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bkn life jan 3 1925 p 9 lisbeth - BROOKLYN LIFE ert B. Magnus, Norman Anderson,...
BROOKLYN LIFE ert B. Magnus, Norman Anderson, Richardson V, , Turner, Remsen Johnson, Jr., Kenneth Ward, Ford Hib- Hib- bard, Norman C. Hilborn, Stock well Jadwin, Thomas L. Leeming, Jr., William Dudley, Gordon B. Dudley, Richard Hibbard, Wilder Hobson, Alfred M Johnson. William Burt Greenman, Jr., Lawrence Rossiter" Albert Albert Pirnie, William F, Koch, De Hart Bergen, " Jr., - Norman Baylis, William- William- R. Hinchman, Todd Tiebout, Robert E. Henry, Jr., John W Drye; Millard Tompkins, , John Williams, Jr., Harold C." Sleeper, Walter Spalding, . James Edwards, Arthur Newcombe, William Swaney, 1 Ernest St Clair Bijou, Melville H. Beams, Jr., Charles K. Mount, Jr., Marshal! Grout, James' Hasbrouck Wal-' Wal-' Wal-' : ,lace, Robert Bergen, Frank Graves. , - ' - - "V Arthur W. Weeks, Seymour Montgomery, Henry G. Thole, Kenneth . B. Meurer, Oswald Jacoby, Frederic -' -' Gurney, Rodney . Gurney, Edward Wahl, William Markey, George Johnson, Victor C. Bell, H. Chandlee Turner, Henry Ehlers, J. Halsted Brown, Charles Dud- Dud- ; ley Holt, W. Meredith Behrens, Ronald B. White, Mau-rice Mau-rice Mau-rice Thurlow, Duffield Hamilton, Jr.; Donald Ross, Jr., Philip Bass, Robert W. Hanan, John V, Nicolay, W. Coverley Fischer. ' , : Earle B. Harris, Charles L. Feltman, Jr., William H. Dunkak, of Manhattan; Howeth Ford, Neale Rodger, Roland O. Rasch and Marcus Kahn. . ' ning, - Richard " Hibbard, John Williams, . Jr.; James Edwards, Ernest St, ClairBijou, Edward Wahl, Robert; Siering, Edward J. Smith;: jr Wilder Hobson,; Ernest S. Green, Jr., Kenric Leighton, Paul French, Seymour Montgomery, Alfred M.' Johnson, . James Hasbrouck Wallace, William G. Greertman, Jr., Duffield 1 Hamilton, Peter Hamilton, -Jr.," -Jr.," Gordon S. Braislin, George Gary, Kenyon Parsons, Jr., Richard Shilliber, Lewis W. Francis, . Jr., Ogden Pleissner, Gordon Merritt, S. Robinson' Estey, Verdi E. B. Fuller, Jr., Hollis Thayer, William Swaney, Neale Rodger, Lee F, Boynton, John Lefferts, Marshall .Grout, Paul French, Lawrence W; Fairfax, Paul Folwell, James Noel , Furhess,' Donald Fraser, David Garland, Frank Graves, David Gray, Edward M. Gray, John E. Goodrich, Bronson - Goddard, , Richard Hibbard, Palul ' Hicks, Robert Henry, Herbert Hibbard, Preston Hazel-wood, Hazel-wood, Hazel-wood, Donald Hyde, Lathrop Haynes, Richard Hannah and Russell Harding. MLss Rhoades Slakes Debut at Tea Dance ' , , Miss Elizabeth Rhoades made 'her formal, bow to Society at a tea dance last Saturday afternoon" at the Brooklyn Woman's Club. (Receiving with her were her mother, Mrs, J, Howard Rhoades and the Misses Natalie Hammltt-Snedeker Hammltt-Snedeker Hammltt-Snedeker Tea Dance , On the afternoon of , Christmas , Eve was the joint tea dance of Miss Arvilla Hammitt and Miss Margaret Snedeker at the Brooklyn Woman's Qub. It was given in their honor by their parents," Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hammitt, of ,350 Washington Avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lendon Snedeker. "of 429 Washineton Avenue. .The two girls with their mothers made up the receiving line. Almost three hundred attended the party, which was the largest afternoon dance thus far in the entire history of the .Woman's Qub. The Bossert orchestra . Mrs. Stanley S. Tumbridge, Mrs. O. Paul