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2 C THE BT5)LLEV1LLE (KANSAS) TELESCOPE MUNDEN NAMED FOR OWNER OF TOWNSITE ARGUMENT WITH RAILROAD OVER SUITABLE NAME ROCK ISLAND OFFICIALS CHOSE STEPHENSON AS NAME. BUT MUNDEN WON OUT. First Geaoral Sioro in Town Hnill by John Wasliichok in '87—Bfllicl | Was Namo of Ovigiiiivl Tosloffii-o j —Odd Follows Hall Moved from j Ida to IMundon—Gray the First Doctor in Town. The town of Miinden, dating from the siu'vey and platting of the settlement in 1887, has possessed possessed an interesting history. Beginning a few years later, 'a steady population around the 250 mark has been maintained. Ample business to care for the needs of the community have always been maintained at Munden, with a low mortality rate among first in that town. Many of the stores have remained under the same ownership since early in this century. The town of Munden, called I'l'om John Munden, owner of the land on which the town is built and trustee for ,Iane Ann Stephens, is located on the north line of Fairview Fairview touiiship. The orginial town- site was surveyed by E. VV. Wagner, county surveyor, on the 2nth and .'lOlh (lays of September, 1887,' containing' containing' seven blocks situated north nf the Oliicago, Rock Island and Pacific Pacific Railway, then the C| K._& N., in the northwest corner of section three (.')) and the northeast corner of sec- lion four (4). The orginal plat was riled for record October 31, 1887. The first addition comprising blocks (>i,u'lil., nine and ten lying south of the Rock Island Railway, was filed for record August 18. 18!)0. K. I. Disliked Name. i^runden was nanio<I by L. M. Stc- plions, and a dispute between the railroad company and Mr. Stephens result I'd. Tile raih'oad wished to call I ho town Stephens or Stephenson, Stephenson, but; acceded to Mr. Stophen.s' MILO SKALA'S GARAGE MUNDEN, KANSAS Expert Auto Repairs Overhauling O^Spocialty—^yi^York Guaranteed "Welding and Electrical Work FULL LINE OF JOHN DEERE liMPLEMENTS wish, when he stated the name of the town -would either remain' Bethel, the name of the postoffico at that time, or become Munden. .John Washichek built the first general general store in the fall of 188*7 and commenced .selling goods in October of that year. • Wesley Skocdopole was the first blacksmith, commencing commencing business early in the fall of 1887. A. M. Canfield, postmaster at Betiiel, built a store building in the fall of 1887 and commenced business the last of October, 1887. He was the first postmaster at Munden. John Epherson, a Swede, built a millinery store building in the winter of 1887 and 1888. Joseph Kuchera built a hardware store in the spi-ing of 1888, moved to Munden and commenced selling goods May 6th of that year. .\nton Stransky built a business) house in the summer of 1888 and commenced selling goods August 1. Welch built and kept the first I'ctaurant and boarding house In the .summer of 1888, running until until fall, when he sold out to John Whitlach. Dr. G. E. Gray was the first physjician, succeedeed by Dr. T. C. Long. Move In Odd Fellows Hall. The Odd Fellows' liall, a two-story frame building, was moved from Ida to Munden in the summer of 1888. C. L. Houdek was the first to do business business in t.his building in Munden. It was destroyed by fire June 28, 1895, and was rebuilt of ))rick and dedicated dedicated April 2(), 1890. This building stands on the Rose Creek side of the lino. Mr. 0. A. Allen commenced business business in 1802 as grocer and confect- ioncr. Joseph Stransky built a general general store in 1894 and has been in business over since. Mr. Stransky served as postmaster for a number of yeai's. The grain business was repi-esent- ed in 1901 by John W. Kelley and the Davis Elevator company. The station station agent then was H. H. Howes. Miindecn made forward strides in the throe years from 1905 to 1907, according to a short history of the town published at that time. It then had three good general stoi-es, two implement firms, a furniture' store, drug