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SEDALIA, MISSOURI, TUESDAY MORNING, DECEMBEB 2, iDtwarrat. MO., BECBMBF.R 2, 18TS HAYES' MESSAGE. publish the Preskieot's morning. It can be easily sum It rejoices over thft return o pavments; it declares that the ba trade ialargelyiQiftvoT of the Unite it recorameiids that no ftirtlie be bad on the silver quest! that all further coiuase of th dollar shall be suspended; Itargn ID favor of rellrins tbe green it denounces polipamy ID Uta stnngeot enactments on the sub i t s h t d s a i e w crocodile tears ove franchise-, it has a great dea About th« civil service reform, th violator of which was the man win message; it reviews in a slip extremely common-place relations of America; it al favorably to Eads and his ietties concludes with a lot of animpor references, as shoddy as tbe _ -Taken all together the message is a one as any phenomenal fraud write. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH CosgreMioniU Proceeding*. SENATE. D. C., Dec. 1.--At noon was called to order by Vice- Wheeler, and prayer offered by Anthony and Bayard were appointed a committee to join a similar committee of the House to wait upon the and inform him that both Congress were ready to receive communication he might choose to Fending the report of tbe committee, business was suspended, and later recess was taken. the Senate reconvened, amessage from the House, announcing session, and that it had appointed to wait upon the President. Burneide gave notice that after hour to-morrow he would to call op the joint resolution by him at the lastsesuon, relating proposed inter-oceanic canal, for of making some remarks Vice-President laid before the Senate annual report of the Secretary of was then again suspended for The committee reported they on the President, and very soon the .President's message was and read. reading of the Presideat's message The Kellogg-Spofford Muddle. New Orleans, Dec. 1 --O. M. Teunison testified regarding the election in the 7th ward in 1876. Names were erased from the books with a pencil and the bftllot of the person entitled to vote refused. Charles J. Boatner testified concerning A 1'npor F1r« Philadelphia, Dec. 1.--A lire broke out about 11 30 this forenoon in Meparge Bros. Co.'s warehouse, on Siith, below Market street It started In the c*llar of A M. Collins' paper manufacturing warehouse, warehouse, at No. 11 Decatur street. The tbe meeting of the caucus committee at j flames communicated through a hatch way Seymour's oE3ce. Blackstone there, in to the second story of Megarge Bros. , presence of others, told witness that he and several other members were paid by Louis J. Sauer to vote for Kellofrg. The members gave due bill* for amounts so received. This was done to make it appear appear as a loan in case of discovery. Witness Witness saw Btackstone MSO affidavits; think he understood it. J.C.Nichols, referred to in Blackpool's affidavit as receiving 3100 for his influence influence for Kello«K, tcfaUflfcti that the statement statement was untrue. Ex-Governor Warmouth testified that he had b«en in both the Packard and Nichollsletrwlature; at the time of Kellogg's Kellogg's election there were rumors bribery, but the witness knew of no one who had been bribed, or who had ac knowledged having received anything for their votes. Packard was running agains Kellogg, while witness was the diirk horse. At the caucus Kellogj; received a large majority of the votes. Tne witness lad his friends had resolved to pr^veni Kellogg's election by revolutionary means, SDCD as breaking the quorum; but being unable to carry it out, it was abandoned. On the day of election witness witness voted for Kellogg and made a speech advising his friends to do so. Warmouth said he voted for both Kellogg and Spof- brd, so as to be sure he was right, S. S. Jaston, special police officer, was employed employed to work up evidence against Kellogg; EOC no pay; worked because he would get Kellogg out of the Senate, Milon told me w pot $500 from S. J. Souer for voting or Kellogg. Heard Blackstoae say be got paid. F. Garrett recalled and made a lone itatement concerning bis career during .be past twenty years, showing he hac. een arrested In Missouri for stealing torses; arrested here during the war, barged with emoezzling government iroperty. Witness explained the circum- tances In these cases, claiming that be was innocent; also several charges made against him for misappropriation of aov- rnment money, for which, though Inno- ent, he was dismissed; was arrested and mprisoned at Shreveport at the beginning f the war; was charged with b«iop an bolitionlst; broke jail by consent eputy sheriff and escaped, for a larue amount. Go. lose . Co.'s paper and rag'warenouse, next dooi. The flre burned fiercely, and soon the flames enveloped the latter place and spread to Megargc Co 's ^tore, on Mxth struct. The walls