The St. Joseph Observer, 13 September 1919, Saturday, Page 5: Local Matters of General Interest: Mrs

The St. Joseph Observer, 13 September 1919, Saturday, Page 5: Local Matters of General Interest: Mrs. W. B. Summy of Washington, sister of Mrs. Lucien J. Eastin, and John P., Walter P., and Thero O. Strong of this city, died suddenly on a railroad train Sunday while she was in route home from a visit here.

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The St. Joseph Observer, 13 September 1919, Saturday, Page 5: Local Matters of General Interest: Mrs - THE ST. JOSEPH OBSERVER, J i i. ls f r .V t-k...
THE ST. JOSEPH OBSERVER, J i i. ls f r .V t-k t-k rSVi m I vs LOCAL MATTERS OF GENERAL INTEREST Parugraphii Vhich Tell of the Happenings of, icol Moment in Greater St. Joseph amount U raised tlio Methodist IJprv copal church will add $200,000 to the fund John Albus and other Republicans wero busy Thursday atrnnglng 'or tho Johnson mooting here Sunday. Anything Which Has Oc-rred Deserving of Local Notice Can Be Found in These Columns Hutnnno Otflcer Zlemcndorff will prosecute all persons who put out poison, Uiua destroying pot animals. Sam Itotchklm has been, awarded the contract for remodeling the Ilax Furniture store, at a. coHt of $25,000, a railroad train Sunday while she was tn rouro homo from a visit here. Jnmci C. Cain, who wan tho first head of the state Tree Ihnployment Bureau, now city electrical Inspector of Portland, Oregon, Is In the city. REV. A. J. Wllllum Hurst, Chariot Robbliw and Hen Sllvotmin were arrested Wednesday for motor speeding. Your future foretold. Send dime, ace, hlrthdate for truthful, reliable, convincing trial reading. Hazel Hause, Box 215, Los Angeles, Cal. (AdvL) Frank Smith was arrested at the rirst Ward House Tuesday and taken back to Cameron, charged with stealing stealing shoes at that place. Mrs. Herbert A. Owen of tho Kcd Cross canteen has received a pleasant, note of appreciation from Mrs. Woodrow Wilson for a basket of "fruit presented to her at the Union station Saturday. For anything In the real estate line, Beo or write tho Square Deal Ileal E-tato E-tato Co., Savannah, Mo. (Advt). Six negroes arrested Sunday for crapi shooting failed to appear In police police court Monday and their $5 bonds were forf ted. C. H. Hull, a former Btreet car man, Is wanted here on a charge of ulfo abandonment. A truck driven by J. C. Hester struck and knocked down Alox Miller Miller on South Sixth Monday. Miller was painfully bruised about the head and arms. Mayor Whltsell faces an unpleasant unpleasant Job In being obliged to name a dog Impounder, there having been none since the death of Hez Lewis a month ago. Bishop Quaylo addressed tho Commerce Commerce Club members at tho first luncheon of the season at Hotel Robl-doux Robl-doux Wednesday. The St. Josoplt Law School, Judge T. B. Allen dean, will open Us regular regular winter term Monday night. The records of Circuit Clerk Crouso shows that thcro havo beon two hundred hundred and fifty divorce coses docketed bo far for the coming term of court. The school board hold a meeting Monday night, and considered the transfer question, and appointed a number of needed assistants. Jamtftor. Machine Cow engineers and machinists' supplies. Shafting, hangers, pullejs. 215 No. 2nd. Adv. l.oulse Mincer Wednesday Institut ed suit against Louts Mincer for divorce, divorce, alleging cruelty. Tho school board on Wednesday completed tho purelmso of three va- cant lots from the Owen estate at Twelfth and Scott, which will bo used to enlarge the Noely school play grounds. Major It. R. Calkin has been selected selected as chairman for Buchanan county for tho Roosevelt Memorial Association, which proposes to r ilsc (5,000,000 to pcipetuato his memory. Albert Lee Fiance will build a modern homo at Twenty-fifth and Union. M. J. Downey for best numbing and Gas rittlng. 1002 Frederick Ave. Phono 11C. Adv. William T Igoe, who was a Chrlst- tlau Brothers College graduate and who for tho past ten years had been o bookkeeper at tho John S. Brlttaln Pry Goods Co., died Sunday. Mrs. Gertrude M. Wilson has bought tho Duncan farm on the Saxton road through the firm of Cox, Porter & Barnes. The local branch of tho .English speaking union will hold a meeting tonight in the Japanese tea room of tho Robidoux. W. M. Blscoc, ono of the best known farmers and stock raisers of the Dearborn-Camden Point country, was in the city Saturday Interviewing his many friends. Dave McKee, the veteran of Gull-ford, Gull-ford, was among tho Monday visitors. There was a noar-BUgar famine tho early part of the week, Tho St Joseph Joseph wholesalers reported