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 - NFL football Bears fall short in Philadelphia -...
NFL football Bears fall short in Philadelphia - Sports, Page ID Uplifting gear New bras support nature -Accent, -Accent, PagelC i0E8t 1994 The Arizona Daily Star Vol. 153 No. 254 Final Edition, Tucson, Tuesday, September 13, 1994 50 U.S.$1.00 in Mexico 38 Pages .() i ... V Sip Jgfk IMffi Star Plane slams onto lawn, killing pilot By Terence Hunt The Associated Press WASHINGTON - In a bizarre and menacing breach of security, a despondent truck - driver crashed a stolen plane onto the White House lawn yesterday. The plane cartwheeled against the mansion two floors below President Clinton's private quarters. quarters. The pilot, Frank Corder, 38, was killed in the twisted wreckage. wreckage. He was said to have a history history of mental illness and alcohol abuse, and relatives described him as depressed over the breakup breakup of his marriage and the death of his father. Clinton and ihis family were not in the White House when the small, single-engine single-engine single-engine plane hit at 11:49 p.m. Tucson time Sunday night. The were staying in a government guest house across the jstreet because of renovation work at the White Housel They returned, to their White House residence yesterday. i No shots were fired as Corder flew near the Washington Monument Monument and then banked the plane toward the South face of the White House. Security agents spotted it only at the last second, with just "enough time to run for cover," said Secret Service spokesman Carl Meyer. "I don't think there was all that much time, to be quite honest with you." The Secret Service refused to speculate on Corder's motive, but said the intrusion "does not appear appear to be directed toward the president." No bombs or weapons were found in the wreckage, the agency agency said. Meyer said it was possible possible Corder was trying to land the plane, not crash it. The Secret Service was looking looking into whether there was any connection between the president's president's trip Sunday to Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland and his mention of the nearby Perry Point Veterans Hospital, where Corder once underwent alcohol detoxification treatment. The Secret Service launched an immediate review of whether security procedures were fol- fol- See INTRUSION, Page 5A J " W NT- NT- Jdli I grrifiutiU i m 1 ' 71 lilllillfi t .I .,. . . X. : ' ' I I mfMr v 'C&'raiV Iff i M Photos by The Associated Press The Cessna 150 crashed Into the White House after its pilot penetrated the security zone around the presidential residence Despair drove victim of crash' PERRY POINT, Md. (AP) - His marriage marriage had just fallen apart, his father had died of cancer, he had problems with drugs and alcohol, and he had talked of suicide. It all caused Frank Corder's relatives to say it was not politics but a determination determination to end his life that motivated him to steal a small plane in the middle of the night, fly it to Washington and crash it onto the White House lawn. "He did this to destroy himself," said an aunt, Edith Dishman. "Frank has been down on drugs and alcohol before. He told me that sometimes sometimes ... he just wished he had a gun," added a cousin, Dee George. Corder, 38, who worked as a self-employed self-employed self-employed self-employed freight truck driver and had a student student pilot license, died in the crash. John Corder, of Aberdeen, Md., said his brother may have been trying to emulate emulate Mathias Rust, a 19-year-old 19-year-old 19-year-old 19-year-old 19-year-old German See PILOT, Page 5A j' j' j' j' j' mn 1 s - m. nC an ,-,--r ,-,--r ,-,--r ,-,--r ,-,--r ,-,--r - " " 1 ' n n .. ' ' ' i -I -I r , fcjra, flinnr f,w i y .rr......r t '""-imni '""-imni '""-imni ii miii 1 - - diBWWSWwWMH. mi, 'Jffi 'j P! fr a.v 1- 1- 1- 1- 9 1 I in i ?& Iri5.ilTf- Iri5.ilTf- j "t'lTI t Activity on the South Lawn as seen from atop the nearby Washington Monument Key races get voters' say today 58-60 58-60 58-60 turnout predicted in county By Steve Meissner The Arizona Daily Star One-third One-third One-third of Arizona voters are expected expected to cast ballots today in party primaries primaries - including some high-profile high-profile high-profile races characterized by last-minute last-minute last-minute bitterness. bitterness. The Pima County turnout is predicted to be twice as r high. The offi- offi- Yfl'lJV rial prediction is about 58 to 60 "Tg4-ry "Tg4-ry "Tg4-ry Tyi percent, said VLtt All Delores Johns- Johns- r ton. countv elec- elec- I ' (' . ' r tions manager. But other poll-watchers poll-watchers poll-watchers said ' Johnston's estimate was too high. Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez Rodriguez said she was expecting a local turnout of about 30 percent. percent. The polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 ,. p.m. Voters around the state are picking party candidates in a number of races -including -including governor, the U.S.. Senate, all six U.S. House seats .and the Legislature's Legislature's 90 members. Many voters will be casting ballots at new locations, due to redrawing of precinct precinct lines in Pima County. Anyone who is not sure where to vote can contact the Pima County Recorder's Office at 740-8101 740-8101 740-8101 or 721-2731. 721-2731. 