Canadian Fairbanks-Morse history

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Canadian Fairbanks-Morse history - The Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse...
The Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Co., Limited Manufacturers and Distributors of Scales, Engines, Pumps, Motors, Safes, Vaults, Machinery and Mill Supplies, Steam and Water Fittings and Valves, Who Have Won Their Way in the West on Merit of Products. WHEN the Canadian Eairbanks-Moiw Eairbanks-Moiw Eairbanks-Moiw Company, Limited, entered the Western Canada field und established the large distributing warehouses at Winnipeg, a new era was marked for tlie purchasers of products for which the firm has grown famous. Winnipeg's greatness as the commercial distributing centre of the Canadian West has been made possible through the activities and the cooperation cooperation of such institutions of magnitude as the Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Company, and it has been largely due to the work of these great companies that the patrons of the entire Canadian West have been taught to look to this city for their supplies and even' article that enters enters into their every-day every-day every-day life. The story of the rise to affluence of . the Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Company in Winnipeg and the West is significant. It carries with it the "punch" that serves as an example to the enterprising business man in his endeavors, and is emblematical of the popularity that may lie gained by products of superiority. It, was in 1898 that the Canadian branch nf the Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Company Company was established when Mr. IT. J. Fuller, of the company, came to Montreal as the representative of the New York concern. A small warehouse warehouse was opened in Craig Street, Montreal, in 1H!IS. Demands for the products handled by the company necessitated the establishing of western western distributing stations, and in 18fW Winnipeg and Toronto were selected. Later, in 1000, another .house was placed. on the western coast at Van- Van- it! Farnham, and tin1 engine and pump factory at Toronto, are turning out. materials and equipment that is recognized as the leaders in Ibeir lilies. In 1 !(( Charles .). I'.i ittain, general manager of the Winnipeg branch, .joined the company as a travelling salesman. His worth was soon appreciated and in 1901 he was delegated to open the Toronto branch. In 1910 ;. v. . '' f. -.' -.' :. . ,i . -';-v:':'U'f -';-v:':'U'f -';-v:':'U'f -';-v:':'U'f .'V?',-i .'V?',-i .'V?',-i . . ,r; ' :t!.f'Sr:::H vi .I''.'1 M ' mmmim I t i 4;V 5 " v.-'-. v.-'-. v.-'-. v.-'-. v.-'-. fct s r V?'-(f V?'-(f V?'-(f if, Af.f Jr j;; S&z-vA S&z-vA S&z-vA I 1 ' 1 ? -If- -If- -If- - k ' i.'J ..':',,.. - - "tij, I v.-!.- v.-!.- v.-!.- v.-!.- T..ft. , h:ii,. ?klr1r if lH'-4$ lH'-4$ lH'-4$ rrK-V"! rrK-V"! rrK-V"! i im:xj -w' -w' "ii w H View of Winnipeg Warehouse. Canada's Departmental Houte of Mechanical Goods I I couver, the patronage nf the company company all this time growing by leaps ami bounds because of the knowledge of the farmer ami the business man that Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse goods carried the guarantee of superiority. In 1906 the business was purchased by the new company, company, then known as the Canadian Fairbanks-Company, Fairbanks-Company, Fairbanks-Company, Limited. Eight acres were purchased at Toronto as a factory Kite, the organizers paying a half million dollars for this property. In July, 1912, the Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse and the Canadian Fairbanks-Company Fairbanks-Company Fairbanks-Company consolidated under the name of the Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Company, Limited, Ihe head offices being opened at Montreal. The Canadian purchaser of machinery products has derived the direct benefit of this consolidation. Brunches are now being operated at Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, Kcgina, Saskatoon, Vancouver, St. Johns, . N.D., and Ottawa. The great scale factory at Sjterbrooke, Quebec, is kept busy with orders for seaies that meet the demand of discriminating buyers. The safe and vault factory Mr. I'.riltaiu was named manager at Winnipeg, and he had been ill chartre of affairs less than one year until the commodious reinforced concrete warehouse, 117x117, at liOO-lllO liOO-lllO liOO-lllO Princess Street, was under construction. The trackage and warehouse of the Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Company now covers more than three acres, the large warehouse on Saskatchewan avenue housing a complete complete stock of machinery and supplies. This company is spending thousands of dollars moiit lily in Winnipeg among its trained corps of workers, workers, its associates, and in current expenses. The Winnipeg Winnipeg branch covers the entire province as well as southwestern southwestern Saskatchewan, and gives employment to more Ibait half a hundred men who have devoted years to the perfecting of their professions. This story of the strides made by the Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Fairbanks-Morse Company has a moral significance. Head it again. The company, because of its straightforward endeavors, has a prior claim on public patronage- patronage- and esteem.

Clipped from The Winnipeg Tribune25 Sep 1915, SatPage 59

The Winnipeg Tribune (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)25 Sep 1915, SatPage 59
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