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 - JnE INTER OCEAN, SUNDAY-.MORNING, -.? .- if it...
JnE INTER OCEAN, SUNDAY-.MORNING, -.? .- if it in a of of snipped- '.- i TWO LONG DISTANCE RUNNERS WHO WILL COMPETE IN MARATHON RACE THAT TAKES PLACE THIS WEEK. i " -' -J'Ty , '., -v- J U STARS ARE ENTERED i ii i iiduoii inn n m i i u n Entry List Closes With More Than Fifty Nominations Hatch, Thi-beau . and Several Topnotchers to. Compete in Rivcrview Event. ' ' ; .. -"Vi. ... - . ' 0 . Entries closed lait' night for the All-Nations Marathon racev scheduled for River-view rink next Friday aiight, witb more than fifty nominations.' representing several races. Among those named to try for first honors in the twenty-lx mile 383 yard struggle are Alexander Thlbeau, winner of the first indoor Rivcrview amateur Marathon; Sidney Hatch, I. A. C. Marathon winner; Calvert and Frank Heath, Fred Heller, James Thompson. Steve Miller, T. Scott, Frank Ruff, William Mueller. Joe Foreetiaw, Alban Zahnen, F. Merriman ami M. Foster, - Mke (iosd Tine In Trial. ' In their last public try-out for ten miles Thlbeau, Calvert Heath. Zahnen, Helr, Thompson- and five others ran like Longboats. Thlbeau held tbe lead at the ten mile tape, covering the distance la M:00flat. But Heath, Zahnen and Thompson were right on his heels. At least a half dosen of tbe best known amateurs In the entry list are quite certain that Thlbeau will not have it his own way, despite the fact that he has set his heart upon winning In 2:44 or better and going to New Tork to challenge the stars of the Marathon game. '-' . -. So confident la the RIverview management that the struggle will be the beat that amateurs ever have put np in Chicago that they are . out with a statement offering to back the first ten finishers Friday night against a similar number of Marathon runners in any city, in the United States.. Milwaukee and St. " Louis - sporting authorities bave praised groups of distance runners and Manager P. T. Harmon is willing to enter into negotiations looking toward a big Intercity Marathon carnival for teams of tea. Pitta-burg and New Tork teams would be eligible. - Josmwy Coaloa EatrrsV. ' Bantam-Weight Champion Johnny Coulon will have a runner lathe all-nations event-Walter Voss of whom the little pugilist says: "Look out for Voss. I will be bis trainer and adviser during tbe long, grueling contest and will baadle him as a second does a fighter. .He baa shown class In bis try-outs and'I believe that If the careful handling that a fighter get when he Is in the ring be given a distance - runner of ability be can - be equipped for the final heart-breaking apurt that often wlna a Marathon.' - Another late entrant U A. Paul Holleb, who finished twenty-fifth In the recent I. A. C. Marathon and earned a silver medal in a distance event at Yonkera, N. T. . - Dr. G. K. Herman of the Central A. A., XT. and a corps of competent A. A, U. timers and judges will look after the race. If Thlbeau or any other contestant la able to break amateur and professional indoor records this time he wtU be given credit for his performance-by tha A. "A. U. ; ' ' 'V. NARRO W ESCAPE FOR ATHLETES Members at Caltfarwlav Rawlasr :.'XVRwt Wfceai Shell Breaks. 