Prague 1858

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Prague 1858 - our friend. Of eouMS wfl Complied, picking them...
our friend. Of eouMS wfl Complied, picking them up at random, mid all proved to b" different. Thcr worohoiiss,Migi,shnrt.tall ed cats, horses, trees nnd flowers; nnd t sup-poso sup-poso had wo thrown In a half tho box, wo should havo seen duplicates of almost everything everything known tn tho Jnpnneso. As it was howovcr, wo curbed curiosity, divided tho contents contents of tho box between us, and stowed them away in our rooms for tho purposo of astonishing astonishing tho natives nt homo" Correspondents of the Tres Preis. LETTERS FROM EUROPE. N6. LS. Prague. Prague, like so many of theso old towns, has an early history In which It is quite impossible impossible to discover tho lino which separates fact from fable. Moro than a thousand years ago, says tradition and legend, Libussv, nn Amazonian heroino who united in her per. son tho character of soldier nnd priestess, selected selected this plnro for tho beginlng ot nn empire empire She cut nway the forest and established her rcsidenco on a rocky precipice, wliich sho fortified. Sensual nnd capricious, she selected selected her lovers from among her followers nnd dependants, Shesoon tired of them, and ns soon as her fancy changed, sho caused tho discarded favorite to be thrown from tho rocky height of her castle to tho rocky baso below nnd immediately installed a new candidate candidate in her favor. Tho rocky baso goes f ..T. n"w bv tho namo of I,ibusa's bed. Finally her fancy choso a young peasant Z1.' terwards called PrcmMas, who knew how to fasten her nfTcctions nnd to curb her wandering wandering fancies. Ho made himself her master, as well by tho skillful management of her affections affections as hy tho force of his will; nnd in her namo and ostensibly by her, ho laid out the beginning of I'raguo on the rocky heights which now farm part of it ; and she in bis presence, surrounded by tho subordinate leaders nf her people, in tho douhlo character or Queen and Priestess, witli syhillino phrcn-zy phrcn-zy and stirring eloquence, prophesied the future future greatness, fame nnd glory of tho infant c'ty which she then called by its present name Pi'Jg, Mid to be significant of its position position nnd rocky grades. Sho and Prcmislas devoted their united enemies to establishing and extending their power ; and from them wero descended tho early lino of tho Dukes of Bohemia, whoso capital was Prague. They aro said to liavo built first tho Hrad-schin, Hrad-schin, the royal palaces, and tho Kleinseito, a littlo sido which lies about the foofof the Ilradschin. Nort was built or began what was then called Now Town, on the other sido of the rh and which now is known as the Old To- . and embraces the Jew's town or Jew's , i.irter, occupied by somo 00,000 Israelii, s. Subsequently has been added tho modern now town, tho wholo forming a city of about 120,000 people, and 10 or 12 miles in circumference. It contains about 3,000 houses, and CO places of worship besides besides nunneries and monasteries. It is in latitude latitude olio three degrees further north than Quebec, and yet enjoys a tolerably mild cli" mate, though said to be subject to sudden changes. It was exceedingly agreeable and pleasant while wo were there. Tho Ilradschin Ilradschin is the royal quarter of thecity stretching stretching along tho brow of a high hill. It is the palace, and the towers, and tho prisons, and the, and the other institutions of the sovereignty of Bohemia now absirbed in the Austiian empire. The Kleinseito lying on the bunk of tho river at the foot of the palace hill, is the residence of the higher nobility. nobility. These are on tho left hank of tho river. On tho right bank are tho old town, the quaint old homo of the people, tho priests, tho mon of letters and tho burghers, embracing embracing tho Jews quarter ; and about it is spread out thu now turn, bright, airy, modern and thrifty, with itseommcrce nnd manufactures, its railroa f depots and useful activity. Prague Praga, proud venerable old Prague, the of Bohemia, is ono of the must interesting capitals of Europe. Although Although united to Austria nnd no longer nn independent sjvercignty, ono cannot help looking at it as still the capital so famous for near a thousand years and a tho scene of event", political, religious, and literary, so stinin'; and wonuerlul. It rues in irregular and rocky heights from both sides of thu Mol- il.m, which aro covereu uy niu sinking muuu-ings muuu-ings of tho city and are connected by a mas-ive mas-ive btonc-bridgo 'M feet long and 35 focts wide, consisting of sixteen arehes. llus bridge is u btriking object, but moro for its solidity and