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 - United Press News Service VOLUME 52 KANSAS CITY...
United Press News Service VOLUME 52 KANSAS CITY MAN IDENTIFIED AS ONE WHO ROBS GRAND 'I TOT;I> YOU i AVOULD YOIT TK T JOVWK SAW VOU AGAIN," .MISS AVATSON TOljl> PAVfj BURG.WTT. Paul F, Burgett, 22 years old, of Kansas City, Kan., was arresUvl and is in jail at Mexico, IV!o., for tho robbing oiC the Qulrvduro SUito Bank ut Kansas City, Kansas. Burgett has ab'.o boon ktcntiHod us the-man who held up and robbed •iVIiss "Lillian Watson, oT this <-,iiy, who is cashier at the Grand Theater. Theater. The following is Ihf Mexico 'l<ec!- #er's report of her identification of Burnett; "BurgoU, shortly 'I p-forc: noun Saturday, was identified by -Miss fLlllian Watson, of Moboi'ly, sa the inaii who hold he-r ivp th»- hl^hr, or August 12th. when ?ho was leu vims' the Grand Theatre there anri took over $147 away from her. She was cashier at the t'heatre and was going going to a drug to Joavo tho money after the night perfornv.aiKo when the robbery c«c.urreti,, When Miss Watson arrived here j-be told Sheriff Blum she would not make any identification unless she was absolutely positive, "When nhs looked through tho bars oi' 'the jail nt Burgett., she scarted bacli, her face paled, and In a voice shaking v/ith nervousness, .wild. ''That's the man who robbed me: T am. positive." When Burgett spoke -to her she said: "I'd recognize your voice oven jf my eyes we-re closed. You know 1 told you when yon robbed me thnt if I ever saw you again I would, recognize you." •** Bnrg-ett denied ever having se*n i.he girl b.afovo, said he htarl only boon through Moborly twice in his car and had nothing ro do wit'h die robbery, Mtes Wntso'n said she was sorry to- have to irnko the i'clentlfl- " cation.' but there ' was no" mistake Burgett was the man who held her up,-she said, She wns accompanied accompanied by her moth or. Mrs. O. 0. Watson, Watson, of Moberly." Burgett denied the robbery 'c : l' the Gran-el Theatre,, rambler, but. he confessed .to t'he -Quiriclaro State Bank robbery.'- His. confeuion of that jo>b is^ given be/low as taken from the Mexico Licdgor of yesterday. yesterday. "" ' Tho Qifindaro jab was ii.-cloed a l)old one and Burns deterf.ives have ."been working on it for some time. The . first clue they obtained was from the over oil a I>i(erary Digest magazine that he "brought into the bhnk which had written on it' 1 his father's address*, i Ifjs -father is n gove-inmon't , inspector at" o packing flant ! in [-Kansas City. Kan. His mother is dead. Burgett ha's bonn driving a. Packard Packard car in Mexico, which }\e says is nis own. Burns operjiliujs found 5?fi85 in- «Uvor In an old -bucket in ti'ie garage where- be kept hls^ car tit .Mexico. He would not mnke nny statement about the money. Burgett'a cowfo?ston of the Quindaro Quindaro roibbery ia as follows: The following concession WHS procured procured from Paul Burgett at noon Saturday: Mexico, IVlo., Aud.rain County. Sept. 22, 1923. Paul P. Burgett, first -being sworn says; "My namo, Paul Fred Burkett rm 22 vcars ol'li am mind "and nm making.. this .conifos- sion; voluntarily. On September- 1«. 'J023, ajljout £:4.V-a. in.'J knocrkecl at, (ha door' 'of .the QulncUiro State p-nnk, in Kunsaa -City, .Kaii.,. I W11S admitted into the hank and iold tho men who let' me in T had a package j'jom the Rankers Supply. He said he had not. ordered anything, (but. took the package. I them shoved a revolver at his stomach L.IIC-. forced him ancl a lady who- was behind cage to put up their hands. I had the man nil a Boston bag the currency and silver thai was/on ihe counter .and in the, drawer. OC the currency was? used for certificate of deposit, ?GOO dfffpsitrd ! 'to my credit In tho First 'National 3ai,k, of Moxteo, V.o.Mmrt tho bas of silver w>a* reft trunk. I then -forced these to enter the vault an-d ou securing the vault door I left the bank through the -front but iny* conscience, failed mo.'