Feb 19, 1926 Riordan/Rittenhouse

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Feb 19, 1926 Riordan/Rittenhouse - ?AGE TWELVE SANTA CRUZ NEWS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY...
?AGE TWELVE SANTA CRUZ NEWS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1926 PROGRAM FOR TRIPLE CONVENTION TWO-DAY TWO-DAY TWO-DAY ACTIVITY The complete program is now arranged arranged for the piinnltaneoiis conventions conventions of aditors, tax collectors and recorders, which will be called to order order in this city .Monday and continue for three days. The program has been prepared by the local committee committee consisting of Mrs. Iielle Lindsay, Willett Ware and Frank .1. Helms. Headquarters will bo maintained at Hotel St. Seorge. Following is the program Monday, 2 p. in. Aiiernoou ieu for visiting ladies, gnosis 01 paiui-dav paiui-dav paiui-dav Afternoon club; S:;'0 p. m.. dancing, St. Ceorge Tuesday, 10:30 to Watsonville; of Vajaro Valley nierce. 7 p. m., gales and guests, Flag escort, liny BEN LOMOND j - On Milk Diet hotel. a. m. Auto trip luncheon, guests chamber of com-banquet com-banquet com-banquet to dele-St. dele-St. dele-St. (ieorge hotel. Scouts of Amer ica; vocal solo, Mrs. Jos. Itiordan; violin solo, Mrs. Josephine Kitten-house, Kitten-house, Kitten-house, accompanist Mrs. Vera M. Clayton; fancy dance and recitation, Audrey lllewett. The convention programs are: County Auditors' Association Monday, 1::'.0 p. in. Convening nf miilitors. St. Oorgo hotel; roll call, organization, appointment of commit lees; remarks, Kelt Sheldon, president; report of legislative committee; committee; round table discussion; suggested suggested legislation. Tuesday, !) a. in Report of committees; committees; paper, Forward Looking Legislation, H. A. Payne; paper, Future Progress of the Association, H. H. Shuffleton; unfinished business; business; election of officers. County Tax Collectors' Association Monday, 1:30 p. m. Conveie in Redwood room, St. C oorgo hotel; roll call, organization, etc.; remarks by J. F. Helms, president; report of legislative committee; round table discussion. Tuesday, 8 a. m. Report of committees; committees; unfinished business; election election of officers; paper, Special District District Taxes, Ray W. Baker; paper, Cost of Printing and Supplies, M. Joost. County Recorders' Association Monday, 1:30 p. m. Convene in Howe's hall, Locust street; roll call, organization, etc.; remarks by Ed-niond Ed-niond Ed-niond Ciodchaux, president; report of legislative committee; round table discussion; suggested legislation. Tuesday, 1) a. m. Report of committees; committees; unfinished business; election election of officers. Joint Convention Monday, 9:30 a. m. Registration of delegates and guests; convention hall, St. George hotel; calling convention convention to order by II. A. Payne, president; address of welcome, Mayor W. O. Kerrick; response on behalf of joint association, by H. A. Payne; address, State Financial Problems, Ray L. Riley, state controller. controller. Wednesday, 9 a. m. Convene in convention hall, St. George hotel; (The News' Special Service) liKX LOMOND, Feb. IS. Mrs. Frances Lane, of Aptos, spent Sun day with Miss A. L. McMemis at Crows Nest. Mr. Lane was a former former resident of Hen Lomond and has many friends in town who will be pleased to learn that she will manage manage a store for the J. J. Milburn Co. in Watsonville. The store will be opened March 1st. Ollie Carrol is down from San Francisco for a few (lays' visit with his mother, Mrs. ltickard of Mistletoe Mistletoe Ranch. Miss Helen Cole and father returned returned to the city Wednesday after a week at Simhaven. Mrs. Lyle Vandergrift, Jr., has returned returned from San Francisco after a three weeks' trip. Louis Tester was over from San Jose for Sunday with his family. Mrs. Frank Ilenfling entertained Mrs. Iceland Spencer and Mrs. Souza of our local school, at luncheon last Friday. Mrs. Lena Kober has returned after after a delightful trip to Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco. The total of our rainfall for the season is 33.75 inches, which is normal for this date. Gilbert Hayes visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Hayes Sunday and on his return to Oakland was accompanied by his siter Mrs. Ivan Hobson, who has been convalescing at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. Itouball and Max Webber of San Francisco, were recent recent guests cf Mrs. Rueff and Hen-fling. Hen-fling. Hen-fling. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bonnetti and Mr. and Mrs. "William Paradis attended attended a party at Mrs. W. P. Hendricks Hendricks of Mt. Ilermon Monday night in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Caldera and daughter, who are leaving for Mobile, Alabama, where Mr. Caldera will be with the ball players league this season. ( Frank Henfling is down from San Francisco for a few days with his family. II. W. Beecher, local house decorator, decorator, is painting and papering for P. Bonnetti of. Felton. life -f -f Why Evelvn Nesbit, former wife of Harry K. Thaw, is back in Atlantic City recovering from her most recent attempt at suicide. Her soii'k now is "i Wanla Get Well." Evelyn is drinking milk-milk milk-milk milk-milk and swears she is back to slay. CITY HALL GROUNDS TAKE ON NEW ATTRACTION; TALK WITH THE GARDENER Capitola Bus Route Changed; Soquel Table Due to the poor condition of the roads between here and Capitola and because the volume of traffic has decreased considerably the Union Union Traction company's busses from here to Capitola will take the following 5y HOPE SWIXKOM) The city hall garden is quite worth a visit these days. Those of us who pass almost daily hardly realize the changes through which it has gone in a few years. It was not so long ago that it was, while iilways full of growing things, and to that extent, interesting, yet most ly without form of comeliness as far as any planning went. The gardener of today has more or less of the landscape artist fervor about his work: and that spirit is making a different place out of the city's propyl erty. Up to last fall only three days a week was allowed for its care. Now it has the entire time of II. Snitzler, a gardener with the soul of an artist, a native Santa Cruzan, and one who has followed gardening gardening for many years. He told me what he had done, and is planning to do, one morning this week, as he stopped his clipping of the tidy box hedges, which divide the lawns, but, being low, leave them still a unit. "I like Santa Cruz," he said, "it is a wonderful place to grow things. I have added greatly to the lawn surface, by taking out the old orchard orchard trees which were on the place. rather than take away from, the loveliness all about. The gardener said that Commissioner Commissioner lialzari is taking a great interest interest in the plans for the grounds. "And we have ever so many visitors. Hardly a week passes but easterners come, and exclaim over our Ponderous Ponderous lemons, and our tall orange tree, with its hundreds of yellow balls. Santa Cruz should have more parks. They are a great thing." Some day we shall have them, one hopes. CAUL A. Obispo, Soquel Ave. known to before I from of mine Francisco knowing Santa me of it Well, it was I left the and since Luis Obispo, reminded me to recall had heard time. Four the seaside in a sense was far from all I had mountain's leading locality held been raised he lot his "good old sport in town, the incidents. here," he aside his years ago, property. In reply to planned to asserted rather wanderlust spirit many years of Santa remaining J. It. of the East Soquel avenue. HIGH SCHOOL KM'EHTAIN.MENT Don't forget the entertainment to Ijq given in the high school auditorium auditorium Friday evening, February 26, at eight o'clock. This "Evening of Laughter" is composed of short plays and music. The music department under the supervision of John Squires will present an operetta entitled, "The Family Doctor," in which a young butcher boy has fallen in love with a charming young lady whose father will not allow her to have a beau. Come and see how he manages to be near her in spite of this. The dramatic art class under the

Clipped from Santa Cruz Evening News19 Feb 1926, FriPage 12

Santa Cruz Evening News (Santa Cruz, California)19 Feb 1926, FriPage 12
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