Update on Pres. Garfield's condition a month and a half after the shooting

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Update on Pres. Garfield's condition a month and a half after the shooting - t- , toward t 1, Serg'tSlg.Corpfcll.S.A. FJKOM...
t- , toward t 1, Serg'tSlg.Corpfcll.S.A. FJKOM WASHINGTON. Condition of President Garfield. DR. BLISS FEEL8 10CH KK00CRAGKB AT HIS j. PBOfiBBSS. t j WASHflttrTON, Aug, 20. It 1 said tbe President bat new almost a morbid dread of Saturday, Sunday and Monday1. - ! 7.46 a. Si. Dr. Blia feel much enooarased at tbe condition of his patient this morning. He reports, him a having passed a comfortable night, sleeping considerable at Intervals. About seven o'clock'tbe pulse wa 96, temperature apparently about normal. I OFFICIAL BDLLETIS. 8.3f A.M. The President paased a quiet night, and! this morning his condition does not diner materially from wbat It was yesterday at tbe same hour. Tbe swelling of tbe parotid gland is unchanged, and free lrom pain. This morning hi pulse was 98, temperature 98.4, respiration 18, (Signed) - . j . Bliss, Barnes, i Woodward, Betbdrn, ; . AGNEW. i 1 HEAWHQ OF THE W0CHB. ' j Biles 1 reported a saying: "Purine tbe last few day we have gained a better knowledge of the topography of the wonnd 'than before, and we are of tbe opinion tbat tbe healing ahow well and continues steadily and uninterruptedly." Bits said the President wa entirely tree from coughing and his lungs were in peifeet order.' BO PTJEMa. Tbe surgeons are unanimous tbetnot tbe minutest symptom of pyaemia ha appeared or ia likely to appear. Bliss also remarked : " In about two week I think he will be well enough to be moved to tbe Soldiers' Home or on board a vessel for a sailing trip, mould such a conclusion be reached.";, : HO BOD f EXEBCISITO CSDIF. POWER.; It 1 stated that neither Elaine nor any other member of the Administration is exer cislnar any undue or extra - constitutional power by reason of the President's nines. No Executive function which tbe Constitu tion say shall be performed by the JP resident ha been performed by any other officials since he was shot. Each member of the Cabinet ha authority to manage the ordinary business of hi own Department. Acta which necessarily devolve upon the President wait his recovery. It i elaimad that these could be postponed without any great detriment to the public Interest even till the meeting of Congress, , i HOW THK TICE-PEESIDEKT GOCLB TIIPORA- RILYI FEEPOBE TBE PRESIDENT'S DUTIES. rt 1 stated that the member of the Cabinet bave discussed the question aa to how the in ability ot the President could be ascertained and declared, to that tbe Vice-President could temporarily perform hi duties. It appear to be the unanimous opinion that Congress alone haa authority to esy when the inability clause of the Constitution shall go into eflsct. It ia held tbat the President himself baa no power to call in a second officer of the Gov em men t to act in hit place in the absence of a statute empowering him to do so. ; WHAT THI PATIEHT 8H8. It 1 reported that the President on Tburs day said he felt quite comfortable, but regret ted the face swelling. " Why," he laid, " I bave not any pain now. If It wa not for this gland (welling I could set up a little to day." ! ' i The knowledge that tbe wound la healing nicely give him great satisfaction and hope. Mrs. Garfield says: "The President is hungry for Mentor aM hate the White House. ; At toon as be is bl to make a land journey he hall be taken to Mentor and remain there until wH." j I ' THk HEX! COErXICaXIOlf. j ' It 1 asserted that the next complication in the President' case to be feared. 1 looeene ot the bowel, symptoms of which have al ready appeared. 1 .

Clipped from
  1. The Buffalo Commercial,
  2. 20 Aug 1881, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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  • Update on Pres. Garfield's condition a month and a half after the shooting

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