721-2731. A handful of nominees for justice of the peace and constable will be on the ballot as well. The top races involve the nominations nominations for governor and the U.S. Senate. The Republican gubernatorial primary features incumbent Gov. Fife Symington and Phoenix attorney Barbara Barrett, who have indulged in an unusually fierce primary battle. The three-way three-way three-way Democratic primary for governor has become equally hostile. Two former Phoenix mayors, Terry God-dard God-dard God-dard and Paul Johnson, exchanged shots with Chandler supermarket chain owner Eddie Basha. The winners will face each other -along -along with Libertarian John Buttrick - in See VOTE, Page 5A It's OK to buy alcohol alcohol today. Page 4A. Conditional go-aheads go-aheads go-aheads given on disputed disputed judgeships. Page 4A. Magma Copper to pay $625,000 for '93 spill WEATHER By Keith Bagwell The Arizona Daily Star Magma Copper Co. will pay $625,000 to federal and state agencies for a January 1993 spill of toxic mine tailings into a creek near Globe. The Environmental Protection Agency announced the agreement with Tucson-based Tucson-based Tucson-based Magma yesterday. yesterday. The EPA will get $385,000 and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality will collect $240,000. Brian Munson, director of Environmental Environmental Quality's Water Division, Division, said the state money will go into the Arizona Superfund account. account. Last month, the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration fined Magma $1.55 million for 45 violations of mine-safety mine-safety mine-safety standards standards inspectors found after four miners were killed in an August 1993 accident in Magma's Superior Superior Mine. Heavy rains In January 1993 filled a tailings impoundment so full it breached a dam and "a massive discharge of tailings" rushed into Pinto Creek, according according to the EPA. Pinto Creek empties into the Salt River just above Roosevelt Lake, a major source of drinking water for the Phoenix area. "Wastes from these mine tailings are- are- xtremely toxic to -aquatic -aquatic life," said Harry Seraydarian, director of water management in the EPA's San Francisco office. The discharge into Pinto Creek was from Magma's Miami-based Miami-based Miami-based Pinto Valley Division. The agencies also cited Magma for "overflows and leaks" from tailings ponds at its Superior Division, Division, in Superior, and its Miami-based Miami-based Miami-based Miami-based Copper Cities Unit Magma's large San Manuel Division Division near Oracle was not involved. involved. Lee Browne, a Magma vice president and general manager of the company's Pinto Valley Division, Division, said the company has worked on all of its tailings ponds since the January 1993 flooding. "We've made dramatic improvements improvements since that time," he said. "We repaired the dam breach and developed a new perimeter perimeter berm so the containment (pond) is now much larger. All See MAGMA, Page 6A Chance of rain. Today is expected to be partly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers. Look for a high in the lower 90s and an overnight low in the mid-608. mid-608. mid-608. Yesterday's high was 99, and the low was 72. Highs in Arizona Arizona yesterday ranged from 105 in Coolidge to 66 atop Mount Lemmon. Details on Page 7A. INDEX Arson fire hits school Amphi High blaze, a fire causes about $1 million in damage damage to a building at Amphitheater High School, knocking out phone service and forcing administrators administrators to move from their gutted offices. Page IB. Horoscope.6C Money 4-88 4-88 4-88 Noon to Noon...2C Obituaries ..6A Public records -38 -38 Sports 14D TV listings 5C Separatist party solid majority in MONTREAL (AP) - The separatist Parti Que-becois Que-becois Que-becois yesterday won a solid majority in the Quebec Quebec provincial legislature. Official results showed Jacques Parizeau's Parti Quebecois winning 69 seats in the 125-seat 125-seat 125-seat legislature and leading in 12 districts. Premier Daniel Daniel Johnson's Liberal Party had won 38 seats and was leading in five. One seat was won by the small, separatist Democratic Action Party. Parizeau, 64, has promised that his government government would hold a referendum within a year on whether the predominantly French-speaking French-speaking French-speaking province province should split from Anglophile Canada. Johnson had warned that independence would lead to upheaval upheaval and economic deterioration. in Quebec wins legislative vote If Quebec were to secede, the maritime provinces provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Edward Island and Newfoundland would be physically cut off from the rest of the country. And Quebec independence could encourage a new wave of separatism separatism in western provinces that long have felt ignored ignored by Ottawa. Many Quebec voters were fed up with the sagging sagging economy and 12.2 percent unemployment in this province of 7 million people and wanted to turn the Liberals out. But a vote for the Parti Quebecois Quebecois is not necessarily a vote for separation. A referendum on sovereignty in 1980 was voted voted down 60 percent to 40 percent, and recent polls have indicated a new plebiscite would fail. Accent 1-6C 1-6C 1-6C Bridge 6C Classified .5-12D .5-12D .5-12D Comics 4C Comment 8-9A 8-9A 8-9A Crosswords 50 Dear Abby 2C Population accord called 'progressive' 50136"00001 Knight-Ridder Knight-Ridder Knight-Ridder Newspapers CAIRO, Egypt - The U.N. population population conference agreed last night on its final report, finessing the few remaining differences that threatened to undermine the closing session today. Delegates are expected to formally formally adopt the document - a 20-year 20-year 20-year blueprint for managing global population growth - with specific countries noting their objections. objections. The goal is not to have unanimity on every word, but to arrive at broadly accepted inter national guidelines. "As recently as two years ago at the Earth Summit in Rio, countries couldn't even talk about population; it was so contentious," contentious," said U.S. Undersecretary Undersecretary of State Timothy E. Wirth. 'We (have) even come to agreement on a very progressive document . . . The world is going to be different in every way it talks about population." The Cairo declaration goes far beyond the program of the last population summit, held 10 years ago in Mexico City. The document document focuses not only on family planning but also recommends a broad program of social measures measures to improve the status of women. Included are increasing their access to education, health care and meaningful employment. The notion is that these efforts, which are worthwhile in themselves, also tend to reduce the number of children women have. At the opening of the confer-See confer-See confer-See POPULATION, Page 6A

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