of the Decatur street place, about noon, «ere fallmg rapidly. At 1 -HO p. m the tire was under control and there wa-* no further dans; r threaten* Ins Mirronndinp property. The total loss will not be less than 8125,000 Tin- ilre was confined to the buildings in which U originated. Smeral firemen were weriou*ly injured by the falling walls. The builctiug wus otvned by Theodore Meuarth, valued at $1(0,000, and insured *" ' A. M. Colliui, _. ,000; maured; William Hart, lithographer »ml primer, lo^-es $20,000; insured for 313,000 J. W. Johnson's loss in books and other stock, 880,000, of whicti 840,000 840,000 was covered by insurance. Jno. A Haddock, printer, stock damaged to the amount of 812,000; insured for §6,000, Th« score owned by Jessup , Moone lose $16,000; covered by insurance. The hair establishment of Geo. Thuryaland was damaged te the extent of 34,000; insured for 825,000. J. H. Caterson's loss was $10,000; insured for «4,000. E J. Slbl«y C. A. Gilday, card gliders, lose 6,000- fully Insured. The stock of Armstrong Co. suffered heavily from the water; insured. insured. Megagee Bros, estimate their loss on stock at »60,000, upon which there is insurance for 940,000, Greeting: to ParneU. i Boston, Dec. 1.--A meeting of Was field here Co-Digit to take for greeting Charles S. Purnell arrival here. The original appointed by citizens who have receive Parnell at Fuueuil Hall, Increased to sixty and includes dlstiugui'.hed citizens. Change* la Austrian Ulplomacy. London, Dec. 1.--A Vienna deui says Count Sek'b*u the fltat feign of Burcrn Hay Oerlded upsn great changes in diplomacy. The fulf«s,t conviction 'jlls here tbat Austria will ^--Ulsti efforts at Constantinople The Kwtmlt In Maine. Angusta, Maine, December 1--The The Senators and Hepresentatives elect, or their attorneys from all the counties of the State assembled here to-day; in addition there were large outside delegations, delegations, inclnd ing five ex-Governors, namely: AnsonP. Morrell, Selden Conner, Lot M. Morrell, Jos. L. Chamberlain, and White hiverUtex. Wa^hinston, Dee. I --Secretary lecelmJ (he iollowfng tek-^ram Holcli to-day: "Los Plnos, Nov. 29.-The advance of tbe White River coming in. Word is sent U.H that seems to be uny« in thu Mormon than we at first supposed." (Signed) Horci Weather I mil cations. Washington, D. C. Dec. 2, 1 the Upper Mississippi and Lower Missouri Valleys, rising preceded in failing barometer; decidedly colder, northerly winds, cloudy or partly weather with rain, generally snow 1 . JLnna Swindle. · Denver, Dec. 1.--In the United Court to-day, Sidney A. Grant, with the so-called Denver Land das been advertising lots for Denver, at one dollar, was found with tampering with the mails. New York, Dec. eted. 1.--The aldermen to-day, directed the city works to contract for tha over the SS ESSi 0 £^ a SS2 i HJ^U* victta* of and Fogr, present. The ttrst gentlemen tiieattir flre who who waited on them were Messrs. Wing and Savage on behalf ofjcovmty Androacog- ;in. The counsel exhibited the returns of 'lection of the county officers, and prom- J. G. Inspecting. St. Joseph, Dec. 1,--Juy Gonld iarcelon has arrived. Jumped the Track. Memphis, Dec. 1.--The ea«t boned In Jackson, Mississippi, during the war, witness was arrested, charged with being Union officer; gave bond for his appear- nce; in order to dcstry the bond, set fire a the office where the bond was kept, urning up the building and the entire qnare on which the office was situated. Garrett tea ilfled a few days ago to the ef- ect tbat he was sergeant-at-anns in the ackard legislature, and the members had old him they were paid for Kellogg, but is testimony has since been impeached. _ He took the stand to explain something. »H of which burned. A ne«ro woman nd the cross-examination by Senator *""" *-- -'-»-·--» · -~ -- ameroa brought out the above. The ommittee expect to leave to-morrow shed these and other gentlemen to afaow ' f ? w ^ houra * et ? thl8 TM oroin S» the returns ot Senators and Represent i the bridge and railroad tfves to-morrow morning. Governor' ? e is mterested » Bt * left ^lore noon ou /-·__ i _ _ i ... , ° % - « T V I U U I L utuiMol far his speci Pellston, A R»ritr. Dec. 1.--The freight train on tbe Little Rock Railroad coal companies of tblB city wbich left Little Rock this m o r o i n j c a t ? "'y n tlvancer! the wages of the miners o'clock, jumped the track at 2 o'btock per CCQt * this afternoon, and ran into a trestle, I , , ditching eleven cars loaded with cotton I Auriferous. -- - .., 0 _ .._,,,,,. fork, Dec. 1.--The steamship her two children and Geo. Forsythe Celtic, from Liverpool, Saturday, S vhlte) brakeraao, were killed outright; $250,000 in American gold com, . K. Trobridge, conductor; J. A. Hook- j ,, er, proprietor of the Black Fish eating station, and O'Brien, a brakemsin, are Ic *"' to Dfl "" 1

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