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bkn life, nov 17 1923 p 10 lisbeth - 10 BROOKLYN LIFE The Season's Debutantes Bliss...
10 BROOKLYN LIFE The Season's Debutantes Bliss Aieyer Miss Elizabeth Deyer, daughter of . Mr. and Mrs. Robert 0. Deyer of 28 Remsen Street, will give a dinner , party on the evening of January 2nd, when she - will ' make her debut at thq Heights ' Casino; for. her receiving line which will include, the Misses Winifred Horwill, Elizabeth Fish, Janet MacKay, :Mary Johnson, Lisbeth Higgins, Beatrice - Cantwell, . Louise Talmage, Ruth Good of South Orange, N; J:; Alice Good, Elizabeth Elizabeth Greenwood and her sister, Charlotte Deyer. There will be twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four at the dinner, v. On Wednesday, November zist, Miss Deyer is giving a luncheon toiiowed oy. a oriage 1 lor miss iisDem Higgins and Miss Beatrice Cantwell. Among those who will be. present are ;the Misses Sabra Mallett of Garden City", Tanet MacKay. Elizabeth Greenwood, Louise Little, Winif red Horwill, Carol Van Brunt of Manhattan, Ruth Good of South Orange, Margaret Quinby, Audrey and Natalie Silsbe, Alice. Good, Adelaide Robertson, Alice Stringham, Alice Frank, Dorothy Blake, Louise Turn bridge, Priscilla Bowns, Rachel Higgins, Cornelia Livingston, Livingston, Elizabeth Fish, Eleanor Field, Alice Bennett, Antoinette Drier and Mrs. Howard Bond. Miss Deyer went down to the Princeton-Harvard Princeton-Harvard Princeton-Harvard game and she will be at the Yale-Princeton Yale-Princeton Yale-Princeton game at New Haven, sitting on the Yale side. Last year Miss Deyer attended the American Academy of Dramatic Art. This year she will probably take a course at the New York School of Fine and Applied Miss Cantwell Miss Beatrice Morse Cantwell has announced that at her debut at the Heights Casino on the evening of Friday, .December 28th, she will have receiving with her the Misses Janet MacKay, Lisbeth Higgins, Dorothy Lathrop, Alice Good, Elizabeth Deyer, Eileen Cantwell, her sister, and Mary Moakler, of Manhattan. , . On November 27th, the Honorable Mrs. Howard Bond (formerly Fleurette de Barre Greenspawn) is giving a luncheon in Miss Cantwell's honor at Pierre's. The guests will be Miss Cantwell, Miss Elizabeth Deyer, Miss Lisbeth Higgins and Miss Mary Moakler. On Friday, November 16th, Miss Cantwell entertained at a luncheon, followed by a bridge, at her home, 47 Plaza Street, in honor of Miss Lisbeth Higgins. Her guests included the girls who are to receive with Miss Higgins. , . -Miss -Miss Cantwell, who is the daughter of Mrs. Jessie Morse Cantwell and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. , Edward P, Morse, is active in the Riding and Driving . Club. After the new year she expects to go on with her -domestic -domestic science course ' at Pratt Institute, which she began last winter. She is also studying music .Miss Good , ; Miss Alice Campbell Good, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Howard Good, of 880, St.; Marks .Avenue, will not make a formal debut, but will have a Holiday Party for Young People at Sherry's on the afternoon of December 22nd from 4 until 7 o'clock. r - Miss Good who is a sophomore at Bryn Mawr often hunts on Saturdays with the Radnor Hunt Club of which she is a member. She attended the Yale Army game on November 3rd and was entertained at St Elmo. Miss Good has been asked to, receive with Miss Deyer and Miss Cantwell at their debuts at the Heights Casino. Miss Livingston ..... . - Among those who will be present at Miss Cornelia Duryea Livingston's debut luncheon at .the . Plaza on December 1st are : "Mrs. Dean Bedford, Miss. Lisbeth Higgins, Miss Elizabeth Deyer, Miss Elizabeth Fish, Miss Alice Good, Miss Dorothy Norwood, Miss Beatrice Cantwell, Miss Alice Bennett, Miss Audrey Silsbe, Miss Janet MacKay, Miss Louise Little, Miss Ruth Beams, , Miss Arietta-Smith Arietta-Smith Arietta-Smith and "Miss Gladys Underwood. Mrs. Charles L. Livingston will receive with her daughter. ; There-will There-will There-will be about twenty guests in all. On Thursday Miss Livingston went to