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who legale ;.:, ;: j;ct. JL. a. kj Jhe Merchant's Point of View lftM........ V3.2vl.lla t4....... .lOt(E wba o te tha aborts of I ' UUi watert art familiar with 1 - bat happens whea the tide MMt. AfthtOogdrtcidM, rtl dm craft wWca had beea tiding uhM Mttlee down ad strands, . ta nyJ!4r eaee Drat. because they tH nearest the shore. Something . a 1 tM U vlatUa la the business 1 year gtated: twTioa et the pfMtnt Te receding f tie ! tide of Inflated valuta h y,grint stranded many, business rt ,,0 owners 'er managers mad no ,-jvre r prevision for, tbe tarn. t analogy Is fairly corn plat. be-la tee busteese embarraserneota peentiy noted tba built have baaa isoaf tb smaller concerns grof tboaa iseipecteaeed hands, tha latter Isdedlng carta! jobber aad eaport-la m comparatively few larger stranded, lightering to contioua uMttral aymboUam la going en to tf hm afloat. Thla has happen ad ir uca at three allk concarna and a bri ar enterprise, followed by Tin jUnr et part of a uomber of ctothlng r'-'ectureee. But at thla tha analogy ceass. Tha ebb and go o tides recur at stated intervale. . mth prices thla la aot tha case. Whan oat thy begin to o down tha procee tMtmuaa antlt bottom la touched, and thty are apt to stay there Indefinitely vaUl aoota Haw Irapulaa Is given UMfll to move Upward once mora. TUia p, Ad aOro la. a matter of year. Heflhll. It would aeem the part of bvgfleea rudence to accommodate to tba sew coadUlona instead of trying to raeet fheca. aa appears to be tha dia-foeJUoe of a number of the factors In tba primary marketa or production too, was American Uttia, doubt that Oermahr, Rndtoc a way .to get thla leather.".; From this) one would naturally euppoee that t)ha feared kid exports had materially increased. be Binntns with. 1913. But her are the official nrores of such exportsv ax- p reared in aqoare feet, for the fiscal ....Jm.wj.iii HJII.IM ....J be.eet.Ma ioi a. itia. It la worth noting Caosamera that the rebellion U1U Not of conaumera aaralnst ttl Prkes. nln Prlcea la becom Ina universal. Not serf la It la ertdance In different por Uoaa of thla country, but It la a swbed In tha various countries of tarope. In Central and wouth America sad In other perta of the globe People ate refral'ng from buying 'tVerywbffa and are resorting to all fclada of makeshifts in the effort to . without a lot of things which they bag be a accustomed to make use of. Tba failure to take thla attitude Into account Is one ef the things which bate upett tha calculations of many vba bad artlclea to aell. Nor has their attitude, alnce their dincoverv of what Thla Shows a drop, instead of an In ereae, in these exports Mtiwaa not until the Utter part of the calendar year 1919 that there came a Urge Increase la the exports aif alaged kid, duo In great part to tjnoaej sent to Great Britain. But, aa against thla. I there were very much enlarged Ira porta Into thla country of the goat skins out of which the kid Is made. For the calendar year for ex- ample, such Imports rea lied the total of 133,650,814 J pounds, as aaalnat &s.T0.428 pounds In the fiscal year 1014 Immediately preceding- he war. Bo there does' net aeerb to botany peclal reason why ther ahould be a scarcity of this kind of j leather and, If there had been, no great quantity would be kept in atorage.L The fact remains that an artificial scarcity of dUspoeed of. and the notion dat thls'lT is ao has something: to do with the opposition of buyers to pay the excessively fcJsh prlcea that are asked for fabrics.' What course to pursue. In view of the many cancellatlona of orders. Is puzzling the mill men. They resolved some time ago to send around to one another the names of those who refused to abide by, their contracts, but this does not apoear to have been as effective aa expected. Further considerauan of conditions U likely Jo be had on Tuesday ; at the meeting of tha . woolen and worsted manufacturers. , Meanwhile the cut" ters-up are having troubtei of ; their own." as la shown by t&V unusual efforts now, being made to dispose of apparel -. which could not;, be sold through the ordinary channels. 