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Fat List of Jobs Looks Attractive To Office Hunters Democratic Victory Assures Assures Large Collection of Political Plums for Those of the Faith p.n||U' Qn MrJrJ/worc IXtrpUUllCail I lUlUUVClS In Several Good Jobs Appointees Named Recently Recently for Four-Year Terms Will Probably Stay In Some Time By BASCOM N. TIMMONS Newa-Trlbune Staff WASHINGTON, Nov. 8~Republle* an federal offic« holders of Texts, upon whom fortune ha* smiled ao I benignly for the last 12 years, must j seek other fields of endeavor a. a ticket^on No'v YX*- cauae of the old American custom of replacing the "ina” with the "outs Winner and Loser for Texas Governorship ORVILLE BI LLINGTON MRS. MIRIAM PERGl RON rep!acinK the wlth the -outs." a procedure which will fill their joba with loyal and deserving democrat* In due courae of time the distribu- tion patronage so Ion« controlled j»y *he ,R- n;[‘,onpaaSB ^ thS ^a!id* at the waiting demócrata T^ie» will be- Texiut Election bureau returna Tuesday night gave Mrs. Miriam Ferguson, Ferguson, wife of James E. Fergueon, the Impeached governor of Texas, a commanding lead over her republican opponent, Orville Bulllngton of Wichita Falla. serving since 1830 as a holdover, or without reappointment, in spite of the fuaa raiaed by the Brookhart committee. Campbell was appointed to hia 15400 a year Job on Jan. 12, 1926, for a 4-year term, Robert B. Morris succeeded In ouat- ing R. W. Humphrey aa collectors of customs at Galveaton at the expiration expiration of Humphrey's term in 1920 Morria appointment waa confirmed by the aenate on May 9, 1930. and he is now receiving $5000 a year, the highest aalary paid to a cuatoma collector collector in Texas, Manuel B. Otero collector of customs at El Paso, is another Hoover appointee who remained remained in office at the expiration of hia four-year term. Otero was appointed appointed May 8, 1928. and hia term expired expired May 8 . 1932. He has not since been reappointed. His job pays a salary of 15400 annually The other collector of cuatoma in Texas is Kyle Elam, atationed st Port Arthur, whose term will expire Jan. 8 , 1933 Elam s salary is listed at $3700. It is not considered likely that the senate will confirm any further further Hoover appointments before March 4, 1933. even should the president president elect to send nominations to the capitol for approval, and in this event, Elam would serve aa a holdover holdover until succeeded bv a democratic appointee. Two of tha moat lucrative Joba in Texas are those of the internal revenue revenue collectors. James W Bass, of the first district. Austin, and Georg« C. Hopkins, of the second district, with headquartera at Dallas The Woman Senator will be replaced. Gigantic l(nu«>ecleaiilng A gigantic housecleamng is In store for tha 741 postmasters In the firat, second, and third class postof­ fices in Texas, whose combined salaries salaries total close to $1,500.000 a year, and which thev have been drawing The senate on office carries a salary of $7000 year and that of Bennett, $6500. will revert to a democrat. Samuel L. Gross of Dallas, United Methods employed by States marshal for the northern dis- Committeeman Creager in distrlbut trict, has been holding a $5800 job mg patronage in Texas came under for a number of years, and Is due 1 the fire of a committee of the senate gin the process of weeding out the to be replaced by a democratic aelec- headed by Senator Smith W, Brook- republican job-holdera who have Uon Gross was appointed marshal hart of Iowa, in 1930, and special at- . been waxing fat for so many years, on March fi 1928. and reappointed tention was directed by the commit- \fr_ Creagers political cohorts whom March 28, 1932, for another 4-year tee to the appointment of John D he has rewarded with jobs for their term. Phil E. Baer, marshal for (he Hartman, district attorney for the faith in the G, O. P. doubtless will eastern federal court district, also is western district. ho chucked out of office with no serving a second consecutive term Hartman was appointed for a four- J . mor* ceremony than that which at- He was appointed Dec. 21. 