that each will off Entered for the President's Cup, one of the great trophies

Clipped from Brooklyn Life17 Apr 1920, SatPage 17

Brooklyn Life (Brooklyn, New York)17 Apr 1920, SatPage 17
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