strength than fur its beauty. From it, in various directions, tho eye takes in I'raguo and its environs, and standing on its side-walks you havo but to ask tho histo ry and meaning of tho striking ohjists which seein to cluster about you, and storira of romantic romantic nnd legendary lore, of history and fable and fiction might while away tho livelong diy. Its hiitory suggests tho history history of I'raguo and subjects lor a library of romances, lor rr.iguo has u nisiory which, written with tho pen ol a master, should bo as attractive and as spirit-stirring without departing from tho sober truth, as any great chapter of tho story of the world. On its towers are inscriptions and blazonry which declare thu past glories of Bohemia. Tho defence defence of tho bridge of Garigliaus against 200 Spanish cavalry hy tho chevalier Bayard alone, does not equal tho valor and civic de votion' of tho great jesuit, Georgo Plachy, who, when tho ridge was about to bo crossed hy 2500 Swedes, victorious thus far, rushed out of the Co'lege, and with three soldiers and a handful of students nnd tho port cul-lis, cul-lis, which lie instantly let fall, defended tho bridge and savod tho town. Tho bridgo is surmounted by sutues in groat numbers, each of which has its history and tr ditionw and thero aro also inscriptions, inscriptions, historical and religious. Tho statues aro almost 150 y.rars old, and somo ol tbciii havo considerable merit us works of art. They aro tho subject uf n folio, published in 1711, entitled Statu Portis Pragcnsis. Tho river sweeps through tho town in tho form ofn crescent, which, vvhilo it luavcs in sight from tho hridga nil tho islands, brings into tho panorama most interesting views un both banks. It it is not without a show uf truth at least, that tho citizens of I'raguo insist that, seen from tho bridgo, cspeci illy. It is unequalled by any city in Europe. Had Bohemia maintained her nepurato independence, independence, and preserved a tlirono and a court whoso royal memories and national glories had centered in Prague, and fertilized it by regal iniinilieenco and uourlly splendurs, it must have been without u parallel. BVidcs " Tho Bridgo," there is a suspension Inidge, and nuincruus lorries, An oil siyiug it is, that you cannot eros thu bridge without meeting a priest, a stu-d'nt, stu-d'nt, and a jew priests and studjiits and jevvshivim In m in all p-riols mod striking charaeiuiistles oi IV.iuu. And in the iiu-medial iiu-medial vicinity ol lb" liridg-aru thu L'ni r-sity, r-sity, til' 'i '!';' l s-un lilies, the chiireb' .and th-great qiinier of tho Jews, and with them and tho bridgo and in sights and sculptures and inscriptions, aro connected connected all that thero Is or has boon of Prague Tl" bigotry and bitterness nf religious strife, which tho times provlous to tlio reformation cro-itod everywhere, before learning and froo thought discovered tho light shining in darkness, darkness, was nowhero exhibited in greater asperity asperity than here. Thero la in ono of tho Binaries hero a Husslto liturgy imlcndldly illuminated. illuminated. On ono of Its pages occur throe; striking and significant miniatures suggesting suggesting tho subllmcst of moral views. They aro Wlckllf striking n light lluss blowing it to aflame Luther holding tho blazing torch. 500 years ngo,'in what a darkness, Wicklif struck that light ; it was 40 years after his death that lluss, in tho ccntro of learning nnd of civilization blew that light into a living living flamo; 120 years after ho died nt the stako, Luther waved that torch aloft till all Europe was onlightcned hy its rays, and now wherever has been hoard tho glad tidings of great joy tonll pooplo, thero tho torch of Luther Luther sheds a light in wliich tho nations rejoice rejoice ; for whoro it is held in tho greatest ab-horenco, ab-horenco, all but Its enemies sco that it modifies modifies 'and meliorates that system of Christian ity with which it is in tho most irreconcilablo antagonism. Yours, Jkc, E. O. Sr.ntocs Accident and Nahrow EscArK. On Sunday' afternoon as an omnibus, containing containing several young persons, was returning returning Irom th? funeral of tho infant child of Mr. vV. W. Pnrtridge, tho horses took fright as tho wheels struck tho pavement in Church Street nt the Bank'Strcct crossing, and ran violently In spite of tho driver's efforts down tho street, through tho hollow, and past tho Seminary, where, on turning tho corner into Cedar Street, tho vchlc'e was upset, its top torn off, and its living load scattered in the street. Ol tho occupants of the omnibus, fivo in number, ono, Miss S. B. Peck, was taken up insensible and suffering from a severe, severe, cut, somo throo inches in length, on the sido of her head ; Miss Carolino