that the demand demand was the greatest ever known, everybody seeming to try to preserve an much fruit as possible, and to hoard what sugar they could. Melernoffor Undertaking Co. pre sents character, service and consider ation. Ninth and Felix. Fhone M. SCi, Adv. Agents wanted for one of the most Important discoveries of the age; millions are suffering with Rheumatism; Rheumatism; an Herb that actually drives the most stubborn case of Rheumatism entirely out of the system; many peo- plo have written us and say they are astounded at tho results; the effect on tho kidneys Is simply marvelous; you batho your feet In It for 15 minutes minutes a day for 10 days; agents are oolning money; price 72c pound, postpaid. postpaid. Rheumatism Herb Co., Santa Monica, California. (Advt.) Uncle John D. will Install a filling station at St. Joseph Avenue and Mlddleton streets. The city health officer has sent out notices to tho physicians of the city telling them that they must report report all cases of contagious diseased. There were over 8,000 people at the races Tuesday, 7,500 Wednesday and 7,500 on Thursday and 6,000 Friday. Friday. Thn racing card each day was a good one. There was a big drop In the hog market Thursday, tho fall at the St. Joseph yards being from 75 cents to $1. The top price that day was $17.25. Nothing had bcon heard on Tuesday Tuesday of the missing W. L. Tillotson. Tho man reported to havo been him leen In York, Neb, was not Tillotson. Lo Roy Prinz, Ehop. Main 30.- Auto Torlum -(Advt.) Tire Eleven motor regulation violators paid Irom $5 lo $30 each on Monday tn police court for the fun which they had breaking the regulations. The public schools opened Monday nith a larger enrollment than ever. Ah there Is no war work this yeat to Interfere, a very successful term Is txpected. The Easton fair was on this week, and proved a most notable succebs. Tho crowds were large and the attractions attractions of the best. Thursday was St. Joseph day, and a very large del egation went from this city and en Joyed the hospitality of the citizens of that place. W. Z. (Bud) Croy, son of James B. Croy, returned Wednesday from France, having been given his dis charge. He participated in some of the greatest battles of the war. Eugene Farr has brought suit for $2,000 damages against E. A. Prinz for a fall that he received at the academy by which he broke one wrist. Funeral services for tho late Dr. Arch A. McNeill wero conducted by his brother. Rev. Augustine McNeill, Wednesday, after, which the remains were interred in Mount Olivet. from base nover reallred. known world, became a church, soon after of ecclesiastical ly became buptlsm or man In vital glint of the a moment, friends In permit myself them by harsh they hold profound subtlest danger follower of tho material Corresponding Idolatry church. The Christians mercllewi tho Insidious light began vanish-ed, and It world s level, for a phase or sin practiced In its constitute what the Dark of salvation Ooit and the It was night." In 1366 A. the Morning was at tho artlclo in BriUn-nira which many scholars Wy-clluoJ may discovered the dependance upon God, a mediation of tho very however necessary." Rcform-atlon berin and feudalism right of the somewhat the mind has released directions. tne uibie languages catacombs Christian in norence sculpture, work displayed wonder-ous forms dlnavla sailed new worlds: Scotland and a more vital renaissance Rise of spiritual astlcal body He-formation India and most ary bands tlve. sailed the efforts to carry ianity. Christian unmindful of, but Reformation history, the reception gospel. formation direction, to remove uod with beclouded freed from and death, through a nor sustains Scientists God. God througn the Science than gious lan sessed some degree, Rock Undertaking Co. Lady attendant, attendant, 91g Frederick avenue. Adv. Walter C. Bender, the well known Frederick Avenue druggist, has beon named by Gov. Gardner as a member of the state board of pharmacy. Tho appointment will be a most popular one. Tho South Fourth street repaying rvlll be completed this week, and a 'bottom touto to the stock yards will to thus afforded, the route continues continues from South Fourth street through Florenco. f 1 Roy Prinz, Tiro Itrtreadlng and Repairing Hood, Flsk and United ftatcs Tires and Tubes. Main 30. (Advt.) Elhol Calamese, lolored, was ar rested Tuesday, charged with stealing coal from the Buillngton. Ex-food administrator Elliot Mar-Tliiill Mar-Tliiill turned over a letter, Tuesday to Prosecuting Attorney Owen from C. B. Ames, assistant attorney general in Washington, suggesting that a fair price commltteo be