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bde dec 24 1922 p21 - THE BROOKLYN DAILY JSfew Social Apex Reached In...
THE BROOKLYN DAILY JSfew Social Apex Reached In Fortnight of Parties Preceding Balls and Dances Under a mistletoe baton the Swan Song of 1922 has been changed to Hallelujah Chorus. In honor of th eventful occasions of the week the 1'uletide ball Tuesday evening, and illss Elizabeth Fish's debut ball Thursday evening Society dons crisp Bold broeado or perhaps a shimmer tng chiffon velvet gown and admire? the week's strand of Jewels in their scttinirs of dinner and box parties. Tuesday evening marks the apex She social season of the boro. The new Casino ballroom, which has been ine setting for not a few notable dances in an unusual season, will pro viae a dancing floor for many of tn Dest-known Dest-known Dest-known people, . debutantes- debutantes- "post" and "sub" young matrons, their mothers and many a youthful grandmother. Hostesses and guests of Tuesday evening affairs are of special Impor tance; the boxes are, of course, at th Heights Casino. In Mr. and Mrf. Edwin P. May nard s box will be Mr. and Mrs. Rich ard S. May nard and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ferguson of 1'aterson, N. J, Mn Ferguson Is the former Miss Kuth Shaffer of Brooklyn. Mrs. RalDh H. Pomeroy. who with ier sister, Miss Gertrude Lachlnn, has a box, will entertain the followin guests at dinner before the ball: Miss Leslie Pomeroy, Dr. and Mrs. Ofiorg Cochran and Eric Pclly of Manhat tan. Mrs. Edward T. Ilorwill shares box with Mr. and Mrs. William C. , Greenwood, Mr. and Mrs.' Frederick D. MacKay and Mr. Horwill. In Mrs. William S. Kd wards' box William Seymour Edwards Jr., re cently returned from school, will en tertain a group of young friends. At their residence, 108 Willow st Mr. and Mrs. John J. Walton will en tertain at dinner Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Chandler, Miss Ruth Chandler and Miss Agnes Walton Thompson. The party will later be entertained in Mrs, Walton s box. The guests in Mrs. John T. Under wood s box will be Miss Gladys un derwood, John Stephens, Mrs. Clar, ence Stephens of Pittsfleld, Mass., anjl Mr. Underwood.- Underwood.- Mrs. William P. Earle Jr., will en tertain at dinner at her, home, 120 Willow St., Mr. and Mrs. Edward C Blum, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Robert Beguelin and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G Draper. Miss Mary Cabaud, Miss Alice Good Miss Violet Mars and Miss Isobel Buckley are among the members of the younger set who will be dinner hostesses on the same evening. -Miss -Miss Cabaud s guests will be Miss Vivien Johnson, Miss Ruth Lohman, Miss Muriel Curtis. Mtss Rachel Higglns, Tracy Higgins, Merritt Smith, Camp bell Updike and Stephen Conner. Miss Cabaud Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Edward Cabaud of 296 Garfield pi. Miss Good, who is the daughtef of Mr. and Mrs. William Howard Good, returned home from ollege Thursday evening. She will have as her guests Miss Elizabeth Deyer, Miss Dorothy Jjathrop, Miss Mary Johnson, Miss Beatrice Cantwell, Edward Smith Jr., John Knox, Edgar Fuller, William Kent Jr., Frederick Ward, Lendon Snedeker and Charles Hester. At her home at 37 Montgomery pi Miss Mars, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Houston Mars, will entertain Miss Dorothy Renouard, Miss Gladys Renouard, Miss Thekla Wiegand, Miss Katherine Manner, Miss Lisbeth Higgins, Higgins, Charles Feltman. Jr., George Gillespie Gillespie Jr., John Ingersoll, Richard Ross, George Nixon and Edward Mc Donald. , Miss Isobel Buckley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Buckley of 112 Montague st., will have as her guests before the Yuletide Ball Hiss Elizabeth Greenwood, Miss Janet Mac Kay. Miss Louise Little, Miss Elizabeth Fish. Miss Alice Frank, Miss Ruth Beams, Miss Alice Bennett. Miss Mar tha Jennings of Philadelphia, Charles Holt, Ford Hibbard, William Cary Jr, Bruce Lachlan. Paul Hyatt and Lewis Francis, Robert Chambers and Josenh Neville of Manhattan. Alexander Simpson of Englewood, Philip Otis of Newburgh, N. Y., and John Curtis of Bridgeport, Conn. Mrs. Frederic Pratt's box at the ball will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pratt, Mrs. Edv.-in Edv.-in Edv.