store, restaurant, millinery, livery barn, two blacksmith shops, an extra good lumber yard, hotel. State bank, billiard hall, harness and shoe shop. KROULIK OWNS" RESTAURANT MUNDEN BANK 25 YEARS OLD Albert Jclinek Cashier Since 1910— Bouska Became President in '17. The Munden State bank was chartered chartered May 5, 1906, with W. L. Thom- FROM A PIONEER FAMILY Elmer Sellars Operates Dan's Hardware Hardware Store at Munden. Elmer Sellars, proprietor of Dan's' Hardware store at Munden, comes; as the first president. James Rams- j fi>om a pioneer Repubic county fam- j bottom succeeded him two years lily. His father, N, T. Sellars, home- i later, holding the office until 1917,| steaded a mile north and half-mile: when T. W. Bouska, present presi- • east of Munden in the spring of 1871.: dent, was elected to that position. | The trip to this county from the W. A. Carmean was the first cash-, home in Iowa was made in a covered ier. F. A. Guy assumed that position: wagon, while the journey to Concor- iii 1910, and in 1916 the present cash-; dia to file on the homestead was' ier, Albert Jelinek, was chosen. Vice i on horseback. There was no bridge lu'dsidents have included D. E. Loweo", • across the river, which was crossed James Ramsbottom, W. L. Thomas, i in a skiff. Jos. Bouska, and Aniia Bouska, who Mr. Sellars still lives on his orig- now holds that office. i inal homestead. Edward J. Brosh became the as-1 sistant chasier in 1923, and still holds OPERATE ELEVATOR 15 YEARS the position. He succeeded Charles.' . ; H. Strnad. Since the tank was in-' Gregory s in Store in Munden Past; corporated with $10,000 capital stock,' Six Ycar.s. S40.200 has been paid in dividends,' Gregory's grain elevator and gen-i while $10,000 has been set aside as; eral merchandise store in Munden surplus. ^ i aro important cogs in the life of the, town. STRANSKYS EARLY SETTLERS The Gregory family has owned and opei-ated the elevator for Anton Stransky, Father of Two Pre- t^i^ past 15 years, while the store! sent Munden Business Men. ' Ij"^^^ belonged to the Gregorys since ; The Stransky family has played i ' m;," n i an important part in the history of i- Grogoiy elevator is a large Munden. Anton Stransky built one of the first business buildings in the town of 1888. J. P. Stransky, hardware hardware dealer, is his son, while Elmer Stransky, merchant in Munden, is i Mun"l ^T "institutk,r another son. A third son. Ed, is; ^^"'"c'^" institutions. agent for the Republic Mutual Fire' Insurance company. (buyer of grain from surrounding farms, and always maintains best possible prices. The store is well stocked, and enjoyes good trade. 0. R. Gregory is manager of the two SKALA'S GARAGE BUSY J. F. Stransky'started his hard-! Business Started in 192,3 Shows ware business while po.stmaster of i Gradual Increase. Munden, altFough he had previously 1 Addition of other lines and grad- operated a general store in 1894 ] in volume of business Hardware supplanted the general.;^ ^ g,.^,^,^ Mun- Ime, and for 36 years Joseph Strand which was built by Milo Skala .sky has beeen connected with hard | iggg. He came to Munden from ware and implements m that town, (.jbbon. Neb., where he was born and The present Stransky hardware store I ^..^jcm] was purchased from Frank Hanzlickj ' repair shop added weld, weld, ing and electrical work. Later im- FEED CO. BUYS NEW GRINDER' Ple™'l"t „''"'^''r i.^^^^^^ added Skala . : now handles John Deere and Oliver B. L. Light Makes Addition to Mun- implements, tractors and threshers, den Feed Co. Equipment. I Mr. Skala was married two years B. L. Light, who has operated theht'"' *° Blanche Hubka of Munden. Munden Feed company for the past; PALECEK OWNS GARAGE year, has .iust purchased a new mill,} which enables the concern to give better and quicker service than before. before. Has Had Mechanic Experience Since Automobiles First Came. and Pioneer Butcher of Hanover foci, Uym„ .nd|rAng „,asl, ™di«;;„',,'?r"l:J 'S^J'-S. f^A Stephens last March, has had 17

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