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Miss Katherine Summy [top of column 2] - THE WASHINGTON HERALD, SATURDAY, &&g.m0&mtt&c...
THE WASHINGTON HERALD, SATURDAY, &&g.m0&mtt&c ffl ilk jT"""" J?.rP ifiH SOME CHURCH EVENTS OF THE WEEK. Shdiv Dr. Woodron, pastor of the First Coaa-regational Church, opeaa a new aerlea of evening ifrmoie -T4 age of the crusadea." Mar- Russrll preaches at St. Patrick's at 11 a. an. Subject: "The Church of Chriat must be a united society." Rev. L, T. Mowbray opeaa a aerlea of assemblies at the Y. M. C. A. at 3:30 o'clock- Subject: "How a roue man may express express hla rellartom tn the home." Monday DUrtrlrt ( hritiin Endeavor Colon meets at the Fourth Presbyterian Presbyterian Church. 8 p. m. Woman' Baptist Missionary I nfon of the District, la quarterly quarterly conference, at Calvary Charrh, 3 aad 7tSO p. m. Jewish Feast of Lots celebrated to-day at Klarhth Street Temple. 7 p. m. Midday Lenten sertlees la Epiphany Chnrch, at 12:.", 40-day, 40-day, Tuesday. Wednesday, aad fkarsday. Wednesday Men's I.eajroe of the Fifth Baptist Church la monthly session, installation of Dr. Karle W lldey as pastor of the Vermont Avenue Christian Church. Thursday Annual media of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. S p. m. Saturday Bishop of Washing-ton addresses coninmaicaats la Church of the Ascension. 8:4B p. m. CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR. Fourth Presbyterian Church. Thirteenth and Fairmont streets, will entertain the District Christian Endeavor Union Monday Monday evening, March 6. at 8 o'clock, when Endeavorers of the various societies of the city will come together for a song fcervice to he led by Mr. Percy S. Foster, who will tell of his plans for the musical programme of the Atlantic City convention convention in July. A second feature of the evening will be the conferences on methods methods of Christian Endeavor work; duties of lookout, social and allied committees, in a conference conducted by Messrs. H. J. Walther and A. W. Starrett: the work of lookout, social and allied committees will be discussed in a gathering led by Mr. Horace M. Gillman, vice president of the District i'nion; Christian Endeavor prayer meetings will be the subject of a conference, directed by Miss Rosa P. Merta, until recently president of the Calvary Baptist Society; while three superintendents superintendents of the work of the union. Misses Alice M. Rideout and Agnes E. Suman. and Mr. P. F. Drury, will lead - in discussions of the missionary, junior, and intermediate branches of Endqavor work. A brief inspirational address by Rev. Walter P. Smith, pastor of the Whitney Avenue Christian Church, will lose the evening. Rev. Joseph T. Kelly.' pastor of Fourth Church, will conduct the devotional service at the opening of the meeting, and Miss Ethel Foster will render a solo. Calvary Baptist young people are being invited, to, a nov 1 entertainment to be (riven at that chur?h Wednesday evening, when, after a -bachelor's reverie," the christian Endeavor Society will conduct the guests on a "honeymoon tour around the world." beginning at Calvary Baptist Church and terminating with refreshments refreshments at Union Station. The meeting of the First Presbyterian Society to-morrow at 6:45 will be in charge of officers of the Christian Endeavor Endeavor I'nion led by President D. C. 1 'avis, and they will present the work of the various departments of the union. The officers and committee chairmen of j the new Immanuel Baptist Intermediate Society are president, Harry W. Gates; vice president, Eugenia Mauldin; secretary. secretary. Morrill U Isley; treasurer, Ruth M. Roberts; delegate to Christian Endeavor I'nion. Harvey O. Wilson; pianist, Ethel S. Maffett; head usher. Albert W. Gates; lookout chairman. Milton Simpson; prayer neeting. Bertha F. Clements: social, Charles S. Dunn; missionary, Ethel P. Coffin; finance. Herbert C. Kimball; music music Ethel S. Maffett. The society's adviser adviser is Miss Virginia L. Raymond. A rally of the Presbyterian Christian Endeavor societies of the city will be held at Church of the Covenant, Eighteenth and N streets, Sunday, March 12, at 4 o'clock. Rev. Willis L. Geiston, superintendent superintendent of the Young Peopie,s department department of the Presbyterian Chufch in the 1'nited States, will deliver the principal addreks. Many societies will omit their resrular meeting sitirl rr, t.