Blackman received somo serious contusions; Sir. J. Alexander had a thumb put out of joint ; while two Misses Piatt escaped with comparatively comparatively slight bruises. Under tho circumstances circumstances tho escape of tho party without broken broken bones is wonderful. Tho driver was of courso thrown from his scat, hut clung to tho reins and was dragged somo distanco until until obliged to let go, when tho horses continued continued their courso down Shelburne Street till they wero fortunately siopped in front of Mr. Morso's, by tho reins becoming entangled entangled in a wheel. Mr. Ladukc, to whom tho horses belong, informs us that ho liought them two or thrco weeks sinco ; that they were recommended to him ns a kind and well broken team, and that bo had seen nothing in them to indicate tho contrary ; that tho driver, Murphy, is a careful and sober man ; nnd that credit is given him for steadiness and energy by thoso who witnessed his efforts to stop the frightened frightened animals. Mr. Laduko also wishes us to assuro the numerous customers of his Livery Stable, that tho horses will not bo let again from his suable, and that ho shall dis pose of them as soon as possible. That Caucus Tho meeting called by "many voters," was held at tho Town Hall Monday evening nt thccloseof the meeting ot the Firo District. It was quito numerously attended, and tho proceedings wero intensely interesting. Tho assemblage was called to order by Ges. I). W. C. Clarke, who with somo brief remarks introduced J. W. Hick-ok,- Esq., who addressed tho "caucus." At tho closo of Mr. Hickok's remarks, it was moved by J. II. Wheeler, Esq. that tho meeting meeting now- adjourn, which it immediately proceeded proceeded without delay forthwith incontinently incontinently to do upon the epot, and darkness and silence silence wero allowed to tako possession of the Hall. On tho wholo it was a decidedly mysterious mysterious and romantic affair. Fire. Tlio Railroad Bridgo at Mid-dlebury, Mid-dlebury, together with four empty box curs were destroyed by tiro is supposed to havo originated from Uro dropjicd from tho Locomotive 'that passed over it tho previous evening. Tlio bridgo was insured in Boston far $3500. .ew Publications. Tun F.dinbcrgii Keview, Leonard Scott ,t Co.'s. Reprint, New York. The January number contains Help's Spanish Conquest in America ; Lifo Assurance ; Tho Church Rate Question ; Tho Roman Catacombs ; Tho Hudson Hudson Bay Territory ; Lord Liverpool's Administration Administration in 1822 ; Library of tho British Museum ; Lifo and Organization ; History nnd Prospects of Parliamentary Reform. The Athntic Monthly. Phillips, Sainp-biii Sainp-biii & Co., Boston. Tho Mirch number of th primo periodical continues " Tho Minister's Minister's Wooing," by Mrs. Stowo, and " Tho Professor of the Uroakfust Table," by Dr. Holmes. Tho " Utah Exjicdition," is the political article Somo of tho other articles aro, Holbein and the Dance of Death ; Lizzy Grisw-old's Thajiksgiving ; Achmcd and his Mare ; Charles Lamb and Sidney Smith ; Bulls and Bears ; Tho Wutcrlall ; Tho Winter Winter Birds ; ' Tho .Now Life' of Dante ; and a lengthy review of Sawyer's New Tcstiinent. Fire District, No. 1. An adjourned meeting uftho District was held in tho Town Hall Monday evening. Tho Report of tho Com-mittoo Com-mittoo on cisterns wan made by Mr. Hun tington, recommending tho construction by tho District of three additional cisterns nt proper points in tho District. Tho Rojwrt was accepted and adoptod. The moetingsoon ufter ndjournod without making any appropriation appropriation for tho purposo of constructing tho cisterns, thu leaving tho matter in statu IJUO. Fatal Accident trom Fluid. A few days ago, at Brush's Mills, N. Y., Mis. Zenas I)ow was burned so badly by fluid that sho diod on tho following morning. Her husband husband was filling a fluid can from a jug, she holding a light. Tho fluid caught firo from tho lamp exploding tho vossols. Sir. Dow was ludly injured by inhaling tho flames, but it is thought ho will recover. Grkat Sale or Wool. A groat salo of wool, said to lm tho largest which over took plauo in Boston, inado in that city un Thursday of last wook, at the warehouse of llingham Joy .t Co. Thu wurcrooin was filled with buyers from all pirts uf tin) country country ; the bidding wus very spiritud and tho puces satisfactory. The wholo amount of vviiol was lib nit -100,0(10 p Min is. Wo nitio that noun) lots of fine woil final Veiniont sold as hi.h us M cents. ' 1 nut getting fat," ns tho loafer said, when ho was stealing lard.

Clipped from Burlington Weekly Free Press04 Mar 1859, FriPage 2

Burlington Weekly Free Press (Burlington, Vermont)04 Mar 1859, FriPage 2
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