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Baker - Fair Prize List Shows Jump in School Exhibits...
Fair Prize List Shows Jump in School Exhibits The expanding education department of Modag Fair awarded $996 in prizes to about 800 exhibitors, $37 more than was given out last year. The list of teachers, students and schools receiving premiums is arranged alphabetically and will be published in four Installments. The first installment (A to G) appears today as follows: Marie Alsteen, Pine Lake School, 50 cents; ^rbor Vitae-Woodruff School, sixth grade, $4; AVW, fourth grade, $7; AVW, second grade, $3.50; Vickie, Arvold and Sharon Sloan, Rainbow School, Lake Tomahawk, 25 cents; Dawn Anderson, McCord School, Rhinc- lander, $1.50; Carol Ahlswede, Three Lakes School, 50 cents; Donald Anderson, Three Lakes, $1.25; Kathleen Arnctt. AVW, $1.75; Vick.- ie Arvold, Rainbow, 75 cents; Diane Adams, AVW, 75 cents; Ronnie Alstecn, Pine Lake, 50 cents; Richard Alstecn, Pine Lake, 50 cents; Melvin Alsteen, Pine Lake, 25 cents; Sandra Anderson, Crescent Flats, Rhinelander, $2.50; Pat Anderson. Three Lakes. $2.50; Gail Ament, Gross School, Rhinc- lander, $1.50; Janet Ament, Gross, 75 cents; AVW School, $2; AVW, twelfth grade, $2; Barbara Ann Alt, AW, $1; Janet Ament, Gross, 75 cents; Laurence Ames, Gross, 75 cents; Lourcna Ames, Gross, 25 cents; Barbara Ames, Gross, 25 cents; Mary Ann Ahlswede. Three Lakes. 75 cents; Billie Anderson, Three Lakes, $1; Jacqueline Bcrner, Pine Lake, $1.25; Ronald Behm, Pine Lake, 75 cents; Sandra Below, AVW, $4.50; Mary Burich, AVW. $11.50; Phillip Blazkowski, AVW, 25 cents; Victoria Bennett, Pine Lake, 25 cents; Daniel Beilfuss, Pine Lake. 25 cents; Patricia Blazkowski, AVW, $1.50; Terry Behn, AVW, 75 cents; Lynette Bruso, Junior High School, Rhinelander, 75 cents; Ger- \ trude Backstrom, McCord School j teacher, $3; Mark Below, AVW. $1; j Roy Bauman, AVW, $1; Sandra Brockoch, AVW, $2.25; Mike Blair. AVW, 25 cents; Darlene Bayer, AVW 75 cents; Kathryn Burich, j AVW, 75 cents; Barbara Baver, ! AVW, $1.50; Nancy Brennan. AVW, 50 cents; Bruce Brewster, Three Lakes, $2.25; Walter Bowman, Pelican. 25 cents; Jake Brooks. Pine Lake, 25 cents; Henri Beilfuss, Pine Lake, $1.25; Diane Brod, Lake Tomahawk, 50 cents; Dorothy Bowman, Pelican, $1.75; Mike Blair. AVW, $1; Janet Buck, AW, $1.50; Joan Bowman, Pelican. 75 cents; Lynn Baggs, Three Lakes, SI.25; Judy Boettchcr, Three Lakes, $1.25; Janice Baurs, Three Lakes, $1; Bruce Bauknccht. Three Lakes. 75 cents; Alma Bonach, Three Lakes. 25 cents; Edith Boynton, Pine Lake, 25 cents; Lois Barnhart, AVW. 50 cents; Norma Bissonnette. Pine Lake, 50 cents; Jerry Baker. Starks, 75 cents; Jane j Butterfield, Pelican, $1.50; Sandra j Bergman, Pelican, 25 cents; Jean j Bietiermann, Three Lakes, 50 ; cents; John Belling, Pine Lake, 75 j cents; Beverly Baker, Starks, $1.75; James Burnett, AVW. SI; Danile Berdcn, Pelican Lake, $1.50; Ben Beaulieu, Pine Lake, 75 cents; Darlene Bolte, Pelican, 25 cents; Mike Brievogel, Pelican, SI .25; Harshaw, 50 cents; Elsie Berdan, Cleveland, AVW, $1.50; Mike Craig, Pelican, 74 cents; Georgtanna Croner, Pine Lake, $1; Bill Chapman, Newbold, $1.25; Shirley Cha.pman, Newbold, $1.50; Paul Cooper, Pine Lake, 50 cents; John Cooper, Sugar Camp, 5 0 cents; Judy Dumpprope, Pine Lake, $2.50; Fred Duvall, Enterprise School, Pelican Lake 25 cents; Michael Draeger, AVW, 75 cents; Tommy Dorcas, Newbold, 25 cents; Gladys Douyettc, AVW teacher, $1; Judith Domika, Crescent Flats, 50 cents; Joan Dehne, AVW 50 cents; Sandra Dey, Three Lakes, 2 5 cents; Laurence Dobbs, Three Lakes, 75 cents; Carol