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- 1 - MS Vtrf - ir - - - r i i - if A w I 1 rat i - irJ iT1 M Ti jsi - rf iiii - - 2 r T - 7 5tEE WASHINGTON POST SUNDAY MARCH 23 1913 t - - ii - i rsiTi s - - - jrT - iirc5 - jj - - w - - - - - - - - - - - - - v s - tj - 1 - v - - - mmwmmMmmmmmmmm - - LZ - - ZZ - - JLJ ji - - j - - - v - jt - jf - - - J T - ill ji w - v i - t nr r - i - i p ii - - vtt - it 1 r - V - 13 X it 7i - V i - dUcaTerL in the Congress able to Several the to mnch gettl to the - He Will Diaz the the course that recent state of army have not do so place not to that were behind I always sort but I that which the the United that States is country the United lesson from much shortly for atScranton Kulp a Barre Pa States peonage Svomen ostensibly West Virginia during the employment when they were taken to associate employed mine Kulp mining new trjal SELF UP Woman Knife William office hat in the sheriff visitor Diass Diass where five bullet declared and Tan shoot to said was less rKUftSJjlOJNSiOPtN - TO WOMEN W RETRIEVEDXFROM UNDERWORLD r 1 i - 5 ti j feiv tt v S - tts 3 1 T if yss V - - - T iuts Aaie waner uarrett president of Florence Crittentpn League ys Rescued Jiris Jte Entered Wide Fiejd - Theiri r AmtTo6TOftenOverestimated f Editor Post Anent the metlng in unaided and ft is the assistance which Washington of the Illinois vice com mission aid the article in The Post March 21 dated Albany and headed Plead to save girls5 in which - the women of the underworld make a plea to he allowed to assist In this work I hopejou wllf give me space in your valuable paper to give some information and make some suesrestions which have been gathered by the Florence So T Crlttenton chain ot homes Personally I have been Interested in thisywork for 35 years and have studied it froin a historical scientific and practical standpoint My library contains all of the authorities upon this subject and I have spent many years In Europe studying the problem 1 started out without any preconceived opinions hence have had an open mind to receive information from every source and to j give hub creueiice Unlimited Field Is Open they have received from the agencies ot these disreputable houses and the aHl flclal stimulation whlcrTts given to their latent inclinations by these agents f that frequently turns the balance In favor of a disreputable - life while if a girl was left to herself she wouldbattle along and often be victorious In beginning I want to make the apparently startling statement that I guarantee to any girl who is now In a disreputable life an opportunity to fit herself for any profession In life that she may desire to filHprovided that she has the ability and character that would be Segregation Has Failed aa the pleas of th wrnen of the underworld to have a pari inthe uplift movement1 as mentioned in your report of the special legislative committee of the New York assembly from the excerpt3 of these letters published Iri these articles they are simply a plea for the regulation and segregation of disreputable houses This plan was tried a thousand years ago and has so completely failed to bring about better se - sults that it has been declared against by all vice commissions who have In vestigated the subject That many of these keepers of disreputable houses do advise and assist young girls to find - some other method of earning a living is true Several in teresting examples of this have happened in Washington when keepers of the disreputable houses In the Division have called to our attention and placed under our care young girls who have appealed to them to enter a disreputable life As a rule these girls - have been the Destruction of the and member coming to to study trying to forest Insects chief of French the 35 field centers required of a girl from any other walk under the age permitted by police regu lations from living in the Division and had the women received them with the excellent police supervision that is kept over these houses In Washington in order that they may at least adhere to the - rules which the police department has passed for their regulation the keepers of these houses would have laid themselves open to prosecution It seems an anomaly to say that the police department passes rules governing houses that are run In open violation of the law but having had a number of personal Interviews on the subject with the officials of the District of Columbia in the past I hold the officials higher up and public sentiment which Is behind these officials as being responsible for the open violation of the law in the District rather than the police department But whatever the police department sees fit to demand of these women In the District Is rigidly obeyed by them While I am heartily opposed to the whole system I must acknowledge that there are very few violations of the police laws In the District in regard to the age limit of the girls who are permitted to earn their living in disreputable haunts Now a Matter of Business The quotation from a letter of one of these women of the underworld to the public welfare commission in your recent issue is interesting to say the least Unfortunately the history of the social evil In the cities where it has police protec tion under the continental system does not show the results as being as desirable as this woman would have us believe they would be if the continental system should be transplanted to American soil When preachers doctors and lawyers make a practice of sending their constit uents to others In the same line of actlv ity because they believe it would