-in Ilolden Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Richardson Pratt. Among Mrs. James Lancaster Mor gan's box guests will be Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Heminway and Paul Wrig-ley. Wrig-ley. Wrig-ley. Mrs. George F. Coutts will entertain Tier party at dinner before going to the Casino. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery, Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Stewart, Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. William M. Bristol Jr., and Miss Mabel . M. Coutts are of her guests. Mrs. Baron W. Gage and Mrs. John C. Loud are also among the box hoRtessei'at the Yuletifle ball. 47 Pierrcpont st. Has chosen Mondays for her. ' at home" days and Mrs. James Lancaster Morgan of the Hotel Bossert will receive her friends o'n Tuesdays from Jan. 2 until April. a . Christmas Waits to Sing On Heights Tonight. Residents of Brooklyn Heights will hear again this year on Christmas Eve the caroling of the Waits of the Clark Street Players. Each Christmas lighted candles are placed In the win dows of homes on the Heights along the itinerary of the waits and the custom will be continued this year. The singers will select a central position on each block tonight and they will start at 7 o'clock at the home of A. W. Shelton, 246 Henry St., stopping stopping on Remsen, Pierrepont and Willow Willow sts. and Monroe pi., making a long stop in front of the. Mansion House and ending the evening at the Hotel St. George. ' InlerestuiK Morning Lectures To Benefit Children's Museum. Three morning lectures on "The Theater, Poetry and Art" are to be given for the benefit of the Children's Museum. The first will be held at the home of Mrs. I. Sherwood Coffin, iO Kemaen St.. Jan. 9. when Frank Ferguson will give a review of current plays and read "Billy Boy," a Christ mas comedy by himself. Mrs. William H. Good of S80 St, Marks ave. is to be hostess for the second morning, -Jan. -Jan. 16, at which time Prof. John Erskine, head of the Depart ment of Comparative Literature of Columbia University will lecture upon Modern Poetry." The third and last morning of the series will be held at Mrs. Thomas L. Iteming s. 94 8th ave.. on Jan. 23. Royal Cortlssoz, art critic of the New York Tribune and author of many books, will talk upon. "Modern "Modern Art." The officers and executive board of the Woman's Auxiliary of the Chil dren's Museum include Mrs. Coffin. president: Mrs. John Anderson. Mrs. Havens Brewster Bayles, Mrs. Edward C. Blum, Mrs. James O. Carpenter, Mrs. John B. Clark, Mrs. Susanne Q. Cumming, Mrs. James M. Edsall, Mrs. William. W. Fisher. Mrs. Charles M. Higgins, Mrs. John Hills, Mrs. Fred erick L. Jenkins, Mrs. Jennie W. Hughes, Mrs. Thomas L. Leeminir. Mrs. John J. Schoonhoven. Mrs. Frederick B. Slocum. Mrs. Herman Stutzer and Mrs. William Whittaker. Current Happenings Reviewed At Mrs. Payne's Lecture. The stabilizing force of the United States in foreign lands was the theme of Mrs. Jessica Lozier Payne's lecture at the Academy of Music Thursday morning. Befoe approaching the domestic domestic situation in politics the President's President's message to the newlv ODened Congress, the new parry leaders and their platforms, etc. Mrs. Pavne re viewed the German Reparations Drob- Drob- lem. the United States Far East policy and our present attitude on Near East ufferings, as well as the freedom of the Turkish Straits. , There was a decided holiday audi ence present, including a number of men who availed themselves of the tickets .of subscribers doing "after thought" shopping. Among those present were Mrs. David Thornton, Mrs. Crowell Hadden Mrs. Frederick Alfred. Mrs. Walter Burr, Mrs. James A. Radcliffe. Mrs. Charles A. Hull, Mrs. Edwin L. Gar vin, Mrs. Irving J. Chapman, Mrs. Starr Donaldson, Mrs. William Froth- Froth- ngham Smith. Mtss Elizabeth Thaver. Mrs. Alfred F. Wise. Mrs. Hurvev Murdock, Mrs. Henry H. Palmer, Miss Oeorgiana Dexter. Mrs. Georce Bretz, Mrs. Edward C. Blum, Mrs. Abraham Arons, Mrs. Svlvester L. Blood, Mrs. Ralph W. Kenvon. Mm W. R. Richards. Mrs. Isaac 8. rnni?ln Mrs. Theodore F. Merceles, Mrs. George a. Mead, Mrs. F. H. Hill, Mrs. Philip Ruxton, Mrs. A. Wallace Chan nrpv Mrs. S. Theodore Dauchv. Mrs. Charles S. Burr, Mrs. John mills. Mrs. John Osborn Polak, Mrs. Stanley Tumbridge. Miss Alice