- a KntV trt tt,iw meeting, which Is expected to be one of ' the largest young people 's denominational gatherings held in Washington. Miss Grace A. Townsend." secretary of the Florida Christian Endeavor Union, whose work was described by Field Secretary Secretary Karl Lehmann in an address at the close of his recent ampaign in Washington, Washington, has sent a letter of greetings to local Endeavorers and of appreciation of their interest In her work. Washington Heights Presbyterian Intermediate Intermediate Society will be visited to-morrow by Mr. P. F. Drury', superintendent of the Intermediate Department of the District Union. Tho Endeavorers of the First Baptist Church gave a reception in the parlors of the church on Tuesday to Mr. -auid Mrs. C. V. Neibel. previous to their departure departure for Canada, and thence to Long Beach. Cal.. whereathey will reside. Rev- W w. McMaster made an address ind j President I). S. Brooks presented Mrs Neibel with a bouquet. The musical programme programme included a solo by Miss Litlie Wimer and a number by the Christian Endeavor quartet. Refreshments were served by the social committee. Gurley Presbyterian Christian Endeavor Society, at a business meeting held this week at the homo of Miss Ethel D. Falconer, Falconer, elected as president and secretary to fill vacancies, Mr. Robert Harrison and Mr. Frank Long, respectively. It was planned to give time in coming Endeavor meetings for members to repeat and emphasize emphasize helpful thoughts from their pastor's pastor's sermons. Fourteen colored societies were represented represented In the Christian Endeavor conference conference held Monday evening at Southwest Social Settlement. The second lesson of the Karl Lehmann School of Methods was presented hy James R. Moss. Addresses Addresses were made by Rev. J. H. Randolph, Randolph, Union President D. C. Davis, and Mrs. Luyton. The next meeting will be held at Shlloh Baptist Church March 27. The sixth annual banquet of the society of the Vermont Avenue Christian Church was a noteworthy affair. Each of tha sixty-five guests was presented with a neat booklet, which contained the menu and programme, a quotation from Dr. Power concerning ih duty of good cheer. Ttfitt) tofytv&ty o QG3CSS and an original poem by Miss Bertha Frances Dew. entitled "Our Society." The president. Miss Katherine Summy, presided presided as toastmaster and read a letter from the first president of the society, Mr. C. B. Titus, now a missionary irr China- The speakers of the evening were Miss Lisle Thomas on "World wide Christian Christian Endeavor." Samuel J. Jennings on "The Father of His Country." Miss Helen Summy on "Innoconts abroad." and Rev. Earl Wilftey on "The outlook from the lookout.'" Musical numbers included original original songs by the society's mixed and male quartets and a solo by Miss Blanche Dew. "Religious Journalism Up to Dam" was the subject of a skit, the scene of which was the editorial rooms of the Vermont Avenue Wltoop. by Miss Bertha F. Dew, Clarence J. Spiker, and Dean E. Winchester. A lattice-work canopy of paper overhung the table, spring blossoms blossoms decorated the walls, American flags were draped at the ends of the room, and a large Christian Endeavor monogram was suspended back of the president. Following the custom of the society, appropriate appropriate gifts were presented during the evening to the pastors who were present ami to their wives, as well as to the pre.ii nt of the society and to the chairman chairman of the banquet committee, Mr. James M. Pickens. Among those in attendance were the following: Mist Alexander. Mr. Bmn. Mm 8tefl Baker. Miss Mildred Bone. Mis I'aaliDc Rradd'ck. Miss Robert Rraddcck. W. K. 1 truth waitc. Mis Ruth Briscoe, Ms Alice Day. Mu Bertha Dew. Mia Blanche Dew, Mas Beira ; pfert. Alton (J. Urin-neil. Urin-neil. Miss Erma Hays. Mist Annie Beider. Mr. Header, Ootto Hermann. Miss DJa Hoge. Alrui Jacobs. Dr. and Mn. N. R. Jenosr. Mist Mary Jrnnings. Samuel J. Jennings. John Kuhn, Albert T. Larsf-mbe Alias Uieretia LasTenor. John M. Lewis. Mm Zerilda Loguc. Emmitt E. McNeUly. Mist rfcaa Asws Mead. R H. Mitchell. A. C Mondr. Miss Susanne Montr. Mr. J. P. Him. Mr. and t ' ET ."nd sfmR IwMia nAeVcharVe. C. Reif. Mr. and Mr. C, W. shelton. Miss Agnes ' Shi-l Has K. Sims, Mr. and Mia, J. E. Sparks, ; artiste Spiker Clarence J. Spiker, Mrs. T. J. j Spiker. Mis Vernah Spiker. A. W. StarraU. Mr. Mpv (J. W. lit osf. Mm Helen Summy. Miss i UK I, .' v.. ..;..- v i i. i it i .. j. . Kaihenne -tommy. Earl Taggart. Miss Lisle Thomas, Harry Thompson, Mrs. J. UTnompson. Miss Emily Van Aredalc. Oscar B, Whitiow. B. and Mr, Earie Wilder, a. L Williams, and Mr. and Mm. D. E. Winchester. UNITED BRETHREN NEWS. The congregation of the Memorial United Brethren Church. North Capitol and R streets, will worship in the chapel adjoining the church until April 1 Easter. The main auditorium will be repaired and frescoed. The exterior will be painted. Reopening services will be held on Easter Sunday. When completed, this congregation will have one of the most beautiful auditoriums In the city. This Sunday at 7:30 p. m. the Iris Lodge. No. 50. and Columbia Lodge, No. 60. Shield of Honor, will worship in the ha pel. Special music rendered by the choir, under the direction