1; ;-'.'r' Special Dispatch to Tbe Inter Ocean.- O.' i;?-r- Mil-frrf . & MILErfi IO MILE Tomorro ws Handicap ? Predictions. TOreeetsrrsw-: Tat-" ?- FIRST RACE 9 , . Hore - Wt.l Hor AfCASSlX" lif.lL. C. Wldria Wt. ....ltlft .... Kit TAWRAND... W Our Anna FROXTENAC ......lw Kedondo 13 Tavora ... .!(8 Mini Uelaney rt Proline ..,....105 -4oirano ........ ...lOTt TouiM-e ....... Orn , I"3 Quana lOT. The sTu!tK.... 1"f Ben Stone ........1UT. Aueantin and Talaranrt will make the kmdk tor this race, with the former iorktna a little bit U bettt-r. Frontenac ha better than an even chance for third. RrXXJXD RACE T4 furlnns. nnrm . Wl i . Hoi Wt. .. iur . .15 ..105 race. LADY PA RET ...!VP!acide t.'ASSIE ARQRBa' Dan-iKilt CAMERA . HS lJl Petite Domitbilda ......1 SiRobcrta LHllum .....1' T r tiH tmirr f or fbe neso in this ii Cui Anrreaor and Camera, will make tbe bus- tlina for place. ' r - -.-".. THIRD RACE 7 furlortrw. - Horse- Wt.1 Horse , .. Wt. ORFLIO ........KIT Hannla ton ETHEL DAT ;..12 Doeh's of MontebUo.tJ LIGHT WOOL... 107 Kopek ,....,. ...ion DramiKM loPedra .... .i. ......... loir Orelto and Ethel Day win Onlah In a drire In this event. Uht Wool ouaht to et in the money. ., FOCRTH RACE I mile.- - - NORBTTT ..J,.....l. 2RKENSE.KL ,.,...J4. CRrfIC -101 (Edwin CT, Fryer 10 KorMtt ooka like the best bet on the card. Xo other horse In this race look to have a shoal of a show..-. - f- j - r. FIFTH RACE 1 mile. HnrM- Wt H "- Wt. CAPT. BtrRXETT.-l'm BEAL'CLERE 1M LTTTI: MOHE ,... .". Day Bir .M Needful ... ,.-...ll Bucket Rrleade Star ThHrtl Utt MImi Naomi.... r. V bidden .............108 Baaoclera Is In fine form Juat now. -but bardlv haa tha ciaaa to pin on on Captain Burnett. Little Mom Is the choice fur third. s - BI..TH RACE forlonas. Hone- .. . - Wt.l Hors Hone , Wt. BIR ANOl'fl.. -1T-HOGARTH ..-...-.....10i WOODTHORPK .....116 A uhnmrfiila llC Ire Owl. ........ ;.."..107 ."lnaud. ...112 Bonsc of the Sea... ....115 WhertwltMl Jii Ardia . 1J5 Gene Wood ...,Ji Llddlnrton ............ Jl" Aimes Vlrslnla .1I! Diamond Noae..- llui Albion M.... Flrmfoot ..............107 ravnonok 110 Stella A ........110 - Sir Ansua haa the call bre. Hosrarth. however, will be a cloae aecond. while Woodthorp looks Bood enoush for third, SEVENTH RACE furlonga. ' Horse Wt.l Horse : -W. FUNDAMENT AIj "...HU'nele Jim....... 112 ROT JUNIOR....... -Ii2 'Rill Eaton .,..109 OTILO ...............lW'Ukely Dleudonne.....0n Anderson ,.112,sir Barry 112 Billy Bodemer .. ...... lWlRecluae 107 Inclement .... ..-i.H2 Juard Rail..; .JO Rey el' Dlnero loll Sandpiper l.....K9 Servlcenoe ..-..'.I07Shapdae Fundamental. In spite of bis poor showing yesterday, ought to win this on. Roy Junior should flnian second. i, --- r .- . - Colorado Governor I Opposes Proposed Turf Legislation 0pecUl Dispatch to The later Oeaaa.-DENVER, Colo.. - Marcb 20. Whatever hopes some people may have bad Jhat borse racing and bookmsklng would be legalised in Colorado have been blasted by Governor Shafrotb. ' - The Governor has emphatically atated to several persons who have sounded blm on tbe aubject that no matter what bill legalising race track gambling is 'passed it will be vetoed.. .'