'Concessions by clothing manufacturers on Fall goods ' appear v probable : If retailers maintain their ..present Indisposition to stock up. " iUtUlli) U0UTnEQUE5Ti01I Fr.c:oTi:;a higheb fhices. Thla Had . tha Effect if Kctplng People Away from Ktoree. An angle of the price alt iation Which struck the retailer ta Mom It : was mentioned as new wss the possible ef- a j L. "a ' mtntionea as new wss the poastble ef- And It IS Answered Cui Differ- feci that the salespeople have created by : emiy by tne Buyers Than ; telling cuatomers prlcea weald be much higher later, on.. The wholesale salesman, who aaderteok t explaia thla factor to tha situation, said he felt that by their free prophecies of extreme ad- vaaeee the aaWapeople hag crested - a false hnnresalon 1b tha inliu4 tt tKa mn. stand pat ? In their determination not i v v . to bu at price, they, know cannot be from fotwf vLutbVMo. the passed along to the coasaaW. never-1 retailor witn whom a.: I Although' retail 'merchants continue RAW SILK MARKETS. British , Keep Doing Business. That af Japan Reported Stranger, twlth Prlcea Advancing. The Ilapaneee raw ailk market took on auck strength during the week Just closed that prices advanced te the levels of 1450 yen for BInshra No. 1. old crop, and of 1.S00 yen for the new sQk- : This .brings the respective prices in this market te about $6,60 and $T a pound. Much of the price strength reported la aald to be due to the financial aid all binds of leather was crfcated by I which the Japanese ; Government has keeping the stuff in 'storage. ! promised the sUk trade at larga. and which, tt la resorted, will amount to r J,.. nn about 100.0U0,)JIM yen. Aa a result of One may ,not ap-jthu prottonti lt Comidere4 that prove 0 f I all the I the crisis ia the Yokohama market, la Brttleh o. hut there . t... W a n Is "no withholding of Villa A Bros., Inc., report the visible admiration from them tx in losofcerna at upresent a me as a nation Of traders. ! The end Of I arder ta further ah tin attu.tlnn I. the war left them with! an IppaJUng j ft narket, no ahipments from the loss of man power and with industries plod which cmencX o7 Friday aisorganuea. On top of these came a I ana wmcn wui con tin u nntn July a. rle of smssm, labor j distMrbace. RrTsaid- li Twm VfootyT which threatened a deat ruction of tn-inow less favorable. A,.t ik. .a i.. .1 Tha Canton market, owlna to the '"s:. - recent drop in silver sad the lack of virtual Insurrection In Ireland and a I business, continues weak and prices lot of serious problems in far-flung "5"", nftftI t Pou- ..w . r I Moat of the limited demand in evidence iwuuns , vne empire. iJm.imrougni there la coming from Europe. ShanKhai. all the drawbacks, business men. un-1 which Is proportionately higher than . . ... . . . i iiivr A,nrr nwrtni. im reDorcea uieieu. asunxea. sept plugging areaa, pica- The MUall market i, holdln firm it ing up the torn and tangled! threads I 7J' Ure for the best grades of silks, and a , t. I win doi accept lower counter v. " j'"" offera. anticlpaang a better market In warp ana wool or world commerce, a ahort time. The local market haa The effects of their work are now rnprove1 coaeroiy in the last few ine eirccis 01 ineir wera are now i imya and rna.ufacturrrA are buying rrrK,vfLi u ex ) fai Cll v. theleae they are not at all certain of the. future, Judging from their enxloue study matter J,. auggesUd adverting IrtAVaY IJIV ftAttlhU WitsMeMSHS.sUs. Asl a tsaaa-s juuauia givui uinr ivaasw akiiuj i eae.e k.A.ivi . . ,; of conditions. One wholesale argument 'l"'" "uon rrof ,.Ta -L 12L r 1 though they have seen it disproved be 177" .J , v'vT.,T,rT , fore, i. that theft delay ta purchasing f"!'