Dorst, Junior High, Rhinelander, $1.25 ; Mary DeVerney, Three Lakes, 25 cents; Eleanor Damber, Cres cent Flats, $3.25; Norman Dobbs, Three Lakes, $1.50; Penny Darling, Gross, 25 cents; Gary Durand, Starks, 25 cents; Nelda DeWalt, Pelican, $2; Helen Dumpprope, Pine Lake. $1.25; Bonnie Douyctle, AVW, $2.50; Nancy Dixon, AVW, $2.75; Billie Dey, Three Lakes, $1.75; Geraldine Dimbat Lake Tomahawk, 50 cents; Shirley DeHart, Lake Tomahawk, 50 cents; 8 Shirley DeHart, Lake Tomahawk, 50 cents; Joyce Domaika, Crcs cent Flats, 25 cents; Carol Dumpprope, Pino Lake, 75 cents; Karen Dart, Sugar Camp, 75 cents; Gary Durand, Starks, $1.25; J i m m y Dailey, Pelican, $1.25; Peni Dent, Pine Lake, 75 cents; Linda Dumpprope, Pine Lake, 25 cents; Dawn Dumpprope, Pine Lake, 50 cents; Richard Devlin,, 7 5 cents; Joyce Duvall, Enterprise, 75 cents; Florence Duvall, Enterprise, 50 cents; Donna Engle, Junior High, Rhinclander, 50 cents; Pat Esch, Junior High, Rhinelander, 50 cents; Enterprise School, second grade, Pelican Lake, S1.50; John Edwardsen, Pelican 75 cents; Dennis Evenson, AVW, 50 cents; Dick Erickson, AVW, 50 cents; Kay Embertson, Three Lakes, $1.5(1; Cheryl Erlitz, Three Lakes, 25 cents; Donald Eag!csham, Three Lakes, 50 cents; Dawn Erickson, AVW. $1; Echo Staff, AVW, $2; Bobby Embertson, Three Lakes, 25 cents; Nancy Faulkner, AVW, $4.25; Allen Ring and Louise Fish, Starks, 25 cents; Richard Fred - rickson, Junior High, 75 cents ; Alex Foltz, AVW. $4.75; Karen Faulkner, AVW, Si; Robert Flannery, Pelican Lake, $1.25; Mary Flannery, Pelican Lake, $1.25; Linda Fiannery, Pelican Lake, 5 0 cents; Robert Faulkner, AVW, S2; Patsy Fuller, Monico, 75 cents;! Catherine Fellows, Junior High! Rhinelander, $1.25; John Folz, A! VW, $3; Jim Fondi, Pine Laka.i 75 cents; James Faulkner, AVW.i 75 cents; Janet Faulkner, AVW.i $2.25; Barbara Fredrich, Pelican,! S2; Carolyn Fredrich, Pelican, 75 cents; Mona Flannery and Vicki Lass, Pelican Lake, $1.50; Stuart Foltz, AVW, 75 cents; Russell Fish, Starks, 50 cents; Mona Fiannery. Pelican Lake $1; Dolores Fruend, Crescent Flats J $2; Gayle Fletcher, Pelican. 25! cents; David Federer, Pine Lake,! 25 cents; Louise Fish, Starks, $2;! Larry Fereh, Enterprise, 25 cents; Roger Fish, Slarks. 25 cents; I End first installment. I The British Army used the first „.. , « ., , i tanks on Sept. 15, 1916, during the Shu-ley Bennet, Alexander Stewart, j offensive known as the Battle of the Somme. • Enterprise School, Pelican Lake, teacher, $3; Lila Butterfield, Crescent Flats, $1; Gary Baker, Starks 25 cents; Billy Brooks. Pine Lake 75 cents; Grant Baker, Starks, 50 cents; Edward BiHsewicz, Peli can, 75 cents; Judy Brewster, Three Lakes, $2, "Joanne Hartley, Three Lakes , $1.50; Sonja Berg, Gross, 25 cents; Gary Butterfield, Gross. 75 cent--; Mary Cody, Pine Lake, $1.25; Sundra Cleveland, AVW, 50 cents ; Robert Crandall, AVW, 25 cents, Carolyn Calkins, Pelican, $1.25; Danny Crowe, AVW, 50 cents; Jackie Campbell, Monico, 75 cents; Bill Chapman, Newbold School , $1.25; Gweneth Callum, Three Lakes, 75 cents; Bandy Cleveland. AVW 75 cents; John Cagle, AVW, 50 cents; Billy Cleveland, AVW, SI; T i in Craig, Pelican, 75 cents; Tim Craig and Stanley Venc-kus, Pelican School, 50 cents; Crescent Flats School, second grade, $1; Crescent Flats, first and second grades, $1; Annette Cleveland, AVW, $1; Marion Cooper, Pine Lake, 25 cents; Bill Carlwright, Sugar Camp School, 25 cents; Zelda Crooner, Pine Lake, $2;

Clipped from
  1. The Rhinelander Daily News,
  2. 17 Aug 1955, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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