-' ''-..::.-' "80 plain did tha Governor make himself the V---. ..rv (fy--. ' 'c.v.'V" - v . " ' ' , . Proroecta: Fair: fast.. FIRST RACK S furious. Horse . HAZLET TOLL BOX ... l.lKTlm K.L ... I-evtrr ........ Evelyn K. Bulhel ........ ' Wt.' florae Wt. ...ItSLIabt House.. ........ ...123Zalta .113 ...115 Are or Diamond..,.. ...11STenneaee Boy......ll ...113 Little ...IU Right Easy ...Ids Haslet looks Ilk Ah aony for this Ul of aoinj. Toll Box will not b- an otitatuer. by any meana, and will make a bid for first. ' SECOND RACE 1H fartonss. . ": Horse "- Wt.l Home - ' Wt. Fl R E ................. 1 Hi K lei ner Vogel. ItQ Tl'RRET HMlSalnotta ..UW TRANATI-ANTIC. HH'Klna of Tolo ...,.1B niennadean ... ..104'Hrt- Orothe.. ....... KM Varfnr lot old Mexico.. .:...... lOT Dalmntian ......... .v. 103'Nautlcal ....lOJ Fire a-fll cop here without much'trouble. The top wrlvht in this abort sotng wtU cot mak mucti difference.'- .- .. - - THIRD RACE 1 mile SO yarda. florae - , - wt. Hon- . Wt. COPPERS ............105,Tea Tray-II.........1 WAP KrftPake . 10 SILVER KNIGHT... iMrcwrnavaca loft Eckeraall ,.lia Romanoff ....... ....HW galnriua ..... ........ 1W7 Hmtrto'lc . 1 .. ..... .l3 Yankee Daughter Wl'Y&kima Belle , H : Coopers haa tbla event sewed up and will rrt the money without any areat trouble. Wap to sure of second money. ;, FOCRTH RACE SH urlong. Horse - Wt.l Horse GEMMKLL.. 110 Security .......... fT. FRANCIS UjiForoello r...V..V. HEREAFTER -....ll"S-hlrwl ....... Koalta ......m Bueolic Wt .lit .llrt HO revetifull .. 1K Houul .t,ii Kllver 8tocklra.....l);ltrUe Out .... a Gemmell. St. Francis and Hereafter will hare merry battle In thia race, but th flrrt aauod kmka to have the edge on the others. ' FIFTH RACE 1 mile JIO yarda. ' " Honte W;.p Horse Wt. SVI!8AI' . ..1 Mauretanla .;...... v ERBjiT tiiilmport ; i.ll LITTLE 81S3... ...... :i)Steel ......VI. Rubric ..lialst. Atoo-.. ..ICS Srniiey MImer.......lrHoyl ................ Jo Rom ........ ;7l . , , Ranposal looks the superior' of any nlloner In nim iiciu. , Dowtrr. upnnx we days aad is a aaf bet for second, at least. Acid. Krbet. however. iBs;olna: well tbea SIXTH P. ACE 1 mile TO yards. Horse . . Wt Hoi ROCK STONE KM fiealoi .'-.. . Wt. Joe !on . ins Hl'.K T 1H MARWOOD ........11- -.'Jcenn Shore.. list Bellwether 10H Nettlna ........... luT Rather Ho-al ..... lo. Retcnemik .........1JS Rockstone Is th rood one here. Husky Is sure of place, while Marwood is certain to net In tbe money. r C -' J iDIREGTORMOB DOWN TOWS. W. P. MDSSEYS" Billiard halla. bowline alleys: 81 tables and It alleys. Th laraest establishment of Its kind In the world 106 Madison st. Bowling phone Central 868. CO-OPERATIVE BOWLING ALLEYS 78 K. Randolph St. Prion Central SSIO.' 'r-, TWELVE REOILATIO.N A1XET8. Special facilities for small ball same. BEN8INQER BOWLINO AWD . , r . BILUARD HAUS. 118 Monroe ' phones: Billiard a Central 4 MO. Bowllrr Central 4578. L. A. BEN3INOER. Pror. v: ' MAHONET L BRUCK ' ElSht Bowllna Alley. Open All Night. HO K. Madison St. , Tel. Main 2628. "','-- EDDIE WA8S. n . - Bowllna. Billiards and Pool. 108-110 Randolph st. Phone Central 876.

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