be bet ter for the individual when grocers and butchers send their prospective custom ers to some one else In the same Una of business because they handle better goods then may we hope that human nature will have advanced so far that the woman who is engaged in keeping a dis reputaole house will send an attractive young girl who appeals to her for admit tance tosOme philanthropic organization Bufras long as the social evil Is com - merclaUzeLso long will women who axe In itis fcusiness get hold of and retain JanyXQhianvwho is a commercial assetY jvpat ls - neeaea more than anything else at ihe present time in addition to the present agencies in fighting the social evil is for some agency that will study the women who at the present time are In a disreputable life with a view to classifying them as to their efficiency for earning a living in some other line When women are found of sufficient moral mental and physical caliber to earn a living elsewhere they may be persuaded to adopt the particular profession that they are best fitted for and be promised - assistance while they are preparing themselves I believe It would be comparatively easy to get the majority of the competent class of girls to give up an immoral life if some such opportunity was forcibly and intelligently presented to them The trouble is that the agencies for their amelioration such as the Florence Crlt of life who would desire to take the same training I say this because In the past quarter of a century I have assisted women who have been in immoral lives to fit themselves for every profession now open to women except law I have never known of a woman who became a lawyer from the underworld but we have aided them to gain their training for every other profession Today we have among our honored friends in philanthropy art literature and commerce women who were once unfortunate enough to have earned their living in what is ironically called the easiest way But certainly If a woman has not the character nor the mental ability that will enable her to fill a certain position the fact that she has been a denizen of the underworld should not bias us In advising or assisting her to a position for which she Is not fitted Women Unjustly Blamed The great trouble is that a lot of people who know nothing of unfortunate girls and have had very brief experience with them when they begin to feel an interest in and advise these girls because of their sympathy have the very mistaken idea that they can fit these girls for a higher position than they would have deemed possible for the same girl had they met her before she entered on her downward career Of course the girl makes a failure and these people blame the girl and lose Interest in rescue work and begin to say there Is no use in trying to help this class of girls when as a matter of fact they have to blame their own lack of judgment and knowledge of character rather than the girl Certainly the fact of a girls being unfortunate and entering a life of sin does not add to her natural ability and from my experience unless she has remained long enoughiin the underworld to become vitiated by bad habits it should not preclude her - from an opportunity to develop and traijiierself for - tfiettposHlon thaShe has the proper - characteristlca to fill Every girl that enters a FloreAceCrit - tenton home Is carefully studied - from th viewpoint of her future efficiency and if she has any qualifications whatsoever to fit her for a professional life she is given the opportunity and in whatever line her special ability leads her she is given the chance to develop herself to the yery highest degree Praise for Mann Act I have studied with profound interest the activities of the Department of Justice of the United States under the Mann act and the interstate commerce act in dealing with these girls I consider it the most fundamental step that has ever been taken to minimize the social evil If this law is properly enforced prohibiting the taking of girls from one locality to foreisn i commercialized vice Any one familiar years to entomology expense of The State making the workers employes - of The marathon should put Call at learn how The safest and on the to go get one while another it strikes at the foundation of l tenton homes do not come In touch with these girls as a rule until the girl either comes in conflict with the law or else through some untoward event in her own life is made dissatisfied with her mode of living False Idea of Homes with conditions knows that the popularity of a disreputable house rests more largely upon the number of new faces they can introduce than upon any other fact - j tn h smniu - i m vOM niaa Qn fn The objection on the part of these girls off the illicit sale of liquor would auto - 1 t0 seek the help f an insftitun cept matically suppress at least one - half of the disreputable houses - Ultimately all States will follow the lead of the Federal government and will enact and enforce State laws that will cut off the supply from the State which is not now affected by the Mann act But even without assistance from the State if disreputable bouses are forced to depend upon the State in which they are located for their supply they will be very much handicapped Girls who leave home with the intention of entering an evil life as a rule desire to go to some distant part of the country where they are not known Beginners have neither the money nor the information which will enable them to make the trip last resort prevents ihem from accepting the advice and help that we are willing to give They have an idea that