1925. and year term on Dec. 15 1925, and was or upwarda of 12 >e*ra •«*«<> ,h*lr »<“““• '*”< <"•*«■ ".SSXtTJS, i« Several Held Long Terma -• - - - — Among the republicans whose of- ............. . j, £ic®- win ba filled with democrats in 22, 1930, at a aalary of $4800 a vear 7*ny '.VSU ^in^'^rier^for'.“^'^ £ JJSST 'p'rT ably will not be obliged to yield Holden, was appointed June 13 1925 them before their terms expire anfj on jU|v \ 5930 Holden's Hterlmg D, Bennett, of Beaumont, ?,ajarv this year is rated in the nf S. , , r. «attorney 1 **»t- fjcial register of federal appointees ern district of the federal court for . , cason Texas, was appointed on June 10. 5 1932. on the recommendation of Marshal’« Job Ftplrea 1933. and thia $«500 plum probably collectors, and if Bass and Hopkins w . . W|1 are to be replaced bv democrats it la «c*»aftan, ** ^ aco, a 54200 job; w ¡1- National probable that »he deputies likewise Ham C. Kenyon, Amarillo, a $420u job. and an on down the line. Me Ma- •*tra Hattie Caraway of Arkanaaa who waa returned to the United S^tatea aenate. It is now campaign history that she defeated her nand- ful of male opponents largely __, „ , “**• tnrough the aid of Senator Huey and Hopkins were appointed for in- Long of Louisiana who came over definite terms, at aalariea of 17000 * the border and aided her April 21. 1#32„ Johnson'« di.triet. la due 10 ejpire Jun. IS, »'"inmi'offi!e/, ''ÏÏm “h’v ÎÎ* h.„. .P^, wa. confirm,* ate as April 4 1932. and Kenyon s appointment v as confirmed March 8 1930. Many Post Office Joba Herbert E. 1*. Toombs of Houston, 11, 1912. This Ion« delay was sub- Bi sides these first class post office office jobs there are in Taxas 199 sec- appointment of these Jobs will be no A . ... _, ., small task in itself, but it neverthe- d e,aJ* p offlc*a * hoae post less is one that probably will be we I masters are drawing salaries rangln« one of the youngest U. S marshals jeeted to the criticism of members £°med bv tha dem<K-ratic patronage from Il’iOO to $30fW, or more than in the country, waa appointed Jan of Brookhart a committee which in- veatigatcd Crearer s patronage affairs. affairs. Hartman's salarv ia hated a* $7500 a 'ear, and his job also will be Riven to someone of opposite political political faith. Four Customs Office* The term of Skott S Whit« U £ ern district, waa confirmed by the | marshal for the western federal court ^uirSi.mrV.ttoTnevtoThe’nor'1¡J ■ ern $ ______ ______ or theae job* at thè expiration expiration of their terma. wlth dem»>- cratic aspirants will mean thè los* of an $8000 a year job to Postina*ter Tn addition to these job-holders, George C Young of Dallas «ppoint- ipr^ are in Texas four rustoms col* ed March 8 , 1930; Peter G» L#u**a* lector* listed as presidenti*! ap- postmsster at San Anttonlo. ap- pnmtr ■ n who are aìated for repla^e- pointer Apri! 18, 1930, would Ìose a i ■.'mt Or.» of these, Roy Campbell of S»**00 a y^ar job Boy R Nichi»!« i'nn Antonio. eofl#ctor for thè twen- Houston appointed May 29, 1930 •fhird cu «toma district, haa been * would los« a $7000 job: Clarenc# V. han.Hera half * O -ara * year ein There are 38 first clasa post of- , , . . fices in the state, and th*-ir postmas- Th* con'b‘n<,<J *Alari** of *»>• ters are drawing salaries ranging postmasters of th« 504 third c ¡aa« from $.3200 up to $W»t0 a year A re- post office* In Texaa alao ia in et- placement of ' ces* of half * million On«» of the moat Important Jobs held by any Texan appointed bv f'rewtdent Hmtr ia that of John W Phiip of Dallas fourth assistant pi strnaater »renerai The former Dalita Dalita postmaster »** «ppolnted on Juna 19 1929 *t * salarv of « year He will be replaced bv an *p point*« of Roosevelt « #ome tim« after after March 4, 1932 in

Clipped from The Waco News-Tribune09 Nov 1932, WedPage 6

The Waco News-Tribune (Waco, Texas)09 Nov 1932, WedPage 6
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