of R A Line-back, Line-back, v WITH THE METHODISTS. On Sunday evening, the Rev, Dr. John Rcid Shannon, of the MetropolitanTrleth-odist MetropolitanTrleth-odist Church, preaches th; fifth sermon, sermon, of his series on "Spiritual lessons from our trvelB amid Bible and historic scenes in Rome, Greece and Egypt." The sermon begins In Athena, Greece. Among the places visited will be Mars Hill, the Acropolis, the ancient Greek theaters, the prison of Socrates, Marathon, Marathon, the greatest battlefield of the ancient ancient world, fcc. At Mount Pleasant M. E. Church South, a meeting of special interest took place in the post-office hall, 1413 Park road northwest northwest where this church holds its services, on Sunday evening last. It was the occasion occasion of the installation of the newly elected officers of the Woman's Home Mission Mission Society: President. Mrs. J. J. Print-up: Print-up: first vice president. Mrs. Pauline Jones, second vice president, Mrs. Percy C. Brown; third vice president. Mrs. H. B. Denham ; corresponding secretary. Mm. H. W. Elliott; recording secretary! Mrs. C. F. Rose; treasurer. Miss E. G. Jeff rles; local treasurer, Mrs.E. E. Munsey: Press superintendent, Mrs. R. K. Hel- pnensiine. jr.; agent of the Missionary Voice, Mrs. E. Horton. An address was given by Mrs. Henry Knowles, president of the Baltimore conference, conference, W. H. M Society, also by the Rev. P. W. Jeffries, who conducted the installation service. The society has done excellent work in the seventeen months of Its existancc, it is planning for still greater efforts in the near future. CATHOLIC CHURCHES. - The Aleysius Club truth committee will prepare a pamphlet In the near future on the subject of socialism, exposing the anti-Christian and immoral programme outlined by its ablest exponents, and explaining explaining the opposition of the church to the doctrine. At St. Patrick's Church the feast of St Patrick will be preceded by a novena of praytrs which will be recited after all the masses, beginning March 8. A novena of prayers will also begin on March 10. In preparation for the feast of St. seph, which falls on March 19. Jo-1 The sermon at the high mass in St A loyai us' Church to-morrow will be preached by the rector. Rev. Eugene DeL. McDonnell. 8. 3. At Compline, Rev WUliain F. Brooks. S. J., wUl preach. During the progress of the greet novena t)t - & to o of grace, the services will be conducted) In both the upper and lower churches. In ; order to accommodate the vast crowds which are Anticipated. The remarkable results which always follow the nofena of grace make it one of the most 'important 'important religious events of the parish. There will be a Lenten service next Wednesday evening, consisting of recitation recitation of the rosary, a sermon, and benediction benediction of the blessed sacrament. On Friday Friday afternoon, at 3:30, and in the evening, at 7:30, the stations of the cross will be followed, after which there will be benediction of the blessed sacrament. At the solemn high mass In St. Patrick's Church to-morrow, Mgr. William T. Russell. Russell. D. D., will preach the first of a Lenten coarse of sermons. His subject to-morrow will be: "The Church of Christ must be a united society' At 8 o'dock tn the evening there will be devotions devotions in honor of the Good Shepherd, at which Dr. Russell will open a second series of sermons on the Holy Eucharist. Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock there will be Lenten services, at which Rev. James A. Smyth will preach. The subject subject of his sermon will be "The Pharisee and the publican." To-morrow morning at the 8:36 o'clock mass the children of SL Martin's parish will receive holy communion. Tuesday evening at 7:15 o'clock there will a service consisting of the rosary, a sermon by the pastor. Rev. Eugene A. Hannan, and benediction of the blessed sacrament. On Friday evening there will be the stations of the cross, followed by night prayers and the benediction of the blessed sacrament. During his Lenten sermons. Father Hannan will touch on some practical religious religious subjects, chiefly on the Christian observance of Sundays and holidays. At the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Conception. Jesuit fathers from Georgetown I'niversfty will conduct a series of sermons sermons on the Wednesday evenings of Lent, At the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart. Mount Pleasant, Rev. John Hand-ly, Hand-ly, C. S. P.. will preach the first of a series of Lenten sermons to-morrow evening. evening. CONGREGATIONAL NEWS. When the Rev. Dr. Woodrow gave his course of Sunday evening lectures on 'Noted Johns" and "Monks anrf monas-taries," monas-taries," the church was literally packed with interested hearers. The February sermons, which closed last Sunday with the discourse on "Jesus and modern thought." have commanded a widespread widespread interest quite outside of the members members and adherents of the First Congregational Congregational Church. A new course, covering covering Industrial, social, educational, political, political, and religious life of the eleventh and twelfth centuries is just announced. It is ent'.tled "The age of the crusade. I , r Wf f thC Cr08S" f !" "? 