Humpstone, . Mrs. Morrell Vrooman, , of Gloversville, N. .Y., Mrs. , George S. Frank, Mrs. Leonard Snedeker,. Mrs. Russell Sloane, Miss Isabelle Hammitt and Mrs. H. Day Atwarter from Wellesley Hills, Mass., were among those serving serving at the tea table in the balcony. Among 'the dancers were; the Misses Anna Mae Hunter, Janet Hinchman, , Adele Howe, Doris Hoyt, Elizabeth Halsted, Amanda Hayward, , Nancy Humpstone, Marjorie Hillyer, Alice Hannah, Alice Hyde, Margaret Jacobus, Dorothy Jackson, Lothian . Kerr, Caroline 'Kinsey, Delphis King, Anna Kieley, Marion Kieley, Sylvia Knox, Evelyn Killock, ; Dorothy Lathrop, Helen Lefferts, Dorothy Low, Constance Constance Boody, Alice Braislin, Elizabeth Baldwin, Ethel Boehm, Eleanor Brooke, Charlotte , Boettger, Helen ; Bouck, Phyllis Bower, : Betty Beardsley, ' Estelle Best, rPhyllis Barnes, Frances' Berrian, Elizabeth Bull, Virginia Beguelin, Mary Bates, Marjorie Filet, Virginia Fuller, Eleanor , Folger Alice ' Faul, Janet French MacKay, Lisbeth Higgins, Alice Stringham, Beatrice Morse Cant- Cant- , well, Eileen Cantwell, Violet Hardie Mars, Margaret P. V Quinby, Elizabeth Rhoades, Elizabeth Deyer, Charlotte : Constance. Boody, Barbara Bailey,. Adelaide Robertson, McKendrick, Eleanor Burr. Folger, Virginia Gibbs, Con-, Con-, Con-, stance Siering, Carol B. Cypiot, Miriam Smith, Louise , Merritt, ' Mary Johnson, Marion . Fergueson, Virginia . Markey, Elizabeth Greenwood, Margaret Grout, Katherine .Ross, ; Priscilla Paine, Maddyn Waterman, Dorothy.' , Waterman, Adele Entz, Louise Talmage, Gladys Talmagei . Roselle, Montgomery, . Virginia Fujler, Marguerite Wiikmson,.. uiadys Mars, Jean McLeod, Elizabeth McDonald, Lelia 1 Morgan, Charlotte Nichols, Lorna NoyesJ Peggy Parks, Helen Pendreigh, Helen Patrick, Carlyse ' Peabody, Olive Paddock, Harriet Paddock, w Florence Palmer, Isabelle Peterson, Tirzai Perfect, Helen Pflug, '' Margaret Quinby, Elizabeth Quinby, Frances Ryder, Adelaide Robertson, Hazel' Ridley, , Elizabeth "Rhoades, Florence Read, Florence Rice, Sally Rogers, ' Dorothy , Waterman, Pauline Stryker, . Miriam Snyder, Muriel Slocovich, Margery . Smith,,, Dorothy Smack, Marjorie -Smack, -Smack, Audrey Silsbe, Natalie Silsbe, ' Martha Smith, .-Geraldine .-Geraldine .-Geraldine Swimm, . Evelyn Sherman, and the Messrs. Leonard B. Leeming, Thomas L. Leeming, Jr., William C Gahagan, Charles Baker Hester, Craig Ham-, Ham-, Ham-, mitt, Lendon Snedeker, . Tracy . Higgins, Norman C. - Hilborn, Stockwell Jadwin, -i -i Richardson . V, Turner, Arthur J.4 Harrison, Melville H. Bearnsr Jn, Edward G. ' S perry", De Hart Bergen, Jr Robert Bergen, John French MacKay, David Gray, Frederick T. Paine, Inslee Clark, Reginald N. Webster, Charles J. McDermott, Jr., Frederic Ward, Campbell Good, Rowland L. Field, Arthur W. , Weeks, Jr., Jeremiah Oarke, Remsen Johnson, Jr, Arthur Newcombe, Frederic Gurney, Rodney Gurney, Millard Tompkins, Rolfe Stanley of Manhattan, Whitney :i Dun- Dun- Margaret Wildes and Margaret Zimmerman; the Messrs. Edward Austin, Norman Anderson, Robert Bergen, De Hart Bergen, Paul Bernard, John Birch, Gordon Braislin, Lyman Burnham, Perry Bigelow, Norman Baylis, Lee Boynton, Reeve - Bowden, Edward , Bergen, Kellogg Bromely, Townsend . Coleman, Philip Cahill, William Calder,. Inslee Clark, - Robert Cook, Arthur Cherouney, -Charles -Charles Crawford, Gerald Oark, Joseph Cornwall, Robert Duncan, Carl