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Trendy go corduroy crazy - TRENDS 4 ;MW smitmnwmi t. u ,-. ,-. ,-. r i n...
TRENDS 4 ;MW smitmnwmi t. u ,-. ,-. ,-. r i n In mm I i m I I " v-i v-i v-i bV-:h' bV-:h' bV-:h' :.--f :.--f :.--f :.--f . . If '; UitiMi ' 1 ' -A-. -A-. -A-. -A-. A 1 ' ! if I f $ j IH" H I! ! si f 1 r 11 ? Vi 'i- 'i- 4 1 ! pfi-inC pfi-inC pfi-inC 7 Hit ft H I j n; tt jMj 111 f H Ki . , m'4F f -v -v 'i. hit t i.T If Hi i P i5n ! mi WW Li 1 tm ; hM - - . .' ;t Clothes: Popes; Models: Matt Mareiglla and Abe Rademacher, Michael Tumey Agency. Jim HudelsonThe Times ordiiroy is being used jn everything from shirts to pants, suits to coats and has turned up on handbags, hats and even shoes. Trendy I f I il 20 ',:!i.i--',it::iMy ',:!i.i--',it::iMy ',:!i.i--',it::iMy ',:!i.i--',it::iMy Jf Ribbed fabric moves back into fashion forefront By Amy Mercer r , " The Times Its royal roots may be in question, but there's no de-; de-; de-; bating that corduroy has , made a grand comeback. Not that cords ever really went away, said Gail Hinton, a salesperson at Dillard's. "Corduroy is always Morgan around :. This year ifs just got ten a dii oi a boost, with companies companies such as Gap and J Jill pulling the waled fabric out of the,, closet for closer inspection ' and updating. The fabric is described by ; -some -some sources as having rQy-al rQy-al rQy-al roots, coming from the phrase "corde du roi," trans-, trans-, trans-, lated by one source as "the cord of the kings"; by another another as "rope of the king." i The truth is royalty likely never wore the fabric; their servants did. The word corduroy corduroy may come from cord plus duroy, a course, woolen fabric. Whatever the word's origin, origin, the fabric's sturdy nature nature long has made it a good alternative to denim.;', And like denim, the fabric is being used In everything from shirts and pants, to : suits and coats, and in the case of couturier Kenlh Andersson in evening gowns. , The fabric is even being used for handbags, hats, and shoes in a range of styles and colors, reported Cotton Incorporated's Lifestyle Monitor. Lest you think today's ; " corduroy resembles the duds your dad wore in college, college, here's evidence even corduroy can evolve to meet today's fashion fads: Juicy Couture offers "groovy" tie-dyed tie-dyed tie-dyed cords according to Vogue, actress actress Drew Barrymore is a fan and in fall 2002 will introduce cords with a "burnout" effect B Hanna & Gracie offers offers paisley on pinwale cords. . B Womyn and Work ' Order both have introduced corduroy jeans in toile prints. y- y- ' B Corduroy capris in colors colors such as lemon yellow and baby blue are hot items in Sydney, Australia; pin-wales pin-wales pin-wales with fashion prints are being snapped up in Japan, the Lifestyle Monitor reported. Men's fashions are less trendy a more classic approach approach is preferred by most male shoppers, local retailers say. . ' " ' Pat Foster, who works in the men's department at Dillard's Mall St. Vincent, said corduroy sales generally depend on the whims of , Mother Nature. The colder it is, the more cords sell. Cold E n w '.' U ''U f r J fj J yyWflpTjf?: ffllWIS fl f 'I'll n a w i ,1 J weather also makes corduroy corduroy slacks a popular choice for golfers. "We have two different styles (of slacks)," Foster said. "The pleated, relaxed fit is geared toward younger men. The older men seem to like the smaller wale that's flat front" Alan Morgan at Pope's in Bossier City said corduroy has sold particularly well tlu's season. The choice of textures has expanded shirts are extra soft with fine pinwales; slacks can be had in a pinwale pinwale for more formal wear or the wide-wale wide-wale wide-wale for a casual look and shoppers have responded to that. J : I nliihi.iiiti Fabric facts Corduroy's vertical cut-pile cut-pile cut-pile stripes are categorized categorized by the size of the stripes, or cords. The cords go from pinwale, -the -the thinnest, to regular and wide-wale. wide-wale. wide-wale. Pinwale is a lightweight lightweight corduroy, with a range of 16 to 23 wales to the inch, according according to Cotton Incorporated's Lifestyle Monitor.

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  2. 03 Jan 2002, Thu,
  3. Other Editions,
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