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Tape recordings - Page 16 FrcepoM (HI.) Journal-Standard, Monday,...
Page 16 FrcepoM (HI.) Journal-Standard, Monday, March 28,1977 AN NtGALLON HOME AQUARIUM makes It easy for Fin ChrlsUaasea of Is saquah, Wash., to feed Us fish and clean algae from the tank's half-tan thkk glass. Hardly the average aqnarlst, Christiansen has, besides the SM-galfon monster, two atgallM tanks, 21 aqiarioms of about 35 gallons each, and seeral other large tanks. He keeps hundreds of exotic African fish, and spends about $H a month to heat the tanks. His investment? "Too much," replied the electronics designer. - UPI Photo. Tape Recordings f Catch 9 Burglars By ROBERT E. TOMASSON New York Times News Service STAMFORD, Conn. - The tape- recorded sounds - footsteps, the scraping of metal on metal, squeaking door, heavy breathing, drawers being opened - were reminiscent of an old- time radio mystery program. The sounds lasted for about 10 minutes, minutes, until, with the thump of a shoulder hitting a door, an authoritative voice boomed out: "Freeze! Now put up your hands very, very slowly." It was not the sound track from a cops-and-robbers show, but the taped recording of an actual burglary in the home of a prominent Connecticut family family that ended with the arrival of the police. The burglar, whose movements were recorded from the time he approached the door, was one of 364 burglary or vandal suspects arrested in Connecticut last year as a result of a special rnicro- phorie alarm system. Invented by a former police chief in Anderson, Ind., and an engineer-inventor, engineer-inventor, the system was first installed in Will Tea By ROZ LISTON NEW YORK (UPI) - Tea is taking the edge off the American coffee habit. Record high Java prices and the coffee coffee boycott may have spurred tea drinking, but the trend has been long term, with tea sales up 112 per cent in the past 25 years. A major research house said retail tea sales were up 21 per cent for the first two months of 1977, while ground coffee sales showed a gain of 2 per cent. Sales of instant coffee, which offers savings of roughly 45 per cent over ground coffee, rose 13 per cent during the two-month period. some small Middle Western towns in 1962. Seven years ago, Stamford became the first city in the Northeast to utilize the system, and it is being set up now in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The rectangular microphones - they resemble a thermostat - have been installed installed in about 30,000 buildings ranging from General Motors plants, Xerox offices, offices, government buildings and museums museums to. apartments and mansions in 125 communities in 36 states. Last September, the microphones were installed in "the worst school" in Harrisburg, Pa., with results that "have been unbelievable," according to Samuel D. Mackey, director of safety and security for that city's schoqi system. In Stamford, officials report not only a dramatic drop in break-in losses in the city's 26 schools, but also a savings of $100,000 in insurance premiums over three years. Manufactured, installed and maintained maintained by the Sonitrol Security System of Orlando, Fla., the sound detectors have added a new dimension to police work and fire prevention, and have also, also, company officials say, reduced the high rate of false burglar alarms that are a time-consuming irritant to many police department. The microphones, which have an effective effective range of 8,000 square feet in a hard-surface room - one without carpets, carpets, drapes or other sound-absorbing materials - are hooked into leased telephone lines to the local Sonitrol office. If the microphone line is cut at any point, the alarm is set off. And when a key turns the system either on or off, the occupant must call the local Soni- trol office almost immediately each time and give an individual code identification. identification. If the procedure is not followed followed the police are sent to the scene. The system is monitored, around the clock by Sonitrol personnel who sit in front of large consoles with panels for each rotation that light up when the microphone picks up a noise. The sensitivity of the microphones was demonstrated one Sunday morning several weeks ago, when a Sonitrol operator in Hartford picked up the Also Be Soaring? to hit at least $4 21 a pound by early June. "It's a major mistake to think Americans will swing from an addictive like coffee to tea just because of price," said a spokesman for Brooke Bond Foods, Inc., the Lake Success, N.Y., wholesaler of Red Rose tea, the No. 3 brand. "Any benefit tea has derived from the coffee boycott is purely accidental." "We need a crystal ball to determine whether people are actually changing from coffee to tea," said John Anderson/president Anderson/president of the Tea Council of The USA. "Coffee sales appear to be as rejected coffee in favor of soft drinks. Higher tea prices appear inevitable in the months ahead now that the once stable commodity has hit a record $4.25 per kilo (2.2 pounds) in frantic Adding bidding at the London tea auction. Market sources in London said coffee drinkers in India, the Middle East, Britain, Britain, Canada and the United States have switched to tea, creating the upsurge upsurge in demand. Thomas J. Lipton, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J., the nation's largest tea company, has announced two wholesale price hikes totaling slightly more than 14 per cent so far this year. Nestle Co., sounds of dripping water in the gallery of the Connecticut State Library. The police response was credited with preventing extensive damage to portraits portraits and other property. A replay of several tapes in the vault of the Sonitrol office in Stamford presented presented a listener with some fascinating examples of how the system had figured in police work. One tape opened with the crash of breaking glass in a Stamford department department store. Some grunts and movements were heard, and the hoarse whisper, "get that one," followed by the roar of a car engine. The tape runs for only 20 seconds. However, the sounds had been relayed to the police dispatcher, dispatcher, who informed a radio car that the burglars had left the scene. A block from the break-in, a car was stopped, with two men in the front seat and two color television sets with all the store tags in the back seat. Another tape figured in a guilty plea of two men who had said that they had inadvertently been locked in a store at closing time. The plea came after a tape lasting 40 minutes was played with the conversations of the two men as they rummaged around the store looking looking for cameras and watches. The taping has also made the police especially scrupulous in avoiding any sounds that might be interpreted as police brutality, according to Russell A. McDonnell, a Sonitrol distributor and president of the franchise company in Stamford. Many of the tapes end with a policeman, aware that he is being taped, carefully enunciating: "You have the right to remain silent..." Costs roughly range from $1,500 for installation in a school with a $70 monthly rental fee t,o about $450 for installation installation and $40 a month service charge for a small store or apartment. of Hanafi how the that, this have statistics, half in and them most overseas, terrorist formulated meet life to clear One and discover the the advised force or "The physical "Hostages the case example, that bond persons, punishment that A man

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  1. Freeport Journal-Standard,
  2. 28 Mar 1977, Mon,
  3. Page 16

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