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 - J I OTATIIER TODAY I Fair. Cool f High. 64;...
J I OTATIIER TODAY I Fair. Cool f High. 64; Low, Sfi J Yesterday High, 63; Low, 47 I I VOL. 53. NO. 338 "NDIANAPOL TAR TODAY'S CHUCKLE Tho only way to enjoy brHtit If ul, productive Kardrit Ik to live next door to one and cultivate your neighbor. "Where the spirit of the Lord tt there is Liberty" 11 Cor. .7-77 .7-77 .7-77 t)clvrn) by nnw (4allr onljl! JSC pr wk Hr In KHrlon Coutil; T olwwlwrt 'n Indium. & is it TUESDAY MORMNC, MAY 8, 195G MK 8-2411 8-2411 8-2411 The Bandit Kidnaps Lebanon Family Parties Certain Slates Will Win; Urge Heavy Vote By LESTER M. HINT Victory for the organization slates of both political parties in Marion County was confidently forecast last night by two old opponents Congressman Charles B. Brownson and City Controller Charles II. Boswell. At the same time Boswell joined Governor George N. Craig in urging Democrats as veil as Republicans to turn out in force today to nominate the Cartoon On I'age J 6 men and women from whose ranks the voters will choose their leaders in November. "The slate prepared by a committee of Republican leaders and adopted by the precinct committeemen and women, has beer, very well received throughout throughout the country," Brownson said. "I feel sure it will be approved approved by the voters." BROWNSON' cautioned voters voters to be sure to look for the name of President Eisenhower on the ballot. "This is likely to be overlooked overlooked because the voters are not accustomed to finding presidential presidential names on a primary ballot," ballot," the congressman cautioned. He further stressed that the President has token opposition from Lar Daly of Chicago whose name appears first under the presidential designation. Boswell, who ran against Brownson for Congress two years ago, predicted victory for the official slate of the Demo' Official The official slates of the Marion County Republican and Democratic Central Committees in today's primary election follows: Republicans FOR REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS 11th Congressional District Charles B. Brownson 3-A. 3-A. 3-A. FOR Jl'DGE OF CIRCUIT COI RT Lloyd D. Claycombe 6-A. 6-A. 6-A. FOR JUDGE OF JUVENILE COURT Harold N. Fields 8-A. 8-A. 8-A. FOR STATE SENATOR (Vote for four only) Robert Lee Brokenburr 11-A. 11-A. 11-A. C. Wendell Martin 13-A. 13-A. 13-A. John C. Ruckelshaus 12-B. 12-B. 12-B. J. Russell Townsend Jr. 10-C. 10-C. 10-C. FOR THE JOINT STATE SENATOR (Marion and Johnson Counties) Martha Y. Burnett 14-A. 14-A. 14-A. FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE (Vote for 11 only) Walter H. Barbour 17-A. 17-A. 17-A. EarllBuchanan 22-A. 22-A. 22-A. " S. nul Clay Jr. 24-A. 24-A. 24-A. George Morton Davidson 23-A. 23-A. 23-A. George S. Diener 15-B. 15-B. 15-B. Grattan H. Downey 16-B, 16-B, 16-B, William M. Evans 17-B. 17-B. 17-B. Richard Wayne Guthrie 18-B. 18-B. 18-B. Carv D. Jacobs 20-B. 20-B. 20-B. Russell W. Langsenkamp 22-B. 22-B. 22-B. Harriet C. Stout 16-C. 16-C. 16-C. FOR JOINT STATE REPRESENTATIVE (Marion and Johnson Counties) Preston Schaffer 27-A. 27-A. 27-A. FOR COUNTY TREASURER Ceril S. Ober 28-A. 28-A. 28-A. FOR COUNTY CORONER Roy B. Storms 30-A. 30-A. 30-A. FOR COUNTY SURVEYOR Frank J. Unversaw 31-A. 31-A. 31-A. FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER (Second District) Qlenn W. Radel 33-C. 33-C. 33-C. FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER (Third District) Arthur Grayson 34-A. 34-A. 34-A. cratic party, which, like the Re publican, was approved by the precinct officials. "It Is a good slate, Bos-well Bos-well Bos-well mild. "I am confident the voter will accept II. I hope there Is a big turnout by the voter of both parties. It Is disgraceful how little interest the people ordinarily take in the primary elections." Secretary of State Crawford F. Parker predicted a state wide vote of only 650,000. The registered vote two years ago was 2,368,212. PARKER estimated, without challenge from either patty that the Republicans would poll 425,000 votes today while the Democrats polled 225,000. Senator Estes Kefauvcr ap pears on the Democratic ballot as the only presidential contend' er. His friends have been urg ing a heavy vote for him to .compare favorably with that for Eisenhower. A big vote for Kefauver would then be interpreted as sign of a popular revolt against the President. The Democratic state organ- organ- Turn to Tage 5, Column X Slates Democrats