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bkn life dec 29 1923 p11 - BROOKLYN LIFE 11 danced most entrancingly and...
BROOKLYN LIFE 11 danced most entrancingly and with a spirit that charmed everyone. Of the principals, all were so very good it is hard to make special mention of any one in particular. "Wally" Smith as Lee Scuppers was, of course, inimitable, while W. R. Brenton as Lord Ascot and Bobbie Blue as an American insurance agent, gave character studies that provoked great applause. As for Carita, played by J. B. Darby, her dancing was a delight, while R. M. Crawford as Sir Francis sang and acted as one would expect from an artist whose skill and taste were responsible for the-very the-very beautiful orchestration orchestration of the whole piece, and many of the principal songs. Two features stood out pre-eminently: pre-eminently: pre-eminently: the clear enunciation, both in speaking and singing, and the admirable admirable restraint shown by the orchestra, which seemed to be at all times more intent on accompanying the princi- princi- -pals, -pals, than on drowning them out Both these features are commended to our producers of musical comedy. Just one thing more : Throughout there was not a single reference to prohibition, to divorce or to mothers-in-law. mothers-in-law. mothers-in-law. mothers-in-law. mothers-in-law. Can you conceive it, in a comic opera? For this alone, thanks are due to the authors and producers of this extremely pleasing evening's entertainment. The music was charming, and "Pirate Gold," "Join the Navy," "Ships -That Pass in the Night," and the "Sea of Dreams" were extremely charming all praise to the students who made a delightful evening possible. Among those present were Miss Alison Heminway, Miss Zorka Polak, Mr. J. Callender Heminway, Mr. Valentine Raymond, Mr. Olney Raymond, Mrs. Tillie W. Reynolds, Miss Cornelia D. Livingston, Mr. E. Benton Reynolds, Miss Gladys Renouard, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Montgomery, Miss Roselle Montgomery, Mr. J. Seymour Montgomery, Mr. Verdi E. B. Fuller, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. MacKay, Miss Janet MacKay, Miss Winifred Winifred Horwill, Miss Alice Good, Miss Gladys E. Under-vood, Under-vood, Under-vood, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lyons (Tillie Smith), Mr. and Mrs. William H. English, Mft and Mrs. John J. Farrell (Maude Hadden) , Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Twitchell, Miss Violet Hardie Mars, Miss Gladys Mars; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Mars, Miss Clelia Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Fremont C. Peck, Mr. Robert B. Magnus, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour K. Fuller, Mr. John Mitchell Brush, Miss Ruth Page, Mr. William M. Calder, Jr., Mr. Charles J. McDermott, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Dalzell, Mr. Gerald B. Clarke, Mr. Rowland L. Field, Mr. and Mrs. A. Oakley Lohrke (Evelyn S'choefer), Mr. Frederick T. Paine, . Miss Katherine Ross, Mr. Stockwell Jadwin, Miss Adele Entz, Messrs. Arthur Fett, Thomas M. Bennett, Jr., and William Dudley. Dinner and Theatre Party for Miss Talmage On the evening of December 26th, Miss Louise Ditmas Talmage, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Frelinghusen Talmage, made her debut at a dinner at Pierre's, followed by a theatre party to see "The Rise of Rosie O'Reilly." After the theatre the party attended the Yuletide Ball. The guests were Miss Gladys F. Talmage, Miss Sabra Mallett, Miss Lisbeth Higgins, Miss Elizabeth Deyer, Miss Alice Good, Miss Elizabeth Chase, Miss Adelaide Robertson, Miss Jean Sherman, Miss Dorothy Lathrop, Miss Beatrice Cantwell, Miss Mary Johnson, Miss Winifred Winifred Horwill, Miss Cornelia Livingston, : Miss Agnes H inchman, Miss Anna . Focke, Miss Delphis King, Miss Margaret .Thayer, 1 .Miss Charlotte Banta (of New Haven) Miss Dorothea Laimbeer, Mr. Hall Everson, Mr. Ruxton Love, Mr. Gordon Sweet, Mr. Charlie Robertson, : Mr. Pearson Farley, Mr. Cornelius Banta, Mr. Richard Sanger, Mr, Francis Laimbeer, Mr. Robert Macey, Mr. James Stebbins, 2nd, Mr. Robert Melish, Mr. John Livingston, Mr. Tracy Higgins, Mr. William S'outhwick, Mr. Maxwell Lester, Mr, William Horwill, Mr. Kenneth Perry, Mr. Redmond Thayer, Mr. Hollis Thayer, Mr. Parker Webb, Mr. Walter Moak and Mr. John D. Talmage. At a separate table Mr. and Mrs. Talmage entertained Mr. and Mrs. George T. Minasian, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Minasian, Dr. and