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Sensitive security in oh crime DELAWARE COUNTY DAILY TIMES (PR1MOS PA ) Tuesday', December 13. IUT? ByLYNNKEYSER Daily Times Staff Writer The sound of shattering glass breaks the stillness of the night The muffled grunls of two'men are heard next, and then their heavy shoes crushing the pieces of glass underfoot as thev stealthily enter the Sears and Roebuck warehouse. '.'Hurry up, hurry up," . one burglar says to his partner as they pile up the bulky television sets in the middle of the room. A tire iron is dropped, clattering clattering to the floor. The two scramble into their getaway vehicle, the engine turns over and they speed out of the parking lot with a roar. Sirens scream the approach of police cars. The two burglars are apprenhended moments later. THIS scene is not part of a television script, but is a very real situation that has been monitored and taped by Sonitrol, a security system that is being installed in many Delaware County businesses. Sonitrol system uses personnel 24 hours a day, working three shifts, who listen for any suspicious suspicious sounds in a building. Highly-sensitive microphones, which can pick up noises in an 8,000 square foot area, are placed at doorways and other spots throughout the structure being protected. Phone lines are run from the building back to Sonitrol's central facility. When the building is closed for the night, the owner calls the central facility to have the system turned 'on. The operators are then ready to monitor and Which twin is which? GREENFIELD, Wis. ( A P ) Michael Michael and Matthew Carrick are identical twins born June 5, 1976. whose parents have lost track of their identity. To tell them apart, their parents, Robert and Mary Ann Carrick, had special ' silver charms with the name of each twin pinned to their clothing. "As time went by, we started losing the charms," Carrick said. "Some broke off. We forgot to put them on sometimes." The Carricks asked the Greenfield Greenfield Police Department if it could determine who was who by using the footprints taken of the twins at birth at the hospital. The authorities tried, but reported reported that they couldn't determine determine the correct identity because of the poor quality of the footprints taken at the hospital. "Prom now on, the one we think is Michael now is going to be Michael and the one we think is Matthew will be known as Matthew, and we' are going to leave it at that," said Carrick with a sigh. Your Dollars Help Since 1946. the American Cancer Sociely has spent over S400 million for the support of cancer researcli and clinical investigation. The conquest of cancer is everyone's business. record any unusual sound which they are made aware of through . warning lights on a control board: THE CONTROL board consists of hundreds of individual units, each representing a protected customer. When a breakin or emergency situation occurs inside a building. . the operators call the local police dispatcher. The Sonitrol operators are able to tell the police exactly what is happening inside the building and how many intruders there are. Sonitrol has an individual floor plan for each of its customer's buildings. Lansdowne Police Chief Harry Gaab, who first saw the Sonitrol system in 1973 at a police chief's convention in Philadelphia, said he was very impressed by its concept. Gaab said he feels the system is especially, helpful in 'large installations. The police officers, he said, can be informed where the sounds are coming from, and because of the open line with the operators, which direction the intruders are moving. THE system also can pick up the sounds of a water emergencies emergencies or a fire. Gaab said he was particularly caught by this feature because he vividly remembers remembers a water main break that heavily damaged Lansdowne High School several years ago. He said the system would also be helpful i n " identifying the voices · of suspects later because of the accurate recordings the Sonitrol operators make. Steve Berg, vice president of marketing for Sonitrol, said the system is becoming increasingly popular in areas that border major cities because of the influx of crime to the suburbs. "An increase in residential crime is followed by an increase in the industrial markets," Berg said. "We become valuable to a county like Delaware. We feel we can make a major impact by helping the police." AMONG Sonitrol's customers in Delaware County are many Wawa Food markets, Pavid Manufacturing Co., and the Tinicum National Wildlife Refuge, Refuge, which has been the scene of several rapes and the burial place of murder victims, Berg pointed out. "Don't laugh, but we even have a warehouse on Baltimore Pike where we're protecting thousands of tons of toilet paper," Berg said. Berg said one of the major drawbacks with conventional alarm systems is their high false alarm rate. "False alarms can kill and cripple a police force, especially in sometimes small, undermanned undermanned forces in the suburbs," suburbs," Berg said. BERG said the system is cle- . signed to apprehend criminals not scare them away as some conventional alarms do. He added that the system's method of recording also protects the police, especially with the increasing cnarges of police brutality. ; For example, in one recording Sonitrol has the sounds of the arrest of two -young burglars in an appliance warehouse. "We're caught," the youths are heard saying. "Don't move - hands behind your back," said the officer snapping on the handcuffs, the click of which is even heard on the recording. "We're making sure they do their job which is important to the general communitv," Berg said. " THE voice recordings can not be used in court as evidence, Berg said, but added that they can be used as proof a crime was committed. Berg said the monitoring is not considered illegal bugging because the company has the owner's permission to monitor his facilities. The cost of the system ranges from a S400 to Si,500 installation fee, plus a §65 to $95 monthly fee depending on the location of the facility. Although Sonitrol's central control station is located in Philadelphia, the company hopes to open a facility in Delaware County within six months and expand its 200 customers to around 2,000, Berg said. SPENCER Videon, president of Pavid Manufacturing, said Ross MacDonnell keeps watch over things at Sonitrol headquarters in Philadelphia Sonitrol made lengthy recordings of the regular night sounds in their building in Primos so the operators would know what too listen for. One evening the sound of the company's manufacturing ovens shutting down was heard, and Sonitrol operators were immediately immediately on the phone asking Pavid to identify the unknown noise. "The way they monitor sounds, there's no way that someone can be here in the building and you don't know they're here," Videon said. Videon said one of the main advantages of the system is that it has cut down on Pavid's false alarm problem. Radio 7.757" earns e Minimum balance $100. · 7.75% compounded daily yields 8.17%. · No higher rate obtainable anywhere. Compare. Then stop in any office. Southeast. National Bank HIS GIFT (FOR HID CAR) HER GIFT (FOR HIS DESK) 40 CHAMHS-HOT 23! RttUSTK-NOT BRAND SAVE *7O LARGE, LED DIGITAL CHANNEL READOUTS SAVE

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  1. Delaware County Daily Times,
  2. 13 Dec 1977, Tue,
  3. Page 37

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