FOR REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS 11th Congressional District John C. Carvey 3-E. 3-E. 3-E. FOR JUDGE OF CIRCUIT COURT Walter Myers Jr. 6-E. 6-E. 6-E. FOR JUDGE OF JUVENILE COURT George H. Duffy 8-E. 8-E. 8-E. FOR STATE SENATOR (Vote for four only) Cecil McConahay 10-F. 10-F. 10-F. Lucille Currie 11-E. 11-E. 11-E. Herbert S. Shockncy 11-F. 11-F. 11-F. Ralph E. Hartley 12-E. 12-E. 12-E. FOR JOINT STATE SENATOR (Marion and Johnson Counties) E. Rex Burks 14-F. 14-F. 14-F. FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE (Vote for 11 only) Robert W. Riggs 15-G. 15-G. 15-G. Henrv R. Bavt 17-E. 17-E. 17-E. Marie Theresa Lauck 17- 17- F. Jack M. Romine 17-G. 17-G. 17-G. Nicholas M. Cripe 19-E. 19-E. 19-E. Ray E. McDonald 19-F. 19-F. 19-F. Robert H. McKinney 21-F. 21-F. 21-F. Opal Less Tandy 22-G. 22-G. 22-G. Mary O'Brien 24-F. 24-F. 24-F. C. Edward Warren 24-G. 24-G. 24-G. Jay B. Haggerty 23-E. 23-E. 23-E. FOR JOINT STATE REPRESENTATIVE (Marion and Johnson Counties) Forest M. Walker 27-E. 27-E. 27-E. FOR COUNTY TREASURER Robert F. Elliott 28-E. 28-E. 28-E. FOR COUNTY CORONER John E. Wyttenbach 29-E, 29-E, 29-E, FOR COUNTY SURVEYOR Jack L. Asher 31-E. 31-E. 31-E. FOR COUNT? COMMISSIONER (Second District) George J. Ayers 31-E. 31-E. 31-E. FOR COUNTY , COMMISSIONER (Third District) Fred W. Nordsiek 34-F. 34-F. 34-F. Captured After Ride Of Terror By BILL ANDERSON A Carmel man was identified early this morning as the gunman gunman who kidnaped a Lebanon filling station operator and his family, and held a shotgun at their backs during a terror- terror- filled ride of an hour and a half through three counties. Alfred Hock. 33 years old, ap prehended in his home at 7S7 East 111th Street near Carmel, was taken to the Lebanon city jail after the identification was made. JOHN R E D M A N, 23 years old, pointed him out at Witham General Hospital in Lebanon, where Redman was treated for a bead injury inflicted by a blow from a shotgun during the rob bery. The wound went unattended during the long ride while Red man's wife, Mrs. Mary Lou Redman, Redman, 25, and their children. Steven, 5; Mike, 3, and Douglas, 2, obeyed the thug's instructions while he threatened them with a shotgun. The Redmans returned to Lebanon after the bandit lett their car near Carmel, and notified notified police. State police were notified and immediately identified Heck as a suspect. They said he had been released released on bond Sunday from the Marion County jail, to await, trial on charge of driving while under the influence of liquor. SIX STATE police cars were sent into the area around his home. Heck was captured by James A. Hawkins, town marshal of Williams Creek, who said Heck had a shotgun with him. State police said charges would be filed against Heck this morning. morning. Definite charges had not been decided, but might be kidnaping kidnaping and armed robbery, state police said. Redman was slugged with the shotgun when the holdup man entered his filling station on U.S. 52, south of Lebanon, as he was closing at about 9 p.m. The bandit took 5io0 from a rash drawer, turned out the lights, and escorted Redman to t rear room. MRS, REDMAN, with their three children v drove up a moment later, to take her hus- hus- band home. As she entered the station and turned on the lights the thus appeared, thrusting his shotgun against Redman's back. He ordered them to get into Redman's car, with Redman at the wheel and Mrs. Redman Turn to Page 5, Column 1 272 Arrested In Traffic War Indianapolis poliee arrested 272 persons yesterday in the. war against traffic violators. Charges included: Jaywalking 78 Speeding 73 Iteekless driving 18 Drunken drlving-2 drlving-2 drlving-2 Other offenses 71 Hlicrc To Vote? Cull The Slur If you don't know where to vote in today' election, call The Indian-opolis Indian-opolis Indian-opolis Star at MEIrose 8-2411 8-2411 8-2411 and ak for "Where-To-Vote" "Where-To-Vote" "Where-To-Vote" "Where-To-Vote" "Where-To-Vote" service. Operators will be on duty from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. providing addresses of polling places. When calling, give only your complete home address. Because of the many changes in polling addresses addresses since last fall, don't take a chance and cause yourself a second trip to the polls. Call The Star's "Where To Vote" Service and exercise your right as a citizen by voting. voting. Polls will be open today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CDT). Wreckage