Nov 23 1939

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ABOUT FED MODERiY WOMEN JUK1AN MATS MAKTSX WITH IIOW-TO- DO-1T HOOKS On? sJiculUn't judge a book bj- s' binfling.' Ncverlheless,' one doeS its 'binding; Nevertheless, one does to conclusions, sometimes er- roneous. by its jacket design and 'its' title. "Marriage/ Morals arid I Mothballs" is mMeSdiris on both score? The book, "a candid Inquiry-into the marital unliappjiieis of mid- die-class urban America." bv John H. Lava!, does not leave on'e'in a ; merry mood. Not that it's dull Par rom it . But - it ^ d^eartening which may be another way of sav- ln« '»'« it is a true representation of modern's and their'marriages' i just can't believe that marriage is such a washout as indicated by her'tiie case histories, based on actual facts with names' obviously nctiti- oils. The author has been a corifV dential investigator for social and business organizations and has made u ' hu jt * to |jry and snoop-nicely. of course—into the private lives oi Mr. and Mrs. America. His greater Interest and thoroughness has been into the personal life of Miss America, America, who seenis to be the'one setting setting thb pace, aided and abetted by Mr. America, Jr. World's AH H'ronj Naturally, there is discussion of divorce and of the changes in domestic domestic relations generally. For instance. instance. Mr. Laval says that changes have "been so drastic since 1914 that "we sec father is king In name only; that children arc looked upon upon as a detriment, rather than an asset; that divorce is a game instead instead of a nightmare; that bachelors bachelors loom as termites; that divorce has become a social menace: that selfishness has replaced sacrifice, promiscuity has replaced chastity; that most morals have been wrapped wrapped in mothballs." In short, we arc a lot of low- lifer.s and the world has gone to the bowwows, which I, for one, don't for a moment concede. ' Such spicy case histories as arc given make j.'UereMing. reading and are. no doubt, true. But I can't we that they prove anything except the . ... , ; - —-• a ^.it^ijv ««. "tarnished fact that the world is. |as "f ual ' raade U V of all kinds of P e °p le - THIS GURIOUS /\ ROBIN ' rslESTED AND CaAISED ITS VOUNIC3 IN THE OF AN AUTOMOBILE . . . AND THE CAR WAS DRIVEN ALMOST DAW DURING. THE TIME. AXSWF.H UJi-.-il, ml oil, ;is Tlie current craze for quizzes seems to give tlie curious the right to ask questions that, on the face of it, arc no one's business-but one's own. Even though such question-' naires as quoted are distributed in certain universities, one might suppose suppose that the students are justified' in refusing to answer them or in answering them with tongue in cheek. Not only are quizzes given in detail, detail, but the book contains some amusing opinions traced to their original source. One, which tickled my fancy, is credited to a dean of Yale Divinity School who, in clis-' cussing marital disturbances, saiil "Rarely do dealers in"animals' pick' out a horse by moonlight." ''| This leaven of humor helps one' over the utterly discouraging 'situ-' ation dwelt ir, at considerable length, the disillusioning account of life in general and our young peo-' pie in particular. Speaking of books, another here's-' how book has come my way—Louise'j 1 Howard's "How to Have Everything i You Want." An ambitious theme. I'd say. even for a young woman who has written-several written-several "road-to-success" boohs. This one covers a wide variety of subjects, beginning with "How to turn a wish into a realization." which might seem to cover the whole field, to "How t<) get a job and hold it," ditto a husband and just about everything else. What's Answrcr? One of the author's methods is the time-honored one of pulling one in the other fellow's place— asking oneself the questions he will ask and, here's the nib. finding within oneself the right answers. A gcod deal more than the average average human's allotment of self- confidence is necessary' to put oneself oneself over or to make one's dreams come true. Louise Howard assumes that we all have it and what it takes and doesn't seem to make any allowance for adverse circumstances. circumstances. • As nn example, she says. "Wher- ever you are. at whatever age. in whatever strata of society you find yourself, you can tlo iu-make a wealthy marriage." This statement certainly implies that there's a wealthy man at hand on whom one can try one's technique. In other! words, before' one catches a weal- thy man. one must find one. And they are by no means all over the place. The book abounds with questions. questions. After oil. it's the answers to them that most of us need. Considering the sreat number of books on how to make friends, hold jobs, be happy though married, and so on, I'm wondering what the effect effect will be. PILOT POINT Special to Record-Chronicle PILOT POIJv'T, N'ov. 23—A call meeting oJ El Progresso Club was lieltl at the home of Mrs. G. B. MpSilt Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. J. S. Wilson's resignation wns accept- cdlwuh rcgrets'antl Mrs!'Noble Collins Collins was elected to membership. Mrs. Hush Dunn, -chairman for friendship luncheon reported preparations preparations completed, for the luncheon luncheon io be helci Tuesday. Nov. 28. in the dining room of Commercial Hotel. Hotel. Mrs. R. J. Beck, delegate to T. 'W. p. C. convention in Wichita Palls, gave a report of the convention. convention. The hostess and Mines. Hugh Dunn, N. H. Krwin and L. W. Mac- kcnna served a tea course, tlie hostess hostess iJouring: Personals Misses Niuhan Envin and Eva Garrison of Dallas are here for the week-end visiting their parents. Miss Joan Moffitt of Dallas is spending Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Afoffitt. Mrs. J. J. Garrison. v,-)io is ill, is slightly improved. -Mr. ana Mrs. John McOee of Amarlllo were here this week. They are with her sister, Mrs. Hubert TisdcH. who was operated on In Denton Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Elmore and Mr. and Mrs. George Elmore and daughter of Dallas are visiting Mrs. Gordon Eiiuore. AUBREY NEWS Special to Record-Chronicle AUBREY. Nov. 23.—A "woman-

Clipped from Denton Record-Chronicle23 Nov 1939, ThuPage 2

Denton Record-Chronicle (Denton, Texas)23 Nov 1939, ThuPage 2
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