Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

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Apollo-Soyuz Test Project - Apollo, Soyuz Crews On "Link-Up' Course HOUSTON...
Apollo, Soyuz Crews On "Link-Up' Course HOUSTON (UPI) - Three American astronauts easily fixed a minor problem aboard the Apollo today and bore down on two Russian cosmonauts who reported in their first space telecast they were ready to rendezvous 136 miles over Germany Thursday. Alexei Leonov and Valeri Kubasov gave earth a 15-minute early afternoon television show. Midway through it, astronauts Thomas Stafford, Vance Brand and Donald "Deke" Slayton turned on their camera, showing the docking module that will link Apollo to Soyuz. The flagships of the two powers were circling the globe every hour and a half. Soyuz was more than 1,000 miles ahead of Apollo as the crews prepared for the history-making linkup and union in orbit. "Everything is flying around, swimming here as you see," Leonov reported from the weightless cabin of Soyuz. "This is how we live in the artificial satellite of the earth." Leonov and Kubasov opened the day's activities by gunning their Soyuz into a near perfect "assembly" orbit 138 to 140 miles high to wait for the the Americans who took off 7'/2 hours after the Soyuz. . , "Your friends just finished a circ (circularization) burn and they are in orbit waiting for you," Robert Crippen at Houston Houston control told the three Americans. The astronauts' first chore of the day was to remove a stainless steel docking probe hung up because a wire connector shifted out of position and blocked a removal tool./Crippen radioed up instructions on how to fix it, . and the astronauts reported a few minutes later that the probe had been successfully removed. "Ah, the probe is out," Stafford said at 10:571. a.m. EOT. The probe was used to clasp docking latches when the Apollo hooked up to its docking module Tuesday. It had.to be removed so the pilots could move into the module and later the Soyuz. After clearing.the hatchway, the astronauts moved into the cylindrical docking module to start preparing it for the meeting with the Russians. The problem was considered minor from the beginning and flight directors said there was no concern about it affecting this week's rendezvous and linkup plans. Russian officials in Moscow, however, expressed, some concern and were' assured by U. S. technical representatives there that the problem could be overcome. "In return, we bugged them about their TV camera problems," problems," said astronaut Robert Overmyer in Moscow. One of the four video cameras in the Soyuz failed during launch Tuesday and detailed step by step repair procedures were radioed up by Moscow to Leonov and Kubasov at the same time Houston was sending repair procedures to the Apollo. Soviet controller Viktor Bla- gov said the camera problem was s traced to. a defect in a cable. "It will not affect the (Continued on Page 5) / City Suggests Purchase Civic Clubs Flag By Provo City is planning to ask local civic clubs to purchase flags for three new downtown flagpoles as a service project. Commissioners this week directed Leland Gamette, Center Street project coordinator, to approach the clubs to aid in purchasing of an A BIRD FLIES AWAY from the roar of the Saturn IB rocket carrying Apollo astronauts Thomas P. Stafford, Vance D. Brand, and Donald K. Slayton into space at,Cape at,Cape Canaveral, Fla. Tuesday. Both the Russians and the Americans are now orbiting the earth. The main event of the Apollo-Soyuz mission will be the link-up over Germany Thursday for 44 hours of flying together. (UPI Telephoto) Apollo-Soyuz • ' '-' • I ':• ' Time Table HOUSTON (UPI) -Timetable of major events Thursday for the Apollo - Soyuz International spaceflighUall times EOT and , subject to change); Thursday, July 17 2:20 a.m. — Cosmonauts awaken. 5:20 a.m. — Astronauts awaken. 7:30 a.m. '— Twenty-eight minute telecast of operations in'' the Apollo command module. 8:54 a.m. —'Apollofires main engine to shift into 115 by 102- mile-high orbit, Soyuz is now 298 miles from Apollo. 9:10 a.m. -r Ten-minute tejecast of Apollo crew activities. activities. ,• 9:38 a.m. -* Apollo uses main engine to move into orbit ranging from 115 to 128 miles .high. Soyuz is now 167 miles from Apollo. 10:15 a.m. *- Apollo maneuvers maneuvers into orbif ranging from 126 to 128 miles high. 10:32 a.m. •<- Ten-minute telecast of Apollo crew activities, activities, 11:46 a.m. — Apollo begins to brake, goes into orbit 138 to 137 miles high. Soyuz is.-rapidly approaching. • 12:15 p.m, — Apollo docks wtfh Soyuz. Both spacecraft are 136miles high. (TV). 1:49 p.m. -T Seven-minute Apollo telecast. 1 2:59 p.m. — Seven-minute telecast from the docking module. 3:17 p.m. — First crew transfer: Staffo'rd and Slayton move from docking module to Soyuz, joining Leonov 'and Kubasov for initial greetings. Flags and letters are exchanged.^). exchanged.^). - ' 4:14 p.m, - Joint flight? certificate is signed in Soyuz, followed by joint meal in Soviet spacecraft. 5 p.m. — Five-minute- telecast from docking followed bj nineminute telecast at 5:14 P-m. 5:31 p.m.-~ Stafford leaves, Soyuz, preceded by Slayton. iasftitt^ Hearing Set On Extension A public hearing is consider extending a Road, Provo.' ,

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