Ten cars of a 16-car 16-car 16-car Milwaukee Road baseball excursion train left the tracks about eight miles west of Waukesha, Wis., yesterday after being struck by a gravel 'Musty Money Trips Up Suspect In $17,000 Theft A "hot suspect" in a $17,-000 $17,-000 $17,-000 theft yesterday was mum when asked where he got $1,500 in "musty smelling money" to make a down payment payment on a jaunty rcw convertible. convertible. The sensitive nostrils of an off-duty off-duty off-duty policeman led to the arrest of 23-year-old 23-year-old 23-year-old 23-year-old 23-year-old George Lee Zook on a burglary charge. ZOOK IS Si SI KC TKD of stealing the $17,000 life savings savings of an elderly carnival hot-dog hot-dog hot-dog concessionaire. The cash, stuffed into a black steel suitcase shackled shut with a chain and padlock, padlock, disappeared last Thursday Thursday from the trailer home of Ambrose Simon, 71, 2701 Georgetown Road. Off-duty Off-duty Off-duty Patrolman How ard Kramer was standing in ;f.or;k l. zook Suspect In $17,000 Theft '' . i ffliTr . ? IXSillK TODAY'S STAR BOMB TEST SET FOR TOMORROW-United TOMORROW-United TOMORROW-United Slates first air-drop air-drop air-drop H-bomb H-bomb H-bomb test postponed until tomorrow because of uncertain weather Page 2 MR. AND MRS. WIN PULITZER PRIZE - Husband and wife writing team awarded Pulitzer prize for drama, "The Diary of Anne "rank" Page 3 ASIA AID TO INCREASE -Foreign -Foreign aid chief tells Senate Asia will get large share of 1957 overseas expenditures expenditures Page 15 HIGH COURT REAFFIRMS RACE STAND - Supreme Court reaffirms order that tax-supported tax-supported tax-supported colleges must admit qualified students regardless of race Page 22 Campbell .... 32 Comics 28 Crossword ... 25 Editorials ... 16 Food 8 Obituaries 11,13 Radio-TV Radio-TV Radio-TV ... 17 Sports ... 29-31 29-31 29-31 Of Wisconsin Crash a downtown new rar dealer's showroom Saturday when a young man completed a deal for a new convertible and shoved a stack of money across the counter. Kramer, who was only a few feet away, noticed the money gave off a strong "musty" odor and became suspicious. A short time later, he remembered remembered the theft of the hot-dog hot-dog hot-dog salesman's savings. Kramer called the sheriff's office and reported his hunch and the convertible buyer's name. INVKSTK5ATOR JOHN R. Linehan went to Zook's home at 1125 Last Martin Street and learned Zook had returned returned to the showroom to see "aTiout having mechanical adjustments marie on his new car. A check of Zook's police record showed four arrests on burglary charges and fine conviction which resulted in a six-month six-month six-month sentence to the The Weather Joe Crow Says: The thing of primary Importance Importance today Is voting In the Indiana Primary. Primary. Indianapolis -Fair -Fair and rather cool today. Slowly increasing cloudiness and a little warmer tomorrow. Theaters .... 24 Weather .... 12 Werner ..... 16 Women .... 7-10 7-10 7-10 truck. No one was killed in the crash that was likened lo the noise of an A-bomb A-bomb A-bomb but 100 aboard the train, most of them children, were injured. (AP Wirephoto) State Tenal Farm in November. November. 1051. Linehan returned to the rar showroom and placed Zook under arrest. He had $300 in his pocket. A search of Zook's house, though, failed to disclose any nioie money or the Simons steel suitcase. Zook was held under $10,-(K)0 $10,-(K)0 $10,-(K)0 bond. Cap Hides J BUM" E. C. Keefer, living Minn., crying after his Charles, was run over and near Isle, Minn. Spending Clean A new gas incinerator heads the list of 23 valuable merchandise merchandise prizes which will be awarded Friday in the final drawing of the Cleanest City Contest. In addition to these 25 winners, winners, another 100 entrants will be selected for a chance at one of the grand cash prizes 14 bags of silver dollars with two containing $100 each, four $30 each and eight $23 each. b - . . m m, , -A -A ' m' I a tr 1 . f t . ' -'.'. -'.'