1 learned historian says: "To the historical i scholar this period Is unsurpassed by any if we except the days of the birth Of , Christianity." In commenting on the lec- ' ,,,.. j-,- n't.n ...,... n,,.i .,... 1, ' . ""-'"- ""J"' """' tWO rcntur, the wa b'" T that was to germinate in the age of the renaissance, blossom in the Keforma- tion. and bear fruit In our modern civilization." civilization." The topics to be treated are stated as follows: March 5, "The state of society;'-March society;'-March 12, "Feudalism and chivalry;" March 19, "Papal policy;" March 26, "Mohammedan "Mohammedan menace;" April 2. "The crusade crusade of the crowd;" April 9. "The crusade crusade of the chieftains;" April 16, "Jerusalem "Jerusalem delivered;" April 23, "The crusade of the children;" April 30, "The results of the crusadVjs," PRESBYTERIAN NEWS. Presbyterians to the number of 250 attended attended the annual dinner of the Presbyterian Presbyterian Alliance at the Eastern Church last Tuesday evening. While the news story naturally gave precedence to Justice Justice Harlan's arraignment of the "Snobs from New York with fat bank accounts, who are demoralizing our local society," there were several other matters of interest interest to Presbyterians that transpired, not the least interesting of which was President Leetch's historical sketch of the alliance and a statement of the work which has been accomplished by It In summary, the alliance was organized twenty-four years ago and since that time has been Instrumental In raising about $12,500 toward the establishment of three churches: The Eastern Church, which was organized In 1891 and which the alliance aided In the purchase of lots; the Eckington church, which is now a flourishing organization, standing on its own feet and the Chevy Chase church, which is only two years old, and which Is making very gratifying progress In that field. Applications for further aid are pending from the Chevy Chase church and the Sherwood church. The alliance Is contemplating a programme of active aid for the cause of Presbyterlanlsm, especially especially In the matter of planting new churches within the District of Columbia and assisting them to become self-sustaining. The first president of the Presbyterian Presbyterian Alliance was the late Mr. Justice Justice Stanley Matthews. Dr. Radcliffe will resume the course of lectures upon "Our Bible" next Sunday evening, which were interrupted last Sunday Sunday evenihg by the musical interpretation of Rossini's 8tahat Mater." The subject next Sunday evening will be "The Bible and literature." These lectures are attracting attracting wlue attention, especially among men. - The Christian Endeavor Society, at 6:45 o'clock In the evening win be addressed hy Hon. Nelson P. Wheeler, Representative Representative from Pennsylvania, who will give the story of some Endeavor work In the pine woods of his State. ' The annual meeting it the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church Is scheduled for next Thursday at 8 o'clock. Officers of the various societies in the church will make their annual reports and there will be the usual election of elders sMd deacons. deacons. The Rev. Henry E. Brundage, of the Eckington Presbyterian Church, . expects to organise a Young People's Travel Club for the young people of his church and neighborhood, to meet at the church study Monday evenings, commencing Monday. March 13. This is a very promising club and, all lovers of travel win feel amply repaid by attending, as the club will be (addressed by prominent speakers of extensive travel. At the Central Presbyterian Church the fourth missionary lecture tn the ser lectures will be gives Friday. ureses .VS3i at 7:45 p. m. This lecture will deal missions In Africa, and will be with a number of recent The pastor. Rev. James H. conducting this series, and the have proven both helpful and instructive. During the month of March services in the Central Church made special evangelistic services. plan will be followed beginning next Sunday morning. The pastor will these services. In the Church of the Covenant to-morrow, the 3:30 musical service will by the church 'quartet. The selections will be rendered: Anthem. "How-Sacred Is This PUoe" Contralto, The Peace of Hod" "Anthem. "Hymn of the Angrts" Soprano. "Father. rwiiTe Them" Led by Mrs. Fugitt. soprano; Mr. Hempstead, contralto; Mr. Rakemann. riounact ; Mr. violoncellist. For the 7:30 services these will be rendered: strings and organ. "Awakening of aprtat" tvntrsjtn. Unto the Hills" Strings and organ. "Muaica Protista" Soprano. "Hear Me, O Father" The sacrament of the Lord's will be administered at the First Presbyterian Church at the morning large number of members will be to the church at this time. There be a special musical programme evening service. The pastor's the evening will be "Success, what and how to gain it." On Sunday, 19th Instant, the pastor will begin a of illustrated Sunday evening continue until Easter Sunday. The subjects will be appropriate to the LUTHERAN CHURCHES. 