Proyect pictures by Blanchard. Arizona Sentinel (Yuma, Arizona) • 29 Mar 1917, Thu • Page 3

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Proyect pictures by Blanchard. Arizona Sentinel (Yuma, Arizona)  
• 29 Mar 1917, Thu  
• Page 3 - YUMA PROJECT PICTURES (Continued From Page Two)...
YUMA PROJECT PICTURES (Continued From Page Two) of Yuma. Seven Panoramic view of a portion of Yuma, swinging around and taking in Winterhaven and the greater portion of San Pasqual Valley, taken from Fort Yuma Indian School overlooking the Ocean-to Ocean highway. Eight Panoramic view of Winterhaven, taken from, a point directly in the rear of Manager Deyo's residence, showing showing a fine view of his 200 acres of garden truck, part of which was covered with irrigating water, with Winterhaven shown to good advantage. Nine Panoramic view of the inner square of Yuma Indian Indian School grounds, showing the children at play, with Superintendent Superintendent Odle, Mr. Kerr and mystelf as on-lookers. Ten The great spillway near the siphon intake, showing showing that we have more irrigating water than we know what to do with. Eleven At the Somerton cotton gin, showing the method of taking cotton from a wagon and transferring it into the gin, with Mr. Blanchard, Mr. Sanguinetti, Mayor Michelsen, Superintendent George, Mr. Kerr, myself and others watching the performance. Twelve-r-Loading bales of cotton on Mr. Sanguinetti's big motor truck and two trailers, preparatory to hauling it over the "Warrenite" road to Yuma for shipment to Galveston Galveston or San Francisco. In connection with this scene it is pleasing to note that Mr. Sanguinetti bought this cotton for the express purpose of permitting Mr. Blanchard to get the picture, he having no cotton on hand at the time I asked him to load his trucks for the occasion. Thirteen Mr. Sanguinetti's big motor truck and two trailers, with 64 bales of cotton, averaging 528 pounds, in motion, the picture being taken on the "Warrenite" road near Judge Thacker's farm, two good views being taken, one as the truck approached the camera and the other as it passed passed and went beyond toward Yuma. Fourteen Two splendid panoramic views of Mr. San-guintti's San-guintti's big new ranch, near Gadsden, showing how a piece of land is cleared and leveled and what the surrounding country looks like before touched for farm purposes. In this scene Governor Thurman of the Water Users' Association is on horseback giving orders to teamsters, with Mr. Blanchard, Blanchard, Mr. Sanguinetti, Mayor, Michelsen, President Kerr nd myself, as on-lookers. Fifteen Cleaning an irrigation lateral ditch with the "V," which has reduced the cost of cleaning from 50 cents a cubic yard to about 5 cents. Two views of this were taken, one with the "V" going towards the camera man and the other as it was going away from him. All the above "movie stars" were interested on-lookers, with Assistant Irrigation Manager Dave Caylor as a welcomed addition. Sixteen The big drag-line dredger in full operation digging the drainage canal down near the Mexican boundary line. Seventeen Panoramic view of the drainage canal and pump station just inside the boundary line, showing the houses and tents of Captain Hartigan's Company I, Fourteenth Fourteenth Infantry in the distance, while Captain Hartigan joins the "movie stars" near the camera man. Eighteen The spillway beyond the levee, showing how much water the pump is taking from the drainage canal and spilling it across the line into Mexico. Nineteen Panoramic view of Mr. Hill's new orange grove, showing his spdendid improvements, with the naked desert of the mesa as a back-ground, thus showing what has happened on the mesa since "Queen Ruby" and Escort Kirk-patrick Kirk-patrick and myself led her over the same spot just a little over a year ago a splendid young orange grove where we then viewed nothing but a desert. Twenty Panoramic view of the Orange Grove drive, the camera man "catching" Mr. Sanguinetti's fine car as it approached for our party to enter it. In this picture will be seen Mr. Blanchard, Mr. Schofield of the department of ag riculture, Mr. Cook of the plant industry department, Mr. Sanguinetti, Superintendent Richardson of the Orange Grove and myself. Twenty-one Irrigating the big orange grove. Twenty-two Orange tree with fruit and flowers at the same time, with Mr. Blanchard and Mr. Sanguinetti fondling the flowers and fruit, and Mr. Richardson and myself at a distance watching the grove being cultivated with a two-horse two-horse team. Twenity-rhree Orange blossoms and fruit close up, held in the hands of Mr. Blanchard and Mr. Sanguinetti, though neither face shows. Twenty-four A beautiful -lemon tree in full bearing, all "stars" showing to their best advantage. Twenty-five Lemons close up, Mr. Blanchard and Mr. Sanguinetti holding large lemon in view, while Superintendent Superintendent Richardson cuts a large lemon and squeezes the juice out so the people can see that our big lemons are chuck full of the sour stuff. Twenty-six Panoramic view of the big fig orchard under irrigation. Twenty-seven Separate view of a fig tree in full bear ing. Twenty-eight View of the same fig tree, with Superintendent Superintendent Richardson so manipulating a few branches as to show how prolific the tree is. All in all they are a splendid set of pictures and Mr. Blanchard having accompanied the camera man and myself at practically all the scenes he got just what he asked for, no more no less, though we would have been glad to take twice that number if they could have been used to good advantage. When he gets the new print of the first set and gets the print of this new set of pictures Mr. Blanchard will re-assemble rhem in Washington to suit himself, arranging the titles in the proper place, and on the nights of April 6 and 7, he will deliver lectures with them in the city of New York. It is most assuredly the greatest piece of advertising Yuma has ever had, and notwithstanding Mr. Blanchard has moving pictures of every project in the United States he assures me that he had a dozen requests for the "Queen of Yuma Pro ject' films where he has one request for others, thus signifying signifying that Yuma is in the eyes and mind of the people all over the country. Personally I desire to thank President Kerr of the Commercial Commercial Club and his board of directors for the magnificent support they rendered in connection with these new pictures, pictures, and I would be very derelect in a public duty if I did not personally thank Mr. Sanguinetti for the invaluable aid he rendered in this connection. The entire community is under obligations to both him and the Commercial Club. That the pictures will be perfect there is no doubt, for Mr. Taylor is operating under the direction of the Boswick people, people, whose name and reputation for first class work in that line stands at the very top of the "movie" world. MAJOR GENERAL PERSHING. (Continued From Page One) kept us out of war with our unhappy sister republic, but paved the way for a lasting peace with that country. It is unnecessary to say that he found the Fourteenth regiment in the very best of condition. He was well pleased, and that means a whole lot, for as a rule major generals are not easily pleased. Colonel Wilson took the general down to the Mexican Mexican boundary where Captain Hartigan and his boys of Company I gave them a most hearty welcome. General Pershing traveled in his own special car and was accompanied by A. R. Gatter of Phoenix, general agent of the Arizona Eastern and Southern Pacific of this division.

Clipped from Arizona Sentinel29 Mar 1917, ThuPage 3

Arizona Sentinel (Yuma, Arizona)29 Mar 1917, ThuPage 3
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  • Proyect pictures by Blanchard. Arizona Sentinel (Yuma, Arizona) • 29 Mar 1917, Thu • Page 3

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