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re- re- ...TI and the food-gathering the in so tax Bol-uhevlki 16.000,-(MM 12.-rH0,000 12.-rH0,000 f and JtJ.OOO-xiO has of devised Under in all are A and or of rata as the i fat. the in per 2 211 of considered the per per per 72 with and M" and nounced In PetrogTai. BEGS AMERICA SAVE 6,000,000 IN RUSSIA Mas sane Threatens All Jews as Sdviet Power Wanes, Declares Kreinin, Coming Here for Aid. Copyright. 19JI. by TheVhlcsgo Tribune Co. BERLIN. July 19. Russia's o.OOO.OOO Jews are facing- facing- extermination by massacre. massacre. , As the famine is spreading, tbe counter-revolutionary counter-revolutionary counter-revolutionary movement is gaining gaining and the Sox-let" Sox-let" Sox-let" s control is waning-. waning-. waning-. This statement is -borne -borne out by offlcal documents presented to the Berlin Government, Government, which show that numerous pogroms pogroms are rasing- rasing- in all parts of Russia and the Ukraine. The information was gathered by Dr. Joseph kreinin, a noted Jewish social worker and President of the Russian Joint Board of" Jewish Societies.- Societies.- He says that several villages' have been burned .already and scores killed, seventy seventy in one village alone. He is en route to America, where he plans meetings meetings in New York, Chicago and elsewhere elsewhere for the 'purpose of "saving- "saving- his people. According- According- to Dr. Kreinin, mass flights from Russia have already beg-un. beg-un. beg-un. the Jews rushing to all borders aid especially especially to Rumania, where there are 40.000 families camping along- along- the frontier, hoping- hoping- to find refuge.' Among these, he says, at least 100 persons dally are dying from exposure and hunger. Dr. Kreinin. wno ' recently escaped from 'Moscow, says the pogroms are especially especially severe in the provinces of Ho-mel. Ho-mel. Ho-mel. Minsk and Volhynia. The pogroms origin teu outside of kumiU, in the Ukraine and White Russia. He ?ya in the Volga region a new sort of pogrom occurred." when Russian peasants attacked German' settlements because they were foreigners. He declares declares the recent transfer of General Budenny into White Russia was for the purpose of pacifying- pacifying- the region. My obiect In visiting- visiting- Germany and th United States is to organize all relief relief organizations throughout the world. Jewish as weR as others," he added. " The only hope for the millions of Jews is for American aid. both material and political. " I cannot expect much effect from any political steps, as thevboviets are r"Tn.rn,rAi ZZZZ -h -h wZrX n the clties. The massacres are occurring n ik mn tnwn. ; However, I hope the American Gov ernment will realize the danger of massacres massacres Is greater than at any time in history, and I hope they wi.'l help .open the borders and lift restrictions on entering entering the United States." DENIES SHE HAS GOLD TUBS. Mrs. Smith-Wilkinson Smith-Wilkinson Smith-Wilkinson Says Other Stories Are Exaggerated. . 0oryrUht. 1921. br The New Tork Times Company. Special Cable to Till Nrw Yobk Times. LONDON, July 10. Mrs. Smith-Wilkinson, Smith-Wilkinson, Smith-Wilkinson, Smith-Wilkinson, stories of "Whore spending of millions millions for luxuries have appeared in the press, nas written to thank The Nottingham Nottingham Guardian " for not having published published the exaggerated accounts which appeared in other papers in reference to myself. . For Instance. I am credited with having paid a fabulcAis price for a Jewelled head-dress. head-dress. head-dress. It Is true that I bought one from a lady who is compelled compelled to sell. She told me her story and how very much money was wanted, and as I had Just returned from tbe races, having won. I felt that it would be charity, to do so. But at the same time I have mentioned to- to- no one the price I gave- gave- " Also, it is stated that I possess two golden tubs. This is too silly for words." CHURCH Catastropho " By CepyrUtit. Canraar-. . Special PARIS. agony in Paris. In central , region of the a panic driven by the; the deeper upon. "Holy atheism of It is affected beings, of fleeing engendered by in a proof of by the message by tli manding seized by sufferers rejected hanria on It may Europe except for rights of the Patriarch churches i-mnhasizes i-mnhasizes i-mnhasizes cloud human of death disaster never The happening repetition on of the before the leading miserable up with the aged, oxen with kins. added to and it is cent, of vive the : Even in cording to bly gruel of only food early The present a sky of and the the grounxl until it that the mouth to Since and springs no water The may be of religious Moscow remnant hurricane. may remain expected Patriarch the Church is even In of reaction Kcrensky Russian leaders downfall. with funds organization The- The- Humanlte, representatives have congress at disguise danger,

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 20 Jul 1921, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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