0 Rev. Charles V. Steck, D. D.. Epiphany Lutheran Church, has neat little folder announcing special services for the Sundays. Wednesdays, Fridays of Lent. Sunday services held in the chapel. Fourteenth, northwest, and those of the week Sunday school room in R street. Wednesday's services are from 8 to 9 and Friday's from 4 to 4:30 p. m. At the Luther Place Memorial in Thomas' circle, the quartet Is augmented by a chorus choir under direction of Mr. Robert A. who comes from an Episcopal Baltimore, as organist. It Is that the enlarged choir will appear Sunday and render several special numbers. The pastor. Rev. Lloyd C. announces as a theme for the day two dreams of Nebuchadnezzar, Babylon.'- The morning theme Is dream of the shattered image." The evening theme is 'The dream of the tree." There will be no special services in this church until Holy although the Thursday evening service will be featured as Lenten in character. The Men's Bible Class Association Keller Memorial Lutheran Church. land avenue and Ninth street will hold their third annual banquet Tuesday evening, March 7. at 8 The following programme will be followed: "The masculine In Rev. L. H. Waring; tenor solo, Mr. Empie: "The outer circle." Hon. Miller. M. C. Kansas; barytone Mr. T. A. Iang: "God and a Man," E. B. Stillman. The class, is in a flourishing condition, having 120 members. C. P. Wiles, the pastor of the is the teacher, and Mr. J. K Bittcn-bender is the class president In the Sunday school of the Church of the Reformation corning Glfford Pinchot, former of the United States, will make a address to the boys and girls school. Visitors will be welcome. A Iutheran Brotherhood has Just organized In the Church of the Reformation, and the officers elected include B. De Graw. president; Raymond W. Pullman, vice president; Clarence P. recording secretary; Charles S. corresponding secretary, and Hesse, treasurer. A considerable Interest is being aroused among the the church In this latest of its organizations. last night at the quarterly meeting of the District Luther which was held in Zion Lutheran Sixth and P streets northwest, the Dr. Fry, of Mount Airy Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, gave an address "Lutherans and what they The Luther Leagues of the city well represented. As is well understood, the League is the official young people's organization of the Lutheran Church, has its strongest following among Lutherans who belong to the council wing of that church DISCIPLES OF CHRIST. The series of Sunday night sermons Bible character, being delivered at Ninth Street Christian Church, and D streets northeast are very popular and attracting large audiences. Next Sunday night will be eighteenth sermon in the series. will be on "Isaiah, the greatest The Sunday school of this church in a most flourishing condition. average attendance at this school the month of February was 612. The Ninth Street Christian Will begin special evangelistic on Sunday, March 12. Luther E. pastor of the First Christian of Philadelphia, will assist the pastor in these services. Dr. Sellers been In the evangelistic field for years, and Is a man of much power ability There will be Services night in the week, beginning March except on Saturday night. The Rev. Dr. Earle Wilfley will formerly installed as pastor of the Vermont Avenue Christian Church on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. will be made upon the occasion installation by the Rev. Dr. Samuel Greene, of the Calvary Baptist dean of the Protestant clergy in Washington, and the Rev. Lloyd C. of the Luther Place Memorial A reception to Dr. and Mrs. Wilfley follow the exercises of installation. Wilfley. It will be remembered, came Washington to assume the pastorate the Vermont Avenue Church last ber, he and Dr. Powers being pastors of the church, but Dr. Wilfley feast-sumeJ the larger burden of the church work in view of Dr. Powers' falling health. As has 'been stated in Washington Herald repeatedly, week has added to the popularity and Influence of Dr. Wilfley among the of bis congregation, both in the

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The Washington Herald (Washington, District of Columbia)04 Mar 1911, SatPage 9
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