Williamstown where she will attend the Williams Amherst Game and remain over the week-end week-end week-end at the Williamstown Inn with her mother. She also attended the Columbia-Williams Columbia-Williams Columbia-Williams Columbia-Williams game in New York and the Army-Nolre Army-Nolre Army-Nolre Dame game at Ebbets Field. On December 8th Miss Livingston will give a card party for about fifty guests at her home, 312 Garfield Place. In her spare moments Miss Livingston plays golf at St. Albans Club on Long Island with her father. Miss Higgins Miss Lisbeth Higgins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Higgins of 101 Prospect Park West and Smithtown, L. I., will make her formal debut on the evening of Friday, December 21st, at Sherry's. She will have receiving with her the Misses Beatrice Cantwell, Cantwell, Elizabeth Deyer,. Winifred Horwill, Dorothy Norwood, Norwood, Cornelia Livingston and Rachel Higgins, her sister. On November 22nd. Miss Higgins will give a theatre party in honor of Miss Deyer and Miss Cantwell. The play has not yet been determined upon. Miss Higgins is a member of the Clark Street Players, a regular attendant at .the Opera, and a music student of Mr. Loew's. Recently, at our request, Miss Higgins wrote us : "Perhaps you know that I am putting . my best endeavor into becoming a graceful, artful, mirthful mirthful coryphee." Her, other activities include riding at the Club. Miss Talmage Miss Louise Talmage who will make her debut on the evening of December 26th at a dinner at Pierre's followed by a theatre party is busy studying at Wellesley College where she is. a sophomore. She will not be home for Thanksgiving as she is to spend the holidays with Mrs. Edward Claflin Thayer and Miss; Lois Thayer, of 5 St. Paul's Court, who will be staying in. the near 'Vicinity.'- 'Vicinity.'- ' - ; . . Miss Talmage is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Talmage of 104 Pierrepont Street. Manhattan Debutantes of Brooklyn Interest Numerous agreeable memories of the fashionable life of Brooklyn of not so many? years ago are stirred up by even , a ' glance at the list ? of. the debutantes of this season on the other side-,of side-,of side-,of the East River. The" Pratt family is -represented -represented by Miss Virginia Pratt,' daughter ' of Mr. and Mrs." John T.- T.- Pratt; Miss Ethel Saltus is a daughter of the . late Lloyd Saltus of Morristown, and the nartesake x of her aunt, Mrs. Charles H. Ludington, Jr., who died . a year ago last summer, and her mother - is, . as everyone knows, Mrs, Sarah Seaman Saltus, a sister of Miss Mary T. Seaman of 47 Pierrepont Street, and Mr. Joseph H. Seaman, now of Manhattan.-: Manhattan.-: Manhattan.-: ";v T".':-' T".':-' T".':-' Then there are Miss Molly Boocock, a granddaughter of Mr. Samuel W. Boocock of 87 Joralemon Street ; Miss Evelyn Lanman, daughter of Mr: and Mrs. Jonathan Jonathan Trumbull Lanman; Miss Caroline B. Talmage, daughter of Mrs. E. T. H. Talmage (Mary Bill Prentice) Prentice) ; Miss Marjory L. Weld, daughter of Mrs. Francis Minot Weld, who was Miss Margaret Low White, a sister of Mr. Alexander M. White of 52 Remsen Street, and in the old days lived on Columbia Heights ; and Miss Marian G. Willard, daughter of Mrs. W. Eugene Kimball. Miss Virginia Pratt , Mr. and Mrs. John T. Pratt are giving a dinner on the night of December 28th, at 7 East Eixty-first Eixty-first Eixty-first Street, to introduce their daughter, Miss Virginia Pratt, and afterwards a dance in the ballroom of the Colony Gub. Several friends of Mr. and Mrs. Pratt are giving dinners that night, taking their guests afterward to the dance. Committee for Debutante ' Ball The Committee for the Debutante Ball announced in full is as follows : Patronesses, Mrs. Ira B. Downs, Mrs. William Harris Cary, Mrs. Harold Latham Fish, Mrs. Lewis W. Francis, Mrs. Thomas H. Beardsley, Mrs. Edward T. Horwill, Mrs. E. Carlton Granbery, Mrs. Frederick D. MacKay, Mrs. Josiah O, Low and Mrs. Alexander Morse White. . Dance Committee--Miss Committee--Miss Committee--Miss Committee--Miss . Ruth Beams, Miss Beatrice Morse Cantwell, Miss Elizabeth