Bristow. Mri. Charles H. Bandel, Miss Theda Ken-yon Ken-yon Ken-yon and Mrs. Samuel Lane Faison. . GLIMPSES I'm v Brooklyn Woman's Clubhouse Chosen for Sub-Deb Sub-Deb Sub-Deb Dances. A series of dances, many , of them private affairs in honor of students re turned from school, are to bo given during the coming week at the Brooklyn Brooklyn Woman's Club. Tuesday evening is the Junior As sembly of Miss Hepburn's dancing class, at which many of the Saturday afternoon students .of last year will attend in addition to the boys and girls of the present classes. Receiv ing with Miss Hepburn will be Mrs. Peter Hamilton, Mrs. Robert E, Henry and Mrs. Bates Wyrnan. A dance given by Mrs. Henrv R. Beguelin and, Mrs. Walter Stewart Gilibs for Miss Virginia Beguelin and Miss Virginia Gibbs will take place Wednesday at the clubhouse, as has been previously announced. Mrs. Elliott C. Dubois of 303 Gar field pi. will be another dn.nce hostess at the clubhouse. She will give a small dance Thursday evening in hon or of her daughters, Miss Katherlnu- Katherlnu- and Miss Carolyn. On Friday afternoon Mrs. Charles Boody and Mrs. Paul Grout will have a dunsant in honor of Miss Constance Boody and Miss Margaret Grout. Mrs. Joseph L. Greason of 481 Washington ave. and Mrs. Horace N. DoughertyX tf , 841 Park pi. will be hostesses on other evenings during the week. At all of these dances the majority of guests will be school girls and boys enjoying the Christmas holidays. Miss Lisbeth Higgins To Be Dinner Hostess. Preceding Miss Elizabeth Fish's ball at the Casino Thursday evening Miss Lisbeth Higgins will entertain tat din ner at her home, 101 Prospect 1'arn West. Her guests will ' be Miss Cor nelia Livingston, Miss Beatrice Cant well. Miss Eileen Cantwdll, Jerry Col lins, Gerard Smith. Edward Smith. Tracj? Higgins. Luncheon and Party for Admiral Pliinkels Daughter. Miss Mary Wells and Miss Jean Ryan are giving a luncheon and bridge to Introduce Miss Julia Plunkett, daughter of Admiral Charles P. Plunkett, the new commandant at the Navy Yard, and of Mrs. Plunkett. The party will be at the Army and Navy Club in Manhattan Thursday, Dec. 28. Iiss VVeiis is the daughter of Capt. and Mrs. William V. Wells of 318 Cumberland st. and Miss Ryan's parents parents aro Capt. and Mrs. J. D. Ryan. Poly Show Big Kvent Of March; Rehearsals Started. The big Poly show looked forward each year by the vouneer et In Brooklyn as one. of the most imDor- imDor- tunt social affairs has been "started." any familiar laces were seen at the gathering of Poly men who attended the Poly Prep Alumni Association's first meeting held recently to plan the mggest ana nest ' snow of a one- one- series of well-remembered well-remembered well-remembered successes, which is to be given at the Academy early in March. The meetinsr was held at the University Club and George O. Wulflng presided, announcing that the author of the new production is William William Carry Duncan. Among those present were John R. Farrar, William B. Kapper, Lloya H. Dalzell, Fred Ma-guire, Ma-guire, Ma-guire, LeRoy P. Earle, Jerry V. Meserole, George. C. Keady, V. Hall Everson Jr., Samuel P. Bennett, Roland Roland Jones, Robert P. MacFarland, Edward B. Walker and Dick Raymond. Raymond. . Fourth Bag by Musical e Thursday Morning, Dec. 28. The fourth Bagby musicale will be held Thursday morning, Dec. 28, owing owing to the Christmas holiday. The concert will take place at 11 o'clock as usualy in the Waldorf-Astoria. Waldorf-Astoria. Waldorf-Astoria. Above is" the arched door-W8" of the Junior "House given through League by Mrs. Samuel Em-len Stokes of N. J., the former Miss Pratt Babbott, to the C. A. Mrs. Stokes member of the Junior League and and keenly interested in its efforts establish a self-supporting self-supporting home for working girls. present annex to the Judson 011 Schcrmerhorn Kevins sts. was from $10,500 raised- raised- by Leaguers; even the was selected by a League girl, Mrs. Irwin Hance Jr., who is an decorator. The large, armchair before the casement is on the where the League teas, etc., are held. room was furnished by Adrian Van Sinderen memory-of memory-of memory-of Katherine Van Sinderen, one of founders in Brooklyn, 1907, when Mrs. Harold was president. The Brooklyn organization, fourth the 52 sister Leagues, to its new