. - Baseball Special Derailed In Truck Crash; 100 Injured Waukesha, Wis. (AP) An excursion train carrying 000 carefree school pupils to h baseball game In Milwaukee Milwaukee was derailed when hit by a loaded gravel truck yesterday, yesterday, injuring more than 100 persons, mostly children. There whs no loss of lite as 10 roarhrs lei I the rails. None ol tlmse hospitnlied was listed in criticiil condition last nii;ht. The truck driver, Gordon lllnk- lllnk- , 3." veins old, Wales, Wis., Millcred tinctures of both les but wiis reported in "liilr" condition. condition. A total of 91 persons was admit admit trd to Waukesha Memorial Hospital, of whom 31 were detained detained and 60 were treated and released. Ten were taken to Milwaukee General Hospital and treated for minor injuries. Dozens Dozens of daed but calm children were treated by doctors ami nurses at the scene and at near by Ocononiowoe where a first aid .station was set up. Al I IIOKITIES said the gravel gravel truck struck the lirst coach of the lfi-car lfi-car lfi-car special Milwaukee Road train at a rural grade crossing. One witness said the thunderous impact sounded like "the atom bomb blast on news reels." Ten crowded coaches plunged off the track Into a field, One flopped over on its .ide, another tore up 100 feet of track and finally careened off the light- light- I Ait est lUive ftvws for Oiil-of-T Oiil-of-T Oiil-of-T Oiil-of-T Oiil-of-T oiriirr Your friends and relatives from out-of-town out-of-town out-of-town out-of-town out-of-town really will appreciate receiving all the news about the 1956 Speedway Speedway race. Send them the full story in The Indianapolis Indianapolis Star's Big Souvenir and Race Final editions, both for just 15 cents including postage. postage. Place your order at The Star's Public Information Information desk, 307 North Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Street, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or Saturday morning, or mail your order and 15 cents to that address, to The Star's "Speedway Subscription" Subscription" office. Tears For near Excelsior, 13-year-old 13-year-old 13-year-old 13-year-old 13-year-old son, killed by a car the week end itJiH M.v 1 till vL-l vL-l vL-l H u City Prizes To Go These 100 contestants also will receive a now $1 bill, carrying carrying out the theme of "a clean bill for a clean city." The Indianapolis Indianapolis Star has jwsted $1,000 in cash prizes. Persons who have not entered the 'contest may still do so and become eligible for one of these prizes. Choose at least three clean-up clean-up clean-up projects from the en-try en-try en-try blank on Page 20 of The Star today, sign ,the pledge and Of 5 of -way -way after biting off a huge chunk of brick and masonry from a powerhouse alongside the track. Two other chis swung diagonally acrosr the main line before coining to a precarious halt astride the main tracks. A splintered pole knifed Into the side of one of llm disabled couches where most of (lie serious cnsiniltlrs occurred. occurred. Twisted bits of wreckage from the train and truck, coach wheels, bent rails and broken ties and telegraph poles littered the right ol way for hundreds of feet. Waukesha County Sheriff Mike Lombard! estimated the speed ot the tialn at 70 miles an-hour an-hour an-hour when it collided with the truck at the puplalnvllle Crossing, about 23 miles west of Milwaukee. TIIK TRAIN, designated as "Baseball Special" had originated originated at Portage 90 minutes before the crash which occurred at 12:30 p.m. (CDT). It was rn route to Milwaukee where the children and their teachers, In a holiday mood, had planned to attend the Milwaukee Braves Brooklyn Hodgers game. Lngineer George Ives of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, said It appeared to him that the truck drove around five automobiles which liHd Mopped at the Highway Ifit crosing and attempted to race across the tracks. Fireman Itohert Klmhnll, -38 -38 .Vfr old, Cuilah.v, Wis., snld the crash in the train and truck rollliled "sounded like the atom bomb on news reels." "And it even looked like it," lie added. "The wheels of the truck went one way and the gravel threw up a tremendous cloud of dust and rubble." Ambulances streamed Into the little farming community. Doctors and nurses arrived in automobiles. Killed Son 7. T5,r v... 1- 1- f '"StMdSv '(V,VPf""ii.-1" '(V,VPf""ii.-1" '(V,VPf""ii.-1" "'tfaifiLliiiii . K jasiffi.. i; rwrf- rwrf- 1 Mi-ir" Mi-ir" Mi-ir" at the lake with his parents, Charles ran in front of the car. The woman in the photograph is not identified. (AP Wire-photo) Wire-photo) Wire-photo) mail the entry to The Star. Winners will be announced Sunday in The Star. Buggy Driver Hunted St. John's, Nfld. (AP) Police are looking for a hit and run driver, He hit a parked automobile automobile and kept right on going. What's unusual about that? Po-lice Po-lice Po-lice said he was driving a horst and buggy. 3

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