Deyer, Miss Eleanor Cromwell Field, Miss Alice Van Anden ' Frank, Miss Alice Good, Miss Lisbeth Higgins, Miss Louise Bronson Little, Miss Cornelia Duryea Livingston, Miss Janet French MacKay, Miss Louise Talmage. . Messrs. W. Rice Brewster, Robert E. Blum, William H. Carey, Jr., Ford Hibbard, Norman Hilborn, C. Stuart Heminway, Donal C O'Brien, W. Guertin Tuttle, of. Manhattan ; Clinton W. Schelling, Gerard Smith, Kenneth Ward and Alexander M. White, Jr. . The Ynletide Ball One of the large popular dances that the debutantes most look forward to is the annual Yuletide Ball which will be held at the Heights Casino on the ". evening of December 26th.' The Ways and Means Committee of the Brooklyn Free Kindergarten Society for which the Ball ' is given, held its first meeting on November 8th. It was decided that they should have Markel's orchestra. Mrs. Edwin Carrington Ward is Chairman of the committee committee and others on the committee are : Miss Helen Babbott, Mrs. Edward C Blum, Mrs. I. Sherwood Coffin, Mrs. J. Sherlock Davis, Mrs. Elliott M. Eldredge, Mrs. Sumner Ford, Mrs. Stanley P. Jadwin, Mrs. Thomas L. Leeming, Mrs. Walter David Munson, Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt, Mrs. Donald Ross, Mrs. Donald B. Stewart and Miss E. Frances Woodward. About the Junior Assemblies There will be two Junior Assemblies this year, the first one on December 20th and the second on April 22nd. The patronesses are: Mrs. Melville H. Beams, Mrs. Harold L. Fish, Mrs. Edward T. Horwill, Mrs. Willis McDonald, Jr., Mrs. Frederick D. MacKay and Mrs. Alexander M. White. The committee includes the Misses Ruth Beams, Elizabeth H. Fish, Alice Frank, Eleanor Field, Louise Little, Janet MacKay, and the Messrs. Robert Blum, W. Rice Brewster, William H. Cary, Jr., C. Stewart Heminway, Ford Hibbard, Willis McDonald, 3rd, and Kenneth Ward. New York Junior Assemblies Among the list of subscribers for the New York Junior Assemblies to be held on December 7th, January 4th and February 8th are, Mrs. Lloyd Saltus (Sarah Seaman) for her daughter, Miss Ethel Saltus, Mrs. E. T. H. Talmage, Jr., Mrs. John T. Pratt and Mrs. Dallas Bache Pratt, for their daughters. Mrs. William A. Read, one of the subscribers to the assemblies, has been obliged to change all her plans, for the introduction of her daughter, Miss Elizabeth Read, who is still confined , in an English; hospital.' She was injured in a motor accident returning to London with her mother from a visit in Scotland with Mr.", and Mrs. J. Rich Steers, t It , is . doubtful if Miss Read will be able to leave the hospital before January. The Informal - - One of the very best dances held in Brooklyn in recent years was the first of. the season's series of ; Informal which took place in the grand ball room of the Academy of Music on Friday evening, . November 9th. Over three hundred young people were present and it was by far the most successful Informal in the history of these dances. The committee in charge of the dance was headed by Rowland L, Field as chairman and included Miss Alice Van Anden Frank, Miss Eleanor Cromwell Field, Miss Audrey L. Silsbe, George Henry Dayton and Robert B. Magnus. - At the dance Mr. - and Mrs. William Howard Good, Mr. and Mrs. George S. Frank, Mrs. Charles M. Hig gins and Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. MacKay were present as special guests of the committee. Very wonderful dance music was furnished by Wheeler Wadsworth ; and his Paul Whiteman Orchestra. ' Among the dancers of the evening were the Misses Elizabeth Deyer, Katherine Burnham, Marion Bernard, Emilie B. Honeyman, Katherine' I. Magner, Bernice Linington. Virginia' Varick, Dorothy Renouard, Margaret Margaret Zimmerman, Emilie Von Auw, Janet F. MacKay, Adele Entz, Marion Traendly, Lisbeth Higgins, Frances D. Arthur, Marion Henry, June Mudgett, Vivian Tyler, Margaret Elliott, Lothian Kerr, Hazel Ridley, Kathleen Kevin, . Viojet Mars, Dorothy Hendrickson, Mildred

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Brooklyn Life (Brooklyn, New York)17 Nov 1923, SatPage 10
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