!. J2m. -. f"1 and the manufacturera decision to make j !" ao gxoda except on order may Uter Sien to tell their extorZ. tvZ7 TTZ. mean a Bhortase te certain lines of mer-1 ordera would be Placed en murti hirh.r I chandtse and a further stiffening In I 'T,' ,.1 "warrasteu ess wss I woiL wiTI- leading , resident buyer and to some I order. The merchant wrw onu.l wholesale men for their Judgment. The I vinoa nuvi ois; aavanee were corning 1 former aaw some slight justification fori . 7i-Ji" T! I the ottnlon that future shortages might ( merit with customers very freely. It 1 occur,; but did not think that, after the j proved- easy to make sales by telling lesson In public deatrea taught the re- ""Zr.lZZ E. ..Zl "St tall men ; during the last aix awatha. I " Now it - is onlv natnrmi m wi I there would be much . opportunity for I that all this Ulk of big advancea In the I such merchandise advances aa ' were I away, from common In the rising market , of last I Z.ZXri S22.. ?T?. l' . .. i . ' I I f -m III.IKJH VHfc- year. : : " I side the store, and another to have bfuch depends." he said. " on how I fMman eorne xrom within the store soon the present merchandise stock In Kroman buytag Ta ault clotheaast retail hands are exhausted. In consld- J year, when a purchase was made say erlng this matter, it must not be for- j at . ' trie salesman or saleswoman gotten that In addition to the Urge ao- Uhnrww u? 7i7tt.W-.,: cumulations in the stores there are also I much higher later n. Through this huge auanttties of goods In process or process or misinformation : people-' were transportation. No figures regarding I rrkl 0.iJ)Z't0u-. Jtli .lht the merchandise tied up to transport are I Then, too. the kind ef advertising done available, but I think the amount is a I strengthened this notion. ' There were considerable one Judging from the turn-1 "V J -Z?- Z:. J'BB ' l5"a ber of Wile being received by the con-1 Jeimed to find strwr. Joy t signees. The surprising thing about I advertising f 109 suits for men and f 210 these ahlpmenU la that the mllla and auits for women. . , hleh are Last month, fort rather largely for delivery in Julv and Instance, the exports from Great A"u?1- om ,ar buying aim further D ,. . .,..,. I ahead. They all appear confident that Britain were, in value the largest on I an early recovery la In eight, and are record, amounting to nearly ftJUO.000.- un accoraingiy. 000, an increase of about $G3.0d0.000 above those In April and nearly three COMING BLOUSE SHOW. times those of the corresponding pe the manufacturers appeared to rise lJrn niu ual- their full capacity of production almost I tabllshed ia many stores War at raaarm.i overnight. I suppose this Is to be ex- J sble levels. The store that sold a auK plained by the fact that, once the de- t-oTi its!" V.. lX.riSlSZ.Z3l mand ieased off. there ; was a rush to I to keeolnr . the emphasis en stria and snip goods on orper nexore a rescues quauiy ana unonnj ut xact tnat prtoee set in and cancellations were received. I wrenaoie. ine customers or The rnsult is that a tremendously large " i7t. u th !r,u a2 quantity of merchandise is uea up at i kept away from the store. , To correct present In shipment. Added to the ao J. theerehant ahould feature ......w...... - , . AATTWk T 1mA iniiruM lLA uimiwhim a it sin uea me iner wm m nwre uwn j iais nign prices no onger. enough gtods to carry tne mercnanu along for seme time to come. . FOR MASS PRODUCTION. men. snotner rsctor ut do consia- i ered In trying to arrive at some Idea ot Brlt,,h Tableware Makers Combine present sxocas us me uniuwu vi " . , chandlse that was being carried by lo ' Mr" wu mu. mines. speculators for a price rtae and that 1 The details of the new British com-1 now roust be turned into the regular I bine for the masa. production ot table-1 channels of trade. There is not much ware have been made public, and the need for me to dwell on the epidemic principals in the plan Include u number

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 13 Jun 1920, Sun,
  3. Page 35

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