Delaval, Whitney Dunning, Britton Diller, Richard Egan, Robinson Esty, Willard Everett, Henry Ehlers, John Eilert, Calvin Edwards, James Edwards, Edward Eckfeldt, Verdi E. B. Fuller, Coverly Fischer, Lewis Francis, Rowland Field, Russell Fay, Fred Gurney, Richard and Rodney Gurney, Marshall Grout, Jack Griggs, William Greenman, Campbell Good, Edward Gray, David Garland, Charles Greening, , Wilder Hobson, Richards Hannah, Russell Harding, Gerard Hallock, Tracy Hig- Hig- .. gins, Norman rfilborn, Robert Hanan, Charles Hester, : . Richard Hanan, Wilson Hewitt, Arthur Harrison, Robert Henry, Richard Hebard, Richard Hitchcock, John Humpstone,' Paul Hyatt, Charles Holbrook, John Burt Holmes, - Charles Holoway, George Jackson, John N. Jackson, Stockwell Jadwin, George Johnson, Daniel Jackson, Remsen . Johnson, Lambert Knight, William Kitchell, Finley Krause, Bruce Lachlan, Leonard Leeming, , Thomas Leeming, Jr., John Lefferts, Charles Lewis, Everett Lewis, Chester Lord, Frederick Lutz, Edward Lyons, William R Marlrev. Frlpderirlf Mnhlp. Kwineth Mpurer. Robert , MacCallum, John MacKay, Gordon Merritt, Walter Moak, James Macurrach, Edward Newton, Arthur Newcomb, Donald O'Brien, Edward Purvis, ? Robert Parks, Royal Parks, Charles f Putnam, . Carl . Pflug, Frederick Paine, Wilson Parkhill, Ogden Pleissner, Donald Robinson,Donald Ross, Louis Ruckgaber, Richard Ross, Marvin Rick, , Theodore Russell Philip Sayres, Charles Sheldon, John Smack, Lendon Snedeker, Lawrence Starbuck, Edward Sperry, Robert Siering, Houston Sadler, Robinson Shiebler,i Rolfe Stanley, Alex Stevens, Henry Thole, ' John , Thatcher, , Hollis Thayer, , Austin Tomes, Winthrop Trowbridge, Chandler Turner, Richardson Richardson V.. Turner, Myron Trittch, John Van Vranken, Jack Whitney, Robert , Watt, . Kenneth Ward, Ferdinand Wvrtnff Washrmirlr Wa11ar T?i0f(na1f1 WpK5tr. Tack Williams, Edwin Wahl, Preston Watson, Jack Yale, Mr. and Mrs. Walter. S. Benedict, Mr. and Mrs. G, Stewart King, Mr; and Mrs.Riitledge Simmons and Leveritt Lyons. Photo by lm U Hill " MISS EDNA REDMOND ' The attractive daughter of Mr, James W. Redmond,' ' - ' "of 225 Lincoln Place. " Silsbe, Margaret Quinby, Delphis King, Elizabeth Halsted and Martha Hallock, Miss Rhoades, who is a student at Packer Institute where she holds the honor of being president of the Senior Class, wore a debut gown of American beauty chiffon velvet and carried a charming old fashioned bouquet. Mrs. Allen M. Craig of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Miss Rhoades' aunt, and Mrs. Kenneth Lord were hostesses at the tea table in the large room which forms a balcony pver the ballroom. Christmas decorations decorations were used here and there in the ballroom. ' , Among those dancing, were the1 Misses Doris Bergen, Clelia Adams, Dorothy Blake, Constance Boody, Elizabeth Elizabeth Austin, Barbara Bailey, Elizabeth Baldwin, Betty Beardsley, Priscilla Bowns, Agnes : Callender, Carol Cypiot, Elizabeth Colkett, Mary Campbell,' Eileen Cant-well, Cant-well, Cant-well, Barbara Dixon, Elizabeth Deyer, Charlotte Deyer, Landa Downs, Katherine Du Bois, . Carolyn Du ; Bois, Adele Entz, Virginia Fuller, Eleanor Folger, Alice Faul, Mary Francis, Elizabeth Greenwood, Margaret Grout, Lisbeth Higgins, Martha . Hallock, ; Mildred Hegeman, Elizabeth ; Halsted, Arvilla Hammitt, Margaret Jacobus, -Mary -Mary Johnson, Dorothy Jackson, Delphis King, Helen Leeming, Helen