home about wide Some "At Home" Days AiifiouiietHl for January. Several women who have a circle of acquaintance in Brooklyn ,ave announced their "at home" days fir January. Mrs. Sturgis Coffin of iX K. 6th st., Manhattan, will be at f er friends during the com Date of Casino Club Dance Changed to January .10. The next Heights Casino Club dance will be held Jan. 19, Instead of Jan. 12, as previously announced. This dance is confined to club members and a few invited guests, and is always a delightfully delightfully informal occasion. Gilbert Thirkield and Richardson Pratt are interested in the arrangements. Miss Whiting's Dinner For Miss Harriet Wolvcrton. Miss Jean WMting, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Clinton Whiting, is en tertaining at her home. 373 Parkside ave.. Miss Harriet Wolve.rton of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. A dinner was iriven In Miss Wolverton's honor by Miss Whiting Whiting on Thursday evening Drecedinir ine second junior Assembly. Amon the dinner guests were Miss Anne Malloy of Lexington, Kentucky; Mis Lilian scnarman. Miss Natalie Jour dan, Miss Louise Callender, Harry u tsrien, Aaaison. soerry, Rav Wil liams. Britton Hadden, EdwarJ Thurston and Elliott Woolcy. 1 SIlss Louise Barber Heads - "Debs" m Junior League Play. Miss Louise. Barber, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Donn Barber of Manhattan (Mrs. Bnrbcr was a former Packer girl), has beep made chairman of th debutantes in the play "The Gav Pre tenders, tq be given by the Junior League of New York, at the Waldorf. on Jan. 30 and 31 and Feb. 1. Eighty league rpempers will constitute the cast. Miss Marjorie Cleveland has an nounced that . Mrs. John Henry Ham rnon will assist the entertainment committee. 1 Berkeley Christmas Party ' For Institution Kiddies. The girls of the Upper School of Berkeley Institute held their yearly Christmas party for poor children at the school Wednesday afternoon. Twenty-three Twenty-three Twenty-three little kiddies "from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children were entertained. The chairmen of the committees were Miss Beatrice Sage, Miss, Anna Muc Hunter. Miss Helen Catlin, Miss Elizabeth Russell, Miss Violet Mars, Miss Elizabeth Ham and Miss Frances Dusenberry. Miss Winifred Raab, as IJDt mowt&. Alias Mary T. Seaman of Santa Glaus, distributed the dolls, books, toys and other gifts about the monstrous tree; gladdened the hearts of the who ranged from 2 to 14 years . . , . First of Soiree Musicnlcs At Biltmore, Wednesday. The first of the informal muslciales will be given at Biltmore Wednesday evening, Leopold Stokowski conducting. musicales aro to be different anything heretofore held York, and they will be planned the manner qf the Paris Salon today. Among the patronesses Henry Martyn Alexander, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Vincent Astor, Robert Low Bacon, Mrs. Paul Cra-vath, Mrs. Edward S. Harkness. Otto H. Kahn and Mrs. Harry Whitney. Clianiiniule's Charity Concert For Colony House, Feb. 5, , Chamlnade'8 charity concert opera house of the Academy, will be given entirely for the of "Country T)ays for Colony Children." As the artist of evening. Emilio de Gogorza, the Metropolitan, has been Emma Richardson Kuster conduct the concert. The committee the evening includes Mrs. W. Baldwin Jr., chairman; Mrs. Martin Hardy, Mrs. John John L. Swan. Mrs. J. T. W. Kasten-dieck, Mrs. John W. Bruyn, Nathaniel Robinson, Mrs. John Tall-man. Mrs. George Knightj Mrs. Fischer artd Mrs. Ausien ijuuiam. Fort Greene Chapter. D. A. R., To Have Social Meeting. Fort Greene Chapter. D. A. hold a social meeting Jan. 10 home of Mrs. Henry U. Palmer Clinton ave. Mrs. William C, is regent of the chapter. An interesting evening is ranged by Mrs. Oliver W. chairman of the Program Mrs. Thomas W. Lauderdale is man of the Hospitality Committee, assistants for the evening being Lambert V. B. Cameron, Mrs. W. Giles, Mrs. Frederick E. Mrs. Henry E. Cabaud, Mrs. Shaffer, Mrs. J. Duke Harrison, Walter F. Wells, Mrs. Robert Mer-win, Mrs. George H. Her, Miss Kenyo.n, Miss Stutzer and Mrs. G, Cochran.

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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)24 Dec 1922, SunPage 21
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