apaln appointed for this city. The Shrlners of Molla Temple ap pointed u committee Wednesday to look Into tho feasibility ot buying the present home of the Green Hills Golf Club on which to erect a mosque. W. L. Dlckcrson, who for tho past thirty-five years had been a bookkeeper bookkeeper for tho John S. Brlttaln Dry Goods Co , died ot pneumonia Tuesday. The Master Plumbers Association on Tuesday sent a check for $13 to the Tanner fund, for the benefit of tho orphans left by William Fitch Tanner, who sacrificed his life In a vain attempt to save her fiom an nnrushlng train. A roomer over Leeper's Francis street hardware store failed to turn off the water at the bath tub Wednesday Wednesday night, and caused a few hundred dollars damage to the stock of goods. Grace Summers wants a divorce from Arthur II. Summers, and Edna Morgan from Harry Morgan. Rev, C. N. Broadhursl has been called to the Hundley Methodist church pastorate. He 'served here twenty years ago. Don Riley's Motor Inn. Storage and best repair deportment In city. Indies' Indies' rest room and free check room In connection. Seventh and Jul. U.d. Mrs. W, B. Summy of Washington, Ulster of Mrs. Luclen J, Eajtln, and John P., Walter P. and Theorou O. Strong of this city, died suddenly on Everything you need for any kind Chandlee'i Edmond street. Adv, I of Painting, Wall paper. Paint & Gla&s Co., 417 Ed At a meeting of those interested in reorganizing Company M, Fourth Regiment, held Wednesday night, it was decided to defer the matter until later. The Jitney men are preparing to invade the field In the event that street cat fares are raised through the action of the btnto public berviec commission. Chairman n A King has received notice that the ocean steamer City of St. Joseph, nnn.ed in honor of this city for its wai activities, will be launched about Oct. 1. Mh-s Sara Culver will chtlxtcii the ship. Mls Margaret Watner will bo MKi Cul-vtr'r Cul-vtr'r asah'tant. Two men in prison garb giving the names of Arthur G Wright of Los Angelc and D. C. Walker of Okla homa were arrested here Thursday. They had escaped from the desUp-Unary desUp-Unary barracks at Fort Leavenworth. Dr A. I)e Couagne, a former well known associated with Dtitton Bros here, died In Kansas City this week Oscar T Bloomer has sued the Maple Leaf for Si 999 99 alleged dam ages resulting from n collision at Foutth and Augusta the study af-proves that genuine Christian movement from the Ages To Uod as Doctrinally Uevo of a instantuneoukly lng tho Uts know the modern mine; "When come, he Instead of losing the and led her to tions which Uod creates sickness, ptac-tlcally It who Is sorry al-was be who Is sorry hird-lj ever be uttltude ot entertained by far as ument are ness much This is the mlnNtry of Reformation This amim-pllshed b In its in its III the whom Judge A. B. Duncan has "copped the prize" for the biggest sweet potato. potato. It weighed over thtce pounds. Farms for Sale 250 acres three miles from Graham, Mo. Well Improved Improved and priced right, Other good farms for sale. W. 13. Kreytsg, Citizens Citizens Batik, Oraham, Mo. (Advt.) The Methodist Episcopal chwrch here will start a drive Sept. 2Snd which will continue until the ;9th. during which period It is hoped to raise $100,000 for the building of a Methodist hospital here. It that UEmxUL&SSzS m The Best Life and Hndovv unit Insurnnre In a strong, reliable, mutual "Old Line" compaii) at the Lowest Rale ' Is What I Cuii Sell You. JOHN' .1. (.OOimit'll, 'llii' Piiii Idenl Mini" Agent, The Provident On page with Ke writes. coveiy. I problem of Scrlptures a'oof from and energies rule" This ei. elucidated, and over thus ftature of ot Mrx. 01 iudlieetl) texioock. Life & Triut Company of Phlla.l -I lilt) Corby-I'urse Bldp hia. Key to tho ter entitled whUh will earnest To deny icvcred the Mini that the Kick chsse one'e Iilng faet of waj not I lint! kr.iivn , to ee and 'e'l It the ih eiytipl JS.-l-nce t llil-a I-1 -niilf.. '. t th ! r i t il- ao . telMc -sAftgSft. .A..'

Clipped from The St Joseph Observer13 Sep 1919, SatPage 5

The St Joseph Observer (Saint Joseph, Missouri)13 Sep 1919, SatPage 5
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  • The St. Joseph Observer, 13 September 1919, Saturday, Page 5: Local Matters of General Interest: Mrs — The St. Joseph Observer, 13 September 1919, Saturday, Page 5: Local Matters of General Interest: Mrs. W. B. Summy of Washington, sister of Mrs. Lucien J. Eastin, and John P., Walter P., and Thero O. Strong of this city, died suddenly on a railroad train Sunday while she was in route home from a visit here.

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