rescue homes are so poorly equipped and haye so little money behind them that the only opportunity they jean offer a girl is domestic service or some menial position Hence thft part that any organization similar to ours can play in ap pealing to this class of girls is small After the girls have been persuaded that there Is an opportunity for them then our assistance Will be of value The next class are the girls that are Indolent and unambitious who would have to be forced to earn an hohest liv ing if they ever did it The third class and it is very small are those who pre fer a life of this character Permanent COMMISSION ON VISIT TO PRESIDENT WILSON w ti ck ckBtBmtBSBMtBHaBXaBStSKSSBSBSEBBSBKKK - 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sacrifice that now Is due to Ignorance and greed The remainder will be a negligible quantity Yours for womanhood where ever found KATE WALLER BARRETT FIX GUILT ON MEN CONTINUED FROM FIRST F - AGK soon discovered that ijian atteinpt to deal with the white slave question In any phase which Involved the wage question the problem would have to be made national Senator Beall told the audience that foreign countries he has found by travel and Investigation are doing more for the protection of their women than this nation Comfortable Homes Needed While several of the women called to express opinions were unwilling to take a definite stand upon the connection between vice and low wage Mrs J P S Neligh matron of the Neighborhood House asserted that the girl who Is forced to live in the congested surroundings of a crowded house where she has little or no privacy cannot live as she should She is entitled Mrs Neligh added to a comfortable home Mrs Archibald Hopkins president of the womans welfare - department of the National Civic Federation while refusing to acknowledge a direct connection be tween low wages and vice admitted that she thought the loan shark against whom her organization took such an active part might through pursuing Voung women drive them into immorality No wage under 5 a week she said as far as she was aware was paid in this city except to girls known to be living at home Better surroundings she said would improve morals but It was Impossible she added to make bad morals good There Is too much liberty and too much license in the recreations which have crept in since we took down the bars in our mothers day said Mrs Hopkins There is too much automobile riding and things of that sort The mothers do not know enough about where their daughters go Such reformation as is to be effected she said must come through the home as it cannot be accomplished by legislation Calls Inquiry Unjust Mrs Kahn drclaved she thought it unjust to have an inquiry of this kind upon the working girl I think that girls who are not working girls quite as often go wrong as working girls do she said I believe girls in Washington stores are moral girls I think the training of boys is the paramount thing teaching them to respect their mothers and slaters I think it is a question of resistance If a girl Is trained properly until she 4s 16 years old I think she will experience very little difficulty afterward Very few girls go wrong because they want fine clothes It is because they are pursued and tant resist Education as a Remedy Mrs Arthur A Birney president of the Mothers Congress spoke for education as a remedy of the social evil Mrs Birney said she did not tljlnk a law compelling housewives to permit their domestics tq have the use of the parlor one night each week for the entertain nieht of company would improve conditions In the class of wages earners Ardeen Foster of the British federa tion was the nrst witness He declared that the wnite aiave tramejn Lonaon was an organlxsdj industry Recently he said parliament passed a law establishing the whipping post for men convicted of living on th illegal earnings of women The use of the whipping post Mr Foster saldSs doing muchxto break Up the f white slave traffic in Jls country which is conducted he added not by the img - f llsh - speaklng people but foreigners of the lowest type Asked by Mr OHara if he - believed there i was arty connection between ojf wages andilmmqrallty - among women Mr Foster safdVhe had established through an investigation in ascertain city WAGES IN SHOCK I v any human so low a the National condition of on manhood of the shows clearly tlon of the question 1 needed Barrett When Investigation in revealed low a wage that State this the States and Inquiry we the fact In my StateT mond Beall 1 have a resolution for the commission to Inquiry to by this State I the extra agreed to o much the request whom I had heard city receive cannot man woman supported in a charged 3 these girls Illinois that at least who fell did wages Mn and and America thought and women wno responsible for through the who craved fine At the Gov OHara the developments I was amazed that any human low a wage as Capital This fleets not only manhood of the clearly that an and tice question When we Illinois we had maintenance of so city in that as Is said to couree of our brought out the is paid in my Commenting introduce a resolution investigation of Representative I have flutidn in polntment of a similar Inquiry hy this shall do so as convenes I not so much reaueat came 1 sent but because girls In this I cannot conceive woman or such a sum I am charged 3 girls get in a GETTING n a ayS OUgU T - 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  2. 23 Mar 1913, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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