Lefferts, Cornelia Livingston, . J'anet MacKay, Katherine Maguer, Violet Mars, Gladys Mars, Virginia Markey, 1 Elizabeth lyMcKendrick, -l -l Gwendolyn Miller, Louise Merritt, Eleanor Moak, Ruth Moak, Janet Mills, Helen Patrick, Peggy Parks, Priscilla Paine, . Margaret Quinby, Elizabeth Quinby, Jane Read, Katherine Ross, Katherine Renwick, Hazel Ridley, Adelaide Robertson, Robertson, Helen Rose, Mary Ryon, Mildred Smith, Martha Smjth, Elizabeth Stebbins, Alice Stringham, Natalie Silsbe, Gladys Sloane, Margaret Snedeker, Ruth Stevens, Glover Van Cott, Gladr Underwood, Katherine Walkley, Miss Greve's Dance at Sherry's f Most of the members of the sub deb set were in evi-dence evi-dence evi-dence at the very delightful ea dance given by Mr. and MiMrs. William M. Greve for their daughter, Miss Elizabeth Greve on Saturday afternoon, December 27th, at Sherry's. - Mrs. Greve, gowned in cocoa chiffon and lace, received with her daughter who looked charming in a gown of black velvet and cerise. On the floor committee were the Messrs. Robert "Warren, Frank Bailey, ' Jr., Cornelius Furgueson 3rd, Augustus Froeb, Jr., and Ernest Bijou. Among the guests were the Misses Virginia Beguelian, Barbara Bailey, Marjorie Bijou, Elizabeth Beardsley, Alice Braislin, Happie Bedford, Eileen Cantwell Betty Cannon, Charlotte Deyer, Betty Duffy, Carolyn Du Bois, Janet Dalzell, Nancy Fish, Marion Furgueson, Eleanor Folger, Mildred Flahive, Marion Fox, Kathryn Fischer, Mary Francis, 'Marjorie Fitch, Elizabeth Garvin, Alice Good, Virginia Gibbs, Blanche Gunnison, Zella Holliday, Lisbeth Higgins, Dorothy Jackson, Lothian Kerr, Marjorie Marjorie Heather, Regina Kiely, ; Caroline Kinsey, Harriet Love, Valeria McKee, Isabel Mills, Katherine Magner, Rina MacGillivray, Gladys Mars, Virginia O'Malley, Louise Pottle, Ruth Page, Elizabeth Quinby, Elizabeth " Russell, Constance Read, Florence Read, Sally Rogers, Geraldine Swimm, Faith Severence, Audrey Silsbe, Theodora Theodora Sdhsty Grace Shuttleworth, Gladys Talmage, Isabel . Van PelCKitty Walkley, Ann Ward, Winifred Waterman, Waterman, Margaret Whiting and Elizabeth Blackwell. The Messrs. Robert Burdick, John E. Allen, Stanley Andrews, . William Bolger, Wilbur ' Bijou, Qair Bijou, Albert Biddle, Francis Bedell, Frank Bailey, Lambert Barrows, Warren'Beh, Reeve Bowden, William Butcher, Lee Boyn- Boyn- ' ton, Melville Beams,- Beams,- William Burns, John E.v Bauer, Gordon Braislin, Jere Collins; Horace Callaghan, Richard , Callaghan, Edward Cornehlsen, John Cornwell,' Adam Cook, Jackson Cross, Arthur Conner, Alfred Dowrie, Dan De Bexidon, Britton Diller, Albert B. Davis, Edward Gailer, Cornelius i Furgueson,? 3rd, Lawrence Fairfax, Coverly Fischer, Peter Franklin, Eugene Flahive, Frank Fox, Thomas Fogerty, Jr., Lewis W. Francis, Jr., Jack Francis, Robert Girard, Campbell Good, Roy Gans, Robert Gibb, John Green, Richard s- s- Hannah, Tracy Higgins, Robert : Henry, ; William ; Hanna, Preston Hazelwood, Remsen Johnson, Jr., Edward 1 Lyons, Painter Lathrop, ' .Marvin Laidlow, Norman Kelsey Francis Kelly,' William Kerr, Laurie Lake, Cornelius Ruxton Love, Jr., Richard Love, Harry Cabaud, Philip Langdon, Edwin Ludeman,

Clipped from Brooklyn Life and Activities of Long Island Society03 Jan 1925, SatPage 9

Brooklyn Life and Activities of Long Island Society (Brooklyn, New York)03 Jan 1925, SatPage 9
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