Mrs. William P. Poole and Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Sniffen. Hridge for Miss Smith . .Miss Arietta Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morse Smith, of 40 Eighth Avenue, entertained at bridge on Thursday afternoon, December 27th. The guests in-eluded in-eluded in-eluded the Misses Flora McNaughton, Eleanor Moak, Ruth Moak, Delphis King, Audrey and Natalie Silsbe, Marion Hopkins, Alice Alvarez; Elsa Beckers, Florence De Grauw, Janet Mills, Violet Mars,' Dorothy Lathrop, Marguerite Warnecke, Harriet Tillinghast, Dorothy Ro we, Cornelia Livingston, Alice Bennett, Cornelia Van Siclen, Florence Heinerman, Harriet Underwood, Harriet Babcock, Katherine Shields and Nina Harter. land Street, will be sorry to hear that Miss Greenwood has been ill with influenza 'for the past week, and not only, has had to miss all the gaiety of these holidays, but also to recall the invitations which she had sent out for a dinner before Miss Beatrice Morse CantwelPs debut at the Heights Casino on Friday evening, December 28th. Miss Sackett Entertains the Rridge Club The last meeting of the? Bridge Club, which has about sixteen members, was held at the Mansion House, the home of Miss Justine Reynolds Sackett, on Friday, December December 21st. A few of those present were : Miss Dorothy Johnson, Miss Lorraine Kunkel, Miss Margery Wells, Mrs. Raymond Wilson, Miss Harriet Robinson, Mrs. Kenneth Hillyer, Miss Isabel Bird and Mrs. Robert Montgomery, Dinner for Miss Thompson Mrs. John Linton Thompson, of 421 Clinton Avenue, gave a dinner party for; her daughter, Miss Muriel Thompson, on Thursday evening, December 27th, preceding preceding Miss Hepburn's Assembly. The guests were the Misses Lothian Kerr, Alice Braislin, Barbara Bailey, Charlotte Deyer, Constance Boody, Miriam Eggers, Gladys Talmage and the Messrs. Ganson Baldwin,Charles Mackay, James and Calvin Edwards, Dixon Price, George Parker, Theodore Entz and Campbell Good. Dinner Invitations Recalled The friends of Miss Elizabeth Greenwood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Greenwood, of 239 Cumber- Cumber- Photo by Marceau ' MISS DELPHIS KING Popular daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan King, who has been present at many of the enter- enter- tainments given during Christmas week . At the Junior Assembly Those present at the Junior Assembly included the Misses Elizabeth P. Colket, Alice Van Anden Frank, Louise D. Talmage, - Natalie Silsbe, Eileen Cantwell, Rachel Higgins, Margaret Grout, Elizabeth Reeve Greenwood, Greenwood, Alice Bennett, Virginia Hanan, Ethel Hanan, Carol B. Cypiot, Gladys E. Underwood, Marguerite Warnecke, Elsa Beckers, Anna Lohman, Dorothy Hall, Winifred Ward, Alison Heminway, Jean Sherman, Dorothy Mac-Donald, Mac-Donald, Mac-Donald, Miriam Smith, Mary Wells, Elizabeth Rhoades, Stephanie Siney, Alice Bush, Emma McDonald, Mildred Hegeman, Elinor White, Dorothy Renouard, Gladys Renouard, Renouard, Katherine Ross, Elizabeth Hollister Fish, Alice Good, Winifred Horwill, Beatrice Morse Cantwell, Emi- Emi- lie B. Honeyman, Janet F, MacKay, Lisbeth Higgins, Violet Hardie Mars, Katherine I. Magner, Cornelia Dur-yea Dur-yea Dur-yea Livingston, Ruth Beams, Natalie Harkness Jourdan, - Doris - Bergen,- Bergen,- Louise - Little and . the: Messrs,,:; Willis , McDonald 3rd, Frederick T. Paine, John H. Livingston, Rutledge Simmons, Sherwood Peckham, Kenneth B. Meurer, Almet F. Carr, George B. Jackson, Harry Van Brunt Smith, Ralph Crane, Jere R. Collins, William Ryalls, Frederic Ward, Wilson Parkhill, S. Robinson Estey, John Yale, William M. Calder, Jr., Charles Baker Hester, Dr. George J. Schreiber, Jr., Melville H. Beams, Jr., Coates England Landell of Philadelphia, Wilson Hewitt, John French MacKay, Hervey Russell, Charles W. Sheldon, James Hasbrouck Wallace, Thomas L. Leeming, Jr., Leonard Leeming, George H; Dayton, John Campbell Ingersoll, Burcham Clark, David B. Tyler, John C. Humpstone, Tracy Higgins, Paul C. French, Thomas Green, James Nesmith 2nd, Robert Wise, Ferdinand Ferdinand L. Wyckoff, Jr., Crawford Byers, Boyle Stafford, Stafford, Donald B. Callender, Edward J. Smith, George Moran, Henry Ehlers, Verdi B. Fuller, Jr., C. Stuart Heminway, Alexander H. Fraser, Jr., William C. Burger, John Crary, Curtis Peters Lester Lehrenkrauss, Theodore Smith, John Williams, Henry G. Thole, Reville Kniffen, William Lyons, Henry L. O'Brien and Marshall Grout; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burdick (Katherine Page). Mr. and Mrs. John J. Farrell (Maude Hadden), Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth B. Buck (Constance Tyler). Seen at the Opera Mrs. William Howard Good and her dinner guests, Miss Beatrice Cantwell, Miss Elizabeth Deyer, Miss Alice Campbell Good, Mr. Charles Hester, Mr. Jere Collins, Mr. Eric Ward and Mr. William Kent, Jr., occupied the Women's Committee box. In box No. 2 were Mrs. Orris King El dredge, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour K. Fuller, Miss Virginia Fuller, Miss Janet MacKay, Mr, Clinton Schelling, Mr. Marshall Grout and Mr. John MacKay. With Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Leeming were Miss Betty Johnson, Miss Helen Schuyler Leeming, Mr. W. Leeming Jelliffe, Mr. Esty Foster, Mr. Leonard B. Leeming. Mr. and Mrs. , Frank Griswold Hall's guests were Mrs. Duncan Cameron, the Misses Hall, Mr. and Mrs. George D. Alt of Manhattan. Miss Alice Holland, Miss Helen Brailey, Miss Helen Stubbings were with Mr. and Mrs. -J. -J. W. Schoefer. The guests in the Navy box were Admiral and Mrs. C. P, Plunkett, Miss Plunkett, Mrs. W. N. Plunkett, Mr. Clement Plunkett of Washington, Commander and Mrs. R. S. Fields. The box guests of Dr. and Mrs. Edwin F Linridge were Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Holliman, Mr, and Mrs. Richard W, Holliman and Mr. Frederick Holliman. In the orchestra chairs were Mrs. ..William Wallace Marshall, Mrs. Laurens Reeve Bowden, Mr. William H. Good and his guests, Colonel Samuel S. Allen, U. S. A., and Mrs. Allen and Mr. Campbell Good, Mrs. William H. Maddren, Miss Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Terry, Miss Terry, Mrs. Charles Miller, Miss Miller, Mrs. William : H. Wardwell, Miss Ruth Wardwell, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Dakin Campbell, Mr, and Mrs. Russell E.t Prentiss, ; the Misses Mary and Lillian Sanger, and, as guests of Miss Sanger, Miss Lillian Morris, Miss Land-1 Land-1 Land-1 in and Miss Shannon, Miss Elsie Ruprecht, Miss Ruth Cragin, Mr. David Potts, Mr. Thomas Potts, Mrs. Edward Edward Claflin Thayer, Miss Lois Thayer, Miss E. Francis Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Greason, the Misses Greason, Mr. and Mrs. Claude H. Priddy, Mrs. Edwin L. Garvin, ' Miss. Hepburn, Mrs. Bretz, Mr. and Mrs. Scuyler J. Bergen. , On New Year's Day Mrs. Winthrop M. Tuttle will he hostess in the Women's Committee box." . , Miss Higgins Debut 1 Miss Lisbeth Higgins, popular debutante daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Higgins, made her formal bow to society at a ball on Friday evening, December 21st, at Sherry's. In this case realization proved even better than anticipation, long looked forward to and heralded as this dance had been. Popular girls and large numbers of college men made it a party that will not soon be forgotten.: forgotten.: Supper was served at one o'clock, while a group of colored men entertained with familiar songs. Mrs. Higgins, gowned in grey velvet, and Miss Higgins, who wore a charming "coming out" gown of "frosted silver cloth, veiled in white chiffon, on which were sprays of appliqued silver flowers, while narrow bands of ermine outlined the neck and sleeves; with the Misses Rachel Higgins, Cornelia Livingston, Dorothy Norwood, Elizabeth Elizabeth Deyer and: Beatrice Cantwell, received the guests before a lattice of green, at either end of which were piled the debutante's bouquets. The ballroom was banked at either end with pink begonias. Among the many dancing were the Misses Eleanor C. Field, Alice Van Anden Frank, Janet MacKay, Eileen Cantwell, Mary Johnson, Violet H. Mars, Katherine I. Magner, Agnes Callender, Alice Bennett, Louise Talmage, Talmage, Audrey and Natalie Silsbe, Helen Roosen, Dorothy Roosen, Katharine Ross, Mary Cabaud, Alice M. Tiebout, Elizabeth Rhoades, Louise Merritt, Helen Brown, Dorothy Lathrop, " Doris " Bergen, "Alice Good," Margaret Grout, -Constance -Constance Boody, Gladys E. Underwood, Mary Moakler, Ruth Page, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Leeming, Mr. and Mrs. Burnett C. Collins, M r. and Mrs. , Edward Phinley Morse,' Mrs. Jessie Morse Cantwell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gates Babcock, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Edward O Moore, Mr. and Mrs. John Gianella, Mr. and Mrs. John C.Loud, Mrs. Margherita Fransioli Quinn, Mr. and Mrs.; Howard Burdick, Mr. and Mrs. G. Stewart King," Mr. and Mrs,

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