Mention of corduroy spelled "corderoy"

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Mention of corduroy spelled "corderoy" - suiumv.iuiuuit tui; lur .ia or more credit, Dy...
suiumv.iuiuuit tui; lur .ia or more credit, Dy , .V a JM A o; CLIFFORD and SONS At their Aore, Water - ftreet, between Market and Arch - firettt TICKLENBOURG, flaxen and hempen oienbut, Scotch ozenbrigs, brown roles and - heflent, - ravens duck bro wn and white :Ruffia lheeting, Ruffu drillings brown and white Itih fheeting, German andliiih dowlas, Flanders hti tick, Ruffia . towelling; diaper napkeaing and table cloths clouting diaper, cambricks and lawns, in patches, piftonawni muflins and humhums, 7 - 8ths and yard wide Iriih linen neat affortment of j printed linens, cottons and calicoes, with few pieces of , curtain patterns j 'printed linen . and , fine lawn figured, map, and other handkerchiefs, bandanoe, romal, lance and other filk handkerchiefs, black' fringed handkerchief nankeen patterns,' moflin,' Venetian - plain and figured fil gauze, fringed and firiped bordered handkerchiefs, clain lawn ditto j a heat affortment of fijks, containing white, black j - .." ; lit flowered, and figured fat tin, rich light drab ditto, black padua foy and taffeticr. t - qr. ftriped luteflrines, of the following m lours, pink and green, blue and white, fear let, green and poll ftraw, bloffom and green, light' drab plain, ruby and black, white and pink, frraw and white, green and orange, blue and white plain, black and gold mantua, mazarine and c rim fori ditto, blue and garnet ditto, rich white and pink ducape, Hue ditto, green ditto, bloom and drab ditto, morone dittoy white and ftraw ditto, white, green, blue, and pink half yard ar.i half ell perfians ; a variety of ribbons and ferrets, quality and coa( bindings, fine holland tape and bobbin, mens and womens thread cotton and worfted hofej a largeaffortment of mensand woment beaver gloves, mens lamb, and Wpodflock ditto, womens lama and kid, white; purple, and coloured gloves and mitts, womens warn leather ditto j a large affortment of common wove baflc4 needle - work and death. head coat and veft buttons, filk and hair and fcarf twiir, black, white, light, and cloth coloured fewiog filk, wire and mould fhirtbuttons ; an affortment of fhalooos, cfurants, tammies, dorfetteens, calimancocs, &c. plain and ftriped camblets, worded and filk faggathies, hail bines, Venetian poplins, racffmets, filverets, fiarrets; fuperfine druggets ar.d ferges, black fattinet, corderoys; fupetfise, middling, and coarfe broadcloths, brown buckram, ftriped and checked worfted lute firings, 10 nail, 11 nail, 3 - qr. 7 - 8ths, yard wide, and yard 3 - Sths linen and cotton checks, cotton bclland and French flripe, coarfe white and Taylors coloured thread, Scotch thread No. 7 to 50, beft Glouceftcr pins, common and Whitechapel needles 5 an affortmer t of plated Bath and white metal, Pinch beck, ftcel, and other flioe and knee buckles, white metal and horn coat and veil buttons, ftock locks and padlocks, H and HL hinges, fmiths anvils and tizet, carpenters augers, hammers, rules, &c. frying - pans, fhovels and tongs, fad irons, handfaws and miltfaws, fcythes, from 4S to 54 inche, rron candleftickt; fleet fnuffers, co'rkfcrews, marking irons, tec. an afibrtmeRt cf cutlery, confifling of bene fh am buck, buck flag, ebony, acd other table and defert knives and forks, piftel cap, cutteau and butchers knives, Barlow and other penknives, fciflars, razors, fhcars, &c. 3, 4, 6, S, 10, 12, and aod, nails, in hah cafks, hob, pump, clout and trunk nails, Taylor's befl window glafi, ix by 9, 10 by 8, and 9 by 7 (crates of cream - coloured ware, crates of flint glafs ware, hogfheads of dclph ware, all well afforted) boxes and kegs of r large and fmall bowl, long and fhort pies ; an affortment of pewter difhes, pistes, bafons, mugr, fpaons, &c. feaming and roping twine, common pack twine, and a quantity of feine twine, fah - li'neaa large affortment of iron pots, kettles, camp ovens, chair and cart boxes, window weights, &c. cafes of rolled plate iron, hog&eads of btimflone, copperas, madder, redwood, allom, Sec. red lead, Spanifli brown, white lead, ground in oil, and unground, magnefia and lead" ore pigeon, pigeon, duck, goo fe and fwan - fhot, and bar lead, F and FP powder, wool and cotton cards, boxes of tin plates, Bullock! and Cook's fail - cloth, heavy and light, iron and brafs wire, fweeping and hearth bmhes, boys, youths, and men felt hatl, boxes of womens calimancoe, lading and damafk fboes, af for ted, 5, 6, and 7 dozen in a box, pott and toolfcap paper, and brown iheathing paper ; alfo cables of 10 and 2 z inches, and a variety of other cordage, forge hammers and anvilt) grindftones, and a few hampers of good Briftol beer.

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Gazette,
  2. 25 Jun 1772, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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  • Mention of corduroy spelled "corderoy"

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