- s ,. f have boon Blackmailed by two men who thronto7iecl exposure of a former trouble I got into in-Oklahoma in-Oklahoma and they ' were to have met me with u car after holdup, but they never caino. The above statement is true to, the best of my knowledge and -belief. • (Signed) " PA.UL. l<y E'UKGffcTT. WJtnoar.od: John Dyke' Chnl.Blum, Sam Wallace, Wm. Reed Burgett is a,student at the Mis- j-ourl Military Academy at Mexico. Cot K, Y. Burton, head of the school, said he was a model student. Burgjett was bro'ii&hl • through bore early this mornin-K -by Burn.-? ivus, *i\ ho were ifiaikjing him to City to "stntvd tria-l for (ho Cjulndnro rc/bibory. • i hey arrested him yesterday at }\lc-.xico on a Kansas Sfa'te warrant, charghTg 1 him with tho robbery of lie bank. Mexico, Mo., Sopt. 22—Paul Burgett, Burgett, confessed to officers here this afternoon that he held 1 up the Quin- laro State bank in Kansas City, Kansas, September • 13, and got away with $4000, police said. Burgctt used a revolver on the cashier and a woman assistant. After After the robbery he bought n $30.00 deposit certificate. and . deposited $600 in -the .First National Bank at M'oxtco. 54 SALOONS CLOSED IN CHICAGO SATURDAY Arrests M'ndo Mayor OOVCT'S Lid oil hi Response to Co»niii;uu! to Hoot loers. Chicago, Sept. 22—Forecast of a "wet revolution" in tho city council wag seen here today a.y a result of Mayor William Dover's 'revoking of saloon licenses in an effort to stop beer traffic. • Aldormcn in districts which suffered suffered worst are up In arms and verbal verbal fireworks are certain . to start when the council meets, .Mayor Dover Dover said in a statement today that wet Chicago would bo made a "closed town" if it laid in his power power to keep it so ancl the licenses al- roadv revoked will never be reissued, Chicago, Sept/ 22.—Fifty-four saloons were closed and three hundred hundred and eighty-one arrests were made by police hero today in response response to Mayor William never's command to clamp the lid on the boer traffic and put a stop t'o r 'killings and violence in connection with bootlegging. . • , •.'•'. • The clean-up was ordered following following recent beer syndicate rivalry resulting in the killing of six gangsters. gangsters. : •' -' duly 1 Jr. sou mi St.. Louis, Sept. 22.—Another reason reason for St. Louis', plentiful supply of whisky this year was revealed today today when federal revenue agents admitted that 809 cases of bonded whisky had been hauled away from the Parker Distilling Company and was bought for bootlegging purposes purposes last February. The bootleg value of this booze was above $100,000. This announcement, announcement, coming qn the heels of revelations of the substitute of water for whisky in S9H' barrels stored in the Jack Daniels warehouse warehouse has stirred prohibition agents to attempt to break up St. Louis' bootlog ring.- The Daniels haul was diluted and probably sold for more than §1,000,000, federal _• .agents? claimed. , -Watchmen were on duty throughout throughout "tho time 'that :the Daniel^'raid was staged. but. : iio warrants'.,have been applied'for by federal agents having 'instituted a search ' to "got the. goods on .the higher ups" whjich they,.claim include' several political leaders in high places. : 'J '< t hell hell u *1 with this sum n $1,000 was ' in -my and made my escape. I mado Ihr^o-trips to Kansas City, Kan., to flo this job] Tanker Afire Carned '. 45,000 Barrels of Oil San Francisco, Sept, 22—A tire guard was maintained tonight around the Associated .Oii Company's tanker, William M, Herrin, which throughout the morning burned, and threatened momentarily to explode, as "it lay at anchor in Suisun bay. Tlve marine department of the company company here said -the fire .was controlled controlled and rapidly smothering itself out. The Herrin took fire while at Its clock at Avon, in Caruinec Strai,t§, where the Associated Oil JRettnerris located. Aboard , t^he vessel , was 45,000 barrels of distillate.' The crew was taken off^the vessel ; aboiit noon. The down, and streams over the hull. hatches battered of water played

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